Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Video Footage

[Mission: Complete a research paper]

[Reward: Intermediate Treasure Chest]

Ling Ran glanced at the new mission that floated before his very eyes, and he immediately mulled over what the mission meant.

The first Intermediate Treasure Chest had produced the Perfect Level Barehanded Bleeding Control. Its effects allowed him to be capable of predicting and stopping the bleeding of the Glisson's capsule. Maybe that alone was already enough for Ling Ran to make a name out for himself at the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery.

The Intermediate Treasure Chest had a long-term, amazing effect compared to the Basic Treasure Chest that only gave Energy Serums.

Besides, he had to write a research paper anyway. Other doctors had to work their as*es off for a few months, picking over the bones of medical cases and opportunities for the appropriate surgeries before they could finally come up with a research paper Ling Ran had not only skipped the steps to find medical cases, he had practically been given a free Intermediate Treasure Chest as well. Of course, he would be ecstatic about it.

The slight problem was in the simple nature of how research papers were never that easily written.

The medical education at Yun Hua Medical Institute was deemed to be one of the best in the province. Even so, undergraduates of this department had never received much training when it came to writing journals.

Students in the first and second year could read up on some fundamentals about sciences, learn chemistry, mathematics or some other similar subjects. The most they could learn were the basics about medical history, anthropotomy, medical immunology, and others.

They would learn about pathology and pharmacology during their third year as they further familiarized themselves with corpses. Only in their fourth year would they gain some slight exposure to some real clinical medicine. In the same year, they would also need to cope with other problems such as the College English Tests and national post-graduate entrance examination. By the fifth year where Ling Ran currently was, they would begin their busy internship career. Time would turn into a fleeting dream for them.

To write a research paper, one would not only need to make time to look up information and find medical cases, they would also need to be prepared to learn something new from scratch.

Of course, being a doctor also entailed the lifelong journey of learning. It was a given, and Ling Ran was long prepared for that. He just did not expect this day to arrive so soon.

Ling Ran went to look for Doctor Zhou after agreeing to it, all while not knowing what exactly he was supposed to do.

In theory, Doctor Zhou was still his clinical mentor. Department Director Huo was simply throwing in some input.

Furthermore, Department Director Huo's schedule had to be flooded to the brim. Him stepping in to instruct Ling Ran personally was already a blessing from the heavens. It would be impossible to expect some actual, basic tutoring on how to write research papers from his part.

On the contrary, Doctor Zhou was known to be a nice old man. He was also gentle and encouraging.

"Department Director Huo asked you to write this, and he also promised to make you the named author of the research paper?"

When Doctor Zhou heard it from Ling Ran, he was bewildered.

Ling Ran nodded and said, "Barehanded control of bleeding with partial pressure applied without setting a surgical field while performing a suturing on the Glisson's capsule. I would probably be writing a research paper that leads towards that direction."

"Your luck is really something, young man." Doctor Zhou was no longer paying attention. He only continued to sigh emotionally.

Ling Ran lowered his head and looked at Doctor Zhou. He had been listening to empty praises since young. He knew that those words would always be followed by some form of explanation.

"The Director of Yun Hua's Emergency Department. Do you know what that means?" Doctor Zhou was clicking his tongue.

Ling Ran shook his head in silence.

"Yun Hua Hospital is a provincial hospital. The director of Yun Hua Hospital's Emergency Department has always been a standing committee member of the Emergency Medicine Society of Changxi Province, and is also a committee member of the Chinese Society of Emergency Medicine Do you see where I'm going with this?" Doctor Zhou looked at Ling Ran.

Ling Ran shook his head again. He was barely even a fresh graduate. Why would he ever pay attention to this?

"Let me put it this way. Department Director Huo also plays the leading role of our Yun Hua City's emergency treatment. He has quite the presence in the medical field of this province." Doctor Zhou put his words carefully, in a way that Ling Ran would understand.

"That man is all that, and he wants you to write a research paper. Your research paper is most probably anticipated by many at this point."

Ling Rin smiled for a moment.

Doctor Zhou grinned and said, "You understand it now?"

"You said that Department Director Huo is the leading expert."

Ling Ran's expression was suddenly sombre.


Laughter never lingered in the Emergency Department for long.

Ling Ran quickly returned to the resuscitation room as he once again followed Department Director Huo on his rounds.

As the Director of the Emergency Department, Huo Congjun seldom got his hands dirty. If it was not for giving Ling Ran a chance to operate on this day, he would not be having a walk right now.

In the meantime, Ling Ran would gain a substantial amount of experience after getting some practical experience and also observing other doctors in their craft.

Interns and resident doctors searched for chances to practice their skills desperately because it was difficult for newcomers in a hospital to get a chance to practice. Under normal circumstances, the attending physicians would never dare let them handle the patients. It was a vicious cycle. On the one hand, the senior doctors would have their hands so full that they could never get their jobs done. On the other hand, newcomers would find it difficult to get a chance to get into contact with patients.

In other words, the most important thing for a surgeon was to get that first try in surgery.

Through the first suturing, one could fully understand the toughness and structure of the human skin, which was something that stitching bananas and pig skins could never teach.

It would be the same for one's first operation, one's first resection, one's first field diagnosis, and so on.

However, this very same 'first time' was almost impossible to obtain for surgeons. They would have to fight tooth and nail for that opportunity.

