Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 295

295 Travel Miles Away For Medical Treatmen

The doctor from South Africa took out a tablet and found the medical records before he showed it to Ling Ran.

"Why don't you show me the MRI scan first?" Ling Ran did not understand the words on the screen, especially the long and difficult medical terms. However, the MRI scan could explain the major problem.

The South African doctor swiped the screen a few times before he found the MRI scan and magnified it so that Ling Ran could read it.

The other doctors were so curious that they surrounded them. Some of them read the MRI scan while others discussed the matter quietly.

The pharmaceutical sales representatives in the room did not leave. They stood aside and watched the doctors talk to each other. Meanwhile, they listened to the discussions among the doctors and made a judgment in their hearts.

Pharmaceutical sales representatives needed smart heads above their shoulders to be able to survive in their profession.

This was especially true for high-end pharmaceutical sales representatives. If they were satisfied about being wadded jackets for doctors, sooner or later, they would work themselves to death, or be annoyed by the doctors.

Naturally, the low-end pharmaceutical sales representatives like Huang Maoshi would live a more relaxing life if they looked handsome.

He watched as Ling Ran got surrounded by the crowd. He then took a photo and sent it to the group chat belonging to Changxi Medical Company. He also attached a caption below the photo. [Arrived at the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center. Ling Ran is attacked from all sides.]

[Attacked from all sides? What do you mean by mean, attacked from all sides?] Xie Yihe's question immediately popped up.

She was the person-in-charge for Changxi Medical Company in Yun Hua City. She would consider doing everything for a major customer like Yun Hua Hospital, even if she was asked to kidnap Ling Ran.

Huo Congjun wanted her to keep an eye on Ling Ran. Hence, it was only natural for Xie Yihe to pay more attention to this matter.

Usually, when Huang Maoshi said anything in the group chat, no one would respond to him. When he saw the quick reply from Xie Yihe, Huang Maoshi could not help but puff out his chest and continue typing on WeChat. [It was just an exaggeration to say that he was attacked from all sides. Ling Ran is looking at the patient introduced by another doctor.]

Xie Yihe replied. [Idiot.]

Huang Maoshi blinked before he instantly saw a small line of words in gray font. [Xie Yihe deleted a message.]

In his daze, Huang Maoshi wondered if he was losing his vision.


Meanwhile, Ling Ran was almost finished reading the MRI scan.

The South African doctor described the patient's general medical condition in his own language. Through the interpreter, Ling Ran could briefly understand the situation. Now, the MRI scan made a lot more sense.

Even though western doctors also needed to understand the patient through observations and questions, they would subconsciously avoid questions in this kind of consultations.

They would first read the objective test report and make a preliminary judgment before they listened to subjective descriptions. This was the experience that the doctors had gained after years of practice.

It was nothing new for a patient to lie to the doctor. Setting aside the fact that the Gynecology Department was the land where more liars were born, the patients also lied in other places as well. For example, one among ten of the patients Ling Ran received for Achilles tendon repair would lie to him. There were those who endured the pain when they fell down in the basketball court until they arrived at work the next work. Then, they would call the ambulance so that they could say it was a work-related injury.He also had a thief who had severed his tendons when he climbed a wall to escape, but he had lied and said he jumped up the wall because he was caught cheating with someone else's spouse

Ling Ran formed his judgment with the MRI scan as his basis. He then asked a few more questions before he returned the MRI scan to the South African doctor. "If he is an athlete, the best plan for him will be to receive surgery. We can use Plan A, and he will need around three to four months to recover. The risks will be higher compared to normal Achilles tendon repairs."

The interpreter passed the complete message to the doctor, and the doctor immediately asked, "If he receives surgery from you, can you make it so that his recovery period will only last for three months, and he will be able to go to the field and compete right after that?"

"There is a high possibility for him to compete again after four months. The possibility is very small if you want it to be in three months." Ling Ran paused for a moment before he said, "I just started performing Plan A, so I don't have a sufficient sample size to answer your question."

"How many cases have you done?"

"Around one hundred cases."

"How about the success rate?"

"If we base it on the standard criteria, all are considered excellent," answered Ling Ran in a fast and simple manner.

"Have you experienced any failures? Will they have any severe complications?"

"As of now, I haven't had any cases where the patients showed any results lower than excellent." Ling Ran carefully thought for a while. Once Plan A was performed, the recovery would be much better than the traditional Achilles tendon repair. If it were judged using the traditional criteria, naturally, all the people who received Plan A for their Achilles tendon repairs would obtain excellence when they received the assessment. None of them ever received a good.

The South African doctor who stood in front of him was just as surprised as he was excited.

He had witnessed Ling Ran's surgery and listened to the description of Plan A. From his perspective, the biggest risk was actually the failure of the surgery, because the surgeries using Plan A was more complicated than normal Achilles tendon repairs.

It made him see hope when he heard that all surgeries performed by Ling Ran were successful.

Doctors with high success rates were not uncommon, especially high-end doctors. To preserve their reputation, they would rather earn less and perform fewer surgeries in order to improve their success rate.

Currently, his patient needed a doctor just like this one.

