Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 270

270 Incision Skill

Ling Ran quickly checked his skills out. He did not need to take his Master Level and Perfect Level skills into consideration as the rankings for these skills were quite high in the national level, and it was even higher in the city rankings. Forget about whether there were even 130 ranks for him to take, the difficulty in doing so was as high as a mountain.

In comparison, the few skills he had at Specialist Level had much higher chances in increasing their ranks.

The interrupted vertical mattress suture focused on suturing the scrotum. It mainly tested Department Director Huo's ability in collecting patients with scrotum injuries, and it was not an easy task. Both the Lembert suturing technique and the interrupted inverted horizontal mattress suture focused on suturing the gastrointestinal tract, and the chances for him in participating in those surgeries were very few. But he had a greater chance and a slightly better future at increasing the ranks for his fiddle bow hold and pencil grip.

If it came to incisions…

What came first to Ling Ran's mind was the double eyelid operation.

It had a high turnover rate and a high number of patients. While it would be an exaggeration to say that he could perform one hundred cases in a day, it would be quite easy for him to perform up to fifty cases in one day.

However, Yun Hua Hospital did not launch this program. It would be very troublesome if Ling Ran needed to find an organization like a beauty salon. Patients who wanted double eyelid surgeries were all girls, and they were all strangers to him. If he needed to receive thirty to fifty girls, he could not imagine how many words that he needed to listen while he did so.

'System, does it count if I buy meat to practice my incision skills?' Ling Ran suddenly came up with an idea on his mind, and he felt that he had found a loophole in the system.

"Yes," answered the system in a forthright manner, "But it will be judged based on your ranking."

If the results will be judged based on his ranking, it meant that the system will judge him based on the results of the meat after he was done.

Practicing incision skills on a piece of pork meat was suitable for beginners. If he wanted to obtain a result suitable to reflect the skill level for Specialist Level Incision Skill, pork meat might not be enough.

Ling Ran thought deeply for a few seconds before he asked, 'Then, what is the rank for my incision skill now?'

The system spoke in Ling Ran's mind, "Your pencil grip ranks at 765 in Yun Hua City, and your fiddle bow hold currently ranks at 558 in Yun Hua City."

Ling Ran mainly used the fiddle bow hold for his surgeries, in comparison, he did not use the pencil grip style very often.

The rankings stimulated Ling Ran slightly.

If he ranked more than 500 in Yun Hua City, that meant that Ling Ran's incision skill was only at an average level.

This was not like performing a physical examination. Among doctors in all departments, internists were the best in doing physical examinations. This was especially so for elder internists, who had accumulated a lot of experience and were exposed to different kinds of situations, their standards when it came to performing physical examinations were very high. They did not lack chances to practice their skills. They appeared in quite a number of physical examinations for several organizations as well as schools every year. Therefore, it was not strange that Ling Ran was ranked in the thousands when it came to this particular skill. 

There were at least thirty tertiary Grade A hospitals in Yun Hua City that provided a high number of internists who were good at doing physical examinations. There were also quite a number of chief physicians and associate chief physicians who had outstanding skills in hospitals ranked lower than tertiary Grade A hospitals.

However, incisions were purely for surgeries only.

Ling Ran's pencil grip style was ranked at 765 in Yun Hua City, therefore, his ranking would probably be in the hundreds or ranked after fifty in Yun Hua Hospital.

And this was the result Ling Ran obtained after he gained those two incision skills and performed a few hundred surgeries.

It seemed that it was very hard to increase his ranking by leaps and bounds for this.

Judging from this, those with slightly weaker Specialist Skills meant that they would not show any mistakes when they executed their skills, that was all.

When he watched the young novice monk Dong Sheng learn how to massage others, he found that it took no time to him to jump from Novice Level to Specialist Level. The requirements for the levels between novice to specialist should be relatively low, if that were the case.

But he should start to plateau at Specialist Level.

Ling Ran had also been performing physical examinations for quite some time, but he still remained at Specialist Level. However, his ranking had increased quite a lot, which meant that he would be remaining at Specialist Level for quite a while.

'How long will I need to increase my ranking by one hundred for my fiddle bow hold?' asked Ling Ran again.

The system did not answer.

Obviously, there was no standard answer for this question.

Ling Ran pouted and said, 'Open the Intermediate Treasure Chest.'

