Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 275

275 Recovery

Once the car began to run smoothly, Ling Ran took out the MRI scans from the box and started to read them.

Liu Weichen intentionally asked the driver to drive slower. After that, he watched Ling Ran and waited for him quietly.

For a period of time, it was extremely quiet in the car, but Ling Ran was very used to an atmosphere like that. He read the MRI scans languidly, and it took him about ten minutes to finish. He then said, "Do you have the original MRI scan?"

"Original MRI scan? What original scan?" Obviously, Liu Weichen did not understand what he meant.

"Where did you have your MRI scan performed? I want to read it on my computer." Ling Ran put the MRI scans back into the box.

"Um... Is there a problem with my scans?" Liu Weichen was still rather worried.

Ling Ran did not answer him. He only said, "I can only know after I read the original MRI scan."

Liu Weichen hesitated for a little while before he whispered, "I did it in a private clinic. Let me ask them about it."

Ling Ran was the chief surgeon for Liu Weichen's surgery. His postoperative rehabilitation and the video recording during the surgery proved that Ling Ran's skills were excellent, and he was probably one of the best doctors in the world. That made Liu Weichen trust him even more.

At the same time, it also meant that he valued Ling Ran's opinion very much.

"All right." Ling Ran nodded. Then, he closed his eyes and was lost in his own thoughts.

He appeared to be thinking about the MRI scans. But in truth, he just disliked the fact that the car was crowded, and he was not in the mood to talk.

Meanwhile, Wang Haiyang was keen to talk.

He looked around the cabin structure of the Lincoln Stretch Limousine, and watched as Liu Weichen received an email on his laptop. He took out his glasses from his pocket and moved closer to have a look. He smiled while he said, "The service in the private clinic is so good that they even sent you two emails? One's the summary, and the other one contains the details."

"Probably, I don't quite understand it either," Liu Weichen politely replied before he passed his laptop to Ling Ran.

"How much did you pay for this consultation in the clinic?" Wang Haiyang was curious, so he asked Liu Weichen.

As a chief physician in Yun Hua Hospital who always earned at least 10,000 RMB for a freelance surgery, Wang Haiyang was extremely sensitive and curious towards such clinics, which relied on their medical skills to earn money.

Wang Haiyang had long since given up on becoming a department director. Now, his dream was to work in a medical group after his retirement and work as a freelance surgeon all the time. He would then die of happiness.

The slightly more ideal situation would be to work back in the hospital and only work as a freelance surgeon occasionally.

After all, performing freelance surgeries was Wang Haiyang's favourite working mode. He did not only earn money, but it also sounded nice. He could travel around different cities as well. Most importantly, there would be people serving him, and it was an extremely comfortable feeling for him.

As a patient, Liu Weichen was not willing to talk about a topic of such materialistic nature.

It was especially so when he was facing doctors from a public general hospital. For some reason, Liu Weichen felt very awkward, and he said, "The registration fee was 3,000 RMB. I spent around one hundred thousand."

"Including the check-ups?"


"Tsk, tsk. It wasn't expensive for you." Wang Hai Yang clicked his tongue. "How much did the doctor receive?" he asked again.

"Haha, I don't know that." Liu Weichen laughed.

"I assume he got a third of the fees." Wang Haiyang lamented and said, "Poor me, my consultation fee is 19 RMB for each patient, and I still have to give half away to the hospital."

There was silence in the car. Nobody commented on it.

Ling Ran downloaded the software and MRI scans from the email, and he spent quite some time to read them.

When he took the Skill Serum, his Master Level MRI Analysis on Four Limbs was temporarily upgraded to Perfect Level. The experience, which only lasted a few dozen minutes, gave Ling Ran good insight while it also showed him the capability of an incredibly good radiologist.

Different radiologists could obtain different information from the same MRI scan.

To put it in less pleasant terms, in a local tertiary Grade A hospital, reading original MRI scans was like studying metaphysics. Unless the software for MRI scans gave a hint directly to the radiologists, many radiologists, especially those who were fifty years old and above, would not understand the MRI scans. They could only cook up general information and would get angry if they were asked more questions about it.

The younger generation was not any better. They did not like Hendrik Antoon Lorentz during high school, and they disliked Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz during university. If they did not receive good guidance during their postgraduate studies, it would be very difficult for them to get an effective conclusion.

When Ling Ran read the original MRI scan with his Master Level MRI Scan Analysis, he could only speak on what he saw from the picture and base his analysis from reading the chart. But even so, Ling Ran's ability in doing that had already surpassed most radiologists and doctors in specialist departments.

After a while, Ling Ran asked, "How much power do you need for the competition you're going to participate in?"

"If I want to participate in the competition, I'll definitely have to do my best. You understand short-distance runs, surely. The force I need to strike the ground with my heels may surpass the force I use in my current training." As Liu Weichen spoke, he raised his head proudly and looked very passionate, just like a professional athlete.

"Then, I suggest that you delay your participation." Ling Ran's reply destroyed Liu Weichen's athletic spirit.

Liu Weichen's body swayed slightly. He asked, "Why?"

"Your Achilles tendon has generally recovered, but it hasn't fully recovered yet. There's still a possibility of it getting injured again. Therefore, the risk of your Achilles tendon rupturing again still exists. So, there's no need for you to join the competition." Ling Ran gave him a detailed explanation.

