Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 290

290 Reverse Freelance Surgery

A bunch of silver white Treasure Chests appeared in front of Ling Ran.

The piles of Treasure Chests covered Ling Ran's entire vision. Once he opened all of them, the light was as brilliant as if fireworks had been lit in front of him.

Ling Ran was not surprised to see many green bottles of Energy Serum. He also calmly accepted the fact that he had obtained two skill books after he opened thirty-one Treasure Chests.

After all, he opened the Treasure Chests once they reached a prime number. There was nothing strange about him receiving skill books at the smallest prime number availabletwo.

Theoretically, Ling Ran could even accept the setting of receiving thirty-seven skill books from thirty-one Treasure Chests.

"System, please put away the Energy Serum." Ling Ran was indifferent to the appearance of the Energy Serums. After all, he had already accumulated 214 Energy Serums, thus, it did not matter anymore to him ^_^.

Everyone still had their heads lowered to read the MRI scans.

It was very time-consuming to read MRI scans. It would be tougher for Brandon and the others as they needed to compare the MRI scans between four other athletes.

If it were not due to curiosity, the British doctor would normally charge hundreds of USD to just read these MRI scans.

Ling Ran quietly opened the two skill books.

The rather dark basement brightened up in an instant.

The two skill books were opened up slowly, and the title page was shown together with some explanations.

[Single Skill Book: Obtained skill branchArthroscopic Surgery (Specialist Level)]

[Single Skill book: Obtained skill branchArthroscopy Meniscoplasty (Perfect Level)]

"Hmm" Ling Ran's emotions were slightly complicated. He had joined a few cases of hip replacement surgery recently, so he thought the system would be more sensible.

If he obtained the Perfect Level Hip Replacement Surgery Skill, he could get a chance to visit Mayo.

Ling Ran changed his train of thoughts. The system was never sensible. If it were really sensible, Ling Ran would have received his Transformer a long time ago.

Of course, arthroscopy was also very good.

Orthopedists his age had basically started to focus on arthroscopy by now.

As compared to the open orthopedic surgeries, there were more advantages in arthroscopy, which gained popularity since the 70s.

Arthroscopes were metal tubes attached with cameras. They were inserted deep into the hip joint in order to observe the physiological structure in the joint.

As compared to open surgeries, arthroscopies had the advantage of causing less trauma on the patient. Furthermore, it could observe osteochondral lesions and perform an examination on the hip joint while it was nearly in its physiological environment. Then, they would perform the surgery.

The new generation of orthopedists always liked to use this kind of minimally invasive surgery tools, and this made the application more commonly used. Arthroscopes could be used in the shoulder, elbow, ankle, hip, and knee.

Yet, as compared to the Perfect Level Arthroscopy Meniscoplasty, the Specialist Level of the other parts seemed a lot weaker.

Ling Ran released a deep breath. By the looks of it, if he wanted to get used to arthroscopes, he will have to focus on operating on the meniscus.

"What's wrong?" Brandon heard Ling Ran's exhale, so he thought that Ling Ran had some opinions on his performance. He looked at Ling Ran with a slight lack of confidence.

"Oh, I'm thinking about how I can get a chance to carry out arthroscopic surgeries," Ling Ran replied honestly. After all, to him, there was no problem with a doctor in performing surgeries.

Brandon realized that he had not made a fool of himself, so he felt relieved. He laughed and said, "I also perform arthroscopies more when I'm in the United Kingdom. We can work together if there is a chance. I believe that the words in your language are 'we can improve together'."

He was not sure where he learned the Mandarin words "we can improve together". He spoke it with an unclear articulation, and it made the Chinese around him amused.

"Have you performed arthroscopy on all parts of the body?" Ling Ran asked.

"I did. But I perform the best when it comes to knee and ankle hip joints," Brandon answered confidently.

"How about meniscoplasty?"

"I perform both, be it meniscoplasty or meniscectomy." Brandon winked and said, "When it comes to sports injuries, meniscus injuries are one of the major injuries. If you are in the United Kingdom, I would recommend you to focus on this. We will have many potential collaborations."

He spoke about collaboration again.

Ling Ran's skills in Achilles tendon repair made Brandon come up with an unlimited number of reasons to establish a working relationship with him.

Sports medicine was an unusual field in the medical world, and its requirements were also unusual.

Most of the time, a surgery that looked perfect for a normal individual might not be good enough for athletes. There would be even more trouble when they considered the fact that most of the time, athletes would grow in different ways compared to normal people, and because of it, their blood and other physiological indices would also be different from normal people. Hence, their recovery period and the intensity of their training would also be different.

In current society, athletes were rich enough. Otherwise, it would be difficult for a six feet and nine inches tall basketball player to have an average lifespan. Forget maintaining their quality of life, all the joint diseases and cardiovascular diseases would already be health destroyers that they would not be able to get rid of if they were rich enough.

However, it was precisely because the athletes were rich enough that ahigh number of doctors and medical researchers were attracted and participated in the sports medicine field. Besides, the uniqueness of sports medicine also made its demands on high-end doctors nearly impossible.

Zhu Tongyi needed a doctor like Ling Ran to have other doctors acknowledge Plan A. Meanwhile, Brandon and his teacher, Wallace, similarly had the same need as well.

Ling Ran just nodded, not caring one way or another.

Ji Tianlu frowned while he watched by the side. Suddenly, he felt danger loom over his head as if the cow he borrowed to plow the land was about to be kidnapped.

