Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 293

293 Arrogan

Pharmaceutical sales representatives were the doctors' little wadded jackets. They basically took very good care of the doctors. Some good pharmaceutical sales representatives could act as cotton armors, job-transferring comforters, provided small towels, and could even be torn into cotton swabs…

Strictly speaking, it was not that pharmaceutical sales representatives could not leave the doctors, but the doctors could not leave the pharmaceutical sales representatives.

A thoughtful and capable pharmaceutical sales representative was like a full-time secretary for a doctor. Even if he left the doctor, he could still have a bright future ahead of him. Even if he no longer worked as a pharmaceutical sales representative, he could still be outstanding in every other service industry.

Meanwhile, doctors could not work without their wadded jackets. It was precisely because the doctors needed pharmaceutical sales representatives that medical companies kept recruiting pharmaceutical sales representatives in order to fulfill the doctors' needs.

The more capable the doctor was, the better a pharmaceutical sales representative the doctor needed. Some doctors could not even make an order for food when they left their pharmaceutical sales representative's side. They were like people who had sat on the wheelchair for too long. If they did not go for rehabilitation consistently, they would suffer from muscle atrophy on their legs.

Pharmaceutical sales representatives were the people who stood behind medical authority (Amberson Bird Welch, n.d.).


Huang Maoshi closed the hardback edition of [Self-Cultivation of A Pharmaceutical Sales Representative]. He felt very energetic, and he even felt that he was filled with positive energy.

He stretched his arm to wind down the window of the taxi, and he looked out at the busy world at night. A heroic spirit suddenly rose in him, and he started to sing a song quietly. "Endless waves come and go, endless water flows for ten thousand miles…"

This was the first time he went for a business trip, and he even went out to an international metropolis.

In Huang Maoshi's heart was an urge to prove himself in this international metropolis. He wanted to go back to Yun Hua City along with a proof of his capabilities in this international metropolis so that everyone in Changxi Medical Company could look up to him.

Even it was just a thought, Huang Maoshi could not help laughing.

"We've arrived at your destination. 146 RMB." The taxi driver cast a glance at Huang Maoshi from the rearview mirror.

"Please round it up." Huang Maoshi showed his smile. His smile was very powerful, and normally, he would not show it.

The taxi driver was quiet for a few seconds before he said, "Then, 145 RMB."


As he watched the tail lights on the retreating taxi, Huang Maoshi turned around in scorn, and he silently repeated Amberson Bird Welch's quote, "I am who I am, but I am no longer the me of yesterday."

He repeated this three times silently, Huang Maoshi then reopened his phone messages and smiled while he looked at the latest five-digit salary that had been banked into his account.

Becoming a gold-collar worker who earned more than ten thousand a month affected Huang Maoshi hugely. It made Huang Maoshi perform a self-reflection every day. 'Do I feel proud of my rising wages? Have I become arrogant after my income has increased tremendously? Should I be allowed… to have my ego swell up so much that it becomes the size of a football field?'

"Hi, please register in the entry-exit registration system," the guard at the door shouted at Huang Maoshi before he asked again, "Which organization are you from? Did you bring along the invitation card?"

"I am a pharmaceutical sales representative from Changxi Medical Company." Huang Maoshi's ego immediately shrank. He had not paid back all his credit card debts, so he could not have his ego swell up too much right now.

"Changxi Medical Company… Oh, I found it," replied the guard before he turned the book to Huang Maoshi and said, "Sign here, and you will get a pass."

"Alright." Huang Maoshi was quite familiar with this kind of situation.

After putting on the entry pass and smoothing out his outfit, Huang Maoshi entered the hall like a model.

In the spacious plenary session, there were… tens of doctors scattered around the seats. A doctor gave a speech using an unknown language as he spoke to the camera.

Huang Maoshi had been to several conferences. He knew that this meant the conference had progressed on the right track, and the main conference hall was the place that did not need him the most.

Huang Maoshi continued to move forward, and in a short while, he found a few small conference halls. He carefully took a few photos for the filing purposes for his work today.

Subsequently, Huang Maoshi started to find his mission target today—Ling Ran.

Huang Maoshi felt that this mission was a little unfair to him.

On one hand, he must listen to the orders given by his immediate superior, Xie Yihe. Yet, he could not ignore the orders given by Huo Congjun, who was the important customer of his company.

On the other hand, Huang Maoshi was slightly angry.

'Why?! I earn more than ten thousand now. My pockets are full, and my ego is the size of a football field now, and I still have to serve a young doctor?'

In Huang Maoshi's memories, the same kind of treatment could only be given to doctors who were at least associate chief physicians.

Some associate chief physicians did not even have people serving them when they went out.

For a young doctor like Ling Ran, his salary should only be in four digits, right?

