Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 294

294 Sought After

In the operating theater.

Ling Ran did not pay any heed to the number of people watching him operate.

He never cared about all this.

When Ling Ran entered the zone, he stopped paying attention to the Englishman altogether. He just enjoyed the time he could use to perform the surgery.

He sutured the weightlifter's ruptured Achilles tendon with extremely meticulous maneuvers. He then tried his best to keep the vascular network untouched while he sutured a few larger blood vessels.

Brandon's stream channel was filled with comments that were laden with exclamation marks and expressions of astonishment. Brandon even received donations, which were hard to come by.

Wallace2781 sent one question after another.

This got Brandon overwhelmed.

And not all of Wallace2781's questions were answered by Ling Ran.

Ling Ran was never the type of person to fulfill every single request.

However, Wallace2781's questions continued coming, and he did not seem to be embarrassed about it either.

As the surgery progressed further, his questions became more and more frequent, because the difference between the second half of Plan A and ordinary Achilles tendon repair surgeries was huge. This was especially true when it came to the management of the vascular network, which could be said to be completely different compared to how it would have been done in an ordinary Achilles tendon repair surgery.

Ling Ran was already rather experienced with this. However, to the other people who watched Ling Ran operate, there were too many puzzling aspects in the way Ling Ran operated.

Even specialists were only able to prattle on about things they knew. It was not so easy for them to draw inferences about other cases from one instance alone. If you were to let a fifty-year-old hospital director play a game about running a hospital, he would be able to come out with eighty meaningless and funny questions within three minutes of starting the game.

And when it came to surgeries, a spectator who was not familiar with the surgical method could totally come out with one hundred and eighty questions.

The ordinary process of learning a surgical method involved first reading about it in textbooks before watching videos. One would then have to watch that surgical method being performed multiple times before participating many times in surgeries involving the said surgical method as the first or second assistant. Then, only would the doctor get to take on the challenge of performing a surgery using that surgical method.

Of course, this process only applied to weak resident doctors.

Senior doctors were a lot more headstrong.

For example, Wallace2781 had the intention to understand the process of the entire surgery by asking questions before performing such a surgery himself.

Plan A was only an improvised plan, after all, and for doctors who knew how to perform Achilles tendon repairs, they would only face difficulties related to the maneuvers involved instead of the surgical method itself.

Brandon was a little embarrassed, though.

However, he could do nothing about it.

He did not dare to remind his teacher that he was live streaming, or rather, that there were a lot of people watching the live streaming (sixty-two viewers were considered a lot). Even though Brandon wanted to brag about it, it was not a suitable occasion to do so.

"Chief Physician Ji, can you deal with the blood vessels?" Even though Ling Ran's hands moved quickly, he spoke pretty slowly.

Of course, if you were to measure his speed today against his fastest possible speed, the speed at which he carried out the surgery today could only be considered ordinary.

This was just like how race car drivers still had to focus even if they were only driving at one hundred and twenty-five miles per hour during a test-driving session on the circuit. They could not afford a single wrong move even though they were driving slower than usual (and that was still at a speed where normal people would not drive), because it would still result in an accident. However, a race car driver would feel relaxed while driving at such speed because it was much slower than the speed they had to drive during a race.

Even though Ling Ran felt nervous, he was relaxed at the same time. And he was able to keep himself in this state of mind for a prolonged period of time.

"Alright," Ji Tianlu answered before lowering his head to proceed with his task.

He did not feel relaxed at all.

As a matter of fact, Ji Tianlu was already a middle-aged man in his forties. His thoughts, movements, and eyesight could no longer keep up with those of a young man.

Doctors at Ji Tianlu's age no longer sought speed. If they needed to, they could operate quickly for a period of time. However, they were already aging, and their bodies were already deteriorating. Even if they were not victims of mid-life crisis, middle-aged doctors no longer aimed to be fast when it came to surgeries.

You could say that middle-aged doctors secretly just had the humble aim of performing surgeries well, performing some complicated surgeries, and finding solutions to some intractable diseases. As for a doctor like Ji Tianlu, he would rather leave behind some achievements such as inventing a new surgical method, coming up with a new surgery plan, making comprehensive changes to the perioperative period of a certain kind of surgery, or something else equally novel.

Of course, the speed at which a doctor carried out a surgery was still measured in relation to the speed of other doctors.

Even if Ji Tianlu were to slow down a little, he was still a race car driver who could drive at one hundred and twenty-five miles per hour for an extended period of time. Even though it was a little taxing for him to speed at two hundred and twenty miles per hour every now and then, he was able to handle speeding at one hundred and eighty-five miles per hour for quite a long period of time.

As for ordinary resident doctors, they were still at the stage where they were practicing to get a driving license. Speed meant nothing to them.

Only young and excellent race car drivers like Ling Ran could treat what other people considered as high speed as low speed and treat what other people considered as maximum speed as cruising speed.

Ji Tianlu only knew that Ling Ran was not deliberately increasing his speed because he had worked with Ling Ran before.

He was merely the type of chief surgeon who quietly carried out surgeries while expecting his assistants to coordinate with him, tiring those assistants to death in the end.

"We're almost done. I'll suture a few more blood vessels," Ling Ran said in the kind of tone one used when he was done with eating hot pot and was about to order some watermelon as dessert.

It was not like Ji Tianlu could stop him. Hence, Ji Tianlu remained silent and pretended that he did not hear what Ling Ran said.