In an instant, Ji Tianlu smiled. "Ling Ran, do you want to perform arthroscopies? Have you given up on performing hip replacement surgeries?"

Ling Ran replied earnestly, "It's too difficult, so I still can't understand it now."

"It's truly difficult, but once you have mastered it, you can go anywhere you want. Currently, hip joint-related diseases are very common. If you can do it well, hip replacement surgeries will be very useful for you. It will not be a waste if you take a few years to learn it." Ji Tianlu resisted the urge to mention pay, as there were some foreigners in the room.

However, for Ji Tianlu, he looked down on the five-figure salary his foreign friends earned.

Besides, even if a foreigner doctor had a five-figure salary, he had to cover a high amount of taxes, insurance, and other expenses, while Ji Tianlu's income in China was also about the same once everything had been deducted.

The Orthopedics Department was also known as the Department of the Wealthy, mainly because of the lucrative charges for hip replacement surgeries. The cost of a prosthetic implant to replace a hip ranged from 10,000 to 70,000 RMB. The rebate given by every pharmaceutical sales representatives was different for each patient, but generally, those who gave lesser rebate would be eliminated.

Some department directors who worked in the Orthopedics Department in the hospitals could earn tens of millions each year. An Orthopedics Department director with normal skills would not earn that much, but their income was in the millions too.

For doctors like Ji Tianlu, it would not be any problem for them to earn more than Brandon, but he did not, because he still sought to become better and climb higher up the skill tree.

However, Ling Ran had even fewer thoughts. He only nodded when he listened to Ji Tianlu. He said, "I want to do arthroscopy first, or tracheotomy will work too, I just need to look for chances to do them"

Ling Ran sighed. Previously, he performed a tracheotomy for the police dog, Chestnut. He should not be able to look for Chestnut to perform an arthroscopy as well.

Ling Ran started to miss Yun Hua.

Although Shanghai was good, and the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center was a high-end center, Academician Zhu Tongyi's research institute did not have Emergency Departments or any ICUs. So, a normal person would not need to receive any tracheotomy.

Even if he were to perform arthroscopies, it would not be as convenient here compared to Yun Hua. They did not have many patients here, and the patient distribution was extremely detailed, so it would be hard for Ling Ran to get a chance to perform the surgery.

"The conference will last for another three days, right?" Feeling a little down, Ling Ran asked Xue Haochu who sat beside him.

"Mainly tomorrow and the day after tomorrow." Xue Haochu smiled faintly.

"Oh" Ling Ran looked demotivated.

It was mainly because he felt bored.

He already had to endure the fact that he had no surgeries to perform, but lately, it seemed that the rate where he was banned from his game had also increased

If he were at Yun Hua, at least he could still hang around his own home clinic. Even if he could only massage people, he would still feel better...

When he thought of this, it made Ling Ran shift his focus to the others' necks.

"It will be impossible to carry out tracheostomies. But we can still look for a chance for you to perform arthroscopies." Ji Tianlu understood it now. Some cows would get angry if they were assigned with too many chores, whereas some cows would get angry if they did not have enough work.

Brandon kept listening to their conversation through the interpreter. At this time, he went up and said, "May I join? I mean, may I join the arthroscopies. Achilles tendon surgeries are good too, but not tracheotomy."

"I can perform meniscoplasty." Ling Ran mentioned the skill name without any hesitation.

Ji Tianlu did not think much. He knew that Ling Ran liked to perform surgeries, so he only treated it as Ling Ran wanting to fulfill his desire to perform surgeries.

After he considered for a few seconds, Ji Tianlu said, "I'll find two patients with the correct medical indications from other hospitals and have them refer the patients here."

"And Achilles tendon repair technique," Brandon said.

"Why? Do you want to grab Ling Ran over to the United Kingdom to perform surgeries?" laughed Ji Tianlu. The medical environment overseas was even stricter. Foreign doctors who could not get a license would have to work as unskilled laborers. Some of them even worked as truck drivers. Ji Tianlu did not believe that Ling Ran would be lured away by Brandon.

Brandon only smiled faintly and said to Ling Ran, "If it's not convenient for doctors to go over, the patients can just come over. Doctor Ling, Mister Wallace places a very high value in your Achilles tendon repair, and he felt especially surprised when he saw some of the athletes' postoperative recovery. If you can ensure a high success rate, we can provide you a very good chance."

It would be better to look at the performance of the athlete after he or she recovered rather than just looking at the process of the Achilles tendon repair.

For patients who received treatment, the final result was more important than the process.

Based on the surgery Ling Ran performed on the athletes and the information provided from the MRI scans, Ling Ran would definitely be a doctor who was always welcomed by patients.

Ji Tianlu heard what Brandon said but remained quiet for a few seconds. Then, he talked to the interpreter, "Please translate what Doctor Brandon said more accurately."

"Alright." The translator closed his eyes and made the translation even more detailed.

Ji Tianlu and Xue Haochu listened by the side and shouted in their hearts, 'This is just reversed freelance surgery!

'If he performs surgeries for foreigners, he's going to earn buckets worth of money!

'Even if it doesn't earn him much, his reputation would still soar!'

"Young Xue, please tell Academician Zhu about this. Then, find another two athletes with Achilles tendon ruptures for Ling Ran." Ji Tianlu knew that he must not hold Ling Ran back. This was a chance other doctors could not get.