Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 317

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Ji Tianlu stepped on the 4.6-feet-long ceramic tile, and he was slightly surprised as well as delighted while he looked at the new ward area.

Clean and tidy rooms were the most basic requirements of a ward. But what made it rare was the fact that the construction company had reproduced the basic structure of their existing ward. Not only did they use the same tiles and wall bricks, but they also reproduced the bathrooms down to the finest detaileven though anyone who saw it would think that it cost a lot of money. The same was applicable to the offices, nurse stations, and on-call rooms, which all medical staff were most concerned about

Based on his experience of renovating his own house, Ji Tianlu made some silent estimations, and he came to the conclusion that the construction company was definitely going to lose money.

"Have they checked to see if everything's waterproof and examined all the other stuff?" Ji Tianlu asked the people-in-charge in the Medical Affairs Department.

The committee in the Medical Affairs Department was similarly confused and said, "They have all been checked. We followed them throughout the checking process, and their standards were very high"

Right after the people from Yunli Medical Company walked slightly further, he asked again, "We also secretly took some materials to check, and they're all real. The money we gave them is impossible for them to buy those materials."

"You're joking, right?" Ji Tianlu said, but he believed it in his heart.

He raised his head and looked at the ceiling before he looked at the two new elevators. He was really confused now. "Are these really done in just a few days? I don't feel safe."

"Three construction teams, and they worked three shifts. Do you understand now?" The staff from the Medical Affairs Department chuckled before he lowered his voice and said, "The supervisor they hired behaved like a devil."

"Devil?" Ji Tianlu was now old, so he obviously did not understand the slang.

The staff from the Medical Affairs Department said seriously, "At that time, I watched a forty-year-old worker cry because of him. He was really crying."

"And you did not care when you saw it?"

"Why should I? That worker cried because he could not get his triple pay. His one-week pay is already much greater than my salary in one month. And I can't interfere with how they manage their workers."

Ji Tianlu frowned. "Triple pay?"

"Exactly. I heard that the highest pay offered was five times their basic salary. They had some kind of project management going on. I have to say, the supervisor the company hired is really great. There are a few hundred workers in the company, but all of them are well-managed."

"A few hundred?"


"Can they earn back the money?" Ji Tianlu opened the door of a room, and he saw that the little washroom to his right was clean and tidy. The bright ceramic tiles looked like very high-end tiles. When he raised his head, he saw different designs of ceiling lights on the ceiling.

After Ji Tianlu finished viewing the room, the Medical Affairs Department staff said, "I'm not sure if they can earn all the money back, but honestly, what exactly do they want?"

"What do they want? We just need to call them and ask, and we will know." Ji Tianlu took his phone out as he talked. He brought it close to himself and said, "Call Mai Chun."

"You'll have to unlock your iPhone first," Ji Tianlu's phone replied loudly.

Fifteen minutes later, Mai Chun came over hurriedly.

"Chief Physician Ji, is there any problem?" After getting some experience, Mai Chun became more skilled. She was dressed in a pure blue professional suit, and there was a strong soul that would not be defeated in the workplace hidden under the suit.

Ji Tianlu stared at Mai Chun for a few seconds, and he suddenly did not know what to say.

After a while, Ji Tianlu looked at Mai Chun and said, "I remember you have told me that your company was ready to expand their business in Shanghai, right? How's it going?"

Mai Chun was stunned for a while before she said, "It hasn't started yet."

"Hasn't started yet?"

"Yes, our superiors haven't given us any instructions. They probably want to finish their work here first before they make promote their business to the other hospitals in Shanghai," Mai Chun answered naturally. She used to be an innocent pharmaceutical sales representative, but now, her job scope included managing a construction team. This was out of her expectations, and she could not bring the idea to fruition before the plans were laid out. She had not reached the level where she could act by drawing inferences from other examples.

But Ji Tianlu smiled gently. He thought for a while, smiled, and said, "Okay, let me make a few calls and introduce both of you to each other. What do you think?"

"Is is that okay?" Mai Chun was stunned. She had never met a doctor who offered assistance to a pharmaceutical sales representative. She could not help but touch her own face and took a look at herself using the shining tiles on the floor.

No problem, she still looked like a normal girl who could neither be a mistress nor a prostitute

"Sure. Let me just make a call. Please wait for a while," Ji Tianlu said cordially.

He had not actually taken the initiative to help any pharmaceutical sales representative before.

As a chief physician of the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center, Ji Tianlu was considered as a god-like figure in the eyes of many pharmaceutical sales representatives. One, it was because he was the first doctor who performed hip replacement surgeries in the country. Two, he had published many research articles, and he was an expert in this field. He did not only perform a lot of related surgeries as compared to a normal doctor but also brought about a demonstration effect.

When Ji Tianlu worked as a freelance surgeon in other hospitals or performed demonstrations in his own hospital, his appearance would bring about an effect on other jobs. As a star in his specialty, his ability to introduce certain goods into an area was even greater than a celebrity's.

Hip replacement surgeries required many different prostheses. Those different prostheses would also bring about a different effect on the replacement surgery itself.

