Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 311

312 Logic

In the ward of the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center was a room that currently held three people. That room was where Dong Xiaoning stayed. One of the patients was an old lady who was recovering from a hip replacement surgery, while another one was a girl, Jia Guqiao, who had received meniscoplasty viaarthroscope.

Jia Guqiao was two years older than Dong Xiaoning. She had just come over to study in university not long ago, and she was able to mingle well with Dong Xiaoning. As they started to chat, they naturally talked about Doctor Ling Ran.

"Doctor Ling Ran's so skilled."

"Doctor Ling Ran is so good-looking."

"Doctor Ling Ran is a good man."

The same conversation was repeated three hundred times. If it concerned any other topic, it would be far short-lived. But for Jia Guqiao and Dong Xiaoning, they could talk endlessly about Ling Ran.

Both of them had even created a group just to share his pictures with each other.

Beside this chat group, both of them also shared the photos they took in different chat groups, and it somehow turned into a topic among their people. Jia Guqiao and Dong Xiaoning basically spent all their time they did not go through rehabilitation online.


Yu Yuan pushed the door and examined Dong Xiaoning and Jia Guqiao. Then, she asked, "How do you feel?"

"I feel pretty good today. Why isn't Doctor Ling here?" Dong Xiaoning pursed her lips. She looked unhappy.

Dong Xiaoning's father coughed and said, "My dear girl, can the chief surgeon come over to the ward every day? He still has other things to do."

"Aren't I a patient?" Dong Xiaoning was already a sophomore in her high school. She was no longer the obedient freshman in high school who used to listen to her father.

Her father was not happy and said, "So what if you're a patient? Do you think you're great just because you are a patient?"

Dong Xiaoning's mother held her husband and patted his arm. Then, she said, "Just leave the girl alone. Go and get the doctor some juice."

"No, no, it's okay." Yu Yuan rejected immediately and asked, "Is your Achilles tendon still swollen?"

As she spoke, she had Dong Xiaoning remove the cast and changed the dressing.

Dong Xiaoning shook her head and said, "It's kind of weird. A few days ago, the area around the Achilles tendon was still swollen, but now, it has recovered"

Yu Yuan smiled like a child. She said while she did the check-up, "That means your recovery is quite good."

"Excuse me, so is Doctor Ling not coming today?" Dong Xiaoning asked again.

"Not coming," Yu Yuan answered firmly.

Dong Xiaoning and Jia Guqiao looked disappointed. Both of them took out their phones and messaged each other crazily.


Ling Ran fully stretched out his body while he was at a balcony facing the small courtyard of the center. He then took out his phone in satisfaction.

This location had a great view, as Fuyuan Stadium could be seen from this place. This place had turned into Ling Ran's retreat. Nowadays, more patients looked for Ling Ran. His working hours had not only extended, but his resting time had also been reduced greatly.

Ling Ran opened up his phone again and spotted a red dot on his WeChat.

Ling Ran replied, for he might as well. He rarely ever did so. He had a fixed schedule when it came to messages. He would only reply a normal conversation once a day.

A man had limited time and energy. Unless that person happened to be a very close friend, he could not reply to everyone's message in earnest. If he did, he would not need to do anything else except answering messages day and night.

But Ling Ran did reply to the patients whom he had added on WeChat often enough.

Among these patients, Liu Weichen was the most proactive one.

Ling Ran opened the conversation tab for a person who went by the username "Very Obedient". It was Liu Weichen, and the man sent him a message once every few hours.

[Very Obedient: Why is my leg itchy?]

[Very Obedient: It's fine. Maybe I got bitten by something.]

[Very Obedient: It's way too red to be a mosquito bite!]

[Very Obedient: I warmed up my Achilles tendon for 40 minutes, and I felt it working quite well when I jogged. But I use up too much time in warming up.]

[Very Obedient: Doctor Ling, my mum seems like she's down with the flu. The amoxicillin didn't seem to work after she ate it]

The message Doctor Ling saw had been sent half an hour ago. He replied, [Don't eat it.]

Very Obedient replied immediately, [Please recommend a doctor for us.]

