Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 268

268 Red Ribbon

Ling Ran performed a heavy reinforcing suture and an intradermal suture on two workers, then he had Miao Tansheng do the dressing for them before he sent the two away in cheerful moods.

He had possessed the Master Level Appositional Suturing Technique right from the start. When he combined this technique with the heavy reinforcing suture and intradermal suture, it would produce outstanding effects.

Based on his estimations, if these two workers could protect their wounds well, the possibility of leaving a scar was very small. Even if a scar was left, the scar would be very faint and age very well indeed.

Miao Tansheng had a similar judgment, and this placed Ling Ran even higher up his list.

Suturing was the most fundamental of all basics in surgeries. There was no doctor who did not know how to suture, but those who could master the technique would have bright futures.

For a doctor like Miao Tansheng who had already left the hospital system, a good suture was worthy of a compliment. Since his greatest desire right then was to enter the cosmetic industry or plastic surgery industry, he had an incredibly high standard toward sutures.

Miao Tansheng himself did not have the eye for plastic surgery. He was quite old now and his reputation was not particularly good, so he could not get the favor from big medical companies. Currently, his suturing technique was only at the level of a slightly better cosmetic doctor, but he could by no means be called outstanding.

Only if Miao Tansheng had a higher level of suturing would he have the chance for an exceptional break. He did not necessarily need to be a plastic surgeon, but Miao Tansheng believed that this was the only way he could claim a bright future.

People who have been doctors for a long time believed that studying affected their fates. It was simply on the basis that not being on shifts reduced their life span, and being on shifts was also a product of them studying.

Miao Tansheng respectfully sent Ling Ran back to the reclining chair. He only left for his own seat happily after watching Ling Ran open his game on his phone. Then, Miao Tansheng took out his phone and made a call to a salesperson he knew from Golden Deer Health Services. He chuckled and said, "Young Xia, I'm Old Miao, Doctor Miao. Yes. If you have any patients today, can you send some of them over to Lower Groove Clinic? Why? We have two doctors here, so our capacity has been increased Yes, it's the son of Lower Groove Clinic's owner, Ling Ran. Doctor Ling is a top student currently in Yun Hua Hospital Why did she just hang up the call?"

Miao Tansheng had not even finished speaking when he heard the busy tone in the phone. He sighed and put away his phone.

He hoped Golden Deer Health Services could send more patients over, and he did not want to make another phone call and urge them to take action. So, he ended up holding his phone and read the news on the official channel like an idiot. After a few minutes, he suddenly felt that doing so was meaningless. Therefore, he extracted his Kindle from the cupboard and tentatively opened it.

When he resigned, he was still a doctor who read research papers every day. But it had been quite some time since he last read.

"Let's read something new today." Miao Tansheng cheered himself up while he picked a research paper at random and started reading.

As he read, his mind was fully immersed in the research paper.

He had been working as a doctor for twenty years. He read all the books needed, did training for all the professions related to his field, and learned all the new skills needed. But there was no chance for him to apply his knowledge anymore since he had left the hospital.

Lower Groove Clinic was considered a good working place among all private clinics that he had worked before. At least, this clinic started cosmetic suture business, the occasional massage service, and the traditional business of prescribing medicine and administering IVs. It was evident that the clinic was actually very well-managed. Although it was not comparable to large medical companies, let alone listed companies like Aier Eye Hospital, it was still considered a small company with a bright future.

Still, it was far better than those small clinics which only waited for patients to walk in.

Miao Tansheng had recently made some big bucks, so he thought a lot about continuing to work here.

He read the research paper a while and pondered upon the words. After many hours, he suddenly heard the sound of the ambulance, which he had been keeping an ear open for.

Miao Tansheng stood up immediately, chuckled, and said, "There it comes again, I knew it. Our reputation Ling Ran, Doctor Ling, let's receive the ambulance. Wonder what wounds will turn up this time."

"Let me finish the game, I might be able to win this time." Ling Ran continued looking at the phone screen before he said, "Go and receive the patients first, I'll be right after you."

Miao Tansheng went to receive the ambulance, feeling at ease.

After a while, the beeping sounds from the high horse-powered engine were heard, and the sound stopped in front of Lower Groove Clinic.

"Is Doctor Ling back?" Lu Jinling pushed the front door and stepped into the clinic with her long legs.

"You are" Miao Tansheng, who stood at the door, was stunned.

"I am Lu Jinling"

"Boss Lu!" Miao Tansheng spoke immediately. Then, he realized this was the legendary person in-charge of Golden Deer Health Services. He quickly said, "Boss Lu, I've heard your name for a long time. I am Miao Tansheng, and I specialize in cosmetic sutures."

Lu Jinling immediately nodded and said, "Not bad."

She looked around and immediately found Ling Ran laying against the reclining chair. Her eyes lit up, and she quickly walked over. Her fair thighs seemed to be unafraid of the cool breeze of the autumn, and her high boots made loud clacking sounds while stepping on the floor.

"Doctor Ling" Lu Jinling sat next to Ling Ran, and her voice quickly softened.

Miao Tansheng, who was tailing her, was shocked. He suddenly realized something, so he immediately stopped in his tracks and backpedaled.

