Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 307

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"Old Qu, please come and negotiate with the patient. The patient and her family have some worries regarding the large incision the patient will receive during surgery." Ji Tianlu opened the door of the meeting room and called Doctor Qu at the corridor itself to show he had no ulterior motives.

Doctor Qu moved over begrudgingly. He came to Ji Tianlu and said, "It's Ling Ran's surgery, right? We have to help no matter what, right?"

Ji Tianlu was a young chief physician. His young age meant that the time he spent bullying people was shorter, but it did not mean that he bullied fewer people or was inexperienced. Ji Tianlu who was in his forties raised his neck and stood behind the patient and her family, "If you are too busy with clinical work, maybe I'll let you perform some physical examination. What do you say?"

Doctor Qu had just made a random comment to release his dissatisfaction for Liu Weichen being taken away from his hands. He dared not talk back to Ji Tianlu. When he saw that Ji Tianlu was not happy, he quickly said, "It was just a random comment. Chief Physician Ji, please don't be so rash"

Then, Ji Tianlu explained in an amiable tone, "The other doctors are busy. The people here today came because of Liu Weichen's fame. You're familiar with his situation as well. Please explain things to the patient's family. I'm tired of trying to convince them."

"Yes. So will Ling Ran not come over?"

"I'm registered as the chief surgeon. It doesn't matter whether Ling Ran comes over or not. Besides, with his conversational skills, what use would he be in the meeting room?" With a justified and confident tone, Ji Tianlu mentioned that he did not follow standard operating procedures.

In a unit like the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center, there would always be postgraduate students, housemen, medical interns, and even foreign doctors who constantly came in and out of the center. Regardless of whether they owned a medical practitioner's qualification certificate or not, they basically did not have the right to practice medicine legally. Yet they still had to perform the surgeries that they needed to perform.

However, writing down the name of the chief surgeon was a serious matter. Only a doctor like Ling Ran who had good skills, was good, was careful, and also handsome could obtain the complete trust from Ji Tianlu to write down his name as the chief surgeon.

If it were another doctor, no matter how good his skills were, Ji Tianlu would not allow them to write his name if they were eccentric, and they were not handsome enough. The matter about personalities was pretty self-explanatory, if the surgeon decided to be eccentric during a surgery, then an accident could happen anytime in a surgery. Surgeons who were not handsome enough were dangerous too. If they met any beautiful young nurses or interns, they would probably have their brains fried, and their intelligence would drop.

Only a doctor like Ling Ran could be trusted by the others, and he also performed consistently.

Regardless of whether Doctor Qu was willing or not, he could only go into the meeting room.

The meeting room in the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center was the most useful facility in the center, and it mimicked the hospitals from the United States.

Naturally, it was also the most extravagant facility.

While the other hospitals did not have enough beds, the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center set up twelve meeting rooms. Every meeting room was about the size of an economical hotel room. The design of each meeting room was also comparable to the level of an economic hotel room so that it gave off a clean impression that did not make them appear luxurious.

Luxury was not an important endeavor of a hospital. It was even considered a detriment.

At the middle of the meeting room was a round coffee table. The table had a round wooden surface, and the table legs were screwed on the ground to prevent people from flipping over the tables when they were angry.

They did not choose extremely couches to be placed around the coffee table either. The tough and hard rectangular couches were screwed on the ground as well. They could not be moved.

The paper drinking cups and water dispensers followed the same principles. It was either locked to the ground or had their edges softened.

Naturally, normal patients and family members would not pay attention to these matters. Their emotions were usually tense. They looked calm on the surface, but felt worried in their hearts. However, if they were not businessmen or politicians who needed to act, they would usually not be able to hide their mental conditions perfectly.

Doctor Qu was also an experienced doctor. He would observe the patients and families that he faced carefully.

The patient was a young lady with light brown skin. She was dressed in sports attire, and she had a wrist cuff on her wrist. She appeared to be about fifteen or sixteen years old, and it could be said that she was a girl who was at the time where she would be at her most beautiful as a teen.

She sat in a wheelchair and pressed herself against the couch. One of her hands held her mother's hand, while the other touched her mother's shoulder to comfort her.

Her mother had light makeup on, but her eye bags were still apparent. It might have been caused by crying multiple times. Her father looked quite calm, but the struggles and anxiety in his heart could still be seen from the tension on his face.

Doctor Qu could easily tell the composition of the family. This was a standard family with a more outstanding daughter. Her father and mother did not have a high social status, but they were definitely quite capable financially. They did not demand a lot from their child, but they had indeed spent quite a lot in their child's education.

