Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 285

285 The Corner

The dissection room was in the basement. It was cold and dark. Doctor Qu looked at the incomplete cadaver, as well as Ling Ran and Yu Yuan, who were both dressed professionally. He could not help but feel goosebumps break all over his skin.

He laughed, and his voice quivered involuntarily, "Doctor Ling, I know you don't mean it, but it's a little scary."

"I'll give you a massage." Ling Ran was not the type of person who was good at analyzing other people. He could not guess what the meaning behind Doctor Qu's words was. He just wanted to touch a normal person's bones so that he could make a comparison.

A massage was the only good idea that Ling Ran could think of.

During their conversation, Ling Ran touched Doctor Qu's neck with his hand.

"If you were to do this in a warmer place, someone might file a lawsuit against you."Doctor Qu felt the warmth of Ling Ran's palm. He was relieved for a few seconds, but as Ling Ran fiddled with his bones, his emotions were in turmoil. But Doctor Qu could not help it.

However, it was not unusual for a normal person's emotions to be in a state of turmoil when they were in a dissection room.

Doctor Qu suddenly regretted his decision a little. He wondered why he would have a momentary lapse in judgment and ran all the way here alone to deliver good news.

Was he going to be disassembled and placed together with the cadaver? Would someone find him? He could not tell.

Ling Ran released his neck and asked, "Why would I be sued?"

"Because" Doctor Qu wanted to make a joke to ease the atmosphere. However, when he saw Ling Ran's serious expression and Yu Yuan's puzzled expression, he suddenly became speechless.

It was not a really suitable topic for further discussion.

When Ling Ran noticed that Doctor Qu did not want to talk, he did not see the need to keep asking. So, he used his pulling technique and gripped Doctor Qu's neck, shaking it.

Doctor Qu felt a little pain but also a little comfortable. He looked ahead in slight fear. His heart was filled with regret and his gaze was not focused.

"His cervical vertebra should be fine." Ling Ran released Doctor Qu's neck.

"Oh," Yu Yuan said. She pulled out the cadaver's cervical vertebra and allowed Ling Ran to make another comparison.

Ling Ran took the scalpel and carefully dissected the cadaver to observe it.

He had only ever made use of the tracheotomy he learned a while ago on Chestnut, the police dog. In order to make more accurate judgments in the future, he had deliberately taken a lesson from a cadaver.

Simple dissection and treatment were different.

In terms of treatment, the goal was to create as small an incision as possible. For example, in a tracheotomy, the incision was only the thickness of one finger, and some surgeons may even make it smaller. Dissection was the most advantageous weapon to reduce the size of incisions.

If a doctor was very familiar with the anatomical structure near the throat, he or she could naturally avoid some vital parts of the body. For instance, thyroid injuries frequently occurred during tracheotomies. If a doctor's knowledge of anatomy was enough, the probability of such a mistake would be very low.

Unfortunately, most doctors did not have the chance or experience to perform in-depth and genuine dissections.

Doctors, who had very little anatomical knowledge and did not know the human body well, were everywhere.

Most surgeons' skills were formed based on them performing hundreds of the same surgery. They did not necessarily have very good basics.

A doctor would more or less have a smidgen of knowledge when it came to things such as anatomy. If they wanted to be very skilled, they needed a lot of resources. Many attending physicians may not have independently dissected a body even before their retirement. A large number of medical students only got to see someone dissect a corpse during one of their classes while they were studying. After they graduated, they would be posted to normal hospitals and be promoted according to standard procedure. By then, they would not have any chance to perform dissections.

The three thousand dissection experiences on the upper limb Ling Ran received in the past brought changes to the essence of his surgeries. It could even be said that there were not many surgeons with such experience worldwide.

However, beyond hand anatomy experience, Ling Ran's overall anatomical experience was still rather lacking.

The cadaver gave Ling Ran a nearly complete lesson on human anatomy.

Ling Ran cherished it highly and worked hard.

After Ling Ran released him, Doctor Qu had chills running through his body as he watched from the side. He gradually relaxed, and the thought of taking advantage of the situation popped up again. He looked left and right before he asked with a laugh, "Why do you only have two sets of equipment in the room?"

Ling Ran looked warily at Doctor Qu. He was still hold a scalpel in his hand.

Doctor Qu chuckled a couple of times bashfully and patted his head. "Ah, I'm so forgetful. I'm here to tell you some good news, Doctor Ling."