At the same time, Ling Ran murmured in his mind, 'Give me incision, incision, incision…'

A skill book appeared in front of his eyes in the brilliant light.

[Tracheotomy (Perfect Level)]

Ling Ran was very satisfied when he saw the words "Perfect Level".

From a doctor's perspective, different skills were divided into easy and difficult parts, but both easy and difficult skills could solve a lot of problems.

The number of lives saved by doctors who knew how to perform coronary artery bypass surgery might not be as many as the doctors who knew intestinal obstruction repair. However, performing intestinal obstruction repair meant that the doctor had to extract feces from the patient, and that was indeed a very unique surgery.

A tracheotomy was one of the most often used skills in the Emergency Department and ICU. It was also the surgical skill that appeared the most in movies. If a person in a movie decided to help someone else in trouble by using a pen to stab his lung, that scene could be understood as the doctor performing a tracheotomy on a patient.

Theoretically, housemen needed to undergo training to perform a tracheotomy, and they had to perform at least three or a maximum of ten cases. However, based on the current situation in the country, there were not many young doctors who had the chance to perform a tracheotomy. It would depend on the doctor's luck and how hardworking he was on whether or not he could practice his skills.

Ling Ran had learned tracheotomy in medical school before, but when it came to real life application, it was really difficult for him to turn this knowledge into practical use.

However, after using the skill book before him, Ling Ran became an experienced throat opener.

'Not bad.' Ling Ran nodded slightly.

Tracheotomy also required incisions, and it could be applied with both the fiddle bow hold and pencil grip style, so he thought he could train with them.

"Doctor Ling?" Yu Yuan shouted at Ling Ran.

They finished their ward round and needed to rush back to their office to write the medical records.

"Oh… Take a rest then." Ling Ran nodded before he said, "I will go to the resuscitation room and take a look first."

Lu Wenbin and Yu Yuan left without any hesitation. Their workload was so heavy that they might not be able to finish on time.

Meanwhile, Ma Yanlin walked forward quickly and followed Ling Ran. He said, "Doctor Ling, let me help you."

"I have nothing to do. I'm only going to the resuscitation room to wait for work." Ling Ran did not need any assistance at the moment.

Ma Yanlin chuckled, but he still followed Ling Ran. After they came out of the elevator and reached the corridor that was less crowded, Ma Yanlin said in a low voice, "Doctor Ling, my clinical rotation has ended. I told the department director already. There are currently no vacancies in the Emergency Department, so I need to be transferred to another department."

Housemen needed to perform a clinical rotation in different departments. Ma Yanlin had already surpassed his stay in the Emergency Department, and it could be said that he had fought for all the extra time he could have in the department.

At this time, Ma Yanlin looked at Ling Ran anxiously and eagerly. He said, "Could you help me talk to Department Director Huo so that I can stay in the Emergency Department?"

"Are housemen allowed to stay?" Ling Ran was not familiar with the rules.

Ma Yanlin looked at Ling Ran and said in a low voice, "You are a medical intern."

Ling Ran came to a realization. He made a hum and said, "I will talk to him."

"Okay, okay." Ma Yanlin looked slightly livelier now.

He had been worrying about his clinical rotation for many days.

Compared to learning in another department, it was obvious that learning under Ling Ran was an even more valuable chance. Working as the first assistant in finger replantations alone was already a good chance that other resident doctors in the Orthopedics Department could not get… Ma Yanlin was terrified that Ling Ran would have a new helper by the time he returned after his clinical rotation.

In fact, it was obvious that this would happen if he left. Ling Ran operated at a high frequency, and he had a high number of patients. His workload was even higher than a small treatment group in a general department. If Ma Yanlin left, Ling Ran will definitely need another assistant, and this seat would not be waiting for Ma Yanlin…

Ma Yanlin looked at Ling Ran, and he said worriedly again, "Doctor Ling, Department Director Huo might arrange another resident doctor as your assistant. Please don't agree to his request. I've been learning from you for so long, and I'm used to all your habits. Other resident doctors might not be a good as I am… I know it's mainly because I did not originate from the Emergency Department. If I'm one of the members in the Emergency Department, Department Director Huo will be willing to let me stay, that's for certain. I've actually submitted an application to the Emergency Department, but Department Director Huo wasn't willing to…"

Ma Yanlin was very worried about this matter. His speech had actually fled from him.

