Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 284

284 Touch It For A Bi

Zhu Tongyi returned from Beijing to the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center, and when he did, it meant that the International Sports Orthopedics Research Conference had officially started.

The work in the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center almost stopped altogether. There were posters, road guides, and brochures publicizing the International Sports Orthopedics Research Conference in the parking lot, hospital lobby, ward, and operating theater.

Nearly six hundred students from nearby colleges and universities had become volunteers. They were ready to respond to the needs of the participants in every corner of the hospital.

Ever since the people learned of how useful volunteers were, the cost of various international conferences had been greatly reduced. The quality had been greatly improved as well. This had created an interesting phenomenon. It was impossible to organize an international conference when there were not enough good universities in the city. If the committee offered money to people to organize the conference, all the units who thought they were very wealthy would instantly be terrified and not want to be involved.

If anyone searched through the units in the country, the only group that could provide a large number of people who could provide simple English services in China were college students.

If this were any other country attempting to organize an international conference, they would be exhausted just trying to meet the language requirements of international organizations.

Zhu Tongyi did not have unlimited funds with him to spend either. It was actually very difficult for the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center to hold an international conference on its own.

But the conference was finally organized. When he saw the posters and logos pasted around the research institute, Zhu Tongyi could not help but smile.

"Good job," Zhu Tongyi rarely praised people. Just with those three words, his men were already on cloud nine. Xue Haochu's eyes were even a bit red.

It was also the biggest project he had ever handled, and as Zhu Tongyi's little housekeeper, Xue Haochu placed his full attention on it. At this moment, he felt as if his hardships had ended, and it was now the time for him to enjoy his life. He said in a fit of cleverness, "The university leaders also support us very much. They lent us twenty cars for transportation purposes alone. In addition, the doctors in the center also helped provide transportation as well. The foreign doctors who arrived early are very happy."

"Yes, you have worked hard this time." Zhu Tongyi signaled the doctors around him and said, "The ones who can make it for the conference are all the big names from all over the world. They came to Shanghai, but they are not familiar with the area. All of you must not only provide good services during the conference but also welcome and accompany them well. Just make yourself feel like a tour guide for doctors, and it will do."

"I ate hotpot with a specialist named Gayford from New Zealand. It was quite spicy for him." Doctor Qu could always play a special role in this sort of situations.

Everyone laughed as a show of cooperation. Using their own cars for the conference was never something that could please them, but they were at least not averse to the idea. The main reason was that most of the people they provide services to were big names from medical universities of other countries. They could become familiar with them, and they could get their contact number. This could be considered their reward.

Zhu Tongyi nodded with a smile and said, "Gayford's standard when it comes to performing surgery on knee joints is obvious to all, and he has operated on many athletes."

"He looked pretty happy."

"The specialists are definitely happy," Zhu Tongyi smiled and said, "When they heard that the rights to host this International Sports Orthopedics Research Conference was given to China, many specialists were happy for us. Not only will we provide them accommodation, we will also reimburse travel expenses, provide transportation and full reception, along with lunch and dinner during their entire stay"

Zhu Tongyi was not very happy as he said that.

"Accommodation has to be provided. If you do not provide accommodation, the conference cannot be held," Ji Tianlu searched for something to say and rushed to make a comment.

Zhu Tongyi said with a huff, "Most conferences will provide accommodation, the better ones will cover the participants' travel expenses as well. We don't have any other choice but to provide it, right? This conference will not be successful if we don't provide good transportation and reception."

Often, organizers of medical conferences did not provide travel expenses because they wanted to save money. Instead, they would let the doctors pay for themselves or find a pharmaceutical company to do so. They would not provide transportation services or reception as well. However, third world countries were usually in the lead when it came to countries who provided such services when they organized conferences.

This was especially so in countries such as India. When academic conferences were held, everyone would often ask for the locals to accompany them.

But when the country itself did not have good resources and manpower, they could only use services to cover up these weaknesses.Zhu Tongyi said this so that the people would feel a little better.

After he finished talking about the difficult part, Zhu Tongyi talked about easy parts such as subsidies, bonuses, and conference papers, which made everyone happy very quickly.

Originally, it was very hard to organize such an international conference independently. But due to everyone's willingness to work hard, they still earned what they deserved.

Zhu Tongyi had plenty of resources. By then, the conference was finalized, and now, the subsequent benefits would naturally flow in.

Ji Tianlu and the others also understood in their hearts, and soon, they all began chatting and laughing.

Once he finished talking about the serious matters, Ji Tianlu mentioned that Ling Ran had exclusive access to a cadaver, and said, "Ling Ran has been in the dissection room for the past few days. He was so afraid that someone might steal it."

"Who would want to steal it?" Doctor Qu laughed out loud.

Zhu Tongyi's focus was on another angle, "Did he bring his own cadaver here? Did he comply with regulations?"

"It was donated in the name of a university." Ji Tianlu nodded and said, "He just requested for a private place to dissect it."

"If he learns this way, no wonder his techniques are good." Zhu Tongyi recalled the short video that Xue Haochu sent to himself.

The skills Ling Ran showed when he performed Achilles tendon repair in the video almost led Zhu Tongyi to believe that the video was fake.