Huang Maoshi's lips went up, and he was unable to help him but show a smug smile of a person who moved from one social class to another.

"You over there, come come come…" A doctor immediately waved and called when he saw the tall and strong Hua Maoshi.

Huang Maoshi pointed at his nose. "Me?"

"Please come and carry these speakers." That doctor did not care about Huang Maoshi's work. When he ordered him around, he still did so with complete ease.

Huang Maoshi hesitated for a while, but he still rolled up his sleeves and started to work.

Then, he put the speakers in place. Huang Maoshi asked curiously, "How did you know you could order me around?"

He looked at their tags and found that they showed no difference.

The doctor in front of him used his hands to fan his neck. He laughed, "Those who can't be ordered around will just walk away while those who are willing to come over will obey the orders, am I right? Are you a pharmaceutical sales representative? Or a new employee? Which company are you from?"

Huang Maoshi felt that he had been duped. He could only answer in resignation, "Changxi Medical Company, I've been working for more than a year."

"So, you are a new employee," the doctor laughed and said, "Let me teach you another thing. In the field of clinical medicine, seniority matters the most, understand? Regardless of whether it is young doctors or young pharmaceutical sales representatives, they are the best to be bullied. You are always right in ordering the juniors around, no matter what task it is."

"What you said makes some sense…" Huang Maoshi nodded while he listened.

When the doctor saw that he was obedient, he said kindly, "When you work in a hospital, do not offend the seniors, but you can always order the juniors to do things, the effects will be about the same no matter who you order around. Well, there will be some exceptional cases sometimes."

During their conversation, that doctor pointed at the screen and said, "Do not count in this kind of monster. You can torment any other normal doctor under thirty years old."

Huang Maoshi raised his head and looked at the screen. The speakers that were just connected to the electricity just now blared out some sounds as well. "Forceps! Gauze!"

The incredibly pleasant and unique voice instantly shocked Huang Maoshi awake.

"What are you all looking at?" asked Huang Maoshi.

"A livestream recommended by a foreign expert. This should be a Chinese doctor."

Huang Maoshi was stunned and took a few looks before he asked, "You said it's recommended by a foreign expert. Does that mean it's good?"

"That's right. I heard it's a Chinese doctor who is not even thirty years old. Someone has gone after him." That doctor shook his head, and he looked as if he was no longer in the mood to chat any further. He said, "This kind of person is a treasure for every hospital. Normal people might not be able to meet him. He looks like the kind of people who needs two capable people to keep an eye on him when he works out of town. Understand?"

Huang Maoshi thought. 'Not only do I understand it, but I am also here because I have been sent for him too.'

Suddenly, Huang Maoshi felt smug again. 'What do the doctor's words signify? It means that I am so capable that I am worth two men alone.'

Subconsciously, Huang Maoshi felt his ego swell up so much that it was almost the size of a football field.

"Another compliment. Look." That doctor was bored and pointed at the screen. He clicked his tongue.

Huang Maoshi only saw a line of English letters at the lower left corner. He said in embarrassment, "What is the compliment about?"

"It says that the surgery is performed well and is super awesome!" The doctor sounded jealous as he said, "I supposed the foreigners don't have any knowledge. They always think that Chinese doctors do not possess good surgical skills. Now, they finally met one who has abilities. You see, they're starting to lavish praises on him now."

Huang Maoshi was still very concerned about Ling Ran's status. He asked, "What level would the people who 'has abilities' be?"

"It depends on who you compare them with."

"How about the foreign expert that you mentioned just now?"

The doctor was stunned when he heard that. If he compared them, he felt that the foreign expert no longer possessed any skill.

"His Achilles tendon repair is truly impressive. We have to admit that. Otherwise, there would not be so many people watching it, right?" The doctor laughed and seemed to admit rather unwillingly.

Huang Maoshi looked around. There were at least tens of people around. When he counted the number of people there, he found that the number of people surpassed the number of people in the plenary session.

"Are they all here to watch the surgery?" asked Huang Maoshi.

"People always love joining in whatever is fun at the moment. Look at the number of people watching the livestreame. There are around dozens of them, but we don't know who is truly watching it."

Huang Maoshi looked over, and he truly saw an obvious 55 at the bottom left corner of the screen. In an instant, it turned to 56.

"You can't possibly tell me that fifty-six meeting rooms are playing this livestream, right?" Huang Maoshi laughed.

The doctor beside him burst into laughter after he said that, "Perhaps each value represents only one person… Hmm, maybe two hundred or three hundred people are watching."

When he spoke of this theory of the possible number of people watching, his mind wandered again.

For clinicians, if a surgery was viewed by hundreds of people, it could already be considered a surgery for educational purposes.