Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 319

320 Waiting For The Rewards To Drop Into His Hands Without Doing Anything

Ling Ran took the lift in Fuyuan Hotel and arrived at the parking lot, which was located on Basement Level 2. He found a corner without a CCTV before he stared at the treasure chest in the system. He sank into deep thought.Find authorized novels in Wuxiaworldfaster updates, better experiencePlease click for visiting.

Ling Ran had a feeling. He would get a Transformer today!

If he truly got himself a Transformer from the Intermediate Treasure Chest, Bumblebee would be the best, and Ling Ran believed that all he needed to do was drive it out and pay the parking fee. However, if he got Optimus Prime from the chest, it would be very troublesome. He would need a Category B license to drive such a heavy truck.

Ling Ran thought about it carefully in his mind. 'Should I get a Category B license before I open the treasure chest?'

Ling Ran considered it for a while.

The Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center could not provide him with any surgeries for now. The center wanted to reduce the number of beds and minimize the burden on the medical staff. Therefore, even if more than ten people were discharged from the center every day, Ling Ran could not perform surgeries without worry like he used to.

He could basically use the time he had left to think.

"Open the treasure chest." Ling Ran decided to take a gamble. If he obtained a Transformer, he would not cause any traffic accidents even if he drove without a license.

If there was no other way, then he would let Optimus Prime stay in the car park for a longer period of time

Otherwise, he would just find some videos related to World Rally Championships, truck races, car battles, or something similar, to watch.

He could also look for some videos about truck-related accidents from the internet to frighten himself

A shining skill book drifted before Ling Ran's eyes.

Ling Ran was stunned.

"A skill book again?" Ling Ran could not help asking.

The system remained silent.

Ling Ran sighed slightly before he casually tapped the shining book in the air.

A sentence of small words appeared on the title paper.

[Single Skill Book: Skill Branch ObtainedX-ray Scan Analysis (Perfect Level)]

Ling Ran sighed again. He was feeling neither satisfied nor dissatisfied.

Compared with the Master Level MRI Scan that he had obtained some time ago, he now received a skill that allowed him to read X-rays at Perfect Level. Its coverage was not limited to four limbs either, as was the case with his ability to analyze MRI scans.

It could also be said that the abilities provided by the skill books from Intermediate Treasure Chests were an evolved form of the skill books he gained from Basic Treasure Chests in all aspects.


When Ling Ran looked at the luxurious cars in the parking lot like the Maybach, Rolls-Royce, and Bentley, he still felt slightly dissatisfied.

"Do you want to open up the remaining thirty-two Basic Treasure Chests?" asked the system kindly.

"Don't open them first. Let me collect another batch tomorrow and make it a whole number." Ling Ran was very familiar with the procedure now. Even though he could not perform any surgeries at the moment, it was still the best timing for him to collect Treasure Chests from Sincere Gratitude.

Naturally, he had to perform his surgeries well. Usually, patients would only provide Sincere Gratitude Treasure Chests because the results of the medical treatment and process far surpassed their expectations. For example, many people would still wear a cast even four or five weeks after they had received an Achilles tendon repair. However, Ling Ran's surgeries made it possible for some of them to try walking by that time, which then made it easy for him to obtain a Sincere Gratitude Treasure Chest.

More importantly, Ling Ran also liked to approach patients and their families, who gave him Sincere Gratitude Treasure Chests as well.

Under normal circumstances, Ling Ran was actually not a fan of approaching the patients and their families.

Compared with the simple operating theaters, human psychology and behavior were more complicated.

Only patients and their families who gave Sincere Gratitude Treasure Chests had simpler mindsets. Their happy and excited mental conditions were mental conditions that Ling Ran could easily understand. He also felt happy for them at the same time.

Ling Ran quietly lowered his head. He went back to his hotel room and made himself a cup of hot milk, using the microwave oven in the hotel kitchen. Then, he sat in the mini meeting room to warm his cold heart.

Simultaneously, Ling Ran switched on the tablet provided by the center and selected a few medical records to read.

The Electronic Medical Record System in the center generally just limited the doctors' access based on their ranks and rarely paid attention to patient confidentiality. Ling Ran's account was given the same clearance as that of a chief physician. So, he could acquire the medical records in the whole center, and the number of medical records that he could access was very high.

