Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 269

269 Rise In Ranks

As he walked around in the ward, Ling Ran showed a smile that he had been practicing on for a very long time, and it was one that fit social norms. He watched Lu Wenbin, Yu Yuan, and Ma Yanlin, all his current assistants perform check-ups for the patients.

In the Emergency Department, every observation room contained three to four beds. Now, they had added another two or three beds to the observation room, and this amped up the number of beds in every observation room to six beds.

Lu Wenbin, Ma Yanlin, and Yu Yuan examined a patient each, but they were not slow. Therefore, Ling Ran only needed to keep an eye on them, ready to back them up at any given moment.

There were three types of main surgical methods performed by Ling Ran. He performed finger replantations the most, followed by the M-Tang technique, and lastly, the Achilles tendon repair technique.

Just from his number of patients, the development he inspired of the injuries he treated, and the number of junior doctors that worked under him, Ling Ran was already considered to be at the level of an independent treatment group. If he were in a local hospital, he would be standing at a level where many doctors could only dream of.

Naturally, there were better top hospitals above regional hospitals. The better the hospital was, the more the young doctors had to take up heavy responsibilities. It would all be far simpler if they became students of an expert. There, they stood a much higher chance of climbing up the ranks. From the domestic perspective, if a young doctor became a chief surgeon, it would mean that his career was going very smoothly indeed. If he had the support of an expert behind him, it would not be surprising for him to perform three hundred to four hundred surgeries in a year.

While in the regional hospitals, an attending physician may rarely reach four hundred surgeries, even when it came to his specialty. Many among them had obtained their positions step-by-step, which meant that they initially worked as resident doctors, and the moment they went past the five-year assessment, they passed the test by default and became attending physicians.

In comparison, young doctors who had a very smooth career advancement could perform four hundred or even five hundred surgeries in their second year, and they even worked under the supervision of experts. After three to five years of working like this, it would not be strange for them to lead a small treatment group. However, in most situations, the better a hospital, the more complicated the main surgical method was. If the young doctors wanted to advance more in their career, they could only remain in the expert's group.

Lu Wenbin and Ma Yanlin were very familiar with the finger replantation technique, the M-Tang technique, and the Achilles tendon repair technique now. Yu Yuan was slightly inferior in those aspects, but her level in internal medicine was higher than theirs. She could obtain the necessary information by just looking at the medical records. So, when she joined the team, she managed to work well with them.

Meanwhile, Ling Ran only showed a faint smile and did some simple physical examinations.

Currently, he mastered the Master Level M-Tang Technique, Perfect Level Finger Replantation Skill, and Perfect Level Achilles Tendon Repair Technique. With these skills, it was only natural that the surgical results for the surgeries using these skills were good. If the patient recovered, a Sincere Gratitude Treasure Chest would appear, even if he did not say or do anything.

There were currently one hundred and one patients in the Emergency Department, including those occupying the extra beds. Among them, seventy-six were Ling Ran's patients. In the health system of Yun Hua Hospital, the Emergency Department was actually supposed to have only around thirty beds. This was because the department was not supposed to have a high demand for hospital beds.

Each ward round for seventy-six beds took quite some time. So, usually, it was the resident doctors who took up the responsibility to perform ward rounds.

However, when Ling Ran appeared, the patients and their families would, strangely enough, pay more attention to him.

A chief surgeon was a presence that should be highly valued by others.

Besides, Yun Hua Hospital had been trying their best to promote Ling Ran as well.

Doctors did not have to be promoted like fast-moving consumer goods to the point that the whole world knew about them.

As there was an increasing trend of more subdivisions under the field of modern medicine, families without any patients would not remember a famous specialist in a certain field. However, once there was a patient in the family, the name of the famous doctor would be heard very often.

The effects of news being delivered through word-of-mouth, together with the reports from the media were enough to make Ling Ran famous in Changxi Province, especially when it came to his reputation in using the M-Tang technique and performing finger replantations. The patients he operated on the earliest with these two techniques were now discharged one by one, and they were back to their normal routines and work lives. If any accidents happened again to the workers of the same factory or nearby factories, or if any accidents happened on their family members and on the people who stayed in the same area, they would immediately think of Ling Ran or Yun Hua Hospital. Also, they would turn to the patient or people around them to know about him.

Meanwhile, the patients in the wards also promoted Ling Ran on their own, which made the patients who came later become more confident.

When Ling Ran entered the ward, it was inevitable for the patients or their family to greet him warmly.

"Doctor Ling, you came for a ward round today? Please have a look at my daughter."

"Doctor Ling came over today. I'm so lucky."

"Doctor Ling, my previous examination was not that good, but I felt better over the past few days"

Ling Ran's main responses were to nod and smile. When he listened to the others' problems, he would just reply in clipped, brief statements.

His replies were so short that most of the time, it would be short phrases like "Okay", "Yes", "No" and "Wait for some time".

If this ever happened in an actual service industry, it would be entirely Ling Ran's own fault if an attendant like Ling Ran provided service with such an attitude and manner of handling things seventy times.

But in the medical service field, the tolerance level of the patients and their families were much higher. They would not simply hit a doctor. According to some news reports, a doctor would most likely get hit once only every five years. This explained that most patients who faced birth, aging, illness, and death would be particularly respectful of the doctors. After all, the medical system did not provide any protection for the doctors. Still, it was amazing to see the patients and their families achieve such self-control as they came from different jobs and sectors, had different education levels, and lived in different places.

From this, it showed that China did not let down its name as the nation of manners.

The Treasure Chests kept appearing, and Ling Ran felt the hospitality of the patients.

These Treasure Chests were not casually given. If a patient's ailment remained, it would be impossible for the patient to hold any sort of sincere gratitude towards him. Even if the finger seemed to have recovered, if a patient was still worried about this, the patient would also not be thankful.

Besides that, Ling Ran's attitude was not the best at harnessing gratitude from others.

Even so, the Basic Treasure Chests still accumulated slowly in Ling Ran's hands.

22 23 24

Ling Ran's goal was to achieve thirty Treasure Chests. He would then open them all at once, because he might get another group of skills again.

At the same time, Ling Ran would do a more detailed physical examination for the patients who did not seem too well in their visual inspection.

Visual inspection itself was a part of physical examination. For example, patients with yellowish faces might accumulate jaundice in their bodies, but their yellowish eyes and hair might be due to different factors.

Most of Ling Ran's patients needed to be hospitalized for a long period of time. He knew his patients well, so with such a method, he could easily spot the problem.

Of course, just like before, most of the patients did not have complicated conditions. He could only be considered lucky to have encountered the patient with acute cholecystitis last time. Ever since then, Ling Ran did not find any patient who was qualified to be referred to another department. This was something he regretted.


When Ling Ran was about to finish today's ward round, the system acted up.

"Rank of physical examination increased to 999 in the Yun Hua City. Greatest improvement. Reward obtained: Intermediate Treasure Chest."

Ling Ran did not open the Treasure Chest immediately, but his eyes lit up. By increasing his ranking, he could obtain a Treasure Chest. This was pretty good!

'System, my previous physical examination ranking in Yun Hua City was around 1,000, right? How much had my ranking be increased?' Ling Ran inquired the system directly.

"Ranking increased from 1,128 to 999 in Yun Hua City."

'So I moved up by 129 places. If I increase the rank for another skill by 130, I can obtain another Intermediate Treasure Chest, right?'


Ling Ran nodded in satisfaction.