"The patients you want." Young Xia was in charge of making arrangements with Doctor Miao. She was just a girl in her twenties, and she had long hair and heavy makeup on her face. She looked aloof, but her eyes showed her intelligence. She pointed behind her to show Doctor Miao's four patients with external injuries.

Business for Golden Deer Health Services grew like wildfire in the entire city. As the company was massive and wizened when it came to handling matters, they eliminated many black-market ambulances and chased them out of the market. Miao Tansheng was not sure of the amount they made from this, but he knew that he had to rely on them for money.

One cosmetic suture earned him anywhere between 1,000 RMB and 5,000 RMB. Miao Tansheng received 40% of the fees, and he soon became rather wealthy.

He immediately put whatever remained of his limited life and focused on working in this suturing business that had unlimited potential.

On the other side, Lu Jinling had already started to tell Ling Ran about her recent life.

The success of Golden Deer Health Services boosted Lu Jinling's confidence. She first talked about her company's strategy, then she talked about how she split her shares with her brother. Lastly, she asked, "Doctor Ling, why don't you resign and work with us? We're now lacking experienced doctors like you."

"I don't have much experience in resuscitation. Your ambulances need pre-hospital emergency care, and I do not have much knowledge about it." Ling Ran's tone was light and gentle, but he only spoke of facts.

"It's okay. We used to be in the fish business, and we didn't know anything about resuscitation. You'll learn as you go," Lu Jinling said in a heroic manner, "Sooner, we will be able to buy a medical helicopter. I have heard that helicopters are mostly a liability, even if there are the rare few whose use at least breaks even with their maintenance fees. Humans are not the only ones who can sit on helicopters, fish can also travel in planes. Now, I own some shares in my brother's company. Sooner or later, we will work on arranging charter flights from Norway to the country and bring in salmon imports."

Ling Ran nodded as he listened, but he did not respond much.

What he was interested in the most was surgeries, followed by medical knowledge.

Lu Jinling still spoke excitedly while Ling Ran played his game. The situation was rather harmonious.

"Doctor Ling, may I try and massage you?" At some point, Dong Sheng had arrived in front of the house with his round, shiny, and newly-shaved head.

Ling Ran took the opportunity to press "Surrender" and ended the game which would inevitably end with him losing. He got into position for Dong Sheng.

Dong Sheng confidently started with the grabbing method, followed by the pushing technique and rubbing technique.

Ling Ran nodded slightly. "You reached Specialist Level."

"What do you mean?"

"It means you have improved a lot."


"Press more gently over here. Yes, slightly stronger. Correct, you have to mix between the gentle and heavy touches, this will make things more comfortable."


When Lu Jinling looked at them, she was so envious that she wished she could take the place of the young novice monk right then.

Ling Ran gave some advice to Dong Sheng again before he remembered the things that had transpired that morning. "Oh, Dong Sheng."


"You must remember to get your payment."

"Oh, I have been keeping count," said Dong Sheng loudly, "I want to buy medicine for my Master."

When Lu Jingling heard it, she grew fond of him instantly, and she could not help but touch his head and rub his head. She smiled and said, "You're so young, but you already know enough to buy medicine for you Master. What medicine do you want to buy?"

"Mayinglong Musk Hemorrhoids Ointment Cream!" Dong Sheng shouted without hesitation, "I want to spend all my pay to buy Mayinglong Musk Hemorrhoids Ointment Cream."

Ling Jiezhou rushed downstairs when he heard about someone getting his pay. He choked on his saliva. "Dong Sheng, do you know how much your pay is? Are you really spending all of it for Mayinglong Musk Hemorrhoids Ointment Cream? Do you know how many boxes you can buy with it?"

Dong Sheng shook his head. "You don't understand how many Mayinglong Musk Hemorrhoids Ointment Cream Master needs to use."

Ling Jiezhou coughed, "I don't want to know."

"Oh." Dong Sheng nodded cutely and then fluttered his eyelashes. "Patron Ling, I want to give Mayinglong Musk Hemorrhoids Ointment Cream as a present to my Master, might I trouble you to pack them for me?"

"Pack packing?"

"Just like how it shows on television. They cover the box with red paper and tie it up with a red ribbon" Dong Sheng tried very hard to describe the ideal present in his heart.

Lu Jinling felt like she was about to go crazy from listening to Dong Sheng's words. She rubbed Dong Sheng's head, but she was afraid of hurting his heart. So, she said, "It would not be suitable if you used red ribbons, you can change to another color."

"Then, yellow color." It was obvious that Dong Sheng had thought of this.

Ling Jiezhou was speechless. Then, he said, "That won't be one box alone. You'll be taking a few boxes"

"Dong Sheng would like to thank Patron Ling!" Dong Sheng stood straight and bowed.

"Alright, I will do it for you. Master and apprentice, continue talking." Ling Jiezhou suddenly had a strong urge to take a photo and post it on Moments. He touched Dong Sheng's head while he was at it before he left.

"Good boy." Lu Jinling touched Dong Sheng's head again.

"Good boy." Young Xia touched Dong Sheng's head.

"Good boy." Miao Tansheng had wanted to touch Dong Sheng's head since a long time ago.

"Hehehe." Aunt Wang, who lived in the neighborhood, touched Dong Sheng's head as she passed by.