Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 302

303 Visitation

When Ling Ran came out of the operating theater, the red scrolling LED signs at the front door, corridor, Outpatient Department, and waiting rooms were replaced with the same sentence. [We warmly celebrate Liu Weichen winning the track and field competition in the IAAF World Games' 60-meter dash and breaking his personal record after receiving an Achilles tendon repair in our center.]

Ling Ran stood at the door and stared at the sign before he finished reading the whole sentence. It made him so uncomfortable that his body felt itchy.

The red words scrolled so slowly that they looked like they were designed to help elementary school children learn new words.

"Congratulations, Doctor Ling."

"Doctor Ling."

"Doctor Ling, remember to come back after you earn big."

Doctors who passed by greeted him in a teasing tone. In a hospital where working experience and seniority, as well as technique, were highly emphasized, everybody would express their envy whenever there were older senior physicians who published a high-impact research paper.

However, when young people stood out too much, seniors with higher status would not feel at ease, but it would also be very difficult for them to comfortably say that they were envious.

Nevertheless, the difference between doctors and other professions was, while the seniors with higher statuses may have felt uneasy, they could only be dissatisfied with themselves. 

Doctors who could cure others and do it even better than other doctors had a natural buff in the medical system.

Ling Ran walked slowly along the corridor. He was surrounded by doctors and nurses who greeted him. It all made him feel like he was back in school again. 

When he was in school, Ling Ran was an asocial student, yet social life always came bothering him.

He hated the period when results were released the most.

It would have been better if he had gotten top score in all the subjects, but he hated how people went up to congratulate him when he only got second or even fifth best in one or even several subjects.

Ling Ran would not feel too awkward. He would only be annoyed.

It was just like the present. The Achilles tendon repair he performed on Liu Weichen only had a final recovery that reached 92%, and it was not like subsequent cases. It was not even comparable to He Xiufang's surgery or the other athletes from the track and field team who received the surgery later. But everyone kept praising him for Liu Weichen's surgery.

Ling Ran shook his head secretly. He went back to the office and replayed Liu Weichen's competition.

From the slow-motion replay, he could tell that Liu Weichen's Achilles tendon was operating normally.

He had previously read Liu Weichen's Achilles tendon MRI scans twice. His recovery was truly quick. Once he connected all that he saw, he could say that Liu Weichen's Achilles tendon had basically recovered.

"How's it going? Don't you feel a sense of accomplishment?" Ji Tianlu entered the young doctors' office, and he saw Ling Ran's computer screen.

Ling Ran said, "If I perform that surgery again on him now, perhaps we could achieve an even higher sense of accomplishment."

The improved version of Plan A would obviously give Ling Ran a higher sense of accomplishment than the Plan A that merely allowed him to hold the scalpel.

Ji Tianlu laughed and said, "I've received another piece of news... Though I originally came to see how you felt."


"Liu Weichen will come over for a follow-up examination," Ji Tianlu said directly. He did not bother to beat around the bush.

He was also an orthopedist who had treated many celebrities before. Compared with a celebrity who was coming for a follow-up examination, the news of a celebrity coming to receive treatment was much more sensational.

However, Ling Ran just nodded without feeling surprised. He said, "I also think that he should come for a follow-up examination shortly after his competition."

"Yes. High-intensity competitions are very dangerous, particularly during the start of the sprints for short-distance runs." Ji Tianlu agreed and said, "The academician will come over and take a look. Also, I suggest that you rest well. Once news of Liu Weichen's victory spreads around, the number of patients you receive will increase greatly. By the way, do you have any requirements for the treatment room? I can arrange an independent treatment room for you."

An independent treatment room was just like an independent office. When the doctor worked in the room, the doctor would first perform a preliminary check-up on the patient. The treatment room was usually equipped with a nurse, an assistant, or a shared assistant. That was the working environment for doctors in Europe and America as well as the chief physicians of the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center.

With Zhu Tongyi's support, the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center had gone through many modifications.

Even the number of their chief physicians had surpassed that of a normal hospital.

"I've never used any independent treatment rooms before," Ling Ran answered.

He was really curious. If he received an independent treatment room, it meant that Ling Ran could start consulting outpatients. Naturally, they would not let Ling Ran begin consulting outpatients. He did not have a deep understanding of other illnesses in the orthopedics field just yet. If he forced himself to do the consultation, he would ruin his own reputation.

