Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 282

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"It's really delicious." Yu Yuan's eyes lit up when she ate the meal in the meal box.

As someone single and had undergone nine years of compulsory education, five years of undergraduate studies, three years in her Master's, and three years as a resident doctor, Yu Yuan had too much experience when it came to eating delivery for breakfast.

However, when she looked at the food in the Supreme Meal Set in front of her... Yu Yuan could not help but sigh deeply. 'In order to maintain my monthly salary to pay for my five meal boxes, I have to contend against so many outstanding girls!'

She looked at Ling Ran's expression. He had a calm face. Although he ate with a serious look, he still looked perfect.

"Have you ever ordered such a breakfast before?" Yu Yuan assessed this threat to her salary.

If she were a repeat offender, then the difficulty of her job would increase.

Ling Ran thought about it and said in a down-to-earth tone, "Whatever my mom cooks is always delicious."

"I mean... a luxurious breakfast like this." Yu Yuan felt helpless.

"Luxury is not the key to a good breakfast." Ling Ran corrected her sternly and said, "Variety is very important, but having a wide variety does not necessarily mean it's luxurious."

Yu Yuan looked at the dozens of dark red meal boxes on the table and chuckled wryly.

"The good thing about breakfast from home is that they are freshly made." Ling Ran often ate his mother's breakfast, so he was also rather particular about breakfast.

As a person who walked down the path of a refined woman, Tao Ping would not do things for the sake of just doing them, she would do her very best to achieve perfection.

In comparison, although there were many kinds of breakfast dishes in front of him right then, after the process of delivery, some of the food was no longer as delicious as when they were freshly cooked. They could only be described to be above the standard.

Yu Yuan could not understand this. She touched her belly and could only look at Ling Ran while he ate his breakfast. As for her, she toyed with her meal box.

In a short while, the empty meal boxes on the table reached Yu Yuan's height, but there was still leftover food.

"Well... let me clean up." After a filling meal, Yu Yuan yawned like a cat and decided to do something.

She put the meal boxes of the same brand together before she took care of the remaining food.

While she was busy packing, the sound of high-heels striking the floor traveled from the long corridor.


*Click-clack, click-clack.*

At about six or seven in the morning, the sound of high heels drew closer and closer to them.

If they were timid animals, it would be time for them to consider whether or not they should escape.

For Yu Yuan, the high pitched sounds of high-heels did not frighten her soul, but stimulated her sense of responsibility.

The image of Department Director Huo entrusting her to her task emerged in Yu Yuan's mind.

Department Director Huo's voice and smile, his protruding lips, the curl at the corner of his mouth, his fine and sharp teeth, his flaring nostrils, his round eyes, his resolute character, his merciless commands...

Yu Yuan still remembered the scenes of her dismissed classmates who cried after they endured Department Director Huo's fierce scolding.

'"Let go! Stand up! Don't touch anything!"'

'"This is a hospital!"'

'"If the resuscitation fails, this person will die, understand?"'

'"Save the person's life first, then get rid of the disease!"'

Yu Yuan could not help but have Department Director Huo's voice echo in her mind.

With such a vicious department director behind her back, even the ghosts in the hospital would have to hide from her. Yu Yuan shook the meal boxes that were washed clean, calmly walked out of the bathroom, and followed the direction of the sounds from the high-heels. She shifted her posture, lowered her body slightly, pulled back her lips slightly to reveal tiny, sharp teeth, flared her nostrils, and glared.

"Doctor Ling, what a coincidence, I didn't expect to meet you here in Shanghai." The sound of high-heels came to a stop, and Tian Qi, who was dressed up in Herms appeared. Her voice was clear.

Yu Yuan forced a smile. She lowered her body even more. 'Too common, too common. This kind of greeting toward a guy like Ling Ran is just'

"Morning," Ling Ran politely greeted her and asked, "What brings you to the hospital?"

Tian Qi laughed and said, "I am helping out at home. When I saw that there was a delivery for a Mister Ling, I wondered which Mister Ling would order delivery to a hospital."

"You're helping out in a restaurant?" Ling Ran looked at Tian Qi.

"Well, I am..." Tian Qi actually wanted to acknowledge it using the chance, but there were too many loopholes with that answer. Tian Qi thought for a few seconds and said, "We are studying delivery companies, I searched using your mobile phone number..."

Yu Yuan sneered and walked slowly to Ling Ran. With her slender figure, she squeezed into the gap between Ling Ran and Tian Qi.