Ling Ran heard and nodded. He then said, "If this is the matter, you can try to find a way to convince Department Director Huo."

"How should I convince him?" This instantly brought up Ma Yanlin's interest.

"You can try to be the chief surgeon for the Achilles tendon repair technique and M-Tang technique." Ling Ran advised him. He did not mention finger replantation because its difficulty level was too high. Ma Yanlin might not even be able to handle blood vessel anastomosis.

Ma Yanlin was so surprised that he looked at Ling Ran and asked, "Will you let me become the chief surgeon for the Achilles tendon repair technique?"

"I can give you a chance." Ling Ran thought for a while before he said, "In the next few days, you can be the chief surgeon for the Achilles tendon repair technique while Lu Wenbin can be the chief surgeon for the M-Tang technique. I will break down all the steps. You can do the surgery from the easiest to the most difficult parts. You will only handle one part of the surgery at a time every single time you are the chief surgeon. Once you do everything correctly in that step, we can move on to the next step."

Ling Ran's requirement was much higher than other doctors, but Ma Yanlin was very happy to do what Ling Ran requested.

This practically meant that Ling Ran was teaching them step-by-step, and this was better than the other doctors, who just made the doctors under their tutelage perform the surgery on their own. If things have already progressed to this stage, there was nothing Ma Yanlin could say.

If it were allowed by the trend in the current society, Ma Yanlin really wanted to tell Ling Ran these words right now. "You are really a good person!"

"If there isn't anything else, then I will go and wait for asphyxiated patients." Ling Ran waved his hands as he walked into the resuscitation room.

In the hospital, the one department that required tracheotomy the most was the ICU, and the next was the Emergency Department. The last one would be the operating theaters.

In a hospital like Yun Hua Hospital, receiving one or two patients who needed tracheotomy on a daily basis was pretty normal. Naturally, it would rely on the hospital's luck as well to receive patients who required a tracheotomy. But, Ling Ran did not have any other place to wait except the Emergency Department.

One hour.

Two hours.

Three hours.

When Ling Ran was finally banned from entering the resuscitation room after he received many warnings, a bloody patient was finally sent over by the ambulance.

Ling Ran put away his phone in boredom and walked towards the patient. Ling Ran still lacked the ability to cope with the more serious injuries, which was required of the doctors in the medical system. So, he was still in the progress of learning.

"I'm okay. Save my dog first, save my dog." The patient jolted and woke up immediately before she shook off her blanket. There was a yellow Labrador on the gurney. It also looked like it was dying.

The vest on the Labrador and the police uniform on the patient stated their identities—she was a policewoman who had a dog.

The nurse who pushed the cart was forced to press against the patient's shoulder and said, "Don't struggle, otherwise you will tear your wounds. The veterinarian from your squad is on the way."

"I'm really alright. The blood over my body belongs to the criminals. If you don't believe me, look…" The policewoman wanted to stand as she spoke, but she collapsed down again after she gasped in pain.

"You've got a cut on your leg, can't you feel it? Do you remember how you got it?" The doctor-in-charge shone a light at the policewoman's pupils while he kept asking her questions.

"My dog… Chestnut has a cut, too." The policewoman grabbed the doctor's hand and said, "You must save him. Chestnut is just two years old, but he saved three people's lives. This time, he also sniffed out the drugs, so he was attacked…" 

The emergency physician looked very troubled. He was good at saving human lives, but he did not have any experience in saving a dog. Furthermore, he could not ignore a human and save a dog.

Ling Ran kept his hands in the pockets while he looked at the Labrador's dark eyes and said, "I will suture the dog."

[Mission: Treatment for Police Dog]

[Mission Details: Save police dog 'Chestnut']

[Reward: 6 Basic Treasure Chests]

Ling Ran looked at the sky in surprise. 'I can get treasure chests by saving a dog?'

And… Six Basic Treasure Chests plus twenty-four Basic Treasure Chests would give him a total of thirty Basic Treasure Chests.

Ling Ran took a deep breath. He pushed a gurney forward and moved the dog over to the gurney together with another two people.

The policewoman looked at her dog, cast a glance at Ling Ran, and fainted.

"The dog has almost suffocated." The nurse beside Ling Ran reminded him.

Ling Ran lowered his head and looked. It was just as she said, the dog could hardly breathe.

"Hmm… let's perform a tracheotomy on it." Ling Ran made the best possible choice for the dog at that moment.