Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 262

262 Short Video

The Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center...

The fat 222-pound doctor held a hand grip with one hand and held a mobile phone in the other as he happily refreshed the newsfeed in his Moments.

The hand grip and small dumbbells were commonly used exercise tools for surgeons. The fat 222-pound doctor also used them all year round, but there was not much effect on him.

After he finished refreshing the newsfeed in his Moments, he went to refresh the browse through the texts in his WeChat group, and he also opened a video to enjoy watching it.

"This Achilles tendon repair technique is done pretty well." Xue Haochu was shifting information around when passing behind him. He craned his neck to look at the video before he praised it.

"It's done quite agilely, do you want some biscuits? It's salt and pepper flavored." The fat doctor opened a bag of salt and pepper flavored biscuits and handed it to Xue Haochu.

"No, I've eaten." Xue Haochu shook his head and continued to watch the video.

Xue Haochu was Zhu Tongyi's doctoral student. Although he had fewer opportunities to practice his skills compared to other ordinary resident doctors, he was very knowledgeable, especially since he followed Zhu Tongyi all-year-round, welcomed foreign doctors with him, and even went abroad for inspection. He had seen many surgeries, especially those of senior doctors, and hence developed a keen eye to identify good surgeries.

Xue Haochu could be described as someone who did not have practical hands-on experience but had seen many cases, and hence was knowledgeable. He was the epitome of the proverb, "Those who had seen many pigs run would know how pigs looked like even though they had never eaten pigs before." These people could differentiate how big the pig was by the size of its butt, and if it was ready for slaughter by the thickness of its leg after they saw many pigs.

As Xue Haochu now watched the fat doctor's video, he felt that there were many aspects of the surgery that were better than the standard requirement for Achilles tendon repairs.

Xue Haochu could not help but asked, "It's really done well. The tendon stripping was done quickly and precisely, and the surgeon also paid attention to small details as well. Who performed the surgery?"

"The people did not mention the person in the WeChat group." The fat doctor put down the hand grip and carefully picked up a sea salt biscuit. He ate while watching the doctor in the video bring out the white tendon and snipped it with a pair of scissors as he spoke.

"Adjust the volume a little louder," Xue Haochu said.

"Okay." The fat doctor used one hand to adjust the volume to the maximum.

The first sounds that were heard from the video were the beeping sounds from the monitors in the operating theater, as well as the noise of the people's breathing.

"Was it taken with a mobile phone? This is definitely the quality of a mobile phone. What kind of crappy phone is that?" Another doctor came over later and cast a few glances at it while he was about to move by. He then stopped and did not continue to move away.

The surgery in the video was really too eye-catching.

At the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center, the Achilles tendon repair was a magical surgical technique that could either be a low or high-level surgery. The surgery could be described like the strip Rock-Paper-Scissors game of all surgeries (no one could completely win the game, no matter the difficulty level of the game, but they could still complete it properly).

The low-level Achilles tendon repair technique performed by junior doctors was a trainee's Level 2 surgery, and it could be done by a junior attending physician. Under the supervision of an attending physician, even a resident doctor could do it.

Any doctor from the Orthopedics Department had basically done an Achilles tendon repair surgery before because the Achilles tendon was the largest tendon in the human body. If the incision or injury was not deep, the difficulty of the operation would be infinitely low. Even if the incision was large, the difficulty of the operation would still not be high.

This was especially so for Achilles tendons that were not completely ruptured. The interns, housemen, and the junior resident doctors were eager to come forth to perform the surgery. It was just child's play, and they all wanted to show off their skills.

However, for advanced Achilles tendon repairs like the one performed on Liu Weichen, Kobe, or Williams, the legendary doctors all needed to make a few surgical plans and be extremely careful with it while thinking about the matter repeatedly before they could produce a surgical plan that would guarantee a certain degree of success.

During moments like that, it was practically natural for senior doctors to hold junior doctors in contempt.

Everyone did the same surgery, but the results were incredibly different. In this case, even describing the existence of junior doctors as a waste of resources was an understatement.

Besides, the utilization rate of each doctor for the same resources was also different.

If this were a general hospital, Achilles tendon repairs may not particularly catch anyone's interest. After all, most doctors of general hospitals, including top hospitals in the region such as Yun Hua Hospital, would find it difficult to master the Achilles tendon repair technique as long as they did not specialize in sports medicine, and hence, they would not be taken seriously.

In fact, most of the hospital's normal orthopedists did not know what the best Achilles tendon repair was like. Their energy would be used up by the main surgical procedures of the hospital as well as countless other chores.

But at the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center, when the group saw an Achilles tendon repair technique performed so smoothly in the video, it is inevitable that they would start to care.

"Those small scissors just went snip, snip. It's very accurate."

"Look at the position where he placed the tendon after he took it out. He did not waste an inch before and after. This person's a master."

"When the Achilles tendon was separated from the body, the blood vessels were all avoided."

Several doctors stood behind the fat 222-pound doctor and discussed the surgery. They were very interested.

