Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 313

314 Straightforward Huo Congjun

"I knew it!" Ji Tianlu's expression changed, and he said, "I knew this old man wouldn't be so kind Ling Ran, you can't just obey Huo Congjun in everything. Look, can Yun Hua compare to our medical resources in Shanghai?" Find authorized novels in Wuxiaworldfaster updates, better experiencePlease click for visiting.

Ling Ran shook his head faintly. That was true. The combination of Yun Hua Hospital, Changxi Provincial Hospital, and the People's Liberation Army General Hospital still could not compare with a tertiary Grade A hospital in Shanghai. Yun Hua Hospital, Changxi Provincial Hospital, and the People's Liberation Army General Hospital had an advantage in terms of scale if they compared themselves with a small medical center like the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center. However, the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center was just a branch hospital or rather, a strong department part of the Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University.

Ji Tianlu took the opportunity to say, "Ling Ran, I've been telling you that it'd be best if you stay in Shanghai. You don't have to stay long, just eight or ten years, and you'll become the top in the country. If you go back to Yun Hua Hospital, how long will it take before you can stand out among the others?"

Ling Ran just nodded, but no one knew whether he had registered those words or not.

"Ling Ran, you need to know how to weigh the pros and cons, understand?" Ji Tianlu said seriously. He no longer cared that there were other doctors in front of him. "You need to think for yourself more. If I must say anything about this, it's if a young doctor like you considers yourself more, it also means that you consider things for the medical field in our country at the same time"

"I have my own plans." Ling Ran looked at Ji Tianlu and answered just as seriously, "Next week, I will fill up all the hospital beds in the center, and the time will be just right."

At that point, only thirty out of the one hundred and eighty beds in the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center were left, and there were only four single-person rooms left. Those beds were the final beds that were left for those who had connections with the center. A normal department would have stopped receiving patients by now if they did not add any more beds.

Naturally, the hospitals in China never received patients based on the authorized beds they had. In the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center, there were still at least one hundred and thirty beds that could be used. Besides, the number of patients being discharged slowly was also increasing, and based on the normal speed of how a hospital operated

Of course, Ling Ran did not operate at a normal speed.

Ji Tianlu was stunned by Ling Ran's plan, and the doctors by their side were also shocked because of Ling Ran's straightforwardness and calmness.

The doctors in the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center felt as if they had been discarded after they had been used.

Ji Tianlu closed his eyes for a second, rationalized matters in his head, and said, "If there are still beds available in the hospital, will you be willing to stay longer?"

Ling Ran's popularity was increasing nowadays. No matter what method was used, the longer he stayed, the higher the value the center will have.

For the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center, which only had around thirty doctors, this was the time for them to use the valuable beds.

Ling Ran looked at Ji Tianlu with doubt and said, "If you can't find any patients, it will be meaningless even if you have hospital beds."

"Of course we will be able to find patients," Ji Tianlu answered loudly, "Am I that kind of person? We will have enough patients that will fill the quota, and there will be no less than that. In my opinion, we still have a lot of room to add beds. Ling Ran, if you can fill up all the existing beds, I will then try my best to provide you with as many hospital beds as possible!"

A few doctors in the meeting room lowered their prideful heads and reduced their egos. Although everyone there was a surgeon, they never thought that they would encounter such a conversation.

"If there are hospital beds, I can stay for a longer time." Ling Ran was a bit tempted. Yun Hua Hospital might have cleared many hospital beds, but the total number of hospital beds in the Emergency Department of Yun Hua Hospital was still not many. For example, if Ling Ran did a normal surgery like the Achilles tendon repair nonstop, the hospital beds would be fully occupied in just a few days.

Ji Tianlu chuckled. The Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center had been built with the idea that they must have extra space for extra beds. Right then, the remaining half of the ward area was closed. Once it was opened, there would be a large number of hospital beds available.

"Okay. As long as you stay here, you will not run out of hospital beds." Ji Tianlu very violently jinxed himself.


While Ling Ran thought about this, the system gave him a new mission.

[Mission: Rise into Prominence]

[Mission Detail: Fully utilize the hospital beds at the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center. Fill them up!]

[Reward: Intermediate Treasure Chest.]

"I got it. As long as there are still beds at the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center, I will continue to perform surgery." Ling Ran knew that Ji Tianlu wanted to poach him. He was familiar with it, and he was sensitive to this kind of action.

If there was no mission, perhaps Ling Ran would ease up the atmosphere a little bit.

However, since the mission had popped out, there was nothing much to be said.