In an orthopedic center, X-rays were examinations that needed to be performed.

Ling Ran randomly projected one of the X-ray scans onto the big screen in the living room, and he could see where the fracture was at first glance. The efficiency was the same even when he changed to another X-ray scan.

Ling Ran was not in a rush. He slowly projected the scans one-by-one and read them.

X-rays were similar to other scans. They were easy to learn but difficult to master. For example, the fractures that were commonly seen in the Orthopedic Department could be rather easily detected on X-ray scans, however, imaging specialists would only be able to detect eighty percent of all bone fractures if they just looked at X-ray scans.

When they read the scans, they would also find so many details in the scans that they did not know how to handle them.

For instance, was the location of the lesion at the periphery, the center, within a body cavity, or outside the body cavity? Was the edge of the lesion clear or vague? Was the edge smooth or sawlike? Did it have a border or not? Was the lesion density high or low, balanced or imbalanced, calcified or non-calcified?

Compared with MRI scans, X-ray scans were much simpler. Nonetheless, a lot of studying was still required to spot many of the details in X-ray scan readings and for the person reading the scan to be experienced.

Ling Ran read the scans in such a focused manner that he did not realize his hot milk had become cold again.

*Ding dong.*

Someone rang the doorbell.

Ling Ran got up and opened the door. He saw Ji Tianlu with Yu Yuan, and they both were standing in front of the door.

"Doctor Ling, I've come to take a look at your living environment. Honestly speaking, we have limited spaces in our center's accommodation, so we're unable to provide you a better place to stay" Ji Tianlu spoke while he entered the room, and he was speechless by the next second.

An Ambassador Suite, which was 1,938 square feet in size, stood before him.

There was a mini meeting room with an attached bathroom, a bedroom with an attached bathroom, a living room with an attached bathroom, a study room that also served as an office with an attached bathroom, and also a kitchen.

Ji Tianlu looked at the scene in front of him, and he asked Ling Ran in disbelief, "Did you just book a new room on your own? And it's so luxurious?"

"No, the hotel upgraded it for me," answered Ling Ran.

"How did they upgrade it? How did you ask them?"

"The hotel upgraded it on its own accord, why would I need to say anything?" Ling Ran looked at Ji Tianlu in confusion.

"No You've been staying here for a few days, the hotel couldn't have been upgrading the room every day, right? Is the hotel doing charity now?"

Ling Ran did not understand what he meant. He shook his head and said, "I don't really pay attention to these things."

"I" Ji Tianlu was so vexed that he had forgotten why he went there.

Naturally, he was unable to tell Ling Ran about the matter now. Initially, Ji Tianlu wanted to give Ling Ran a single-person dorm as a sign of good will. But when he saw the big hotel suite that Ling Ran was staying in, Ji Tianlu did not really know what else he should say.

He had no other person by his side right then. Therefore, he said to Yu Yuan airily, "Don't you think Ling Ran's a little silly? He could still be stupidly helping his scammers after they've scammed him out of his pockets. There has to be something wrong with the hotel upgrade. Our ancestors said, 'When someone gives another person something, he or she definitely wants something else in return.'"

Yu Yuan answered him just as airily, "Chief Physician Ji, have you ever heard the story of 'the person waiting for the rabbit under the tree'?"


"I used to think about that question just like you, but I came to an understanding later on. People like Ling Ran are those who watch rabbits ram against trees every day. So, don't you think it's only natural that his mindset's different from ours?"

Ji Tianlu was confused by the question.

Yu Yuan nodded. "That's right. Back then, I also thought that if you ate rabbit meat every day, you'd get sick of it eventually."

"The king asked me to patrol the mountains"

Ling Ran picked up his phone before his ringtone ended. It attracted Ji Tianlu and Yu Yuan's attention.

"All right," Ling Ran answered before he hung up. He said, "Department Director Huo has booked the tickets for the bullet train, Chief Physician Ji. I'm leaving for Yun Hua Hospital by bullet train the day after tomorrow."

"You're leaving just like that?" Ji Tianlu felt lost. "We just built the ward area."

"It's okay, I'll come over again another time. That ward area won't go to waste." Ling Ran was so excited that he did not feel any sadness in leaving. On the contrary, he missed the familiar feeling Yun Hua Hospital provided.