Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 258

Chapter 258: Success

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Ling Ran sutured the bleeding point using the simple interrupted suture technique. He gently snipped off the end of the surgical thread with a pair of suture scissors, and tossed the instrument in his hand aside. He quietly savored the sense of accomplishment that came with having performed barehanded bleeding control at Legendary Level.

Of course, the other doctors would not truly know what had happened just now. All the doctors, regardless of whether they were Zhao Leyi, Doctor Zhou, Department Associate Director Du, or Department Director Huo, had very limited knowledge when it came to barehanded bleeding control.

They had no idea about how powerful Perfect Level Barehanded Bleeding Control was and were of course unaware that they had just witnessed it.

Ling Ran celebrated his accomplishment internally, and had no intention to brag about it.

It was very easy for Ling Ran to garner other people’s praises. When he was still a student, people would praise him even when he simply hummed a song. In his opinion, living in a community came with a lot of burdens.

Ling Ran enjoyed secret accomplishments like this. He did not need other people to praise him because he did something, let alone praise him for his accomplishments.

But Ling Ran was very happy that the patient’s life was saved because of what he did. Nothing made Ling Ran feel better than saving a life. Of course, it also felt very good to perform barehanded bleeding control at Legendary Level.

He scanned the patient’s abdominal cavity to check if there was any oversight. This had always been Ling Ran’s habit. It was just like when he bought Transformers model kits. If any of the parts were uneven, Ling Ran would definitely sand them until they were perfect before assembling them.

This was also his attitude when it came to patients. But in actuality, with seven or eight medical staff encircling Jiang Li, it was very hard for there to be any oversight.

Ling Ran started scanning the patient’s abdominal cavity the moment he heard Huo Congjun say, “Perform abdominal closure if there are no more problems.”

As he scanned it, Ling Ran’s gaze suddenly focused on one spot.

“Wait.” Ling Ran’s voice rang out from behind his mouth face mask. He said somberly, “The patient’s hepatic portal is a little large.”

“Hm?” Huo Congjun looked over. He had no idea whether the patient’s hepatic portal was considered large or small. The organs of different individuals varied in size. Some had smaller organs, and some had larger organs. How would he be able to tell?

“It’s larger than before,” Ling Ran explained.

Barehanded bleeding control was a skill that required a very high degree of meticulousness. As someone who possessed Legendary Level Barehanded Bleeding Control, Ling Ran could stay focused for an extended period of time. Hence, it was a given for him to notice this problem when he did a final check.

Doctors who specialized in fields such as hepatic surgery or hepatobiliary surgery could spend their whole lives trying to figure out everything about the hepatic portal.

Ling Ran’s Legendary Level Barehanded Bleeding Control called for him to pay special attention to the hepatic portal veins. In contrast, not much attention needed to be given to the hepatic arteries which were only separated from the hepatic portal veins by a sheath. Hepatic artery rupture—whether it was of the arteria hepatica propia, the left hepatic artery, or the right hepatic artery—was immediately visible. It was not something that would go unnoticed.

Even though problems with the hepatic portal veins were not easily noticeable, sclerosis and rupture of hepatic portal veins were very common.

Ling Ran pointed at the patient’s hepatic portal from a distance and said, “Did the blood clots in the abdominal cavity just now put pressure on the hepatic portal?”

Huo Congjun’s expression became a little more solemn. He asked Department Associate Director Du, whose position made it the easiest for him, to examine the patient’s hepatic portal.

During the span of time between the incident to the moment when laparotomy was performed, more than eight pints of blood had accumulated in the patient’s abdominal cavity. Even the doctors could not tell how much of it had clotted, and it was possible that the blood clots had moved around and put pressure on the other organs.

Department Associate Director Du hesitated for a moment before directly inserting his hand into the abdominal cavity and touching the hepatic portal. There was slight bleeding.

All the doctors were stunned.

“Is it really ruptured?” Doctor Zhou who had nothing else to do widened his eyes and spoke in astonishment.

Huo Congjun hummed and said, “Suture it.”

