Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 306

307 Memory

Ling Ran finished reading the printed version of [Zhu-Ling Achilles Repair Technique] from the beginning to the end.

It was an article of thirty over pages. Three-quarters of it were about Zhu Tongyi's Plan A, while the remaining quarter was Ling Ran's improved version. The content was very detailed and well-distributed. The most valuable thing was that the author managed to write the important points of the improved version of the Achilles tendon repair technique without getting any help from Ling Ran.

There were indeed talented people who usually did not show their talents working under the academician.

Huang Maoshi said in a low voice, "Doctor Ling, I heard that Academician Zhu is going to publish the article in the Chinese Journal of Orthopedics, and you are the first author along with him. Congratulations!"

Although the research article was written by someone else, the foundation for it was still the experiments conducted by Ling Ran. 

In the field of clinical medicine, clinical surgeries were the basis for research articles. Since the surgeries were performed by Ling Ran, even if the research article was written by another person, it was not a problem for Ling Ran to obtain the first authorship.

Naturally, in the current system, this did not mean that it was logical and natural, even though there was no problem for the ones who performed the surgeries to be the first author. However, the printed version of the article in Ling Ran's hand represented Zhu Tongyi's attitude in this matter.

Ling Ran nodded gently and put away the printed version. Then, he saw Ji Tianlu come out from the elevator when he turned around.

The Operating Areas of the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center were all connected to the elevators, and the fire exits were not commonly used. The transition zone in the middle was huge and spacious, so the people passing through the area could be easily seen.

Ji Tianlu saw Ling Ran and smiled. "Doctor Ling, I knew you haven't left yet. I brought you good news."

"Another patient?" Ling Ran was indeed delighted.

Ji Tianlu coughed and said, "Not this time. Schedule the patients for surgery tomorrow. They're not in that much of a hurry to receive surgery."

"If there are patients, just drop me a message. I will be back at the center by 4 o'clock in the morning at the latest." Ling Ran calculated the sleeping time he needed. If it were not necessary, he would not want to waste another Energy Serum.

Ji Tian nodded in resignation. Then, he cast a glance at Huang Maoshi, who seemed excited. He stared at Huang Maoshi until Huang Maoshi felt chills down his spine.

"Excuse me, Chief Physician Ji, Doctor Ling. I will make a move first if there is nothing else." Huang Maoshi was not a stupid person. Although he would like to establish a connection with Ji Tianlu, he still left obediently.

Once Ji Tianlu saw Huang Maoshi leave, he quietly took out a paper and passed it to Ling Ran. He smiled and said, "Take a look at this! I purposely asked the Finance Department to construct this table for you."

"Is this a payslip?" Although Ling Ran had never seen pigs run before… Alright, he had never indeed seen pigs run before, but he had still eaten pork before. He had also never seen payslips before, but he still managed to recognize one at the instant he saw it.

"Yes, this is your payslip," Ji Tianlu said while he unfolded the paper for Ling Ran. "Look at this. This is your income last month, it's mainly formed from your bonuses and surgical fees…"

Ji Tian completely unfolded the paper and pointed at the five-digit income. He focused on Ling Ran's expression and said, "You should originally be issued a basic salary, a job salary, including endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance, childbirth insurance, and housing accumulation funds. But your current status is still not yet confirmed, so the Finance Department could not do an account for you."

Ling Ran looked at the "large" amount, nodded, and said, "I can't be transferred here. I'm going to work at Yun Hua Hospital."

Ji Tianlu was stunned before he smiled and said, "Let's not talk about it now, you're still an intern…"

"The Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center is not suitable for me." Ling Ran shook his head quickly and said, "The patients admitted over here are too homogenous. I don't like it."

"About this… Doctor Ling, you made your decision too fast…" Ji Tianlu thought that maybe he could get a euphemistic reply. He did not expect that Ling Ran would make his decision so suddenly.

Ling Ran did not think about being polite, and he answered firmly again.

Ji Tianlu was very disappointed, and he muttered to himself, "Too fast, too fast…"

"Then, can I still perform surgeries tomorrow?" Ling Ran's concern never changed.

