Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 263

263 Spoon Feeding Group

The noon sun shone directly at the glass sign of Yunli Medical Company before it was deflected into its surroundings. As a result, the light looked especially glaring.

Mai Chun walked at a brisk pace under the shadows cast by the roadside shops. Her footsteps were light, and her mood was pleasant.

Yunli Medical Company had a new owner, and it was considered good news for all employees in the company. First of all, they could finally receive their outstanding wages and bonuses. Secondly, the company had the potential to continue to develop and expand. That was absolutely beneficial for employees who had been in the company for several years.

Of course, Mai Chun was the most pleased about being appreciated by the company's new management. Although the new management may only accept a small group of personnel who were insignificant working under the people with high positions, they were, after all, the people who called the shots. If Mai Chun could do things for this new management, she could then at least make sure that she could be able to continue staying in the company.

It would be too unfair if she were to be laid off at that time.

After swiping the key card and passing through the office area, Mai Chun could see that her colleagues' faces were full of smiles. Even her bald-headed director who usually did not smile was showing his yellow-stained teeth with a silly grin.

"Have we been paid?" Mai Chun asked the administrative girl directly.

The administrative girl cast a glance at the bald director and knew what Mai Chun meant. She chuckled and said, "The new owner wants the logistics department to manage our own property. It's only natural that the logistics director is happy."

"Oh, finally, what about the previous person who handled this?"

"We got rid of him."

"Well, we should have." Mai Chun spat and said, "The property manager who provided us service even charged the employees parking fees, what the hell? The cafeteria food was also terrible. It's even worse than my university cafeteria."

"I heard that the property manager annoyed the management and was laid off because of it."

"Huh? How did the property manager annoy them? Tell me." Mai Chun was instantly interested.

After Yunli Medical Company was caught in a financial crisis, almost everything that could be sold was sold, including their office building and the land it was built upon. Then, they used the money they earned from it to continue using the building by paying rent.

The person who purchased the real estate of Yunli Medical Company was naturally dissatisfied with just receiving rental fees. He also sent his own property manager to be stationed in the place to handle the matters in Yunli Medical Company, such as cleaning, security, and cafeteria food. The property manager was also to think of ways to increase service fees.

Previously, Yunli Medical Company was so poor that they could not even afford their monthly rental expenses, and they were only able to withstand the bullying from the estate owner. The managers could only turn a blind eye to their employees' demands, and in the end, they even sold themselves.

However, the current new owner was a powerful consortium. Even if the contract did stipulate property management, the owner of the company could not even win against them, and now, since he did not stipulate property management in the contract, he was even more powerless to do so.

Yunli Medical Company was all excited about the matter today. The administrative girl used a gossiping tone and said, "I heard that when the car of those at the managerial level was in front of the building, it was blocked by the security of the previous property manager and was told that the spot was reserved. The management felt that something was off. He then said that they were now the top of the company, so why could they not park in that spot when the reserved parking spaces of the previous company's executives were all revoked. What do you think the people in the property said?"

"What did they say?"

"The people from the property said, 'You are, of course, the top brass in Yunli Medical Company, but we're the forefathers of Yunli, and the reserved parking space is for the property manager!"

Mai Chun accidentally laughed out loud and then quickly asked, "And then?"

"Then, the people at the managerial level were not happy. The car was stuck there. The young girl who came later to talk to you alone was Tian Qi. She said never mind and got off the car before she went upstairs. She had the driver drive to the prescribed parking lot. After that, management called up a meeting and called the property manager to inform him about the result. You didn't see his face at that time. In the beginning, he was making a ruckus about wanting to make some phone calls. Afterward, he nearly knelt down," the administrative girl said and laughed.

Mai Chun was also filled with high spirits as she listened. She said, "There's no way he needs to kneel down, right? His family's in charge of property management. He could just switch and manage another property."

"It's said that the management had a consortium just appear out of nowhere, and they directly informed the owners through the consortium to return all the money they took from us for unreasonable charges. That money is at least several million in total."

"It's more than that. They took at least tens of millions from us." The bald-headed yellow-toothed director had walked over to them at some point of time, but also whispered to share his information, "Do you know how much the company's purchase price is? Once they stopped the owner from butting in, they paid in one go, and they paid with almost half of the pay of the whole company."

"Was the owner willing to let go?"

"It doesn't matter whether they are unwilling to sell the property. They have to have the money to make such a choice. In the beginning, Yunli's bosses couldn't fight back, and hence, they were being pressured. Now that the owner has changed, all the unreasonable charges can be returned. Forget about the charges for everything else, let's just talk about the charges they placed on us for our drinking water. They already charged us several fold for that." The bald-headed yellow-toothed director clicked his tongue with a face of admiration...

After listening to the most interesting part, Mai Chun was not willing to chat with the director. After excusing herself, she left the office and climbed up the fire escape to the sixth floor. She knocked on the door with the assistant general manager's sign over it.

When Mai Chun saw Tian Qi sitting behind the big desk, she said politely, "Director Tian, I would like to make a report..."