"Academician Zhu is back, and he has patients with Achilles tendon ruptures with him. They're waiting for you to operate on them, and you'll have your entire surgery recorded. Your surgery will also be livestreamed in the demonstration room when it's going on." Doctor Qu could not help but straighten his back.

Ling Ran smiled, just as expected. However, he lowered his head and did not hesitate to say, "Could the patients with the Achilles tendon ruptures wait? If they can, let them wait for a while."

"Wait after you dissect the body?"

"Yes," Ling Ran answered swiftly. Two surgeries were not as important as dissecting the corpse.

An Achilles tendon rupture was a minor illness. If the patients were not athletes, ordinary attending physicians could treat them and operate on them.

Right then, unless there were hundreds of beds, there was no way Ling Ran would walk out of the basement.

In the cool dissection room, Doctor Qu's brain worked really slowly. His mind went momentarily blank before he came back to his senses. He hurriedly said, "I'll go inform the director."

He did not want to stay any longer. He laughed a couple of times and took a step back every two seconds. Then, he quietly exited the dissection room.

Ling Ran and Yu Yuan were so busy that they ignored him.

Once Doctor Qu was out of the door, he practically fled upstairs and searched for a place that was bright and filled with people. He took a couple of deep breaths.

"Yun Hua Hospital must be a haunted place." Doctor Qu went back to his office. He still felt like he had not been healed from his trauma yet.

He rarely had that feeling ever since he graduated from medical school.


When Ling Ran emerged from the darkness, the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center had become extremely lively.

Volunteers from many universities stood in every corner of the center. They protected every person who attended the conference as if they were caring for mentally-disabled children.

Ling Ran proceeded to clean himself. After he changed, he looked around curiously.

One of the most straightforward examples of how the people who saw him reacted when he looked around was a fair girl greeting him excitedly in English when he appeared in front of her. "How are you?"

Some Asians attending the conference may not have understood Mandarin, so it was best if they spoke English.

Ling Ran just looked at the person with a profound gaze and asked, "Who's in charge now?"

"Ah, you're from China. That's great." The girl became more excited. She pursed her lips as she stared at Ling Ran and boldly said, "I'll lead the way for you."

"You don't have to trouble yourself"

"It's okay, one of the volunteers' tasks is to lead the way for the participants." At that point, she was already not thinking about her work as a volunteer. She wanted to hold Ling Ran's hand, turn around, and run away.

Ling Ran hesitated a little and said, "You just need to tell me where Academician Zhu or Chief Physician Ji Tianlu is."

Ling Ran took out his phone and said, "My phone's out of battery."

"I have a power bank." The girl immediately handed it to him. She watched Ling Ran charge his phone, and said, "I'll take you there. It'll take a while to charge your phone before it can function again, right?"

"I just need to wait for a few minutes, and it'll do."

"You can't do that!" the girl immediately said. "It's not good for your phone. Let me lead you there."

Ling Ran did not want to waste time. When he saw how determined she was, he nodded and agreed to her request.

The girl was happy. She quickly brought Ling Ran to an area where there were fewer people and asked, "Are you a doctor from the research center or a guest at this conference?"

"A guest."

"I see. Which hospital are you from?"

"Yun Hospital."

"Yun Hospital? Which one? Can you tell me its full name?"

"Yun Hua Hospital."

"Oh, I remember now!" The girl nodded vigorously as she continued to lead him upstairs.

After a few steps, another volunteer saw Ling Ran. At the same time, she saw the volunteer who was walking next to him.

This volunteer hesitated for a few seconds before she quickly walked over.

"Hello" the new volunteer greeted him in English.

"I'm Chinese," Ling Ran said politely with a smile on his face.

"That's great, you're a Chinese as well? Oh yeah, are you a guest or a doctor from this research center" The new girl ignored the previous girl, who rolled her eyes and put on a smile. She exuded courage.

"Yun Hua Hospital." Ling Ran smiled and nodded.

"I'll remember that." The girl whom Ling Ran just got to know radiated happiness.

They turned around a corner again


"I'm Chinese."

"Wow, you're a doctor from China? Are you a doctor in this research center or a guest?"

"I'm from Yun Hua Hospital."

Ling Ran repeated those words.

Based on his personal experience, repetition was sometimes the easiest choice.

After all, every corner was a brand new experience, and he had to greet new people with each corner he took