"Sure, why not?" Ji Tianlu kept smiling wryly. Even though Ling Ran might not be recruited into the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center, they were still willing to let Ling Ran come over.

The attention Ling Ran brought for performing surgery for Liu Weichen was one of the reasons; Ling Ran's skills were also quite precious.

For a normal doctor, the number of surgeries that he or she could perform would only be one to two hundred surgeries every year. Ling Ran's presence in the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center was the same as them being able to poach a senior doctor over to their side and have that doctor work for them for a year. They did not suffer any losses from doing so.

In a hospital, young doctors whose ranks were lower than senior attending physicians were considered a burden, while doctors who were associate chief physicians or above were like shining gold that were important to the hospital.

Ling Ran's skill was enough to make him support a treatment group that focused solely on Achilles tendon repairs. So, how could Ji Tianlu reject him from performing surgeries?

As for hospital beds? There were still a lot of them in the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center!

At least for the time being, there were still plenty of the beds.

"Fine. Let's talk about something happy. Ling Ran, your income now is equivalent to how much a gold-collar worker earns now. How do you want to spend it once you get it?" Ji Tianlu patted Ling Ran's shoulder in a cordial manner as he asked that question.

Ling Ran took the payslip and examined it in detail for a few seconds. He said, "If I have so much money, maybe I can get underwear."

Ji Tianlu was still laughing as Ling Ran said the first phrase, but once he said his second phrase, his finger became stiff.

*Thud, thud, thud.*

The elevator door was still closed, but the sounds from within could be heard.

After a few seconds, Yu Yuan walked out of the elevator.

Ji Tianlu immediately hid his finger.

Yu Yuan nodded with satisfaction and asked, "What are all of you doing?"

"Oh, right, your payslip!" Ji Tianlu felt that he must have had a few screws in his head loose. Why should he be afraid of Yu Yuan? He immediately took out the payslip that was meticulously made and passed it to Yu Yuan. He said, "Your bonus, surgery fees, and so on…"

"Aren't you nice?" Yu Yuan imposing manner weakened in an instant, as though she was a cat who stole a fish. Then she opened it and checked it immediately.

When Ji Tianlu saw that the atmosphere had turned better, he was secretly relieved. He laughed and said, "I just asked Ling Ran what is he going to do when he got the money. Yu Yuan, what do you plan to buy when you got the money?"

"Me?" A misty look appeared in Yu Yuan's eyes.

Ji Tianlu nodded curiously.

"To pay for the wareroom charges first." Yu Yuan could not help but to look at the payslip in her hands and said, "I'll pay off what I owe previously. I should be able to buy some bottles, ropes, and so on using the money I have remaining."

Ji Tianlu did not understand and asked, "Wareroom? Bottle?"


Ji Tianlu left the hospital in terror.

It was time for him to clock off. He should now rest.

Ji Tianlu decided to have a good sleep first, and once he woke up the next day, he would welcome a new day.

He will forget the bad memories soon.


The next day.

Four o'clock in the morning.

The Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center was just like a man who got up at night to urinate and began a new day while his head was still foggy with sleep.

The patients that had accumulated since yesterday had received IV transfusions and were ready to be pushed to the operating table.

The nurses, anesthetists, patient care assistants, and resident doctors had also arrived very early to the operating theater.

The Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center did not usually have such a complete group of medical staff on duty. As a research-based hospital that only had around thirty doctors, the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center did not have the setup to operate as an Emergency Department, neither were they prepared to operate as an Emergency Department.

But if the chief surgeon needed it, there was no reason for them to argue about it.

The patient's family was so grateful that they would definitely not reject whatever Ling Ran offered once they got to know that Doctor Ling Ran who performed the surgery for Liu Weichen was willing to perform their surgery before dawn.

Ling Ran took a ride through DiDi and reached the hospital on time.

He wore the white coat and walked down the corridor with a majestic gait. He stood for some time in a ward without any patients and could not help but laugh.

A man who really woke up during midnight to pee looked at that back of that laughing figure and listened to that laughter. He lowered his head and went back to his own bed to quietly crawl under his blankets again.