Ling Ran picked a few tiny blood vessels and sutured them so that the patient's vascular network was more complete. At the same time, doing this made him satisfy his craving to perform surgeries.

"I'm done. Time to close the incision. How's the patient's blood pressure?" Because there was no monitor in front of Ling Ran, he could only ask the anesthetist.

In fact, it was a very Chinese thing to have only one monitor in the operating theater. The operating theaters in many countries were equipped with an additional monitor so that the anesthetists could keep up with what was going on in the surgeries.

It might have something to do with the plain and austere way of life of the Chinese, because hospitals in China had always placed one instead of two monitors in their operating theaters ever since they started practicing modern medicine, and the tradition had continued until now. Ordinary surgeons were probably not willing to spare the effort to look at the monitor either.

The anesthetist answered very quickly, "His blood pressure is normal."

"Alright." Ling Ran tossed the instrument in his hand aside and glanced at the monitor before walking out of the operating theater.

As the first assistant, Chief Physician Ji Tianlu obediently closed the incision while Yu Yuan who was the second assistant helped him out.

For some reason, everyone in the conference room suddenly fell silent.

Some doctors from other hospitals watched with amusement as the young and gifted Chief Physician Ji Tianlu closed the patient's incision. As for the doctors from the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center, no matter how many times such an amusing incident had happened, they still found it funny.




The smiles on each doctor's face varied. Some of the pharmaceutical sales representatives who were often bullied by senior doctors laughed heartily. "Kekekeke…"

Because the pharmaceutical sales representatives had never seen such an amusing scene before, it was only natural that it made them feel extremely good when they watched this.

Huang Maoshi could not help but smile too.

His smile tugged at the heartstrings of a female doctor who passed by. She took the initiative to approach Huang Maoshi and said with a smile, "I have never seen you before. Which institution are you from?"

"I'm from Changxi Medical Company." Huang Maoshi smiled.

The female doctor looked a little disappointed. 'It's too bad that he's not a doctor.'

Huang Maoshi was way too familiar with this kind of expression. He thought, a little upset. 'I really feel like telling you what my monthly salary is right now!'

In an instant, Huang Maoshi started to advise himself. 'Don't be too bloated with arrogance. It's not time to be egoistic yet.'

"Which doctor did you come with?" The female doctor glanced at Huang Maoshi's face again and realized that she was being too picky. She flashed a remorseful smile and introduced herself. "I work in the Orthopedics Department of the Fourth People's Hospital of Sichuan Province. This is my name card…"

Huang Maoshi immediately took her name card and said, "My name is Huang Maoshi. I came… I came together with Doctor Ling Ran from Yun Hua Hospital…"

"I know about him. I know." The female doctor looked around and asked, "Is Doctor Ling Ran here? You know what? Why don't we add each other on WeChat?"

Huang Maoshi did not know how the other party knew about Ling Ran, and he did not want to know, either. Hence, he added the female doctor's WeChat and said, "Doctor Ling is probably still in the operating theater. He was in the livestream just now."

"What? Are you saying that this Achilles tendon repair was performed by Doctor Ling? Oh yeah, he was the one who executed Plan A before this." The female doctor raised her voice in excitement and started telling the doctors around her about it. 

Some of the doctors who knew Ling Ran said nothing, while the others started asking detailed questions. For some time, Ling Ran's name popped up again and again in the conference room.

There were even those who were loudly boasting about how they were privy to this information before everyone else.

Huang Maoshi could not help but snort a few times. He could not hold his ego back anymore and said to the female doctor before him, "Actually, in Yun Hua…"

"Wow, Doctor Ling…" The female doctor left Huang Maoshi behind and walked quickly towards the entrance.

Huang Maoshi turned and saw that Ling Ran was walking expressionlessly behind Brandon into the conference room.

"Doctor Ling, well done on the surgery."

"It was an amazing surgery."

"Very interesting."

The doctors congratulated Ling Ran in Mandarin and other languages. Even though they did it partly out of courtesy, it was also because Ling Ran did perform very well in the surgery. The foreigners present were astonished by Ling Ran's skills, while the local doctors were proud of him. For some time, the atmosphere in the conference room became extremely lively.

"Doctor Ling, I have a patient who happened to rupture his Achilles tendon. He's also an athlete and is very worried about receiving surgery…" A doctor from South Africa squeezed himself to the front of the crowd and became the first one to ask Ling Ran a question, but it was not actually a question.

He then started describing the patient's condition and asked, "Doctor Ling, are you willing to take a look at his medical record?"

In the medical field, especially among surgeons, it was very normal for doctors to refer their patients to other doctors.

Many surgeons, especially those from abroad, specialized in a few surgical methods, and they also carried out surgeries using other surgical methods they did not specialize in on the side. This was not a problem when it came to ordinary patients, because only ordinary skills were required to treat them.

However, when it came to patients with higher demands, doctors who charged patients a large sum of money did not dare to hastily operate on those patients.

It was extremely normal for those doctors to refer those patients with higher demands to other doctors after charging them a reasonable sum of money.

It was an extremely good way to acquaint a doctor with a new patient by asking him to look at the patient's medical record.

Huang Maoshi walked towards them. When he heard this, he was rather dazed. 'How much money would he be making every month by operating on foreigners?'

His ego was immediately bruised.