Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 274

274 Lincoln

Everyone in the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center busied themselves with preparations.

Zhu Tongyi had been busy preparing for the International Sports Orthopedics Research Conferencewhich would be held in Chinafor almost half a year.

Since he needed to confirm the location and time of the conference, as well as confirm the attendance of the people invited and the itinerary of the conference, Zhu Tongyi spent most of his time for the past half a year overseas.

Zhu Tongyi was renowned in the local orthopedics field and could do anything he wanted rather smoothly in the country. But it was quite a headache for him to prepare to entertain the big names in the orthopedics field who were coming from abroad.

Now that they were about to reap the fruits of their labor, Zhu Tongyi's subordinates naturally did not dare slack off. They all carried out their conference-related tasks obediently and even drastically lowered their patient intake.

There had to be patients in the research center, and they had to have a large variety of patients. However, they could not take in patients whose conditions were too simple or too uninteresting. That fact alone was a huge pain in the a** for everyone.

Hence, when a patient with an uninteresting condition came to the center, they had no choice but to send them to another hospital. Since they had a medical platform established by Zhu Tongyi, it was relatively easy for them to transfer patients to other hospitals. They usually sent those patients to tertiary grade A hospitals, because such hospitals had a large capacity for patients. There were thirty-six tertiary Grade A hospitals in Shanghai, and more than ten of them ranked within the top hundred hospitals in China. Those hospitals would not even have enough business if it were not for the fact that patients from all over the country went to them to seek treatment.

Of course, screening patients was a lot more troublesome than directly providing them treatment. This was especially true in China, because the country did not adopt an appointment system for outpatients.

Hence, Xue Haochu and the others basically had an endless amount of work.

Resident doctors were the most tired of them all. Some of them experienced a sudden weight lost from 225 pounds to 216 pounds, and the sight of them stirred up pity in another's heart.

However, weight loss often made them look better in their clothes.

When the plump doctor who was now 216 pounds wore the outfit he used to wear when he was plumper, he was extremely satisfied with his appearance no matter how he looked at himself in the mirror. He took a selfie before he slowly drove his secondhand Lincoln to the airport.

His mission that day was to welcome the doctors from Yun Hua Hospital.

To put it more accurately, his mission was to welcome Ling Ran, Yu Yuan, and Wang Haiyang.

The 216-pound resident doctor tightened his grip on the steering wheel. For the first time, he was happy to use his personal car for official matters.

Since official cars did not exist in institutions like hospitals, personal cars were often put to use. For example, doctors often had to welcome some chief physician who came from some other place to perform freelance surgery, or some lecturer who came over for a meeting, or some colleague who came over for treatment...

Compared with using official cars, it was more convenient to use personal cars.

The 216-pound resident doctor's Lincoln was often chosen to welcome people from abroad because his car was classy. Besides, since he was a pushover, all the leaders on the administration board remembered him very well.

There were quite a few times that he almost sold his Lincoln off.

Yet, in the end, he was always reluctant to let go of his car.

Even though his Lincoln was a six-year-old secondhand car, once it was serviced, it returned to the prime of its life again as an American car with superior horsepower.

It was times like these when its value could be put to good use.

The Lincoln was as fierce as a racing car when it came to shifting into a lower gear to overtake another car, or stepping harder on the accelerator to start speeding...

The 216-pound resident doctor was ready to show off his advantage in front of his mortal enemyLing Ran.

Even though he was not yet able to overtake his mortal enemy in terms of medical skills, he would consider it a milestone for him to witness the astonishment on his enemy's face upon seeing his car. The plump doctor adjusted his clothes and stepped on the accelerator, causing his car engine to roar. As he sat in the driver's seat, he also started to growl like a lone wolf.

At the airport...

After he disembarked from the plane, Wang Haiyang was weak in the knees. He only unfurrowed his eyebrows after walking for a while. "I've really aged. When I used to board planes in the past, all I cared about was the meals provided. I didn't even know that your legs could swell after sitting for so long," he said with a sigh.

Ling Ran loosened his grip on Wang Haiyang's arm a little and said, "We can take the bullet train next time."

"It's such a relief that bullet trains exist nowadays, or else I wouldn't even have the energy for freelance surgeries." Wang Haiyang shook his head as he spoke and habitually pointed at Yu Yuan. He said, "Can you go and retrieve the luggage? Meet us at the entrance later."

As he spoke, Wang Haiyang passed his plane ticket to Yu Yuan.

As a chief physician, Wang Haiyang had more than twenty years of experience when it came to ordering resident doctors around.

"Doctor Ling, do you want me to retrieve your luggage?" Yu Yuan took the initiative to ask. Being a postgraduate student for three years and a resident doctor for another three years, Yu Yuan also had three years' experience of being ordered around by chief physicians, associate chief physicians, and attending physicians.

Ling Ran hesitated for a moment before he passed Yu Yuan his plane ticket. "I'm sorry to trouble you. My luggage bag is huge."

"No problem." Yu Yuan, who was four feet and nine inches tall, quietly took the plane ticket. She then skillfully took a trolley and went to retrieve the luggage.

Ling Ran continued to support Wang Haiyang as they sauntered towards the entrance. At the same time, he looked at the thirty Basic Treasure Chests in the system's inventory and wondered if he should open them.

A change in location meant a change in fengshui. However, Ling Ran did not know whether that was a good or bad thing.