If abdominal closure was performed with this snake in the grass, the patient might not even be able to survive the night.

‘That was close!’ Huo Congjun screamed internally, but he did not voice this thought.

The process of emergency treatment was just like playing Minesweeper. If one was to detonate a bomb, one could only blame himself for not being skilled enough. But it was not like there was anything to be proud of if no bomb was detonated.

Department Associate Director Du lowered his head and started suturing the ruptured vein. Unavoidably, there was some commotion among the patient’s family members who were a distance away.

They heard that abdominal closure was going to be performed, and now that they saw Department Associate Director Du holding up the needle and surgical thread, they knew that some problem had arose. The patient’s family members cried so hard that they barely had any energy left. A reporter gestured non-stop at Huo Conjun for the sake of filming.

The fact that they allowed the reporter to film the surgery was not only the leader’s request, but also a requirement of Yun Hua Hospital. It was also what Huo Congjun needed. Or else, it would have been a very normal decision for him to forcibly ask the reporter to leave the resuscitation room.

“You guys carry on,” Huo Congjun said before he raised his head to ask the reporter, “What is it?”

“Department Director Huo, can you tell us about the changes that just happened? Everyone’s rather nervous now.” The reporter used the patient’s family members’ anxiety as a shield.

“Hm…” Huo Congjun contemplated for a moment and said, “We were looking for the bleeding point in the patient’s body. We have already stopped the bleeding, but there was a problem with the patient’s hepatic portal vein. We are performing emergency repairs on it now…”

The reporter did not comment on it. He asked the cameraman if he was done filming before giving Department Director Huo a thumbs-up. He then asked, “After the hepatic portal vein is repaired, will you guys be able to announce that the resuscitation was a success?”

“If no other unexpected situations arise, you could say so.” Huo Congjun turned to look at the monitor. It would be quite careless on his part to say that the resuscitation will be a success right now, but he still did. Sometimes, he had to take care of the patient’s family members’ emotional needs as well.

As expected, the moment Huo Congjun finished speaking, the police officer’s fiancée, Wang Yi, was the first one to cry. She did not even dare to cry loudly because she was afraid that she would disturb the doctors. She stood up and said, “Mother… I-I can’t take it anymore. I’ll go outside first.”

Similarly teary-eyed, Chen Fang nodded.

After looking at the infusion bottles and blood bags that were sent in non-stop, and watching a group of doctors work on her son’s body, Chen Fang had long since been weak in the legs and was emotionally tired. Right now, she was also regretting her decision a little to enter the resuscitation room. What was there to see in a hospital’s resuscitation room?

As she listened to the adults speak, one of the elementary school students looked cautiously at his teacher and asked, “Is mister policeman going to be alright?”

“He will be alright.” The teacher caressed his head and asked in a soft voice, “Are you still feeling any pain?”

“Not anymore.” The elementary school student then raised his voice and said, “I want to become a police officer when I grow up.”

“Then, I’ll wait for you guys to protect me in the future.”


“I want to become a police officer, too.”


“I want to become a doctor.”


The teacher then put her finger to her lips and shushed the students before saying, “We’ll wait quietly for mister policeman to wake up first, okay?”

The elementary school students nodded in unison.

Tian Qi, who had been hiding in a corner all the while, was a little affected by how emotional everyone was. She could not help but look at Ling Ran, who was the tallest and most eye-catching one among the doctors.

‘He’s really handsome.’

Ling Ran’s head was lowered, and he was still tirelessly checking if there were any more bleeding points.

Right now, the resuscitation was basically already successful. However, if there were any minor bleeding points, or ruptured hepatic portal veins after abdominal closure was performed, the prognosis would be very bad. If worse came to worst, they would need to carry out another resuscitation.

The multiple knife wounds inflicted on Jiang Li almost made his abdominal cavity a total mess. Even though most of the major issues had been solved, minor wounds were not so easily noticeable.

Ling Ran learned a lesson from how they almost overlooked the hepatic vein rupture just now, and scanned the patient’s abdominal cavity again and again.