"Is it done?" Tian Qi's eyes widened, and she leaned forward to look at Mai Chun.

Mai Chun was dazed for a moment before she nodded again. "It was successful."

"Show it to me, show it to me." Tian Qi waved repeatedly. She did not anyhow resemble some mighty official who just bought over a company.

Mai Chun hesitantly moved into the big office, took out a mobile phone, and then opened her WeChat. There was only one lonely title in her WeChat: Ran's Spoon-feeding Group.

"Give it to me." Tian Qi reached for her phone.

Mai Chun hesitated for a moment before she reached out and gave the phone to Tian Qi.

Tian Qi opened the Spoon-feeding Group delightedly and saw the group chatting.

[Today, I prepared dragon fruits from Vietnam, green grapes and red grapes, watermelons, grapefruits and oranges, and also red dates, hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, and cashews. By the way, Ran doesn't seem to like the seeded grapes.]

[Who would like seeded grapes?]

[I have evidence.]

[Which department has seedless grapes in the future? Tell us. Donate to us three that look nice, please. Ran can't eat so much. Let's better not feed him until he gets fat.]

[Come to think about it, isn't it strange that Doctor Ling doesn't get fat? Is he secretly bodybuilding?]

[Does performing five surgeries a day count as bodybuilding? Ah... Calling him Doctor Ling makes us sound so distant. I don't want to put Ran in the same category as the other doctors.]

[Exactly, people who wear white coats are not necessarily angels.]

Tian Qi's fingers trembled as she ecstatically looked at her phone. The song from "Let it go" from "Frozen" was on loop in her mind, and in her heart, she kept yelling, 'I knew it! I knew it!'

"It must have been hard to get into the spoon-feeding group. You must have had it hard." Tian Qi swiped up while she smiled.

"It was a doable task." Mai Chun originally wanted to say it was quite easy. After all, she was the pharmaceutical sales representative who always went to Yun Hua Hospital. It was natural for her to join a group that provided food to someone.

But right when the words reached the tip of her tongue, Mai Chun quickly in changed her choice of words, because she sensed that she should not say that with her sensitivity as a professional.

Tian Qi showed an admiring expression. "You did well. Our medical company lacks employees like you who work hard and fight hard."

"Thank you, Director Tian, I will continue to work hard." Mai Chun's superficial manners were excellent. She also looked at Tian Qi with hope.

Yunli Medical Company was being rebuilt, and they lacked a large number of employees and managers. She hoped that she could be accepted by this person who bought over the company, and from there, she could rise to a high official position...

"Leave the phone with me." Tian Qi said suddenly before she added. "The Wechat ID is brand new, right?"

"Oh, yes..." Mai Chun looked at her Xiaomi mobile phone pitifully. Although it was a second-hand phone, it went through a lot of pains to get it last time.

Tian Qi noticed Mai Chun's gaze and instantly realized that her operating sequence was wrong.

However, it was not too late to make up for it. Tian Qi immediately took out her new iPhone from the drawer and handed it to Mai Chun. She said, "This is for you."

"Huh?" Mai Chun looked at the new iPhone box in a daze.

"It's a gift for you. After this, you'll have to help me maintain this group." Tian Qi saw that Mai Chun was satisfied with the gift, nodded, reopened the WeChat group, and joined the conversation smoothly. [The company has a batch of big prawns which is more than fifteen inches long. How about having two of them fried so that we can spoon-feed him at noon?]

The group immediately became lively.

[Wow, Yunli Medical Company is different after they got a new owner. I think you can get four bottles of yogurt in exchange for two big prawns.]

[Maybe we could even get an almond meal set. Speaking of which, the Brazilian pine nuts Doctor Ling bought are delicious.]

[The ones that are in the metal box? You're right.]

Tian Qi put down her mobile phone in satisfaction and said to the confused Mai Chun, "Go buy a box of red shrimps that are fifteen inches long in the afternoon and deliver it to the Emergency Department of Yun Hua Hospital. Send it in the name of... Barley."

"Oh," Mai Chun's replied dumbly, scratched her head, and returned to the office. She could not help but think of a serious question. 'Will Yunli Medical Company go bankrupt?'

As she thought, there was a burst of cheers in the office area.

"Big business deal! Big business deal! Big business deal!"

The shouts from her colleagues were familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time.

After a few seconds, Mai Chun realized that this was the cheer of a business deal being formed after a long time.

"What business deal is it?" Mai Chun curiously asked the administrative girl.

"A deal Fatty has been dealing with for a long time." The administrative girl's eyes shone with envy. "The other party was originally hesitant because they were afraid that our company would run into trouble, but now that we have changed a new owner, once Fatty spoke to them, the other party immediately signed the deal. Fatty will become Salesperson of the Month this month."

"That's great."

"I shouldn't be in administration. If I were to become Salesperson of the Month, I will buy a new mobile phone to reward myself."

"That's great." Mai Chun smiled and pinched the phone box in her pocket.