Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 272

272 Gratitude

"Department Director Huo, thank you. You have my deepest gratitude.

"I represent our Patrol Unit and Police Dog Squad to express our gratitude towards Yun Hua Hospital and the Emergency Department in Yun Hua Hospital. You did not ask for any reward, you worked very hard for us and did not complain about the difficulties because you were anxious to help those in danger. Not only did you treat our brave police officer, Qin Min, you also saved the life of our decorated police dog, Chestnut" The captain of the Police Dog Squad gave his appreciation speech falteringly before he posed in front of the reporters.

The hospital was very passionate about being reported in the news. The invited reporters also noticed that the story would be a sensation, so they prepared a session for the police department to present the hospital with a banner. The people in the Police Dog Squad did not refuse to do so.

It was the hospital's duty for treating Qin Min, but the Police Dog Squad felt really grateful when they even sutured the police dog.

The banner had the words [Exquisite medical skills and noble medical ethics] written on it, and there was a signature in the name of the Patrol Unit and Police Dog Squad of Yun Hua City by the side. It made people happy just by looking at it. Huo Congjun was made so happy by it that he put aside the massive disinfection issue they had to take care of in the operating theater because of the police dog.

After the photo session, Huo Congjun took the initiative to invite the leaders of the Patrol Unit and Police Dog Squad for a meal. Meanwhile those leaders were also keen to build a closer relationship with the doctors from the Emergency Department. Perhaps they may need them in the future, and the surrounding atmosphere was harmonious until the end.

The participants of the surgery, including Doctor Zhou, were invited. Ling Ran rejected without any hesitation. He did not like social activities, much less social banquets.

Doctor Zhou was angry at Ling Ran for not fighting for such a chance, and he pulled Ling Ran away. He tried to persuade Ling Ran. "Ling Ran, you can't do this when you're working in a hospital. You see, don't other people constantly talk about things like the ivory tower [1]? Do you know that the ivory tower is the most dangerous existence in the world? Maybe, tomorrow, there will be someone who will come over and extract your teeth."

Ling Ran felt puzzled and looked at Doctor Zhou. He said, "Why would they do that? Are they trying to snatch work from the Stomatological Department?"

"I'm talking about ivories here. Don't you have any sense of humor?"

Ling Ran wore a smile on his lips.

Doctor Zhou's expression froze for a moment before he asked, "Are you trying to tease me?"

Ling Ran smiled again. "Take a guess."

"Hmm" Doctor Zhou was humored by Ling Ran, and he instantly burst into laughter. Then, he sighed. "Fine, fine, not everyone needs to go through the same life. Pity a doctor like me. I can go and entertain those people. But if you're not that busy, you should really go and take a look. Knowing the leaders of the Patrol Unit will be beneficial for you too. At least, if the patient cuts you, you can still defend yourself after you call the police. Others can't simply put the blame on you by then."

Ling Ran looked at Doctor Zhou doubtfully. "So, now are you trying to tell me a joke?"

"What kind of joke can I make? Wait, so are you actually kidding?" Doctor Zhou was confused by Ling Ran's smile.

Ling Ran shook his head.

Doctor Zhou had lost his desire to convince Ling Ran. He had no choice but to say, "Ah, we doctors need social connections the most If you don't know anyone out there and only care about performing surgeries in the hospital, there will be a lot of problems you might face later"

"Doctor Ling." A loud voice could be heard from behind them.

Both Ling Ran and Doctor Zhou turned around and looked back. They saw Qin Min, whom they rescued a few days ago. She was sitting in a big wheelchair while she was being pushed closer to them. Qin Min occupied about one-third of the wheelchair and left the remaining two-thirds for her dog.

A woman in her thirties in a business suit pushed her closer, and she looked similar to Qin Min. She glancedcuriously at Ling Ran before she pulled up the wheelchair's brakes and said to Qin Min, "I'll leave you here for a while. Call me if you need any help."

"Okay," Qin Min replied before she turned around and looked at Ling Ran. Her face was still a bit red.

Chestnut, the police dog perked its ears and looked at Qin Min curiously. Then, it held its head high and appeared to be on standby.

"Chestnut, down!" Qin Min understood why the police dog was behaving that way, but she did not know if Ling Ran knew it or not.

"Are you able to move now?" Ling Ran was surprised by Qin Min's recovery. He asked, "You lost more than 1,000cc of your blood a few days ago, right?"