The fat 222-pound doctor was also a little giddy. He raised his glassit was the length of his forearmand gulped down seventeen ounces of water. He wiped his mouth efficiently, laughed, and said, "My classmates in my group could only comment about how fast it was done. I'll let you read the texts. After I read it, I laughed. This isn't about how fast or slow the person finished it, this person totally nailed the surgery."

"I feel like this was done by Professor Pasdeloup, isn't it?" A resident doctor guessed.

"Look at how short and thin the Achilles tendon is, I don't think the patient is an athlete."

"Professor Pasdeloup also operated on ordinary people who can afford it. One surgery would be around 150,000 RMB. And we haven't even counted the charged from the hospital yet, that's all into the doctor's pocket."

"Why on earth would an ordinary person receive surgery at that cost? That's equivalent to receiving a single surgery for 1,000,000 RMB. You can't any medical insurance for that kind of cost."

"But you can also test your luck. I heard that Pasdeloup would give medical consultation to one patient every week free of charge."

As the people watched the video and talked, it quickly attracted many people from the department to watch the video.

The Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center was a research-oriented clinical medical center. The daily workload was not so heavy, so the junior doctors would have more leisure time.

Doctors who had nothing to do at this time were curious and took the chance to chat while watching the video.

"I'll cut down the torn Achilles tendon and use it to repair the old tear."

A voice came out from the video.

Since the volume had already been adjusted to the maximum, they could naturally hear the voice loud and clear.

"It's Mandarin."

"Must be a Chinese."

"This is amazing."

The doctors present at the scene instantly got excited. The Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center could be said to have done the most Achilles tendon repairs in the many medical institutions specializing in sports medicine in China. At that moment, it was inevitable that everyone's interest increased greatly with the sudden appearance of such a capable Chinese surgeon.

"He must be from Shandong University."

"Or perhaps he's from Fengtian Hospital?"

Someone naturally started making guesses.

The fat 222-pound doctor had his hand frozen in the air while he held the glass of water. He went silent. He was all too familiar with the sound in the video. It was the voice of his sworn enemyLing Ran!

"It sounded a bit like Doctor Ling's voice." Xue Haochu had a lot of contact with Ling Ran, and he was also quite familiar with his voice.

Several doctors present at the scene were stunned and tried to rummage through their memories. Then, they all nodded silently.

There were about more than thirty working doctors in the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center. Not everyone had come into contact with Ling Ran alone before. If it were another person, they may not be able to remember him.

As one of the top sports medicine centers in China, there were doctors who come here for training or visits at all moments. If ordinary doctors were immersed in their own affairs, they would not have any recollection of the visiting doctor even if the doctor came twice or thrice.

The impression that Ling Ran left was really too deep since he performed Liu Weichen's surgery and the surgery was incredibly successful. His great looks were also impossible to forget.

When Xue Haochu brought that up, everyone started to agree.

"Now that I've listened to his voice, it does sound a bit like him."

"Since this is an Achilles tendon repair surgery, it's not surprising that Ling Ran performed it. Was this performed after he returned to Yun Hua Hospital?"

"Was it done better than before? Or did he make improvements again?"

"This operation is too smooth to be true, but if it is done by Ling Ran in Yun Hua Hospital, then we should assume that it is performed on an ordinary person, the type that costs only 500 RMB. Ling Ran would earn around 100 RMB."

Xue Haochu heaved a sigh and said, "Yun Hua Hospital implements the 50/50 split policy for their surgery fees. If the surgery fees are divided into half, Ling Ran would take more than two hundred RMB."

"It's that much?"

"No wonder our center is not competitive at all."

"If Ling Ran did ten Achilles in a night, he would be really filthy rich."

"Do you think Yun Hua Hospital's ward beds are handed to them on a silver platter?"

The doctors gradually regulated their emotions after being agitated by the amount that the doctors in Yun Hua Hospital received in surgical fees.

It was not strange for Ling Ran to perform a good Achilles tendon repair. In fact, his ability to complete Liu Weichen's Achilles tendon repair already meant that his Achilles tendon repair technique was the top of the crop.

Even if Liu Weichen's Achilles tendon was sent to Mayo Hospital for treatment, it would not have achieved its current level of recovery.

The fat 222-pound doctor held the glass the length of his forearm with indignation in his heart. He thought to himself, 'If it weren't for me trying to lose weight every day, my surgery fees would also not be low.'

When he thought of this, he drank the water in the glass in one go, and he imagined a scenario in his head and thought, 'My sworn enemy!

'I may not be able to win against you now, but I am still growing. No matter how capable you are, in the end, the one who will defeat you would be me, because my improvement will be the fastest.

"Send me the short video." Xue Haochu watched the video up to the eighteenth minute. At that moment, Ling Ran finished the operation. He heaved a long breath and quietly thought to himself, 'Ling Ran's technique obviously became stronger. In fact, it became much stronger.

Xue Haochu naturally wanted to immediately tell Academician Zhu Tongyi once he received the news.

The fat 222-pound doctor also had no intention of competing for Zhu Tongyi's favor with Xue Haochu. He nodded, and when the video was over, he sent the video to Xue Haochu.

His goal was to achieve the god-level technique, and he did not heed Xue Haochu in adopting the academic's way of buttering someone up.