Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 304

305 Easy Task

Yu Yuan's hands were wrapped around her belly while she entered the operating theater. When she saw Ling Ran perform a new incision, she almost drooled with desire.

"The steak today's very delicious, especially the sirloin steak from the Kentucky beef cattle. I thought the meat would be quite tough to bite, but it turned out to be pretty tender. It had a different flavor to it," Yu Yuan said while retracting. She tried hard to help Ling Ran open the skin around the patient's calf.

The nurse, who usually wore the gray rabbit cap, was wearing a nurse cap with gray rabbits that could jump out. They moved about in an adorable manner in the air. She had also eaten some of the steak, and she happily said, "I just checked online, the American steak made from sirloin is near the hip of a cow. They usually have less activity there."

"Oh right, human thighs are quite tender as well." Yu Yuan nodded and agreed.

The anesthetist whose surname was not Pan smacked his lips. "The things that you all ate… I haven't run into such good things before with the 9.9 RMB delivery [1]."

"Not 9.9 RMB delivery, but get full with just 9.9 RMB." Yu Yuan burped to show her stance in the matter.

The anesthetist whose surname was Pan raised his head and stared at Ling Ran. He smiled and said, "Doctor Ling, please let me know if you run into such a good deal in the future."

"I got it from a draw. It does not happen every time." Ling Ran looked at Yu Yuan before he asked, "Have you bought the pine nuts?"

"Yes, I bought it. They will reach by tomorrow."

"Alright." Ling Ran nodded in satisfaction. He then started to focus on isolating the Achilles tendon.

The anesthetist asked curiously, "Pine nuts? What is it for?"

Yu Yuan glanced at Ling Ran, thought about it for a while, and said, "Consider it as an enchanted item."


Yu Yuan looked at the anesthetist who was not from the Pan family with a pitying gaze and said, "Uncle, you are born in the 70s, right?"

"Don't talk nonsense!" The anesthetist who was not from the Pan family pressed down on his own hair. His voice suddenly gained a Beijing Opera accent, and he spoke rhythmically, "I'm so scared that my blood will boil and my boiling blood will end up scorching you! Arghhhhh… I'm born in the 80s, okay?"

"80s?" Yu Yuan spoke lightly and gently, and her voice was like a warm current at 204.8 degrees Fahrenheit flowing down on tender skin.

The lips of the anesthetist, whose surname was not Pan, twitched, as though he had a boil because of the heat, but still wanted to eat steaming hot barbeque. "You don't have to worry about my birth year."

"Those born in the 80s have a good life. Those who served in the army a few years earlier could be on guard duty during the Hong Kong reunification. When you first switched on your computer, you should know how to smoke already, right?" Yu Yuan stared deeply at the anesthetist whose surname was not Pan with an expression that said, "I understand all of you."

'Those born in the 90s would not even watch TV series like 'Outlaws of the Marsh', okay?!'

The anesthetist whose surname was not Pan avoided Yu Yuan's gaze and said loudly, "Doctor Ling, I'll help you to add more Skelaxin, let's end this faster."

"Are you in a hurry for the next surgery?" Ling Ran frowned and looked at the monitor. He said, "Please hold on for a little longer, I need another eight minutes."

Then, Ling Ran started to order Yu Yuan frequently.

Once the chief surgeon started to increase his speed, it was normal that he transferred more tasks to his assistant.

The anesthetist whose surname was not Pan was happy to see Yu Yuan being busy. The nervousness in his heart had been reduced greatly.

When the surgeons started to focus on the surgery, the anesthetist would be quite bored. He looked around and decided to count the time for Ling Ran.

Ling Ran did not know about it. Yu Yuan did not care about it, and the anesthetist did not even say a word.

After eight minutes, Ling Ran stopped on time.

He had truly calculated his time well.

For the current Ling Ran, open Achilles tendon repair surgeries was an easy task for him. Although he might not be 100% sure about the surgical situation before he started the surgery, he would be very confident in the subsequent steps when he was halfway through the surgery.

Compared to surgeries in the Cardiothoracic Department and Neurosurgery Department, Achilles tendons were similar to the flexor tendons sutured using the M-Tang technique. They were both at the end of the four limbs. The spots at the end of the four limbs had their own characteristics, such as the thin blood vessels, the heavy role of the tendons, higher functionality, and so on. These characteristics had caused some troubles during surgery, but their stable condition during the surgery would benefit the doctor while he or she performed the surgery.

It was very rare for accidents to occur in hand and foot surgeries. Most of the accidents were due to the surgeons' mistakes during the operation.

For surgeons who had fully-developed skills in hand and foot surgeries, they could perform all the surgeries that they had the ability to perform. There was also no meaning for them to force themselves to perform surgeries that they could not.

There was no Achilles tendon that could not be operated on by Ling Ran with his current skill. Humans had yet to have any sort of mutation where they would develop Achilles tendons that could not receive surgeries. After he performed more than two hundred surgeries using the Achilles tendon repair technique, Ling Ran's control over the surgery had become incredibly fine.

The anesthetist whose surname was not Pan had met countless surgeons, yet he had never seen anyone who could be so on time, right down to the point of seconds. He could not help but be shocked, 'Do the Brazilian pine nuts have some sort of special effects?'


One surgery after another. Ling Ran performed three surgeries at a time, and one of them was on a Mexican recommended by a foreign doctor.

