Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 289

289 Opening Up The Treasure Ches

The city track and field team was more than willing to let He Xiufang talk. Advertisement without any cost, especially an advertisement overseas, was definitely more attractive than money.

Although Brandon was just an unreliable video uploader from the United Kingdom, the statement would be changed slightly if the advertisement was treated as an achievement.

'A freelance social media video uploader cum doctor, Brandon from the United Kingdom, interviewed the city track and field team's discus thrower, He Xiufang, who had just recovered from an injury. He praised He Xiufang's bravery and determination. It was reported that He Xiufang had obtained a bronze medal in the recent organized national track and field championship, and she had broken her personal best record'

With their imaginations soaring, everyone in the city track and field team from the basic level to the high level of management brought He Xiufang to the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center.

The bright and clear marble stone surface on the floor.

The light blue color of the baseboard.

The spacious office and waiting room.

If He Xiufang were to judge, the office of the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center was much better than the one in the track and field team.

But He Xiufang did not like the atmosphere in the hospital at all.

No one ever liked it.

"What do you want to ask me?" He Xiufang's attitude did not turn any better even when she saw the blond Brandon.

This was the time for her to have some proper training to boost her skills now. She did not want to waste any time.

However, the leader of the track and field team requested this, and He Xiufang was too powerless to reject the request.

The bronze medal that she won allowed her to stay in the track and field team, but she did not own any special authority.

Brandon was very used to uncooperative patients, especially uncooperative athletes. They were the type of patients that he met the most in recent years.

Brandon chuckled and talked to her through the interpreter, "I would like to perform some checks on your Achilles tendon. You don't have to worry about it. Your Achilles tendon has recovered well, and I just want to know more about the relevant situation"

"What situation?" He Xiufang looked doubtful.

"It's mainly to understand the recovery of your Achilles tendon. You may treat it as a post-operative follow-up."


"Just to check and see whether there are any changes in your Achilles tendon's condition after this period of time. If there is any change, we will see if it is a good development or a bad development," Brandon spoke slowly with a London accent, and every single one of his words was properly enunciated, as though he was doing that in hopes of getting He Xiufang to understand him. Of course, it was very helpful for the interpreter, as it gave the interpreter sufficient time to translate accurately.

After she listened to what he said, He Xiufang's attitude changed slightly. She could not help but ask, "Will it develop badly?"

Brandon listened to the translation and glanced at the Chinese beside him. He smiled and said, "Any possibility can exist. I just suggested one of the possibilities. We will only know the detail situation after I perform a series of examinations. Now, I would like to do an MRI scan, and then, I will decide on the other examinations. Is that alright with you?"

"Oh Okay." He Xiufang hesitated for a while before she asked, "Is Doctor Ling around? I want him to check for me."

Brandon laughed and asked, "Do you trust Doctor Ling more?"

"Of course," He Xiufang answered without any hesitation.

Although many patients thought that foreign doctors would be more reliable, He Xiufang had gained her own understanding of a doctor's standard after she went through her surgery.

Many athletes in the track and field team had surgery before, and some of them even went overseas to receive theirs. But there were only a few of them who had such a great surgical outcome like hers after their surgery.

He Xiufang did not have to have any medical knowledge. She just had to look at the effects of the surgery on the athletes beside her, compare theirs with her own, and she would know the difference.

There was even greater contrast between her and those who also suffered from Achilles tendon ruptures and were forced to retire after their surgery.

Brandon was slightly surprised.

His British accent was quite popular. With his British accent, he could easily make the patient feel relieved and trust him whenever he attended conferences in America or Australia.

The effect of his accent was even greater in third world countries. When Brandon went to India, every word he said in any clinic he visited was more useful than any of the local doctors.

But Brandon would not look down on other doctors.

"Doctor Ling Ran might come a little later, so let me arrange some check-ups for you first. Once we get the results, we will inquire Doctor Ling Ran, is this alright for you?" Brandon explained with the language he was familiar with.

He Xiufang agreed.

Xue Haochu was relieved as he waited by the side. As the translation service was provided by the hospital, he whispered to Ji Tianlu, "I'm still worried that he will come out with a consultation that is conducted in a punk or rock style. I didn't expect that he'll be this serious."

"He is a British doctor. Their doctor-patient relationship is not any better than America." Ji Tian always went overseas. He laughed sarcastically and said, "You must understand that if a doctor from Europe or America is involved in a lawsuit, they will not only have to pay the judgment, but their insurance fees will be increased as well."

