Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 280

280 Expectation

"I am going to go for my shift. See you later, Doctor Ling." Qin Min was a very decisive person. When she failed to attract Ling Ran's attention even with her uniform and cute dog, she did not take her losses and gains to heart. She did not even leave behind her WeChat ID. She just waved and left.

The Labrador reluctantly rubbed against Ling Ran's trousers, whimpered, followed Qin Min, looked back at Ling Ran, and pouted.

Dogs had their own spotlights shining on them the moment they started acting cute.Ling Ran could not help but wave goodbye at the dog.

The Labrador let its tongue roll out its mouth and ran a little faster.

"Having a dog can be quite fun." Ling Ran smiled at Yu Yuan and took out his phone.

"Wait until you have a dog that has coprophagy. That'll be interesting." Yu Yuan wrinkled her nose in disgust, expressing indignation toward this behavior.

Once Ling Ran thought about it, he found that he could not quite accept the idea, so he sighed, "Indeed, other people's dogs are the most fun to play with."

Yu Yuan nodded. "It's still alright if the dog eats its own poop It'll be troublesome if it eats another dog's poop. Some dogs would even go and lick other dogs' butts. The most terrible thing is eating another species' poop..."

When Yu Yuan thought of this, she furrowed her eyebrows, "I have seen dogs who like eat elephant poop. You know that elephant's poop is rich in cellulose, right? If dogs like to eat cellulose, why not eat grass instead? Why must they waste elephant poop? Stupid animals."

Ling Ran chuckled, "You saw it at the zoo? There are strange animals in the zoo."

Yu Yuan was silent for a few seconds before she summarized solemnly. "In short, dogs are very dangerous."

Ling Ran smiled and did not take it to heart. He just continued to play his mobile game.

After all, there were no surgeries to be performed today. The ward area was in chaos. Even doctors have begun to provide the patients with information regarding the conference. They started doing short-term lessons so that they could make the knowledge available to the general public.

Ling Ran always avoided troubling matters like these. What he liked was orderly, organized medicine, not a chaotic conference. He even regretted coming because of the invitation. It was a waste of time.

Although it was said that surgeons had to participate in various conferences in the path of becoming a surgeon, the conferences themselves barely added much to their skill. Surgeons would still need to depend on their foundation.

If Ling Ran needed to waste a week or more to attend the conference, he would rather go back to Yun Hua Hospital. He chose to leave for a week because another batch of beds in Yun Hua Hospital would be vacated in a week's time.

Meanwhile, the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center had indeed vacated more beds.

They had fewer than fifty patients in their center, which meant that there were one hundred and thirty ward beds remaining. Of course, they would not have so many patients during the conference, but if he could last until the conference was completed, the current single-person rooms would be transformed into double, triple or even quad rooms. It was like a car transforming into a Transformer. Those rooms will become really great.

The last time Ling Ran was in the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center, an extra one hundred beds were added. If the number of extra beds were taken into consideration, the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center still seemed very promising...

The next day.

With the surgery table as his guide, Ling Ran came to the operating theater.

It was clear on the printing paper hung outside the Operating Area that the only surgery scheduled today was Ji Tianlu's hip replacement surgery.

Ji Tianlu followed the model of having three surgery days in a week. For the remaining four days, he would be in the clinic for a day, and use the other two for meetings. He would then use the last remaining day as a freelance surgeon or perform some surgery that cannot be postponed any further, or continue to perform freelance surgeries. If there was really nothing to do, he would lead a bunch of juniors and teach them ward rounds, and he would do a good job at it. He could go home and sleep for four or five days a week. He was a young, capable, and a middle-aged model doctor who could take care of his family and career.

However, since the conference was going to be held at the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center soon, Ji Tianlu also only operated on every other day to ease the itch to perform surgery.

Therefore, a doctor like himself would be one who understood Ling Ran the most. He looked at how Ling Ran wore a scrub and came to the operating theater, pretending that he wanted to learn. He asked directly, "Do you want to be involved?"

"Yes!" Ling Ran had no talent in acting at all. He turned around and said, "Wait for me while I wash my hands."

After Ling Ran came back once he washed his hands thoroughly, he put on the surgical gown with the help of the nurse.

The surgical gown was fully sterilized. Although the scrubs were sterilized when it was worn, the sterilization requirements on it were not strict. As he donned the scrubs and washed his hands, it had definitely been contaminated with bacteria.

A purely sterile environment was very difficult to achieve, even in hospitals. To get a purely sterile operating theater, doctors and nurses would need to pay an incredibly great price for it.

