Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 276

276 Generous

The Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center.

The flowers bloomed in brilliant colors, and the perfectly positioned trees gave the place a pleasant shade.

The words [Warmly Celebrating the Successful Launch of the International Orthopedics Research Conference] were displayed in red on the electronic screen in front of the hospital door. Besides Mandarin, those same words were also displayed in English, German, French, and Japanese. The expensive electronic screen showed its full value right then.

Wang Haiyang showered praises as he walked.

"It's so impressive that you guys occupy such a big piece of land even though the land in Shanghai is so expensive.

"The structure is really well-built. Not only does it look good, but its interior design is also practical. The height of the ceiling really makes the place comfortable. I like places with high ceilings.

"It's so spacious... You guys only have around thirty doctors, right? What's all this space for? Oh, you guys have medical interns too. That's good… Medical interns nowadays are really excellent…"

When Wang Haiyang mentioned medical interns, he could not help but glance at Ling Ran.

Ling Ran was clad in a large white coat with his hands in his pockets. He exhibited the kind of relaxed aura one gave off when visiting a place one was familiar with. His back was straight, and his steps were leisurely. He made others feel refreshed the moment they saw him.

Even though all doctors wore large white coats of the same design, some looked like they were wearing rags, and some looked like they were wearing an apron, while others looked like they were wearing a trendy fashion item. When Ling Ran wore a large white coat… he still looked as radiantly handsome as he usually did.

The 220-pound resident doctor could not help but straighten his body and suck in his belly. With a bottle of mineral water in his hand, he tried to ignore Ling Ran's brilliant aura and tried his best to introduce the place to Wang Haiyang in a professional tone. "There are also a lot of doctors who come to our research center for in-service training and knowledge exchange. They usually stay for an average of three months, and get to participate in surgeries, join our programmes, and write research papers. Every year, many of the papers published by our center are written by doctors who've been here for in-service training or knowledge exchange."

"Academician Zhu is really quite generous." Wang Haiyang chuckled.

There were pros and cons in letting doctors from another hospital perform in-service training and knowledge exchange in your hospital. There were also pros and cons in letting those doctors perform surgeries in their hospital. The upside was that they got to utilize outside manpower and strengthen their relationship with other medical institutions, but there were also plenty of downsides. The loss of patients and the eventual departure of those doctors were the main drawbacks.

From the hospital's perspective, surgeries were actually part of its resources too. That was especially true when it came to patients with rare symptoms. If it were not for the fact that there were regulations against it, hospitals would be willing to pay patients with such symptoms to be admitted into their hospital.

In contrast, hospitals did not really care about the hospitalization fees and treatment fees from patients. Even though hospitals cared a lot about their overall profit, they did not care at all about the money they received from individual patients.

Hospitals needed a large number of patients so that their doctors could train their skills.

If they had to allocate surgeries for doctors who were there for in-service training and knowledge exchange, it meant that their own doctors would have less training opportunities. The case was even truer when it came to their own projects because they put in funds to run them. Hospitals would not easily let doctors from the outside to participate in their projects.

The fact that Zhu Tongyi could run the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center in such a fashion was indeed something that he could be proud of. Not only had he achieved his personal ideals, he also did it pretty well.

However, from another perspective, it may have contributed to the fact why the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center could never expand its operations.

The 220-pound resident doctor had still not gotten the chance to become the chief surgeon of an operation to this date, but he was not really affected by it. At that moment, he continued to sing praises of the center as if he was doing a promotion. "So, even though our center only has a small number of doctors, our total surgical volume is pretty large. Besides, every now and then, we would organize special sessions for certain doctors. If you're interested, you can put in your application, too."

"Huh? How does that work?" Wang Haiyang was a little interested.

"We'll carry out publicity events for you and contact some patients whose indications fit your surgical methods. You can also contact some patients on your own. You can then carry out surgeries in our center and analyze the cases together with us. We will also get to learn…"

"It's like a major freelance surgery."

"Now that you mention it, it's kind of like that."

"Will the doctors get paid?"

The 220-pound resident doctor froze for a moment and said, "Not much, just some allowance."

Wang Haiyang immediately lost interest and hummed in acknowledgement.

He only carried out freelance surgeries when it came with pay, and the pay had to be more than 10,000 RMB. He did not mind if the hospital that hired him did not give him much transport or accommodation allowances. But Wang Haiyang would definitely not carry out freelance surgery if the fee for surgery was less than 10,000 RMB.

So, since the research center was hiring doctors for "major freelance surgeries", it made no sense that the surgical fee was even lower than that of ordinary freelance surgeries. After all, the word "major" was in it. Would that not be a disruption of the market?

As a middle-tier freelance surgeon, Wang Haiyang would not be a part of it.

The 220-pound resident doctor was a little disappointed when he heard that. He opened the cap of his water bottle and drank a large mouthful from it. 'Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer ambitious doctors. What's the point of being a doctor if everything's about money?'