Groups could be formed and they could take turns doing various menial tasks. But it would be difficult to seize the opportunity to become chief surgeons of surgeries. Occasionally, interns might encounter cases where they had to perform appendectomies on patients. During their standardized training, the easiest types of cases they could get their hands on would be performing appendectomy.

It would be a pipe dream for anyone to think about touching a patient's liver or kidney without three to five years of preparation.

Much less plunging an arm into a patient's torso like Ling Ran.

If one succeeded, they could get to write an SCI research paper. But if they failed, they would be lucky with just saying goodbye to their professional career. Any worse and they could even possibly face a lawsuit or two.

Human life was to be treated with utmost care. If it were not for how the patient of the car accident had lost blood, entered shock, and was in critical condition in conjunction with Ling Ran's complete confidence brought by his possession of the Perfect Level Barehanded Bleeding Control Technique, he would not have risked putting his arm into the patient's abdomen.

However, today's incident had earned Lin Ran the Emergency Department's respect.

Everyone had acknowledged that Ling Ran really "had some tricks up his sleeves." But more of them were more concerned about preventing Ling Ran from suddenly butting in and taking over their surgeries.

Barehanded bleeding control without setting up a surgical field and so on sounded epic, and it was just as epic as it sounded. But due to how notoriously risky and difficult it was, nobody was willing to give Ling Ran another chance to try that out again.

An obligation of means[1] was commonly practiced these days. What would have happened if you failed?

So, doctors who did things by the book were even more cautious against Ling Ran.

Ling Ran did not seem aware of any of that.

Neither was he concerned about it.

Unlike a lot of medical students who took the examinations to be a doctor due to certain factors in society, Ling Ran had been fueled by the interest in medical science since childhood.

It was in a clinic where he got his own outlook on the world, life, and values.

Ling Ran was too curious and had too many questions about human beings and diseases. As a result, his interpersonal relationships suffered, but it did not really matter to him either.

The worries of the attending physicians in the treatment room and the resuscitation room weighed lightly on his heart.

However, he would not go out of his way to thread on their principles either.

Truthfully, none of the remaining patients were suitable for him to practice his skills.

The Perfect Level Barehanded Bleeding Control was not perfect, to begin with. It was not suitable to be used in many areas, especially in the resuscitation room of the Emergency Department. There were several other safer alternatives.

Ling Ran had been born with good looks, so he never really had a chance to keep a low profile, and he did not really care much about showing off.

The mood within the resuscitation room significantly lightened during the afternoon.

Department Director Huo got off work on time. Before Ling Ran left the workplace, he dropped by to take a quick look at the patient from the car accident.

A few hours had passed. The patient was still asleep. A few youths around the age of twenty were standing around the patient.

"Doctor Ling, thank you for saving our coach." A thin and tall young man saw Ling Ran. He stepped forward and greeted Ling Ran. Then he said, "I really didn't expect such a perfectly healthy person to suddenly get caught up in a car crash"

Ling Ran lowered his head and took a look at the white coat on his person. Then he said, "Can't say that I'm the one who saved him. Doctor Huo was the chief surgeon who oversaw the operation."

In the hospital, taking credit for being the one in charge of an operation was a serious matter. No one should take it lightly.

The thin, tall young man smiled and said, "You don't have to be modest about this. I've seen the video footage. If you had not jumped in and applied pressure on him, our coach would have bled to death."

"Video footage?"

Judging from the look on Ling Ran's face, the young man knew that Ling Ran was utterly clueless about it. So he quickly took out his phone and showed it to Ling Ran.

"This is the one."

The video recording on the phone was a little on the shaky side. But the focus point of the lens was trained on Ling Ran.

The angel in white with a handsome face was basically the main theme of the beginning of the footage.

A few seconds later, Ling Ran was seen completing the seven-step hand washing technique. With both of his hands flexed and raised with firmness, he quietly walked across the middle hall of the resuscitation room, passing through the crowd of onlookers in white coats. Then he walked past the space between Department Director Huo and Zhao Leyi as they stood close to each other before he reached straight into the abdomen of the patient who was laying on the hospital bed.

At the same time, the owner of the phone also cried out in surprise. The volume of the recording increased. The words that traveled into Ling Ran's ears subsequently sounded rather familiar.

"'The bottom of the patient's Glisson's capsule is bleeding'"

"'Director, the bleeding has stopped.'"

"'Ling Ran, get onto the gurney'"

The focus point of the video was on Ling Ran. Meanwhile, the voices of the people speaking beside the Ling Ran in the video also traveled into the viewer's ears along with the other noises in the resuscitation room.

He listened to the conversation of a few doctors, and watched the movements of a few doctors. Finally, he looked at the moment when he got himself on the gurney. He had supported his weight on the gurney with his arms as they moved into the operating theater. At that moment, the sound of a drum suddenly rang violently from the video on the phone. It sounded just like the beating sound of a human heart, followed by the sound of an inspiring song.

"Pride is facing ten thousand heavy waves[2]"

"Hot blood is like the red sun[3]"

Translation Note:
1. Obligation of means: it is like a system where the first doctor attending to the patient is responsible for the patient. It is the responsibility of that particular doctor to learn everything about the patient, and has to pass that knowledge to his attending physician if necessary according to the situation.
2. Pride is facing ten thousand heavy waves: A line of the lyrics from the song "A Man Should Strengthen Himself"
3. Hot blood is like the red son: Another line of the lyrics from the song "A Man Should Strengthen Himself"