An ordinary surgery could be done in a clean operating theater. Some could not even be performed in a clean operating theater, such as anorectal and general surgeries. If they had to use extremely clean operating theaters every time, their speed would be affected, because they had to clean it for two days before they can use it again.

Of course, the privileged can always enjoy better treatment. It was also possible for some people to prick hemorrhoids in a particularly clean ISO class 2 operating theater. That would depend on the level of privilege the patient had.

The hip joint replacement surgery was carried out in an ISO class 1 operating theater. Ji Tianlu waited for Ling Ran to come before he officially started the surgery.

As for the unnamed attending physician who had just changed his clothes and revised for an entire night, he could only replace the resident doctor who acted as the second assistant.

Doctors who were talented and had good techniques were valued and were more likely to get opportunities to perform surgeries. This was pretty indisputable. Attending physicians who could perform hip replacement surgery also competed fiercely with others who were of the same age to be able to be where they were now. However, in places like the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center, one would face stronger competition after becoming an attending physician.

If one managed to be outstanding in his circle, one would become like Ji Tianlu, a young and promising chief physician of around forty in the top hospitals in China. If one could not brave the hard work required, he could also transfer to other hospitals. Naturally, the person would become an associate chief physician or chief physician who would be valued at the age of fifty.

Ji Tianlu himself went through the whole process like that. So, he did not have any sympathy for any doctors under himself.

Doctors used the life span of patients as resources to get better. An ordinary doctor with ordinary talent can only do ordinary things. For those doctors who were not exceptionally talented but wanted to be a top doctor, they would just have to listen to fate.

He would not deliberately make things easy for other doctors.

Ling Ran stood at the operating table, but he did not harbor any other thoughts. While listening to Ji Tianlu's orders, he tried his best to reminiscence the various details of hip replacement surgeries.

Since he performed that one hip replacement surgery last time, Ling Ran had been reading a lot of literature regarding this surgery. After looking at Ji Tianlu's roster, Ling Ran decided to increase his knowledge about the surgery. He used the time he spent waiting for the game to end once his character died to think. He would read up the materials when he was the game banned him from competing.

Ji Tianlu did hip replacement surgeries in Mayo Clinic. After returning to China, he had more opportunities to practice and was quite skilled.

Although Ling Ran had never performed such an operation, he could perform nerve anastomosis, blood vessel anastomosis, perform tendon repair well, and he could suture skin well. The only drawback was that he did not understand the surgical method and also lacked the corresponding anatomical knowledge. However, based on the standards of local hospitals, Ling Ran could already take up one-quarter to one-third of the tasks directly without any problem. He was far more capable than attending physicians.

To put it simply, nowadays, there was no doctor who could only depend on one skill to survive. Compared to Ling Ran, those doctors were worthless.

If it were someone else, he may have become tired of being someone else's assistant, but Ling Ran still obediently followed Ji Tianlu like an ordinary resident doctor to accumulate experience, and he did not feel frustrated.

Ji Tianlu performed the surgery quite smoothly and was in a good mood. When he saw how Ling Ran behaved like the standard new resident doctor, he could not help but laugh, "You didn't manage to perform any surgeries over the last few days. Did you feel exceptionally anxious?"

"Yes." Ling Ran had his head bent and sutured with his typical competence. He did not understand it much, but when it came to sutures, he knew what was going on with just one glance. Furthermore, he had also looked at some hip replacement surgery videos. He was not completely clueless.

Ji Tianlu operated comfortably and said, "Wait until Academician Zhu comes back. Since he wants you to be a guest, then I am sure he would have found you a patient with a ruptured Achilles tendon. That patient is most likely an athlete."

"Will he?" Ling Ran's tone was full of expectation, and his hand movements became brisker. He even hummed a short tune through his nose.

The circulating nurse beside him was unable to resist the temptation while she watched him. She took out her mobile phone sneakily and secretly took a photo from a blind spot before she sent a message with it. [Doctor Ling is so cute. He was humming just now.]

[What song is he humming?]

[Wow, boys who hum songs are totally cool.]

[No matter from what angle, he looks so extremely handsome.]

[Just like a cute little cub.]

[You mean a cute lion. Look at Doctor Ling's muscles, that feeling of strength coming from it, wow]

[His eyes are so mysterious. It's like I could see a whole universe]

The circulating nurse smugly put the phone back into her pocket. She would just let the other b*tches have a little taste of Ling Ran. Doctor Ling belonged to the operating theater.