Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 288

288 The Great Mountain

"The operating theater is just next to us, right?" Brandon put his phone away, and he asked out of his curiosity.

From the video in the demonstration room, the real situation in the operating field as well as the doctors, including Ling Ran, could be seen clearly.

Brandon was curious about the surgery, and at the same time, he was also curious about Ling Ran.

His curiosity about the surgery was due to his instinct as a doctor, while his curiosity about Ling Ran was due to his instinct as a video uploader.

In comparison, Brandon was not really sure that he truly cared about being a doctor or a video uploader. After all, without the status of a doctor, he was just a normal video uploader. But without the status of a video uploader, he was also unwilling to work as a normal, hard-working doctor.

The girls who worked as volunteers looked at Brandon curiously, and they nodded subconsciously.

They did not know if Brandon had seen them. But in the next second, Brandon took his phone and walked around.

Usually, the demonstration room would not be too far away from the operating theater. In just a few steps, Brandon found the operating theater where Ling Ran performed surgery, and coincidentally, he bumped into Ling Ran, who just stepped out of the operating theater.

Ling Ran was dressed in blue scrubs and looked calm. His eyes were also clear, and he had a very good figure. There was also a skinny girl standing next to him, and it made Brandon feel as if there was a mountain before him. As a sophisticated Englishman, although Brandon did not know any Chinese idioms, he still knew that if models who could make him feel like they were also doctors, then it would be incredibly easy for them to become popular online.

Brandon could not help but lift up his phone. The scene in front of him alone could let him get a lot of views with just a little bit of editing.


A Labrador pounced over so fast that its robust figure scared Brandon so much that he turned around.

"Stop!" Qin Min the policewoman followed behind the dog. She pointed at Brandon with her right hand and immediately gave out a command.

Chestnut the police dog resolutely executed the command. Right after it stopped Brandon from moving forward, it showed its tongue to Ling Ran in a friendly manner.

"Hi, taking photos is forbidden in this area." Qin Min saluted Brandon. She spoke in Chinese first before she repeated her words in English.

Brandon put away his phone obediently.

Qin Min raised her head slightly and smiled at Ling Ran.

Ling Ran smiled and nodded. He gave off a feeling as if he was greeting them one by one. Therefore, everyone also nodded in reply.

"Ling Ran, let me introduce you to Doctor Gayford, Doctor Cadilla Doctor Brandon" Zhu Tongyi introduced the people in the area to Ling Ran before he introduced Ling Ran to them. He said, "Ling Ran is one of the most outstanding young doctors in China. He is excellent, and he performs finger replantations and Achilles tendon repairs very well."

He did not mention the M-Tang technique. As an introduction, Ling Ran's ability to perform finger replantations and Achilles tendon repairs was already enough to tell others about his skill.

Similarly, Zhu Tongyi did not deliberately tell them where Ling Ran worked. After all, Ling Ran did not sign any formal agreement with Yun Hua Hospital. He was still an intern, so it was possible for him to work in any hospital he wanted in the future.

At least, Zhu Tongyi would not mention the name of any other hospital in this kind of occasion.

Doctor Gayford touched his beard and nodded at Ling Ran. Cadilla extended her hand and shook Ling Ran's hand. "Doctor Ling, I welcome you to visit Mayo Clinic and learn more things there. I'm Attending Physician Cadilla from the Orthopedics Department. You're welcome to find me anytime."

As she spoke, she passed a name card to Ling Ran.

Most of the doctors in the area understood English, so they were stunned after they heard this.

This was especially so for the Chinese doctors. They were all a bit dazed right then. 'He received an invitation from Mayo just like that? Is it so easy to get Mayo's invitation? It's Mayo, the world-leading Mayo Clinic we're talking about here!'

Even Xue Haochu was stunned. 'I wanted to go to Mayo so badly last time, and I failed. Now that I think about it, how did I fail? Are all attending physicians from Mayo as friendly as Cadilla? We can even learn at Mayo now?'

The hospitals in the United States of America only had one department director in charge of each department. The other doctors were either attending physicians or resident doctors. So, even if Doctor Cadilla was not famous, she still had the ability to send the invitation on behalf of Mayo.

The young doctoral student, Xue Haochu was very jealous as he thought. He thought so much that he felt as his mind was about to burst.

Ling Ran smiled and put away the name card. He did not express anything else.

Other doctors treated Mayo as a shortcut to increase their reputation or regarded it as the best learning place. But for Ling Ran, it was clearly not.

The first way for Ling Ran to increase his own skills was to perform surgeries. The second way was to obtain Sincere Gratitude and Peer's Admiration. The last way was to complete missions.

It would not make him increase his mission completion status regardless of whether he headed to Mayo or not.

Cadilla looked at Ling Ran and showed a faint smile again.