However, it was rather cool to be able to perform a secondary diagnosis for referred patients in his treatment room.

That was if Ling Ran needed to do a secondary diagnosis though.

"If you're really interested, go and apply for one from Director Zhu. You should have a chance." Ji Tianlu smiled and said, "It may look like our hospital only sets up treatment rooms for the chief physicians, but it really depends on the person. As long as Academician Zhu agrees, it will be very easy for us to bend the rules and give someone preferential treatment."

*Thud, thud, thud.*

Yu Yuan squeezed her head through the cracks between the doors.

If the entire process was replayed, it would look as if her head was stuck in the door.

Yu Yuan squeezed into the room agilely.

"Chief Physician Ji, have some water." Yu Yuan took a glass of pure water in a single-use paper cup and passed it to Ji Tianlu.

When Ji Tianlu received the cup of water politely, Yu Yuan tightened her white coat around herself to display the words on it: [Yun Hua Hospital]

Ji Tianlu saw it, smiled, and said, "Doctor Yu, right?"


He smiled again and said, "If you're interested, you can transfer to our Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center too—"

"I'm not interested." Yu Yuan did not hesitate for even a second.

Ji Tianlu laughed. "Are you really not interested? The medical resources and medical environment in Shanghai are much better than those in Yun Hua Hospital." 

It sounded like he was saying that to Yu Yuan, but in fact, it was meant for Ling Ran.

However, Yu Yuan turned her nose up on Ji Tianlu. "Despite the good medical resources in Shanghai, it has nothing to do with your center."

"Oh?" Ji Tianlu looked at Yu Yuan and appeared willing to listen to her suggestions, even though she ranked lower than him.

Yu Yuan calmly said, "I specialize in emergency medicine, and my hobby revolves around general surgeries. Are those available here?"

"Hmm? Aren't you performing Achilles tendon repairs…"

Yu Yuan acted like she did not need to explain. "I even collect coprolite, but you don't see me specializing in archaeology, do you?"

"What?" Ji Tianlu suddenly ran into a knowledge blind spot.


From the moment Liu Weichen returned to the country, he had been receiving a lot of attention from the media.

Many of the reporters had already written their stories. They just waited for Liu Weichen to speak before they published their stories to the newspapers.

This time, Liu Weichen was quite cooperative as well.

Compared with the time he had his injury, he was now more cheerful and more confident. Most importantly, he no longer had to care about whether his coach and the track and field team were happy or not.

"I'm very happy.

"I thank my people for giving me support.

"The support from the Chinese people overseas made me feel that we are united and how much we are one as people.

"I didn't think much during the competition.

"I'm happy. I returned after I recovered from my injury, and I've fully returned to my previous form. It wasn't something I had expected.

"Firstly, I want to thank my parents, the leader of the Track and Field Management Center, and my coaches. A big thanks to the fans who've been supporting me as well as the doctors from the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center, especially Academician Zhu Tongyi and Doctor Ling Ran, who possess superb skills. They've made my Achilles tendon recover to its greatest degree."

Liu Weichen received interviews while he walked. Then, he stood in front of the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center. He held a banner in his hand and took a photo together with Zhu Tongyi and Ling Ran.

Liu Weichen used to look down on those celebrities who held banners. He felt that they just wanted to create a sensation by using their own illnesses or injuries. They even pretended to wipe their tears, and it was too much of an exaggeration in his book.

Now, however, Liu Weichen wished that he could use the banner to highlight Ling Ran and Zhu Tongyi's achievements.

The anxiety, suffering, and fear he felt when he was injured could not be expressed by the few words on the banner.

Liu Weichen could still clearly remember how Ling Ran spoke expressionlessly in his luxurious ward in front of his terrible friends.

He would probably not tell anyone about what happened that day, and he would not even mention it to the media. But when he dreamed about it at night, he would always think about how he would have probably sunken into vice from then on, and lose the gold medal he got without Ling Ran's timely warning.

"Doctor Ling, thank you very much." Liu Weichen lifted the banner and gave Ling Ran his earnest thanks.

Written on the banner were the words: [Doctors with great moral and expertise possess the magic hand that restores health.]