Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Drugs to be Administered

Another Energy Serum came out of the Basic Treasure Chest, bringing Ling Ran's total to six bottles.

As a player who had already gotten the Basic Treasure Chest six times and the Energy Serum seven times, Ling Ran did not care much about getting another Basic Treasure Chest.

However, as a medical student who had just started his internship, Ling Ran still cared about getting that 'sincere gratitude'.

The nurse got lazy and left the task of changing the dressings to the medical interns. Ling Ran took the trouble to do it softly and extremely gently. The nineteen-year-old girl's entire face flushed red with embarrassment from being fiddled with by a handsome guy for a few minutes.

"The dressing is already changed. For the next few days, make sure you don't get your injury wet. Remove the sutures on time and the scar will be less prominent." Ling Ran repeated the Standard Precaution for Patients as usual. Unlike the experienced doctors who treat their words like gold, if Ling Ran did not give the complete Standard Precaution for Patients, he would feel uneasy.

Her family members kept nodding their heads as they listened. The girl also asked, "Doctor When it's time to remove my sutures, can I ask you to do it?"

"You can get your stitches removed anywhere. You can also do it in other hospitals or clinics," Ling Ran answered according to the hospital's policy.

"I want you to remove my stitches." The girl pouted.

"You can come find me, too. But I might not be on duty at that time."

"It's okay, I'll wait for you to come to work." The girl nodded with all her might.

"You cannot wait when it comes to removing your sutures." Ling Ran's tone suddenly became stern. He said, "Removing the stitches on time will reduce the growth of scar tissue. You can do it slightly earlier, but you cannot delay it. Do you understand?"

The girl froze when she heard Ling Ran's question. Beside her, her family members quickly said, "We understand. We'll definitely remove the sutures on time."

Ling Ran nodded in satisfaction. He looked very authoritative. The girl's eyes sparkled as she held her own arm.

The inspection of a few dozen beds would not take up much time. When a group of patients came to the Emergency Department in the middle of the inspection, the department director's pace was not even disrupted; he solved the problem just by dispatching an experienced attending physician to tend to them.

After they finished the ward round, everyone went back to their respective operating posts. Huo Congjun left the observation room and returned to the resuscitation room. He inspected the resuscitation room as well, looking left and right. Ling Ran followed Huo Congjun and looked left and right, too.

Yun Hua Hospital's Emergency Department received almost a thousand patients every day, but most of them can be treated in the treatment room alone. There were also some other patients whom would be transferred to other departments after receiving basic treatment.

Every day, there were not too many patients who really needed emergency treatment. During the more relaxed periods, there might only be one or two critically-ill patients in a day.

Of course, this kind of relaxation was something that they could only obtain by luck. So, the resuscitation room was in a state of chaos most of the time.

There were patients hooked to ventilators because they were either in shock or were unconscious, and patients with large, burnt areas, but the largest group of patients in the resuscitation room were always the ones who had difficulty breathing. They ranged between Level 1 and Level 2 patients, and were frequenters of the resuscitation room.


The entire body of the middle-aged man beside them suddenly started convulsing. Around him, his family members were in chaos. They immediately began yelling for the doctor.

An associate chief physician immediately rushed over. He lowered his head to glance at the patient, and said to a resident doctor who was running towards them, "Prepare the defibrillator."

The nurse beside him did not need to wait for instructions. She began inserting a venous access device into the patient's vein to prepare for fluid transfusion.

Meanwhile, the nurse on the other side pushed the crash cart over and started testing the patient's heart for electrical activity, his blood pressure, and blood oxygen content.

Huo Congjun stood a few meters away with Ling Ran. He suddenly asked, "What are the drugs to be administered?"

"Erm" Ling Ran's understanding towards the usage of drugs during an emergency was only limited to what he learned from books. He could only recall them desperately.

"It's time to give orders." Huo Congjun was obviously conducting a training simulation or, more appropriately, on-the-spot teaching.

The same question might only be worth five marks in his medical school's final examination paper, but the atmosphere at that time was so pressing that Ling Ran was drenched in cold sweat.

As the air hummed with tension around Ling Ran, he took a deep breath and said, "Epinephrine, and IV injection of lidocaine. And then dextrose injection and IV transfusion of lidocaine"

The moment he said that, the associate chief physician, who was tasked with saving the patient ordered, "Epinephrine, lidocaine."

Immediately after that, the associate chief physician personally went over and started performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) before using the defibrillator on the patient and giving him injections.

He then continued to issue orders, "5% dextrose and IV transfusion of 250 mg lidocaine."

The emergency operation was standard and nerve-wracking, but orderly. Within a few short minutes, the patient was rescued from the brink of death.

As Ling Ran stared at the nurses' footsteps and listened to the doctor's commands, he did not feel nervous. All he felt was excitement.

He was excited because of the 5% dextrose, because of the 250 mg lidocaine, because of the infusion bag with the standard dosage, and because of the standard emergency procedures.

This kind of certainty and, more importantly, the patient's immediate feedback entranced him.

Other occupations had a very blurred boundary between whether something was right or wrong. That would often only be shown after a long time, and after plenty of subsequent changes appeared after the procedure was executed.

The blurred boundary still existed in hospitals, but it was an extremely thin line. Patients, especially critically-ill ones, would provide feedback at a speed so fast that doctors would not be able to react.

lt might only take one or two seconds for a patient to go from stable electrocardiogram readings to chaotic arrhythmia, and from skyrocketing blood pressures to a normal reading.

The question he answered from Huo Congjun earlier was the easiest question, and any medical student should be able to answer it. The difference was that if you got a question wrong during exams, you would lose points, but if you got a question wrong while practicing, a life would be lost.

"Why is lidocaine used?" Huo Congjun only continued the questioning after he saw the patient regain consciousness.

Ling Ran observed the patient and the movements of the doctors and nurses at the same time while he stood in the noisy emergency room. "Because lidocaine has strong anti-arrhythmic properties."


Ling Ran recalled what he studied from his books. "It also has antibacterial and brain protective properties."

Huo Congjun shook his head. "Lidocaine is used in this emergency operation because of the fact that it can prevent an inflammatory reaction. There was a research stating that the usage of lidocaine during surgery can effectively reduce a patient's hospitalization time. Do you usually read research papers?"

Ling Ran answered honestly, "Rarely."

Medical students did not even have enough time to study,so how would he have time to read research papers?

"When you go back, read at least two research papers every day." Huo Congjun acted like a tutor and was already starting to assign tasks.

"Alright." Ling Ran promised him.

As usual, the Emergency Department's resuscitation room was as chaotic as a cock-fighting ring. But as Huo Congjun held Ling Ran's elbow, they were like two outsiders, only observing and talking; as if they were two outlaws, choosing cockerels and commenting on each one in a cock-fighting ring.

There were also other young doctors who wanted to listen in, but they had to return to their busy jobs after only a few minutes.

After this went on for two hours, Ling Ran's head hurt. He was starting to contemplate if he should take an Energy Serum.

The reception nurse put down the phone and yelled, sending a surge of excitement through everyone's head, "Emergency Department, get ready. There's a casualty from an accident who's arriving in five minutes."

This was when Huo Congjun perked up. He shrugged off Ling Ran's arm and took the lead. "Come with me to receive the patient."

The weariness that Ling Ran just began to feel immediately disappeared. He quickly followed Huo Congjun.

He had actually received casualties from accidents before. But as to how different casualties entering the treatment room were compared to the ones entering the resuscitation room Well, he would know after five minutes.