"I am Morris," said the South African doctor seriously, "Mister Ling Ran, are you willing to perform this surgery?"

"Where will the surgery be?" This was a first for Ling Ran.

"Can you perform the surgery in China?" asked the South African doctor, Morris. "If you agree to it, I will further discuss the details with the patient."

Ling Ran was slightly hesitant. He was an intern, and he was not sure whether he could perform the surgery.

The Chinese doctors who stood by his side were anxious as they watched Ling Ran.

When they listened to the South African doctor just now, they had guessed that he would come up with such an idea. But the reality had far more strings attached.

Many local doctors worked as freelance surgeons all around the country, but only a few of them operated on foreigners.

In contrast, if the hospitals in China could invite foreign doctors to come over to perform a freelance surgery, they would be reported in the news, and the media would even make a huge fuss about it.

"Doctor Ling, what are you still thinking about?" The female doctor from Fourth People's Hospital of Sichuan Province took the opportunity to squeeze into the crowd and grabbed Ling Ran's wrist in a great show of courage. She looked very serious as she said, "You perform Achilles tendon repairs really well, just let them send the patient over. There is no difference in the Achilles tendons between foreigners and Chinese. This just means that your skills are so good that you even received recognition from foreign doctors. It's really rare and valuable"

She spoke very seriously, and she even bravely met Ling Ran's gaze.

Huang Maoshi was stunned when he saw them. He still had the female doctor's name card in his hand, but his heart ached with the pain of betrayal.

*Thud, thud.*

*Thud, thud, thud.*

Yu Yuan, who was four feet and nine inches tall, was seen with scrubs on her upper body, while her lower body was covered in a white coat. She looked like the miniature version of a doctor. She walked over step by step from the door of the conference hall.

She gently pushed her black-framed glasses up and easily passed by the human walls formed by the group of pharmaceutical sales representatives and doctors. She treated those who were five feet and nine inches tall, six feet and two inches tall, and six feet and five inches tall as nobodies, because she really could not see them if she did not raise her head.

Yu Yuan seemed to move slowly, but in truth, she moved very quickly indeed. With a few turns here and there, she made her easily to Ling Ran.

At this moment, the female doctor from the Fourth People's Hospital of Sichuan Province looked at Yu Yuan dumbly.

Yu Yuan reached out her small and thin right hand, which was extremely suitable for fishing out appendixes from human bodies, and gently put it on the arm of the female doctor from the Fourth People's Hospital of Sichuan Province. Then, with her left hand still on Ling Ran's wrist, she tugged them apart, and she managed to successfully separate them.

Subsequently, with her slim body, Yu Yuan squeezed into the empty space between Ling Ran and the female doctor.

Yu Yuan raised her head and showed a contemptuous smile in her lips, just like a feline who had just eaten a zebra.

The doctors around them let out very audible sighs.

The scenario just now was so oppressive that everyone had held their breaths.

The female doctor was stunned. She was dejected, having lost her chance. She turned her sights to Huang Maoshi.

"You can say yes." Ji Tianlu appeared from the back and said, "You can do it in our center, and you should be able to do it in Yun Hua Hospital as well."

He was experienced in working as an international freelance surgeon, and he was very sure that the hospitals would definitely support it.

Hence, Ling Ran nodded and said to Doctor Morris from South Africa, "If your patient arrives in China before the conference ends, I'll perform the surgery here. Otherwise, I'll be leaving for Yun Hua City."

"Understood." Morris showed an 'Okay' gesture before he made a phone call.

The doctors in the area grew excited when they saw that the freelance surgery had been confirmed. After all, getting acknowledged by another doctor from another country was something that could boost a person's reputation by a great deal, and this was also the case for the doctors from abroad.

Besides, everyone was also very interested in Ling Ran.

Most of the doctors could perform Achilles tendon repairs, but only a few of them performed the surgery with excellence.

For doctors who had a lot of connections, they would practically get inquiries about Achilles tendon ruptures every week. Some of the inquiries were from patients, and some of them were from other doctors.

At this time, some people could not help but take out their phones and contact those connections.

It was completely normal for them to introduce better treatment plans to their patients or other doctors.

It was especially so for athletes. Regardless of whether an Achilles tendon was repaired well or done badly, both would undoubtedly affect the athletes' professional career and even their daily lives in the future.Athletes who were rich would find the best doctors. The athletes who were not that rich would, of course, not give up on healing their Achilles tendon and look for other ways to recover.

Ji Tianlu looked at the doctors in the area as well as the actions of the pharmaceutical sales representatives. He could not help but be envious, but he patted Ling Ran, smiled, and said, "Talk to Academician Zhu and let him publicize this matter for you."

"Publicize?" Ling Ran looked at Ji Tianlu.

"Let everyone know that foreigners traveled miles to seek medical treatment from you. Try to guess what will happen after this?"

Ling Ran came to a realization. "Then, I can use the remaining hospital beds that Academician Zhu left behind!"

"Well... that's true too." Ji Tianlu felt there was something wrong with Ling Ran's answer, but he could not pinpoint what exactly was wrong.