Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 279

279 Acting Cute

After Liu Weichen, Zhu Tongyi found four more athletes to have their Achilles tendons repaired using Plan A.

Besides He Xiufang, another high jumper also participated in the track and field championship this year. Even though he did not win any awards, he had recovered to full competitive condition, and that was very precious.

The other two basketball players had also begun high-intensity training, and their performances were not bad.

From those four good examples, the leader of the track and field teamwho always regarded the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center wellstarted to discuss topics like setting up a unit together or forming a win-win collaboration between both parties once they confirmed the results from the follow-up examination.

The track and field team knew that the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center was going to host an international conference in the next few days. Hence, they wanted to collaborate with the center to gain benefits while they helped the center build a reputation. Ji Tianlu did not reject the offer.

Right then, they really needed to build up their reputation.

Although there were no sports stars like Liu Weichen in the city's track and field team, which He Xiufang was a part of, there were quite a number of current national champions. Dozens of the national award winners had also performed very well in various competitions. Although those champions, awards, and performances did not seem to impress regular people, they were enough for the center to utilize and promote its abilities.

Since the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center was associated with sports medicine, it could not operate without the support of athletes and the sports system.

Both parties quickly became partners, and very soon, they were having a substantial discussion.

However, Ling Ran started to get bored.

There was no surgery to be performed, and he had some administration work to do. It was just like the time the medical school wanted to move the anatomy building to another place, and students were asked to shift the cadavers. Not only did they not learn anything, but in the end, they were also scared to death.

Ling Ran attempted to find himself some surgeries to do. However, as the conference drew nearer, the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center wanted to make itself as clean as possible. There were fewer patients in the hospital wards, and the number of patients admitted was fewer too. They also set a higher requirement for patients to be referred to their center. They did not even have any emergency room.

Ling Ran tried to look around, and he found a balcony near an open space. It faced Fuyuan Stadium, and the view was great.

Then, he got himself a bottle of Coca-Cola from the vending machine. He leaned against the chairs in the balcony and made himself comfortable. Then, he took out his phone in a familiar move, pressed on his game app, and entered the colorful world of gaming.

His ban from the game had just ended. Ling Ran pressed on the random match icon and began to play happily.

For Ling Ran, playing games was very relaxing. When he played games, he could focus on controlling a character. If the character died, he could then choose to think about the meaning of life quietly.

However, when he thought about life for too long, his mood would turn sour. That was when the Coca-Cola played a role.

One round after another, Ling Ran thought of many things. Then, he finished the whole bottle of Coca-cola.

Just as Ling Ran was about to stand up and get another bottle of Coca-Cola after the game ended, he heard barks.

"Woof, woof, woof."

An excited Labrador barked three times when it saw Ling Ran. Then, it rushed towards him, circling him once it got closer.

Ling Ran looked at it rather guiltily. After he hesitated for a few seconds, he ordered, "Chestnut, sit down!"

The Labrador glanced at Ling Ran before it continued to circle him to its heart's content.

Qin Min, the police woman put away a piece of cloth while she ran after it. She waved at Ling Ran from afar before she walked slowly towards him.

"Doctor Ling, what a coincidence. I didn't expect to meet you here in Shanghai." Qin Min was wearing her ironed police uniform. Her big breasts were eye-catching, and her slim waist was bound tightly by her uniform. Her leather boots made her look taller and heroic.

Ling Ran glanced at her, then moved his sights to her thigh. He said, "Your wound hasn't fully recovered yet."

Qin Min looked a bit nervous before she sighed in a slightly relaxed manner. She stretched her legs and swiftly moved to stand straight at attention. Shortly after, she laughed and said, "I've almost recovered. It's still a little painful when I run, but it feels better when I walk slowly. All of you have really good skills. Chestnut recovered even better than me."

The Labrador was still circling and smelling Ling Ran. It clung to Ling Ran's trousers and wanted some treats from him.

"Chestnut, sit down." Qin Min's order was clear, and immediately, Chestnut lay down quietly.

"Good boy," Ling Ran said to Chestnut.

Qin Min now understood why some boys said they kept a dog to pick up girls.

She used to be irritated by such acts.

Dogs were men's best friend. How could they be used to pick up girls?

Now, Qin Min came to a complete realization. 'If your friend can't be your wingman, he must not be a true friend!'

"Chestnut is thanking you! It must have smelled you and rushed over here," Qin Min said while she looked at the Labrador. "Isn't that so?" she asked.

Chestnut immediately nodded.

Ling Ran clicked his tongue. He tried to reach his hand out tentatively. With Qin Min's encouragement, he touched the Labrador's head.

It was a bit spiky and not as soft as he had expected. But its fur was very fluffy, especially when the Labrador shook its head because of how comfortable it felt. It gave people a pleasant feeling. All the negative emotions Ling Ran had from not having surgeries to perform, doing badly in his game, and nearly getting banned from the game vanished.

"You're a really good dog," Ling Ran praised it.

Qin Min smiled and said, "I still haven't thanked you properly. If it weren't for you, I'm not too sure how Chestnut would've turned out."

"It wasn't injured badly at that time"

"It almost couldn't breathe." Qin Min pouted. Her cuteness went up by three hundred percent because of her uniform. She had practiced it before.

Ling Ran smiled. "I just did a tracheotomy. That's the easiest thing to do in the Emergency Department."

Ling Ran touched the Labrador's neck gently. Fur had grown over the place where it received a tracheotomy. Although there was still an obvious distinction to other spots, it did not look ugly now.

The Labrador obeyed Qin Min's instructions and leaned against Ling Ran's arm. The dog tilted its head into Ling Ran's hand and allowed Ling Ran to pet it.

A normal police dog would not have been that cute, especially rougher dogs like German Shepherds and Rottweilers.

Labradors, on the other hand, were very friendly with humans, and Chestnut had been trained by Qin Min to act cute. So, its adorable performance was done at an opportune moment.

*Thud, thud*

Yu Yuan was also free at that time. She began to walk towards them while she was 98.42 feet away.

She did not appear any taller even after she wore sneakers.

Her extremely light weight even made others find her ordinary.

Meanwhile, her round, black-framed glasses made her look innocent.

Yu Yuan walked to Ling Ran slowly. She looked at Qin Min and her police uniform as well as her breasts. Then, she used her right hand to hold the Labrador's head and her left hand to seize Ling Ran's arm. After a gentle pull, she separated both the dog and Ling Ran.

Next, with her slim body, Yu Yuan squeezed into the empty space between the Labrador and Ling Ran.

"Woof" The Labrador Retriever looked confused. It had been in the middle of executing its mission of acting cute.

"I'm Yu Yuan." Yu Yuan raised her head gently and looked at the Labrador as well as Qin Min. Her lips were gently curled upward and her body was slightly bent just like a feline. She was not big, but she had an imposing presence.