Twenty minutes later, the 216-pound resident doctor saw Ling Ran at the parking lot.

Ling Ran was wearing a white T-shirt and supporting Chief Physician Wang Haiyang with one hand. As all the muscles on his forearm tensed up, he seemed to emanate an unusual charm. Surprisingly, the resident doctor suddenly that Ling Ran was a good person without realizing...

He shook his head vigorously and quickly walked forward. He spoke in a baritone voice, which he had practiced beforehand. "Doctor Ling, I'm from the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center, and my name is"

"Senior, please help me with this." A bunch of luggage bags appeared in front of the 216-pound resident doctor. Behind the trolley was Yu Yuan, and she flashed an easygoing smile in all of her four-feet-and-nine-inches glory. "Senior, I'm so glad that you're here to help. I'll push this small luggage bag, and I'll leave the larger ones to you."

As she spoke, Yu Yuan pushed a small luggage bag, which was twenty inches tall, and quickly walked behind Ling Ran as well as Chief Physician Wang Haiyang.

The 216-pound resident doctor was baffled as he looked at the three large luggage bags, which were twenty-eight inches tall. 'How long are you guys planning to stay here?'

Next, he went into a state of shock. 'Don't tell me that my mortal enemy's planning to stay in Shanghai for a long time?'

The resident doctor pushed the luggage bags arduously with that question in mind and tried to keep up with the three of them. But right after he took a few steps, he saw someone hold his phone up and stop the trio in their tracks.

"Come on, I'll give you a hand." A muscular man wearing a black suit and a big smile on his face took the luggage bags from the resident doctor in an extremely friendly manner.

Then another muscular man clad in a black suit held the resident doctor's arm and said with a smile, "We'll just take the car. The luggage bags will be sent to the hotel. Don't worry about it."

"No, I'm not" Even though the resident doctor wanted to object, he was dragged forward by the muscular man. The muscular man did not have any intention to chat with him either. All the muscular man wanted to do was catch up with those in front of him.

Very soon, a Lincoln Stretch Limousine appeared in front of everyone.

The black door of the limousine slid open, revealing its white interior and the colorful lights within.

"Doctor Ling, I finally get to see you again. You're still as handsome as ever I'm so sorry that I wasn't at the entrance to welcome you even though you've come from so far away." Liu Weichen walked out of the Lincoln Stretch Limousine. The sports attire he wore made him look handsome and fit in contrast to the men in suits. Just that, he still looked 60% less handsome than Ling Ran.

The resident doctor froze when he saw the scene, partly because Liu Weichen looked more handsome than he did in the hospital, but mainly because of how cool the Lincoln Limousine looked.

"Doctor Ling, do you want to go to the hotel or the research center first?" Liu Weichen held Ling Ran and Wang Haiyang's arm as they walked into the car.

As Yu Yuan stared at Liu Weichen, her brain suddenly short-circuited after it remained tensed for a long time. "Hang on, about that Mister Liu, which organization are you representing?"

Liu Weichen was also baffled by Yu Yuan's question. After he hesitated for a few seconds, he recited whatever he always filled in forms. "The track and field team of the Sports Bureau?"

Everyone went silent for a moment.

Everyone found Yu Yuan's question and Liu Weichen's answer awkward somehow.

"Let's go to the hotel first." Ling Ran was quite immune to incidents where people around him experienced short circuits in their brains. Ever since he was in middle school, girls around him would suddenly do or say weird things. Later on, some of the guys also got infected. It was something that persisted until the present.

Ling Ran had one way to handle such incidentsignore them altogether.

It seemed to be proven by facts that his method of handling such incidents was the best one.

Yu Yuan's intelligence quotient seemingly went up again after she entered the car. Liu Weichen had also apparently forgotten about their topic of conversation earlier and was now chatting happily. The resident doctor dispatched by the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center was the only one who stared blankly at the driver of the limousine. He silently took a bottle of mineral water, opened it, and drank it. He then took another bottle of mineral water, opened it, and drank it...

"Doctor Ling, I started rehabilitative training recently, and I even ran on the track a while back." When they were almost at the hotel, Liu Weichen inched closer to Ling Ran, and his tone grew a little more solemn.

"I've heard." Ling Ran nodded slightly.

Liu Weichen gulped. "I want to try participating in a competition already, but I don't know if there will be a problem if I run at full strength."

"Have you asked Academician Zhu Tongyi about it?"

"Yeah." Liu Weichen paused for a moment. He then said, "But what I want the most is your suggestion."

The expressions of the doctors beside them changed when they heard that, and their minds were even in a slight state of turmoil.

As the saying went, "it is neither possible to determine the best writer nor the second best swordsman." Doctors and their medical skills were pretty much located in a gray area between those two categories. As the most conceited human beings on earth, surgeons were actually very sensitive when it came to issues such as their ranking.

Even though Liu Weichen was not a medical professional, he was a celebrity patient. The fact that he wanted Ling Ran's suggestion even after he listened to Academician Zhu Tongyi was equivalent to an award.

It was an award comparable to receiving a banner.

Ling Ran's expression did not change though. "I haven't really carried out much research when it comes to sports medicine. I can only offer you some suggestions relating to your recovery based on your MRI scans.

"I've brought them along." Liu Weichen immediately whipped out a box from behind him.