Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 291

291 Get Closer

The International Sports Orthopedics Research Conference started on time.

Zhu Tongyi went up to the stage as the host. He made three jokes in a row, which also made everyone in the room burst into laughter.

After that, it was a long and professional academic speech.

In the middle of the session, the host had to come forward and share a few jokes to attract the attendees' attention again.

Ling Ran sat at the front seat, and he seemed to not quite understand what went on. Everyone was used to speaking in English in international academic conferences held by China. There was no need to trace back the reason why this was the case, the result was simply because… none of the doctors who understood some English, who did not understand English, and were not very good at English could understand what was said at the conference. 

This was especially so for Indian, Japanese, Korean, Argentinian doctors, and doctors whose mother tongue was not English. When they went up to the stage, even doctors who mastered English would not be able to understand what they said.

So, after the first academic speech, most of the foreigners left.

The Chinese doctors did not leave immediately because they had to show their support.

But even if they stood in front of a hall full of Chinese, the Chinese doctors were still very determined to give their speech in Chinese-style English on the stage.

Finally, even the few remaining foreigners could not last. They left as well.

The Chinese doctors who were giving their speeches on the stage breathed a sigh of relief. When there was still foreigners in the hall, they felt a certain degree of psychological burden because they were not able to speak English fluently. Everyone was trained under quality education, and they would try their best not to defame their motherland. Only when the foreigners were gone did they feel that their burden was relieved. They could now speak English freely. Since there was no one who could understand them, they could just simply fool the audience by repeating some of their sentences.

Ling Ran stood up quietly and left the hall.

At the entrance were Ji Tianlu and Brandon. They seemed to be quite anxious waiting for him.

"If you still hadn't come out, I was going to go in to call you." Ji Tianlu was the chief physician in the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center. He could move around freely and he did not have to fill up the seats in the hall.

Ling Ran rubbed his head, "Have you found any suitable patients?"

"We've even set up the livestreaming." Ji Tianlu pointed at Brandon.

Brandon nodded immediately and said, "I've got somebody to test the internet connection. Now, I can start my livestream and my teacher will watch at the same time."

Ling Ran could not help but regard Brandon highly. He asked, "What surgery?"

"Achilles tendon repair," Brandon answered without any hesitation.

He had no idea how good Ling Ran was with arthroscopies, but he was very curious about how Ling Ran performed the Achilles tendon repair.

Ling Ran nodded. "Then we'll be performing Achilles tendon repairs, right?"

He looked at Ji Tianlu when he asked that question.

"Yes," Ji Tianlu answered firmly.

"Doctor Ling, shall we start the livestream now?" As Brandon spoke, he unlocked his phone and turned to Ling Ran.

Ling Ran had an extremely good camera sense. He turned his head and showed a faint smile.

Since kindergarten, he had to face cameras frequently. Some parents in kindergarten that he never knew would spend their income to buy roll films which could only take twenty-eight or thirty photos per roll. After they took family portraits, they would save one to take a photo of Ling Ran. They would show Ling Ran's photo to their relatives and friends, and told them such a handsome boy was the classmate of their daughter or son.

If there was a record of getting likes in the photo albums shown to visiting relatives and friends, Ling Ran's photo would probably be labeled as the most liked photo.

Brandon was surprised and delighted with Ling Ran's camera sense.

He quite liked his life as an uploader, and he liked showing his own life to a few hundred or even a few thousand people. In Brandon's view, this was something that brought greater joy compared to trying to act cool in front of a few people in the operating theater.

The main problem was, usually, he could not act cool in the operating theater either.

The life of a junior disciple who learned under an expert teacher and many elite senior brothers was very hard.

Brandon turned his phone camera to focus on Ling Ran for a long period of time. He also kept looking at the number of audience members he had—which was in the single digits—and he said with a smile, "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm now doing my livestream at China's Shanghai. I've obtained approval from the local hospital as well as consent from the patient and his family. These are the documents I obtained…"

Brandon was preparing a backup for himself. He was also explaining the situation to his teacher and other students. This was to prevent him from being involved in any unnecessary lawsuits. 

Ling Ran walked quietly in front of Brandon. He neither agreed nor disagreed with Brandon's method.

Compared to other people, this Englishman could still be quite useful. After all, Ling Ran himself could not get any surgeries to perform, but right after Brandon spoke, he could get a patient. It was not an easy task.

During the conference, Zhu Tongyi was very strict on the management of the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center. The operating theaters and empty hospital beds could not be simply used, because he worried that there would be no place for patients when there was a demand for beds.

The scale of his research institute was small. If he did not place a restriction, it would be very easy for them to run into trouble.

Of course, Brandon's demand could not be considered as them using the beds as they pleased. His role as the uploader even played an important role. Zhu Tongyi did not understand things like livestreaming, but Zhu Tongyi knew that Brandon's livestream would be connected to foreign countries, and it could allow people like Wallace to watch it. Therefore, Zhu Tongyi agreed straight away.