But even after adding up all the time he spent performing surgeries, Ling Ran had only used up around one hour, and he also had another chief resident as his assistant.

"Are we done?" Ling Ran looked at Yu Yuan.

"The patients and their families wish to discuss with you about the patient's condition before they decide to perform the surgery or not." Yu Yuan's voice sounded weak.

"Must they meet with me?" Ling Ran asked to confirm again.

Yu Yuan answered firmly, "They came because of your reputation. They say they don't feel at ease to receive the surgery if they don't see you first."

"If you go to the pet shop and get a cat, all the salespeople need to do is just to provide a picture of the cat's parents."

Yu Yuan looked at Ling Ran skeptically and said, "Doctor Ling, are you trying to drop a hint saying that I should bring your picture over and let them take a look?"

"Stop kidding. Those who come for consultation are all the patients and their families who are very worried. What is the purpose of showing them my photo?" Ling Ran shook his head and said, "It's not as if I'm trying to barter with the salespeople in the market to get a better price."

"If… I go to the market to get a better bargain, is it useful to show your photo?" Yu Yuan was a bit stunned.

"Let's stop talking about this first, you go and gather the patients and their families. Then sort out their MRI scans for me."

"Hang on…" Yu Yuan said. She was reluctant to give up. "Let's talk about bartering in the markets first."

"Is surgery or shopping more important?" Ling Ran asked Yu Yuan.

Yu Yuan opened her mouth and suddenly realized that this was a difficult question. This scenario was as difficult as the question, "Who would you save if your boyfriend and mother fell into the water at the same time?"

Half an hour later.

Yu Yuan gathered the remaining patients with Achilles tendon ruptures and their families together. There were a total of eight patients and around twenty family members.

Liu Weichen's advertising effects had already spread out to the public. But that did not mean that this would produce a sufficient number of patients with Achilles tendon ruptures in the area. Even if a normal person saw the advertisement, they could only shrug, because they could do nothing about it.

Even they were Liu Weichen's die-hard fans, it was impossible for them to rupture their own Achilles tendons so that they could "buy" the "product" endorsed by their idol.

This was the kind of "product" where the consumers would not spend their money buying even if they had the money to do so. Liu Weichen's fame was already proven to be very great by the fact that Ling Ran could get the patients with Achilles tendon ruptures in the two digits today.

In comparison, the doctors who attended the conference could be seen as advertisers who advertised Ling Ran's skills to a certain group of people, whereas Liu Weichen was just like melatonin. Melatonin was advertised widely to the masses, just like what Liu Weichen did for Ling Ran's skills…

An attending physician brought the resident doctor who weighed 230.38 pounds by his side in order to support Ling Ran.

However, they did not provide much help for the medical environment around them right then, because it was as chaotic as a market.

The meeting room of the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center was never big, and the air became polluted when so many people were stuffed in it.

If this were any other field, the company would shut down soon, because the consumers' experience during the marketing session was utterly terrible.

But in the medical field, everyone would want their body to recover as well as possible. Naturally, no one would want to go over to a hospital that just provided a nice atmosphere but could not heal them.

The noisy scenario continued until Ling Ran turned up.

Ling Ran came over to the meeting room right on time. Without any nonsense, he said, "I'll do some distribution now. Those whose names I called, please come to me with your family members."

Ling Ran lifted the MRI scans and read the names above them, "Jiang Hong, Jin Hongcai, Li Wanke, Wang Fangjun. All of you and your families, please come to me. I've gone through your MRI scans. Your Achilles tendons aren't completely ruptured. If all of you are not going to major in sports over the next few years or have sports as your hobby, I recommend all of you to do receive minimally invasive surgery for your Achilles tendons."

Without waiting for these four patients and their families to respond, Ling Ran called out another three names. He stood in the middle and said, "Your situation is similar, but the location of your rupture is not ideal, I recommend all of you to do limited incision surgery."

Then, Ling Ran said to the last patient, "You can only receive a large incision for your surgery."

After that, Ling Ran made everyone even more confused and said, "The patients I called first, if you have any other thoughts, you can request for the surgery that I mentioned for the group of patients I called after yours. That means for the patients to which I recommended minimally invasive surgery, if you are worried about the effects of minimally invasive surgery, you can opt for limited incision surgery. Those to whom I recommended limited incision surgery can also choose to receive surgeries with large incisions too. But you cannot go in reverse in your choices, understand?"

"We understand." The patients and their families were shocked by Ling Ran. They no longer had any opinions.

Ling Ran relieved a sigh of relief in secret. He had mastered different kinds of Achilles tendon repair techniques. Although he was famous because of Plan A, he could not perform this surgery for normal people.

He was afraid of talking to patients and their families the most, so he deliberately avoided talking to them one-to-one. He turned around and said, "Now, let me explain how the three types of surgeries I mentioned will be conducted, along with their advantages and disadvantages…"

The group of patients and their families listened, so he naturally canceled his plan of running away.

"I didn't know that Doctor Ling could control the patients and their families," whispered the attending physician who came to support him and maintain a good appearance for the centered whispered. He was also relieved.

"It's just because he is good looking." The 230.38-pound resident doctor took a bottle of mineral water and drank it. His movements were bold and heroic, and not even a single drop of water fell down.