Even if it was just for the Intermediate Treasure Chest, Ling Ran would still fill up the hospital beds in the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center.

Ji Tianlu was also filled with excitement.

He knew young doctors like Ling Ran too well. He used to be like Ling Ran when he was about his age. His skills were better than his colleagues', and he seemed to have limitless stamina and energy that allowed him to keep performing surgeries endlessly. Also, he would feel as though the patients, hospital beds, devices, and equipment were never enough

But Ji Tianlu also knew that surgeons were also humans, and they would reach a limit at some point in time.

It was not just physical limitations, their mental strength also had a limit. Doctors also had their own limitations as well. Forget about performing surgeries nonstop, even if a surgeon had to operate every day for twelve to thirteen hours, there would come a time where they could no longer last as well.

When Ji Tianlu thought about that, he was stunned for a while. In his memories, Ling Ran seemed to be the type who wanted to operate for twelve to thirteen hours on a daily basis

"I'll go and coordinate the surgeries and hospital beds." Ji Tianlu decided to get out of this fixed train of thought and solved the problem at hand.

Ling Ran intentionally reminded him. "Please get me more patients who need meniscoplasty and Achilles tendon repair."

"How about finger replantation?" Ji Tianlu asked jokingly.

Arthroscopic surgeries only required around thirty minutes. A normal Achilles tendon repair needed about the same time as well. But replanting a finger would require around two to three hours. Even if Ling Ran could do it faster, he would still need one to two hours. In their little bet, finger replantations were definitely not worthwhile for Ling Ran.

Ling Ran answered without any hesitation, "I only want those who have two or more severed fingers."

Ji Tianlu could not help but laugh, "At least you know how to save up on beds."

He did not think much. Then, he left to do his work.

As one of the cities that contained the largest number of people in the country, Shanghai had a sufficient number of patients.

Ling Ran chose to leave quietly. He went to the Operating Area to change his attire and took out a few bottles of Energy Serum. He checked them thoroughly before he put them back to his pocket.

During that night, Ling Ran did not go back to the hotel.

After using an Energy Serum to solve the problem with his sleep, Ling Ran performed surgeries all the way until morning. Then, he used the Meituan app to order the breakfast set before he headed out to rest.

"Ling Ran!"

Huo Congjun had been waiting at the Operating Area a long time ago.

"Department Director Huo? Why are you here? Don't you have to attend a conference today?" Ling Ran looked surprised.

"Yes. The conference is still going on now. It's okay for me to skip one of the sessions."

There was one standard medical annual conference in Shanghai over the past few days. Department Director Huo not only needed to use its name, but he also had to stay at the hotel provided by the conference. He even needed to use the transportation provided by the conference organizers. He had to go on the first day, but on the second day, he was too embarrassed to force himself to go to the conference anymore.

Huo Congjun dragged Ling Ran to sit at a corner. He smiled and said, "Let me show you something good Hmm This was given by the conference organizers. I don't think I'll be using it. So, I'll pass it to you."

As Huo Congjun spoke, he took out a beautiful small bag. He opened up the bag, and a few silver stainless devices, tracheal tubes, and other stuff were seen inside.

"What is this?"

"A complete tracheotomy pack. Even the syringe and the disinfectant are all from Germany, and I love ahem... Anyway, these devices are quite durable. Since I do not perform a lot of tracheotomies, I will give you this." Huo Congjun looked like a gentleman who always gave things to those who were in need.

When Ling Ran gave his gratitude, he asked out of his curiosity, "Is it the tracheotomy pack given during the annual meeting for the challenges in pelvic anatomy and gynecology?"

"Yes," Huo Congjun answered vaguely and said, "Some people just like to be prepared for emergencies. This is a portable tracheotomy pack. Think about it, if you heard the announcement from a pilot that they need a doctor while you are flying, you can take out this pack"

Huo Congjun felt satisfied when he saw the understanding look dawn on Ling Ran's face. He knew Ling Ran was someone who liked to prepare for emergencies. Therefore, he rejected the suggestion of the pharmaceutical sales representative to give many different gifts but chose a tracheotomy pack as a gift instead.

Department Director Huo felt that his thought process was clear, 'A tracheotomy pack would continue to inspire Ling Ran's interest in emergency treatment. If Ling Ran could use it at least once outside the hospital, Ling Ran's sense of achievement would go up. By that time, Ling Ran's interest in the Emergency Department would also increase.'

With such a clear train of thought, it was easy for him to choose a gift. Huo Congjun tried hard to hide his proud smile.