Perhaps, in Zhu Tongyi's mind, this would be like connecting the Spring Festival Gala to other venues in the world.

Brandon talked while he walked. Even when he arrived at the operating theater, his audience number was still in the single digits.

Luckily, they were real audience members, and this at least fulfilled Brandon's lowest requirements.

Brandon's minimum requirement for the number of viewers was three people. If the number of viewers was less than three, he would directly end the livestream.

Ji Tianlu found it a little amusing when he saw Brandon talk nonstop.

He was at the age where he still knew a little about livestreaming, but not completely understand it. But his English level was good enough to let him fully understand what Brandon talked about, which was why he could not help but be amused.

Ling Ran's expression remained the same. He showered normally, changed his underwear, and changed to scrubs. Meanwhile, he chased Brandon out during this process.

"We will now perform surgery on a weightlifter from China. This weightlifter managed to be the champion in his country before. He is probably a champion in his county. But from what I know, the population there consists of around twenty million people. It is truly terrifying…"

"Ling Ran is a younger generation doctor in China. He just graduated from medical college not long ago, or at least, that seems to be the case…

"Today, he will be performing Achilles tendon repair. It means that he will suture the Achilles tendon…"

Brandon operated the exact same way he did for his previous livestreams. He kept talking to fill up the free time. It was also an introduction for his teacher or doctors from his hospital who might have joined to watch the livestream.

Ling Ran totally ignored him. He finally saw a patient on the operating table. Excitement could clearly be seen from his eyes.

"Feed Dalang his medicine." All that was left for Ling Ran was to grab the scalpel.

The patient was busy being curious about the foreigner's video recording when he heard some weird nouns. He shook his head, and his 198.42-pound body relaxed.

Ling Ran pressed the calf. He confirmed the current situation again before he said, "I'm going to make a big cut."

He said this to the anesthetist.

The anesthetist looked at the BIS module on the display screen and waited for a few seconds. He said, "The depth is suitable. Once Dalang falls asleep, you can enter him all you want."

Ling Ran was resistant to all kinds of teasing. He used the Fiddle Bow Hold to make a big cut straight away.

"Doctor Ling, do you prefer making larger openings?" Brandon asked with the phone in his hand.

Ji Tianlu acted as the interpreter and repeated the question.

Ling Ran said without raising his head, "The patient hopes to get a healthier Achilles tendon, so he will not care about the length of the scars on his calf."

Brandon smiled and said, "Although it's not a big matter, making a small incision will still make people happier, right? Previously, many patients of mine did not really care about this. But in recent years, their opinions changed…"


If his phone vibrated quietly, it meant he had some comments.

Brandon looked over in surprise and delight. Streamers like him, who only had a few viewers, would feel very happy when they received comments.

The comment came from Wallace 2781: [Focus the camera on the surgical area!]

When he saw the word "Wallace", Brandon was shocked more than he was happy. 'Is my teacher saying I talk too much?'

Brandon immediately placed his camera closer so that the operating field could be seen clearer on the screen.

Ling Ran's fingers, clad in white gloves, separated the Achilles tendon in an organized manner.

With his own eyes, Brandon saw the messy surgical area become well-organized.

Brandon was shocked, and his phone was vibrated continuously.

[Is this surgery happening in China?]

[It's very high in standard.]

[Let me see the face of the surgeon.]

[Who can find his details?]

Brandon's teacher, Wallace, had clearly utilized the texting function on live-streaming websites to serve as his email. He kept giving out his instructions.

His students could only reply to him non-stop.

Wallace had become famous for many years, and the doctors he taught were spread all over the world. There were quite a number of them who gathered together today because of the livestream.

Brandon watched the number of viewers increase to two digits at the lower left corner of his phone, and he could not help but shudder.

There were also some really skilled people among Wallace's disciples.

If there were tens of people watching the livestream, then it meant that there might be some of these skilled senior brothers among them who were watching.

Brandon's explanation started to be more energetic, and the content also became even more medical. "Now, Doctor Ling has started to process the horsetail-like Achilles tendon part. He places a lot of attention on the blood vessels nearby, and he handles them with extra care…"

"In the previous video, Doctor Ling's suturing speed when it came to the blood vessels was very fast. Now, we can see that his priority is not on handling the Achilles tendon first, but on the vascular network surrounding the Achilles tendon."

"Hmm… The speed is not very fast, but the steps are totally different from the normal Achilles tendon repair we use. They call it Plan A, which makes it sound very futuristic."

Brandon still wanted to continue talking, but his phone vibrated madly again. So, Brandon had no choice but to shut down this function and looked at the previous comment.

Wallace 2781: Put the camera closer!

Wallace 2781: You don't have to provide explanations for everyone!

Wallace 2781: Get closer. Don't shake the camera!