Due to that thought, the resident doctor did not really feel like introducing the place to Wang Haiyang anymore. He slowed down until he was a few steps behind Wang Haiyang and continued to drink water.

Right then, they could hear the sound of women chatting and laughing in front of them. One of the nurses was wearing a red nursing cap, and the other was wearing a gray nursing cap. They looked very eye-catching.

The eyes of the 220.7-pound resident doctor immediately brightened. He could not avert his gaze from the young nurse with the gray cap which had bunnies on it. He could not help but flash a silly smile.

The young nurse with the gray bunny cap also flashed a smile.

The 220.7-pound resident doctor was immediately delighted. 'Is she smiling as a response to me?' However, his smile only lasted for a few seconds before he immediately turned extremely anxious.

'Oh no, Ling Ran's here!'

Even though the 220.7-pound resident doctor took a few steps forward and tossed the mineral water bottle away, he was not able to stop the nurse in time.

"Doctor Ling, you're back!" The two young nurses held hands as they jogged over. One of them had gray bunnies on her cap, while the other had yellow tomatoes on her cap. They looked extremely adorable.

The 220.7-pound resident doctor smiled once again.

'So beautiful, so cute, so adorable.'

"Doctor Ling, you're dressed so handsomely today." The two young nurses who were born after 1995 greeted Ling Ran daringly.

The 220.7-pound resident doctor who was born before 1985 remained calm.

'It's just a greeting. It's normal social behavior.'

"Good morning." Ling Ran nodded in a friendly manner.

"Good morning, Doctor Ling!" the two young nurses said in unison. They sounded so gentle and demure that it was as if they were in a variety show.

The plump resident doctor continued to stay calm. 'Young people nowadays always emulate what they see on television. It's nothing surprising. There's no need to make a fuss even if those young girls greet Ling Ran just like those Korean girls. They were just trying out something new, following the trend, and acting cute… But, they do sound pretty cute.'

"Doctor Ling, where are you going?" The gray-capped nurse moved next to Ling Ran and tilted her head. She even pouted a little in secret.

"I'm going to take a look at the beds," Ling Ran said.

"We'll lead the way." The young nurse's eyes were filled with joy as she gazed at Ling Ran's side profile. She even took the opportunity to tug at Ling Ran's large white coat.

The 0.100175-ton resident doctor, who had been calm the entire time, felt like was struck by lightning. If it were not for the fact that he had kept a firm foothold on the ground, he would have slipped because of how angered he was.

Yu Yuan had been walking behind the crowd all along. At that moment, she quietly went forward. She glanced at the young nurse's cap before she held the young nurse's hand with her right hand and grabbed Ling Ran's large white coat with her left hand. She put in a little bit of force and separated the two of them.

Next, Yu Yuan inserted her slim body into the space between the young nurse and Yu Yuan.

"Who are you?" The two young millennial nurses became unhappy.

"My name is Yu Yuan." Yu Yuan raised her head a little and flashed a slight smile as she looked at the two young nurses.

Yu Yuan's body was slightly hunched, and she gave off a strong aura even though she was small sized. She was just like a feline.

When everyone saw Yu Yuan in all her four-feet-and-nine-inches glory, they silently shrank back a little.

The 0.100175-ton resident doctor felt rather happy for some reason. When they passed by a vending machine, he bought a bottle of apple cider vinegar and quietly handed it to Yu Yuan.

"Huh? How did you know that I like apple cider vinegar?" Yu Yuan slowed down until she was at the back of the crowd again, and she immediately opened the bottle cap. She drank half of the apple cider vinegar and said with a smile, "Your research center treats its guests pretty well."

The plump resident doctor was too embarrassed to say that he bought the bottle of apple cider vinegar with his own money. However, he felt as though Yu Yuan's smile came straight out of an anime, and it tugged at his heartstrings. "You're in the same department as Ling Ran, right? Is being an emergency medical specialist tiring?"

"It's not too bad. I mainly work in the operating theaters right now." Yu Yuan raised her head again and finished the rest of the apple cider vinegar in one go. However, instead of throwing the bottle away, she carefully closed it, wrapped it in paper, and kept it in her bag.

"Do you collect bottles?" The plump resident doctor knew that many doctors had strange hobbies.

Yu Yuan smiled. "I use the bottle to keep my collection."

"Let me guess, paper cranes?" All straight guys knew that girls liked to collect paper cranes.

Yu Yuan shook her head.

"Hair clips?"

"How could it possibly be hair clips?" Yu Yuan shook her head again and said with a smile, "What I collect is a little peculiar, and many people don't understand why I do it. But other doctors should be able to understand."

"That sounds pretty good."

"Anyway, I enjoy it quite a lot. However, I keep all of them in Yun Hua."

The 220.7-pound doctor was driven crazy by curiosity. "Why don't you tell me about it?" he said.

"Hmm… let me think of a way to put it. Oh yeah, are you familiar with fecal impaction?"