Qin Min saw this, and she used her leg to gently tap Chestnut's butt.

The Labrador immediately ran towards Ling Ran and turned two rounds around Ling Ran. Then, it sat down, tilted its head, and started to act cute.

Ling Ran could not help but touched Chestnut's head.

Chestnut pushed its head against Ling Ran's hand without any hesitation. It rubbed its head against Ling Ran's palm fiercely.

Qin Min clenched her fists and became incredibly excited. The trick she took a long time to practice with Chestnut was truly effective.

"Doctor Ling, you perform your surgeries quite well." There seemed to be flowing numbers flashing in Brandon's eyes. He asked, "Will you be performing surgery again in this conference?"

"I think they'll just put up a recording." This was the information that Ling Ran knew.

Brandon looked at Zhu Tongyi. He laughed and said, "It would be a waste if Doctor Ling does not perform a surgery on the spot."

"Doctor Brandon, surgeries are not a performance." Zhu Tongyi would not simply change his mind because of a few words from a young foreign doctor. The agenda for the conference was all fixed a long time ago, and they would not change it easily.

Furthermore, with Ling Ran's age and qualification, they would be bullying him if they asked him to perform real-time surgeries in front of a crowd.

Doing surgeries on the spot meant that while a group of doctors performed surgery in the operating theater, the surgery would also be livestreamed on a big display screen. It was the equivalent of a big demonstration classroom. The chief surgeon who stood in the operating theater would have a higher chance of speaking. These surgeries were usually used to teach the audience.

No matter what angle Zhu Tongyi considered this from, he could not let Ling Ran perform a surgery which had the purpose of teaching others in front of a group of international experts.

Brandon felt that it was a pity, but he only recorded this matter in mind. He did not say anything else.

Zhu Tongyi appeased Ling Ran in a low voice before he continued to bring everyone around for the visitation.

Qin Min sent away the group before she said to Ling Ran, "You must be careful of Cadilla. Her motive is definitely not simple."

Ling Ran replied, "Oh."

"You have to trust me. My Chestnut does not like her smell." Qin Min stopped for a while before she said, "Based on my experience as a policewoman, foreign women at her age are very scary, so you should not trust them easily."

Ling Ran looked at Qin Min oddly.

"Very scary." Qin Min put on a serious face.

The Labrador also lay down on the floor and showed a serious face.

Ling Ran was amused.

The female volunteers surrounding him took out their phones and took photos.

"Please don't take any photos on this floor." Qin Min saluted again, and her face was serious.

The female college students who received democratic education were not afraid of the police. Some of them even dared to ask her for her badge number.

Qin Min answered all the questions one by one. Then, she brought Ling Ran out of the crowd that surrounded him. When it was about time, other police officers ran over, saluted Qin Ming, and looked at Ling Ran doubtfully.

"I just got promoted." Qin Min felt that she had to explain this matter to Ling Ran.

"Congratulations." Ling Ran smiled faintly.

"The superior said that I got promoted because I arrested the drug dealers and because I requested to end my holidays earlier to come back to work," Qin Min said while looking at Ling Ran. She said, "Maybe I will get interviewed by the media, too. If you want to be interviewed, I can make a request to my superior, too. You're the one who saved Chestnut, after all"

"No need." Ling Ran immediately rejected the offer.

Qin Min could only let this matter slide.

She wanted to continue with the conversation, but Brandon appeared in a rush.

"Hi, Doctor Ling." Brandon did not have his phone lifted this time. Instead, he gave a friendly greeting to him, as if they were already friends. Then, he said, "My teacher, Brent Wallace, is interested in the surgery you performed. He would like to ask if you have the patients' previous medical records and the patients' previous medical conditions. Of course, I'm talking about the patients who received a similar surgery as the one you just operated on. Is it possible for us to have that so that we can learn more?"

"Do you mean Plan A? That's the plan designed by Academician Zhu Tongyi," Ling Ran replied politely.

Brandon laughed, "But you're the one who did it."

Ling Ran said, "You can learn more from Academician Zhu Tongyi."

"I asked him before, Doctor Zhu Tongyi allowed me to know more from you."

Ling Ran pondered for a while and said, "I operated on a few athletes using Plan A. What would you like to know?"

"Is there anyone who recovered from their injuries and are able to compete again?"

"Of course."

"That's great, could you tell me one of the names?" Brandon was a bit nervous. He quickly said, "The reason we attend this conference is to understand the needs of the patient based on their condition."

He Xiufang was the first one who appeared on Ling Ran's mind. Ling Ran thought about that and said, "I'll contact the patient first. If the patient is willing, I'll contact you again."

"Please do." Brandon sounded very serious.

Ling Ran just nodded. The track and field team would most probably be willing for He Xiufang to show up and advertise Plan A. They might even benefit from it, too.