"But Academician Zhu said he's allowed to join the competition," one of the men in black suddenly answeredhe was in the same car.

Liu Weichen pretended to stop him and looked as if he did not succeed.

Wang Haiyang was not happy. He said, "Ling Ran has given his opinion, Academician Zhu has given his too. You can compare the suggestions yourselves. You own your body. Doctors are responsible for treatment, we don't work as life mentors."

It may have sounded a little rude, but Wang Haiyang did not really care. He was a chief physician in Yun Hua Hospital. Liu Weichen would not go to him for a consultation, and he would not get any money from Liu Weichen. From Wang Haiyang's perspective, Liu Weichen had totally profited from getting this consultation by escorting them with his Lincoln Stretch Limousine.

However, Liu Weichen smiled in response to Wang Haiyang's provocation. "What you just said sounds similar to what Doctor Ling said in the ward the other day."

"Heh heh."

Liu Weichen sounded a little sentimental when he said, "At that time, we were making a lot of noise in the ward. When Doctor Ling came for a ward round, he talked to me. I believe the general meaning behind his words was that we have the right to be wayward. Doctors only provide us medical support, and they don't care if we go looking for trouble"

Liu Weichen could not help but sigh.

Back then, he was at his weakest.

His surgery had been completed, and it was done in a local hospital. That meant he did not have any backup anymore.

If the surgery ended and his injury could get better, his future would be what it was now, with him owning a luxurious car and having people following him everywhere. However, if his injury did not recover or became worse, his ending would be very unpredictable. Liu Weichen had seen many star athletes who held their gold medals and attended events in various malls, but that was not the worst. The worst scenario would be the inability to find any way to attend any events to boost their popularity.

Liu Weichen had actually hoped to make his ward lively in the hopes that the atmosphere could reduce his worries.

However, Ling Ran's severe warning woke him up in time.

The doctors who checked on him previously did not do what Ling Ran did.

Today, Liu Weichen had approached Ling Ran, asked him to read his MRI scans again, and even said that he trusted Ling Ran because of what happened in his ward the other day. Being straightforward was always something that people were fond of.

Wang Haiyang cast a glance at Ling Ran and said, "Ling Ran, you should reduce the number of times you say things like this in the future. If people make a voice recording and release it, you'll easily get into trouble. Ah, young doctors like you always make mistakes easily. You need to be more careful."

Liu Weichen felt a little uneasy, so he quickly explained, "It's just a coincidence. No one would make a voice recording."

Wang Haiyang only chuckled. He did not say anything else.

Liu Weichen turned around and faced Ling Ran. He then smiled bashfully and said, "Doctor Ling, earlier, you mentioned that I couldn't join the competition. Is there any part that's healing badly?"

"Your healing's good." Ling Ran stopped for a while before he continued, "But it isn't worth taking the risk for a competition."

"What do you mean?"

"Academician Zhu Tongyi said you could join the competition, but he should have also given you some risk warnings, right?" Ling Ran asked.

"Yes." Liu Weichen nodded, just as Ling Ran had expected. Liu Weichen then said, "He told me that the probability for my Achilles tendon to rupture again is lower than 10%. But if I warm up fully, the probability for my Achilles tendon to rupture again would be even lower."

The man in the black suit could not help but say, "Ten percent is a very small probability, right? The possibility is too low."

"That's the overall analysis. However, the overall analysis is used to reflect all research subjects. Once the accident occurs, the victim will have to bear the full consequences of the damage." Ling Ran looked at Liu Weichen and said, "Unless it's an extremely important competition, you should continue with rehabilitative training instead of joining any high-intensity competition."

The moment he ventured into professional territory, Ling Ran became more serious as he spoke. He said, "For Achilles tendon ruptures, repeated injuries will bring very severe effects, and you can basically think of it as putting an early end to your career."

"I understand." Liu Weichen's expression turned sour. He glanced at the man in black and thought for a while, but he did not say anything. He then turned to Ling Ran and said, "Doctor Ling, thank you."

"It's just a simple analysis." Ling Ran waved his hand and did not take the matter to heart. The strength that athletes used in a competition was completely different from the strength they used in high-intensity training. It was even more different from the strength they used for rehabilitative training.

Currently, the effects of Plan A had been maxed out just by the fact that it allowed Liu Weichen to take part in high-intensity training. But if he wanted to join a competition, he would need to bear the risks.

If it were a competition like the Olympics, which was held once in four years, taking the risk to join it would not be a big deal. Joining competitions with some injuries had always been one of the professional risks athletes had to bear.

However, if it was just a small competition, and he still needed to take a risk that might end his career by giving it his all, it would be wise to make a different life decision.

The more Liu Weichen thought about it, the more terrified he became. When he arrived at the hotel, he thanked Ling Ran again. He then said, "Doctor Ling, I don't need this car for the time being. You can keep the driver and car for your own use. Get some rest first, I'll visit you later."

"All right, thank you." Ling Ran did not reject his offer.


The resident doctor, who had been drinking water all the way until he reached 220 pounds, was finally unable to help himself. He crushed the water bottle that he had just finished drinking halfway from.