He had been working in the Emergency Department for some time, and he knew very well what happened to people when they lost too much blood. A healthy individual would not have any bad response if he or she donated 200cc or 400cc of blood. But if the person lost up to 700cc or 800cc of blood, it was very common for even a normal individual to feel weak and dizzy. Once the person lost 700cc of blood, every subsequent loss of 200cc of blood would lead to more serious sequela. Being bedridden was already considered a less severe condition.

When he saw Qin Min's radiant and flushed skin, Ling Ran was still rather curious, and he wanted to explore the case.

Qin Min touched the dog's head next to her and calmed herself down. She then smiled bashfully and said, "I didn't bleed much. The blood on my body was from the suspect."

Soon after, Qin Min got slightly nervous as she explained some things, "At that time, I was very worried when I saw him stab Chestnut with a spring knife. So, I may have I'm usually not that fierce

"I don't usually come into contact with drug dealers. I'm from the Police Dog Squad, and I was on duty a few days ago Anyway, it only looked as if I was seriously injured, but I didn't really bleed much." Qin Min did not want to talk more and defend herselfin order to restore her image. Right then, her main goal was to retain her persona as a heroic and reasonable figure in uniform.

Ling Ran smiled. "It's good that you didn't bleed much. Hmm... the drug dealer will be feeling miserable then. It'll take some time for him to recover if he lost more than 1,000cc of blood."

"No, there were two of them. Each only lost a few hundred" Qin Min made some elementary-level calculations and felt that her intelligence had regressed to the level of an elementary school student.

Just as expected, Doctor Zhou looked terrified while he stood by the side. "You fought against two armed drug dealers alone and won? That should be considered as a meritorious deed, right?" he asked.

"No, no." Qin Min noticed that her public persona was becoming unstable, so she quickly added, "I faced it together with Chestnut, so you can't say that I fought against them alone. Also, my colleagues provided reinforcements very quickly. Moreover only one of the drug dealers carried a knife. And they're all small drug dealers who aren't that powerful. The real powerful ones"

As Qin Min spoke, she realized that she had said too much. Her public persona was about to crumble. She could not help but lower her head and touch her dog's head unhappily.

The Labrador whined and bumped its head against the policewoman. It also rolled its tongue roll out of its mouth and licked the policewoman's hand gently.

"This means that Chestnut is really awesome." Ling Ran looked at the Labrador's big eyes and praised it sincerely.

Qin Min nodded immediately. "Exactly. Labradors aren't aggressive dogs, but Chestnust was really brave that day. You were braver than many of those German Shepherds and Rottweilers, weren't you, boy?"

The last question was meant for the Labrador.

It nodded obediently and tilted its head to reveal an adorable face. Ling Ran could not help but laugh when he saw that.

Qin Min dared not stay for long.She was worried that her public image would crash again. She called her cousin quietly before she said, "Doctor Ling, I forgot to tell you, thank you for saving Chestnut. Chestnut, thank Doctor Ling."

The Labrador raised its head, panted, and nodded at Ling Ran.

Qin Min touched the dog's head again, and it became quiet.

"You're welcome." Ling Ran smiled. He took the initiative to move forward and extend his hand slowly.

"You can touch it." Qin Min straightened her back when she saw Ling Ran walk closer to her.

At that moment, her cousin had just arrived, and she witnessed the scenario. She was stunned. 'Are ladies so proactive nowadays?'

Ling Ran finally touched the Labrador's head while he stood before the wheelchair. He found its fur to be soft and comfortable, completely different from Dong Sheng's bald head.

He happily touched it a few more times. Then, he said, "You're welcome. Have a good rest, please."

After he finished speaking, he stood up and left without delay.

Doctor Zhou was stunned. He apologized and followed after Ling Ran.

Only then did Qin Min's cousin walk over and look at Qin Min. She said, "You've got some nerve!"

"What?" Qin Min did not understand.

"I helped you ask some of my friends... Ling Ran's information has been recorded. In a week's time, he'll be attending an international medical conference in Shanghai," her cousin said and laughed, "You can't make it this time round, but once you recover"

"My injury isn't serious. The veterinarian also said that Chestnut only has some skin lesions. I can be discharged and I can go back to the squad to continue training after a few days of rest. After a week, I can apply to attend the meeting Cousin, please help me apply for it." Qin Min touched the dog's head, and her eyes were full of hope. She said, "Doctor Ling will be quite lonely in a foreign place. He'll probably find it more welcoming when he sees someone from Yun Hua."