"Ah, I've never thought of that before." Xue Haochu was quite surprised. "It seems like life is not easy for those capitalist doctors."

"Exactly. Even if he takes a video because it makes him happy, he won't want to get himself into trouble no matter what." Ji Tianlu looked at Brandon in disdain. If they both exchanged their statuses, his achievements would definitely be much higher than his. However, it was much harder for a Chinese doctor to become famous when compared to a British doctor.

Brandon himself brought He Xiufang along to the MRI room, and he watched her receive the MRI scan himself.

He had seen He Xiufang's previous scans, including her X-ray, CT scans, and MRI scans. He even read her medical records. This was not just Brandon's suggestion to perform her examination again, it was his teacher's suggestion.

Any resident doctor could perform a surgery like Achilles tendon repair, but in the field of sports medicine, the Achilles tendon repair was always a surgery that made people worry a lot.

Now, when they bumped into such a good case, Brandon and his teacher naturally wanted to understand more about the reality of He Xiufang's Achilles tendon.

Brandon did not even bring along his phone. He conscientiously watched He Xiufang while she entered the MRI machine. Then, he looked at the response shown on the computer screen until the end of the scan, and he directly read from the computer.

This was also the best way to read MRI scans.

"Her recovery is quite good." Ling Ran came downstairs by squeezing out some time from his schedule. He also gave himself a good appraisal.

He Xiufang was his patient. If the foreigner wanted to do a follow-up, Ling Ran himself also needed to be notified of the details of her situation.

From the scan, it could be seen that He Xiufang's recovery was beyond good.

"Let me read it a little longer." Brandon was very surprised.

He could see the signs of surgery that could not be seen anywhere else but on the MRI scans, and similarly, he saw the good recovery in the Achilles tendon It was so good that people might be surprised!

"She just participate in a competition, didn't she?" asked Brandon without clearly directing the question to anyone.

Ling Ran did not bother to answer this kind of question that was not directed at anyone.

Xue Haochu stood forward and smiled. He answered for Ling Ran, "Based on my knowledge, the national track and field championship which He Xiufang mentioned just now is considered a rather high-level track and field championship in China."

"So, is the level of competition very high, too?"

"Of course."

"If that's the case, then her ability to recover can be considered very good." Brandon did not mention any medical skills. Instead, he spoke of the patient's ability to recover.

Xue Haochu smiled faintly without giving any comment.

Ji Tianlu cast Ling Ran a glance and decided to praise him. He said, "At that time, Ling Ran performed the Achilles tendon repair on four athletes in a row. Let's not consider Liu Weichen, but we should be able to get the MRI scans for the three other athletes who received the surgery together with He Xiufang. These athletes just came for a follow-up visit a few days ago."

Under his instructions, the radiologist pulled out the MRI scans and put it on display.

Brandon bent his body and lowered his head while his nostrils flared. He read the MRI scans carefully.

He was also a Doctor of Medicine who received his certificate after many years of training. Even though he was looked down upon by Ji Tianlu or Zhu Tongyi, his basic abilities were not bad. After all, he was a clinician with a few years of experience.

As he looked, Brandon quietly acknowledged Ling Ran's abilities.

Four patients, and their conditions during surgery were similarly stable. This point alone was already rare, not to mention that the surgical results of these four patients were extremely good as well.

It was just that the other three people were not as hardworking as He Xiufang in rehabilitation and training.

A Basic Treasure Chest silently landed in front of Ling Ran.

Peers' Admiration.

It reminded Ling Ran that the person in front of him admired him.

Ling Ran raised his chin slightly. After he came to the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center, the number of his Treasure Chests had stopped increasing. In addition to this Basic Treasure Chest, he only obtained thirty-one chests.

He wanted to accumulate them until he had forty before he opened them.

After all, according to his previous experience of opening up the Treasure Chests, opening up ten or twenty in a row will allow him to get a good skill. If he wanted to double the number of skills, it would make more sense for him to accumulate forty of them before he opened them.


Thirty-one was a prime number.

And it was the eleventh prime number.

Eleven was another prime number.

And it was the fifth prime number.

Five was also a prime number, and it was the third prime number. Three was another prime number, and it was the second prime number, and two was also a prime number!

He had a combo of five prime numbers!

And five was, again, a prime number.

"System, open up all the Treasure Chests." Once he thought of this, Ling Ran felt incredibly at ease.