For beginners, they would be grateful if they could repeat what Ji Tianlu did in his surgeries. Who would dare to change the materials required? Most of the people dared not even change the company that produced those materials.

When Ji Tianlu grew older and built up his reputation, he was used to the pharmaceutical sales representatives serving him hand and foot.

If flattery could make someone's ego swell up, then when a doctor became a department director, their ego would have become the size of a football field. People like Ji Tianlu could only swell to the size of a tennis court because there were other physical matters that stopped him from being too egoistic.

In other words, Ji Tianlu, who had always had pharmaceutical companies beg him to help them with certain matters, had never met any pharmaceutical company like Yunli Medical Company.

They charged a very low fee for their services, but worked very quickly, and had very high standards. Ji Tianlu did not want to know why Yunli Medical Company was so stupid. But Ji Tianlu thought that if such a company could not do well, then the world was too unfair.

Hospitals were places where you see unfair things happen all the time. Some people will survive their illnesses or injuries, but some will die.

Doctors, however, still strove to pursue fairness.

Ji Tianlu felt that a company like Yunli Medical Company deserved a better chance.

Mai Chun stared at Ji Tianlu with an ignorant look. He got her the bidding qualification from four hospitals within a short moment.

Then, Mai Chun asked for instruction from her superiors to reduce the construction cost using the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center as her standard. She also requested for an increase in the price offered, and she successfully settled the bid for three hospitals and scored herself three construction contracts.

The mission to expand their company's business in Shanghai then started this way.

Yunli Medical Company made the announcement, the limit for stock market prices that day went up four times, and the floating profit was at 20,000,000 RMB.


Ling Ran drank his eighth Energy Serum. He rested for a while against a reclining chair at the Operating Area to release muscle tension.

His mind was awake, but his body still felt a bit tired. He decided to use the polyphasic sleep method [1] to ease his muscle fatigue effectively.

A few resident doctors mimicked Ling Ran. They lied down on the table quietly and fell asleep. One of them even put the phone in vibration mode and set an alarm to ring after ten minutes.

Ten minutes later.

Ling Ran woke up. He headed to the hand wash basin, washed his hands, and got ready to go to the operating theater.

The resident doctors behind him had also not slept for more than twenty hours. At that moment, they struggled to open their eyes, and their faces showed despair.

"I give up." One of the resident doctors folded his arms on the table, grumbled something incoherent, and immediately fell asleep.

Another resident doctor was also affected. The resident doctor decided to no longer care about this and fell back to the chair. He said, "I will sleep for an hour, just an hour." Find authorized novels in Wuxiaworldfaster updates, better experiencePlease click for visiting.

After that, this resident doctor started to snore.

The remaining two resident doctors looked at each other and stood up resolutely. Then, they followed Ling Ran with determination so that they could learn from Ling Ran.

Ling Ran did not say anything about their attitude. He entered the operating theater and began a new day of surgeries.

He never lacked people who imitated his actions. When he was in high school, Tao Ping once cut off a big chunk of his hair because of a slip, and it made him have lesser hair on the right side of his head. But soon, not only in Ling Ran's school, but many schools in Yun Hua District fell into a trend where the boys cut off a part of their hair. At that time, what could Ling Ran do?

After all, Ling Ran could not explain to his classmates one by one.

This kind of thing always happened, and Ling Ran did not pay much attention to the people who followed him to learn from him.

As of now, Ling Ran's focus was on the operating theater.

The UI for his system showed a very clear sign that his completion rate was at 85%.

This was the result Ling Ran gained after he performed surgeries madly over the past week.

In fact, after Ji Tianlu opened the new ward area, Ling Ran's completion rate fell drastically. However, since he focused on performing arthroscopic Surgeries and normal Achilles tendon repairs, it only took Ling Ran a few days to fill up the beds, which had expanded to less than two hundred beds.

Zhu Tongyi and Ling Ran shared the same opinion in some aspect. For example, having the patients stay at the hospital for a long period of time was something that Zhu Tongyi upheld. Although some suggested increasing the turnover rate of hospital beds in the country, Zhu Tongyi was considered as a stubborn conservationist.

However, since Zhu Tongyi upheld his principle and Ling Ran requested this as a chief surgeon as well, the patients at the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center could only stay in the center for a long period of time because Zhu Tongyi and Ling Ran decided to uphold the long hospital stay policy.

Because of this, the discharge rate of the patients was greatly reduced, but Ling Ran's surgery speed gradually became faster

Even if the new ward area still had space for extra beds, the nursing department could no longer handle the patients.

Most importantly, the patients who were discharged would slowly spread the good name of the hospital

Moreover, there were also international patients who traveled thousands of miles so that Ling Ran could operate on them in a reverse freelance surgery, more patients also came for Ling Ran, and this increased his surgery speed

Ling Ran used up bottles after bottles of Energy Serums in order to perform more surgeries. He did not rest during the day or night. That not only sounded scary but also indirectly promoted the effects of the polyphasic sleep method.

During the weekend, Ling Ran boosted his mission completion rate up to 98%.