Ling Ran pursed his lips. He decided to go by his rules and ended his health inspection for Liu Weichen for the day.


A yellow Labrador suddenly bent its back and rushed all the way toward Ling Ran. It did not only not reduce its speed, but on the contrary, accelerated into a swift turn.

The Labrador was seen drifting on the smooth floor for almost 3.28 feet with its paws. It was a beautiful drift, and it even had its head successfully land in Ling Ran's bosom.

Qin Min the policeman hid in a corner far away. She clenched her fist and whispered,"Drift attack with a head bump, complete!"

"Chestnut?" Ling Ran called out and rubbed its head.

"Woof, woof, woof" Chestnut barked obediently before it kept turning its head to smell Ling Ran.

A policewoman dressed in a fitting uniform that emphasized her shapely figure jogged forward, laughed, and said, "Doctor Ling, sorry about that. I just let go of Chestnut, and it immediately ran over."

Chestnut looked at the policewoman, confused. It started to analyze the command she gave it.

The policewoman tried to comfort Chestnut by touching its head. She laughed and asked, "Doctor Ling, what are you doing now?"

"Replying WeChat messages."

"WeChat?" Qin Min's sensitive occupational senses were immediately activated.

The smart Labrador looked like as though it received a new order. Suddenly, it extended its head and grabbed Ling Ran's phone in its mouth. It then turned around and passed it to Qin Min.

Qin Min saw the name of "Very Obedient", and warning bells immediately rang in her head.

'The name "Very Obedient" was at the top of the chat history. This shows that Doctor Ling was chatting with her just now.

'The phone is warm, this means they've been talking for some time.

'Doctor Ling stretched out his arm just now to get the phone back. And he looked very serious. This means that Doctor Ling places a lot of value on this conversation.

'This can only mean one thing.'

An aura was exuded from Qin Min's entire body.

'Which bitch would name herself this way?

'Is she trying to show that she has a very pliant character? Is she trying to appear gentle?

'Or is she trying to show that she is ignorant of worldly affairs? Or is she a precocious young girl?

'Is she trying to say that she's very obedient when it comes to That? That's too much! What are those bitches thinking about these days?Find authorized novels in Wuxiaworldfaster updates, better experiencePlease click for visiting.

'Is it possible this is a username solely for Doctor Ling only?'

Qin Min had many different kinds of thoughts in her mind. She looked calm as she pursed her lips and smiled. She gave the phone back to Ling Ran, "I'm sorry. Chestnut has fully recovered now, and it was a little too excited."

Chestnut stared at Qin Min with a confused look.

Qin Min waited for Ling Ran to come over and collect his phone. She pushed it a little further outwards. The exchange was completed in a flash, and it perfectly created a chance for them to touch each other.

After receiving a long period of training, she had extraordinarily great hand-eye coordination.

She developed a mind that could accept many things after she went through countless security missions and search missions.

There was no training, ability, or job in the world that would be wasted.

*Thud, thud.*

*Thud, thud, thud, thud, thud.*

The sound of feet stepping on the ground was firm and loud.

Qin Min would not fall into the same trap again. She quickly turned around and let go. Then, she saw one person squeeze into the space between her and Ling Ran.

It was a rough big face that made people look up.

"Department Director Huo?" Ling Ran was very surprised, and it was only natural that he was surprised. He did not receive any news that Huo Congjun was here at Shanghai.

Huo Congjun first looked at Qin Min's uniform before he straightened his back. He showed a smile like a wild tiger who needed food in a zoo. "I came to attend a meeting. I came over to take a look at you while I was at it."

Ling Ran came to a realization. The most common reason for a doctor to go to other places was to attend meetings or be freelance surgeons. Both reasons were usually not completely unrelated as well.

At Huo Congjun's level, he would still be asked to speak for others sometimes.

He would occasionally have some unavoidable meetings that he needed to attend, and he would have no choice but to rush over to attend it.

Ling Ran asked casually, "What kind of meeting?"

Huo Congjun was stunned for a while. He lowered his head, took out a small notebook, and opened it. He said, "Annual meeting for the challenges in pelvic anatomy and gynecology."