Doctor Qu took the medical record silently and went through it first. Once he had some ideas in his mind, he said, "Chief Physician Ji should have told you the main situation now. Which aspect of the surgery is causing you to doubt?"

"Can we receive a minimally invasive surgery?" The mother should have held these words in herself for a long time. She then said, "I have checked online that minimally invasive surgeries can be performed for Achilles tendon ruptures, isn't that so? Some people want to receive conservative treatment."

Doctor Qu picked an MRI scan automatically and took a look at it. He understood instantly and shook his head before he said, "The degree of the rupture for your Achilles tendon is rather great, and the location is not very good as well. It's definitely not possible to perform minimally invasive surgery on you. A surgery with a limited incision can still be considered. I can recommend a few doctors who perform well with surgeries requiring limited incisions."

Although Doctor Qu had listened to orders and come in to talk to the patient, he did not want to help Ling Ran with such menial tasks.

It was not certain whether the mother had understood what Doctor Qu said. She insisted, "One of the doctors in our local hospital said that minimally invasive surgery can usually be performed on Achilles tendon ruptures."

Doctor Qu had met too many patients and family members like these. He did not get angry. He did not rush into the conversation either, but smiled and said, "May I know your surname?"

"My surname is Xu."

"Sister Xu, please allow me to call you this way." Doctor Qu smiled and said, "A normal Achilles tendon rupture can be treated with minimally invasive surgery. But, honestly, Dong Xiaoning's Achilles tendon rupture rather serious. Also, Dong Xiaoning, you are an athlete, right? What do you think?"

"I wish to continue with sports," Dong Xiaoning answered straight away. She patted her mother's hand and said, "I'm not afraid of having scars. Why should it matter that I have some scars?"

Madam Xu grabbed her daughter's hand tightly and said, "You may think that it is not a big deal to have a scar now. But what about when you are in your twenties? You may not be able to continue as an athlete by then, but your scars won't disappear. Then, what will you do?"

"I'll just deal with it at that time." Dong Xiaoning was indifferent to this. "So what if I have a scar? If worst comes to worst, I can get a tattoo."

"Those with tattoos will be rejected during the aviation test." Madam Xu shook her head.

"They will not want anyone who has gone through surgery as well." Dong Xiaoning smiled and said, "Why does that matter? I never wanted to become a pilot as well."

"You can't be a police officer either."

"That may not be true." Dong Xiaoning paused for a moment before she laughed and said, "Are you actually serious about me becoming a police officer?"

As a mother, she could not bear with the thought of a big scar on her daughter. "Anyway, could you think of a way to let my daughter receive minimally invasive surgery? It's okay even if it is more expensive Doctor Ling performed a surgery for Liu Weichen too, right? He should have a way, right?"

"Ling Ran did not do a minimally invasive surgery for Liu Weichen. It was a surgery with a large incision as well."


"At the very least, it must be a surgery with a limited incision. Also, if you receive a surgery with limited incision, you must avoid strenuous exercise for a few years."

"I want to be an athlete, I'm not afraid of getting scars." Dong Xiaoning became very resolute.

Her mother was very anxious but sorry for her daughter, "Doctor, can you think of any other method? Or can she be an athlete after she receives a surgery with limited incision?"

Although her father did not say anything, he looked at Doctor Qu.

Doctor Qu looked at this family of three and said slowly, "If you seek out Doctor Ling for treatment, he will come to know that he is best at Achilles tendon repairs that are performed with large incisions. He might be able to perform surgeries with limited incisions, but"

"Then... Who should we look for?" The family of the young lady instantly lost her ability to make up her mind.

All of them looked at Doctor Qu with faces full of expectation.

Doctor Qu originally planned to recommend other doctors. He even got the reasons ready. Since the patient had changed her mind, he thought of getting a doctor who was older and mature, or simply get anyone

In other words, the choice of the patient was the greatest deciding factor.

But when he saw the young lady lean against her mother as he long eyelashes reflected the sun, and her thin and long fingers grasp her mother's hand tightly, Doctor Qu could not help but fall silent.

"I still recommend you to go to Ling Ran for surgery. First of all, the surgeries he performs with large incisions can ensure the recovery of Dong Xiaoning's Achilles tendon. The chance of you rejoining the world of sports will be much greater. Second, if it's about the scars, you can ask Doctor Ling to do the suture himself. Doctor Ling's skills in regards to skin suture alone is... the top in the country." When Doctor Qu said it, he felt uncomfortable. He stood up and said, "You may consider it first."

After he finished his words, Doctor Qu stood up and left the room.