“Ling Ran?” Huo Congjun decided to perform abdominal closure again, and he asked Ling Ran’s opinion on it.

Ling Ran nodded slightly. “Go ahead.”

“Perform abdominal closure,” Huo Congjun ordered. The two attending physicians, Zhao Leyi and Zuo Liangcai, worked together and closed the abdominal cavity layer by layer.

“I’ll suture the minor wounds.” Ling Ran went towards the patient’s leg and conveniently found a minor wound, in which bleeding had been stopped through the application of pressure. He cleaned it up a little and sutured it.

One wound… two wounds… seven or eight wounds.

Ling Ran basically sutured each wound in the blink of an eye the moment he spotted them.

There were around twenty or thirty wounds which were scattered all over Jiang Li’s body, and you could say that he was reduced to a bloody mess. Everyone was busy treating the part with the major injury just now, and could only perform simple procedures to stop the bleeding of these minor wounds. They did not even have the time to care that some of these wounds were still bleeding slightly.

At this moment, Ling Ran was able to find the deep portions of the wounds just by parting them a few times with his bare hands and suturing them. For wounds located in areas where heavy reinforcing suture could be carried out, he did so with subcuticular suturing. As for those located in areas where heavy reinforcing suture could not be carried out, he sutured them using appositional suturing techniques. For long wounds, he did simple interrupted sutures multiple times. As for short wounds, he used the simple continuous suture technique.

The Skill Serum Ling Ran consumed just now was still in effect, and Ling Ran could execute all suturing techniques perfectly. Not only was he quick, the wounds were also sutured extraordinarily well.

From the eyes of ordinary doctors, Ling Ran looked like he was using a cheat code right then. Ling Ran seemed to be able to think of all the details they could think of.

The other doctors could not help but feel discouraged. Even though suture techniques were the most basic skill surgeons possessed, everyone who worked in skill-based fields knew that basic skills were always the hardest to improve on. This was especially true when one was to compare himself with other people. To gain a significant advantage over others, one needed to pour in a lot of energy and possess immense talent.

The cameraman found it interesting as well, and took footage of Ling Ran suturing the wounds with his camera. Without hesitation, Tian Qi whipped out her cell phone and took a video that consisted of only Ling Ran.

The resuscitation room slowly became orderly again. The nurses who no longer needed to send in blood bags now had the time to treat the elementary school students’ injuries and send them out of the resuscitation room.

Aside from that, the leaders finally arrived at the resuscitation room and solemnly declared that they would make a special allocation to pay for Jiang Li’s medical bills.

The hospital’s director and associate director stepped forward to convey their gratitude towards government bodies of various levels for their trust. They then slapped their chests and made a military pledge.

“Send the patient to the ICU.” Huo Congjun led the surgery from beginning to end. Now that the task was complete, he did not dare to carelessly place the patient in a normal ward.

“Let’s go back.”

“It’s time to go.”

The young doctors naturally gathered together. They tiredly made their way out of the resuscitation room with their shoulders slumped and thumped each other’s backs, stepping on the bloodstains on the floor as they did so.

The glory belonged to Yun Hua Hospital, and it would at most extend to the doctors at Huo Congjun’s level. The department associate directors, and those below him, had no opportunities to show their faces. All of them knew this very well and were resigned to it.

“Good job.” Doctor Zhou tapped Ling Ran’s shoulder from the back and encouraged him.

Young doctors were easily dejected. The older doctors knew that because they, too, had been in this position.

Ling Ran nodded quietly.

“Good job.” Zuo Liangcai tapped Ling Ran’s shoulder as well.

“Keep it up.”

“You did well.”

“You were brilliant.”

All the attending physicians who were involved in the resuscitation effort today encouraged Ling Ran before encouraging each other, like a pack of Chinese Field Dogs[1] that licked each other’s wounds after encouraging a little tiger. They devoted themselves to their duty wholeheartedly and in an unsophisticated manner. They also made no complaints about it.