"I prepared a lot of patients this time, and I can transfer a few at any time" Zhu Tongyi said, "Should we give Ling Ran two and let him operate on them?"

It was not easy for Zhu Tongyi to collect patients.

During the conference, the specialists who were qualified to perform surgery on the spot would perform surgery in the operating theaters, and their surgeries would be livestreamed to the conference halls.

If there was a need for it, the people in the conference hall could even ask questions and interact with the surgeon in the operating theater.

Of course, the patients who were selected were very willing to receive surgery. They could be operated by international medical specialists who were usually people to whom patients were willing to spend more money just to be operated by them. The fees required to hire an international specialist to perform freelance surgery will definitely be more expensive.

Although Zhu Tongyi invited Ling Ran to be a VIP guest, he did not intend to give him the opportunity to perform surgery on the spot.

His intention of letting Ling Ran do a few surgeries in advance was just for him to increase his source materials, or at least, that's what he would say when asked about it.

At that time, Zhu Tongyi would put up the video during the breakout session. He could also have Ling Ran write a conference paper. Hence, all the surgeries he performed would still be of use for him.

Ji Tianly laughed as soon as he heard it, "If Ling Ran knew he can do surgery, he will leap in joy."

Zhu Tongyi knew Ling Ran well too. He could not help but laughed and said, "Ling Ran's Achilles tendon repair technique is truly done very well. None of you should relax either. You have to learn from him."

Academician Zhu Tongyi had always been prudent in his work. After going through the video sent by his students, he also deliberately asked someone to retrieve the patient's information for him.

Nowadays, most tertiary Grade A hospitals' patients' data were interlinked. Not only would the doctors of the department be able to see it, the doctors from the other departments could also retrieve the information and read them. Although their actions would be recorded in the system, it would not be much of a distraction.

This was for the convenience of consultation and cross-departmental treatment needs. China did not have very strict doctor-patient confidentiality either. After they verified the name, a doctor from Yun Hua Hospital sent the information of that white-collar worker directly to Zhu Tongyi's desk.

Zhu Tongyi had watched white-collared worker Li Zhou's Achilles tendon get better day by day.

Other people would probably cry in envy if they saw how quick he recovered.

Zhu Tongyi felt an urge in his heart.

There were several core indicators when it came to the Achilles tendon repair technique. The first one was the strength of the repaired Achilles tendon, and the other was the time and speed of recovery. The latter was often more important than the former to indicate how much the Achilles tendon had been repaired.

Even ordinary people with an ordinary job would hope to recover quickly if their Achilles tendon was ruptured. After all, not everyone could take a long leave.

Limping to work was absolutely not good for the recovery of the Achilles tendon.

It was even more so for athletes. Forget the matter of the problems their contracts would bring them if they did not compete for half a year. The consequences of not exercising for six months for athletes themselves were most terrifying.

Therefore, increasing the recovery speed would also increase the strength of Achilles tendon. It will also improve the quality of life for patients.

Zhu Tongyi called Huo Congjun after repeatedly confirming that Ling Ran had indeed performed the surgery. The position of being a VIP guest in the conference meant a lot to the doctors in his research center.

Zhu Tongyi had originally prepared to broadcast a video to explain his Plan A in this conference.

For the academician, Plan A, which was designed specifically for Liu Weichen, was only a small victory in his personal career. He did not need people to praise him excessively for it.

This conference was not a place for him to show off. His emphasis had been on organizing the conference itself.

However, he still had to make some preparations to give a talk, since he was the organizer.


Doctor Qu decided to take advantage of this "good news."

Ever since Liu Weichen slipped away from his hands, Doctor Qu thought about his life, and once he learned his lesson from this painful experience, he decided to switch the person he should curry favor to.

He had to say that Ling Ran's momentum as he rose to power despite the challenges had given Doctor Qu a lot of room for his imagination.

As a member of a sports medicine center, Doctor Qu knew very well just how good a surgeon was if he could perform Achilles tendon repairs well.

If this one skill alone was in the hands of European or American doctors, they could easily earn hundreds of thousands of USD per year.

In fact, those who had such skill were all very skilled surgeons above forty years old.

Therefore, it was now a bit late to talk about Ling Ran being someone of potential. His skills were already beginning to be well known, he was just not known to a massive number of people just yet.

Doctor Qu wanted to curry to his favor so that he could get some benefits as well.

After Doctor Qu got the news from Zhu Tongyi, he touched his normal but bald head. He then went straight to the dissection room.

When he knocked on the door to the dissection room again, Doctor Qu thought of the words he would say, 'Doctor Ling, I am Old Qu. I am not here for the dissection. I have good news for you'

He smiled as he thought about it.

*Knock knock.*

Doctor Qu knocked on the door and smiled as he shouted, "Doctor Ling, I am Old Qu"

"Perfect timing!" Ling Ran opened the door with a bang.

Doctor Qu looked up in surprise and saw Ling Ran wearing a mask and a protective white suit. The protective suit was full of blood

Then, Ling Ran pulled Doctor Qu in and said, "Excuse me, may I use your body for a little while?"

In the dissection room, Yu Yuan, who was working diligently in front of the dissection table, smiled and raised her head. She revealed a friendly smile as she lifted the dissection knife to wave hello.