"I am Yu Yuan." Yu Yuan looked around like a feline looking around the wild.

"Doctor Yu Yuan." Tian Qi was stunned for a moment before she smiled. "I remember you."

"Hmm." Yu Yuan raised her chin. She decided to stick to her firm, stubborn stance.

"What's your schedule today, Doctor Ling?" Tian Qi and Ling Ran were separated by Yu Yuan, but Yu Yuan did not manage to block Tian Qi's line of sight, and hence, the conversation was not affected.

"Probably just playing games," Ling Ran answered in boredom.

When he was at school, he would occasionally feel bored as well, and he could only use games to get rid of his boredom. What else was he supposed to do? If the boys were not driven mad by schoolwork, they would be playing mobile games. If he exchanged a few sentences with the girls, they would just end up blushing and speechless. He could not hold any in-depth conversations with them either.

Ling Ran could not even understand girls who buy avatars in games. The avatar could not increase the attributes, so what was the use of buying them? If it were a good-looking avatar, he would accept it, but some of the avatars were ugly, and yet, some people still buy it...

Ling Ran felt lazy. He looked like he was suffering from a food coma.

Tian Qi watched until her eyes sparkled.

When Ling Ran was full of energy and was in high spirits, he was as handsome as the sun. When he was bored and lazy, he was an air of lackadaisical handsomeness

No matter how many times Tian Qi looked at him, it was never enough. She could not help but mutter, "What games do you play, Doctor Ling?"

"Kings of Glory." Ling Ran paused before he asked, "Have you played it? What's your rank?"

Tian Qi was stunned for a moment before he whispered, "I installed it before, but I've never really played it in detail."

"Never mind, then." For some weird reason, Ling Ran recalled the patient who was the coach for professional gamers. He then shook his head and decisively rejected Tian Qi without giving her any reason.

Yu Yuan laughed by the sidelines. She had seen how Ling Ran played games. If the person's rank was low, they were indeed not too suitable to play with Ling Ran.

After exchanging a few more sentences, Tian Qi left with a thoughtful look.

She was not the kind of girl who liked to waste time by dilly-dallying. She also did not like to waste time in idle chatter that would get her nowhere. Of course, she should be able to accompany Ling Ran for a chat if Ling Ran forced her into an awkward conversation...

When she was back in her own hotel, Tian Qi lay down on her bed, took out the mobile phone that had the spoon-feeding group, and stared at the group chat.

Today, the spoon-feeding group was a bit quiet. After all, Doctor Ling was not in Yun Hua Hospital, and there was no need to do any group divisions to feed him or hold any discussions or collaborations. Everyone mainly sent the photos of Prince Charming, talked about cooking, or mocked their leaders.

While she read the texts, Tian Qi suddenly struck her head and sat up. 'No, I need to cater to Ling Ran's needs. I can't just feed him. For a doctor like Ling Ran, there is definitely a gift that will attract him more than food.'

Tian Qi took out her mobile phone and pressed down on five. She then said, "I would like to ask you some medical questions."


Evening came.

A black car was parked at the back of the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center.

Tian Qi changed into tailored, light-colored Burberry clothes and stood beside the car. She was as quiet as a red-crowned crane.

Then, when Ling Ran was found and came, Tian Qi put on a smile and waved at Ling Ran.

Yu Yuan was a dozen feet behind them, and she played with her phone while she was a little sleepy.

"Doctor Ling, I would like to give you something...that you should need." Tian Qi paused before she looked at Ling Ran a little nervously. "I followed the advice from my friends. Please don't be scared."

"Oh," Ling Ran replied. He had received far too many gifts, and among them were peculiar gifts. He was already immune to them.

Tian Qi solemnly said, "Let me say this first, I did not spend money on this. This was a collaborative project. Our family's foundation donated equipment to an organization. Because of us renewing their equipment, they had to use up some of the stock they originally had... All in all, the foundation took the lead and made a donation to several universities in the city. I helped you apply for a qualification that allows you to dispose of one of them for teaching or research purposes, but it must be carried out under the conditions of the institutions and facilities that meet the requirements..."

As she spoke, she indicated to the driver to open the car door, and something was revealed...

"A cadaver?!" Ling Ran was pleasantly surprised.

Yu Yuan, who had already bent her waist, which made her only four feet and six inches tall, was also a bit stunned. She looked at the cadaver in the transparent coffin and revealed a reminiscing and expectant look.