Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 321

322 Passed By The House Without Entering

Ling Ran basically followed the standard procedure to perform a tracheotomy on the patient.

Compared to performing a tracheotomy with a pen, the prognosis after a normal tracheotomy was much better, and its risks were also lower.

The only added hassle was how a full set of tools was required.

All the doctors in the room looked at Ling Ran's operation and fell into deep thought. 'Who would actually have their full set of tracheotomy tools on their person at all times?'

Were there any patients who needed tracheotomy on the streets now?

The normal passengers looked excited when they saw this.

But that was normal, because normal people truly had not seen surgeries before. When they saw the patient with weak breathing slowly recovering, they found that this was something they should post on Moments.

Furthermore, the doctor was so handsome that he was worthy of them posting one more time on Moments.Find authorized novels in Wuxiaworldfaster updates, better experiencePlease click for visiting.

If they could use this to show off their travels and accidentally include the luxurious items they bought by saving up on food, they could post another two posts on Moments.

Once he finished with the surgery, the patient started to breathe normally again. Ling Ran put away all his tools, and the atmosphere in the bullet train quickly lightened.

Chang Aida, the pediatrician from Children's Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine walked closer to Huo Congjun and asked in a low voice, "Is this the doctor from your hospital?"

Huo Congjun happily said, "Yup."

"Where did you buy this mobile first aid kit? " Chang Aida asked seriously.

Compared to the other doctors, Chang Aida, who worked in the Neonatology Department, had a far more dangerous working environment. He needed to affirm his beliefs much more than anyone else.

Huo Congjun narrowed his eyes and said, "It a product from Germany. People sent it to us for a trial run."

"What brand is that? It looks really good."

Huo Congjun stared at Chang Aida. He smiled and said, "I'll give you the phone number."

Then, both of them added each other on WeChat. Huo Congjun also gave a pharmaceutical sales representative's name card to him.

Learning how to treat pharmaceutical sales representatives was something young doctors had to learn, and they had to learn it just like how beginners learned to play computersgoing into it with zero knowledge. However, for senior doctors who were associate chief physicians or above, it would be easy for them to manipulate pharmaceutical sales representatives, and they did so just like how experienced programmers played computer gamesthey would always try to exploit every possible outcome from the machine.

Once Chang Aida got what he wanted, he said jokingly, "Please don't tell me that all of your doctors are required to bring a first aid kit along."

"Certainly not."

"So, all of you took the initiative to bring a first aid kit along?"

Huo Congjun smiled and nodded. "The youngster likes it."

Chang Aida nodded faintly. He looked as though he was thinking and spoke slowly, "And did you actually bring this patient along with you Hahaha Just joking."

Huo Congjun stared at Chang Aida and thought, 'This man has stayed too long in the Neonatalogy Department. Does he feel like getting yelled at now?'

Boss Shao, who had a weak constitution, squeezed his way to the front and thought of taking a look. When he listened to their conversation, he went off quietly.


The bullet train arrived at Yun Hua smoothly.

Ling Ran felt the humidity and laziness as he walked out. He also felt the comfortable feeling from the mild and warm weather after the rain

"Go home, take a break. Once you get enough rest, you can come back to work again" Huo Congjun instructed Ling Ran earnestly. When the bullet train side expressed their gratitude, Huo Congjun humbly left behind the full name of his department, phone number, department number, house number, and his e-mail.

"I don't need to rest, I can go directly to the hospital." Ling Ran dragged along his luggage. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. For him, this was the longest time he had ever left his home.

As a young man who was reluctant to leave home and even pursued his degree in the same city he lived, Ling Ran would have chosen to stay at home if the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center had not been able to provide him many hospital beds.

Huo Congjun was amazed by Ling Ran's passion. He felt embarrassed and said, "You don't have to be in such a hurry. Besides, we still haven't cleared that many beds yet"

"Just a few will do. I can do finger replantations." Ling Ran was quite experienced in saving hospital beds. This was just like how poor second generation would always be more ingenious than the rich second generation when it came to cutting costs. Life's hard lessons had taught them well.

Huo Congjun asked, "Are you really not going back home? You should go back and unpack your things, right? Your parents will not be at ease if you don't go back."

"My parents went out."

"Huh? Went out? Where did they go?"

"Europe, I guess? They flew straight to Paris. They were in the United Kingdom a few days ago."

Huo Congjun felt envious and tried to ask, "How about the clinic?"

"The clinic has started to earn money. So, they decided to spend the money." Ling Ran stopped for a while and said expressionlessly, "My mom thinks that saving up money for me is meaningless. In fact, it's a burden to me. So they decided to spend the money."

Huo Congjun was so envious that his lips twitched. He sighed and did not know what to say. Then, he asked, "So is the clinic closed down temporarily or taken care by the workers?"

"Dong Sheng is in charge as the cashier. The others are working as usual," Ling Ran answered.

"Dong Sheng?"

"Dong Sheng is ten years old now. I heard that he knows quadruple operations now, so he can work as the cashier." Ling Ran stopped for a while, and said with a blank expression again, "The clinic will give a 5% discount for the neighbors who use scan code payment because there is an extra road charge when they come over."

"It is quite a well-thought plan." Huo Congjun thought about this with his experience of managing his own department, and he found no flaws in the clinic's plan.

Although everyone at the Emergency Department of Yun Hua Hospital knew that Ling Ran was coming back soon, they never thought that Ling Ran would choose not to go back home first, but would go straight away to the hospital. They were all surprised, and they admired him.

This was especially so for resident doctors who had a low sense of presence in the hospital, they were filled with admiration for Ling Ran at the moment.

"Doctors like Ling Ran are really passionate about their work."

"Don't you say that. Everyone wants to become a doctor like Doctor Ling, but the only person who can do what he does is Doctor Ling himself."

"A normal person can never do that. Everyone's the same. When they want to get respect from others, they will boast how great they contributed to the department, but when the patients want treatment, these doctors will change their minds and say they are only normal people"

While the resident doctors were chatting, Doctor Zhou passed by coincidentally. The voices quickly died out.

"Doctor Zhou."

"Doctor Zhou!"

The resident doctors were just like the sheep in a sheep pen who saw the shepherd from another paddock. They bleated unenthusiastically.

Doctor Zhou chuckled while nodding. Then, he used the tone of a senior and said, "All of you should pay attention to what's going on. Use your head and think a little. What do you think will happen to you if one of you joins Ling Ran's treatment group later?"

The resident doctors were immediately stunned.

A moment later, they raised their heads again, but could no longer see Doctor Zhou. It was as if he had never been there before.

"What if we really join Ling Ran's treatment group?" Some people repeated the question with a low voice.

"We'll probably die."

"I should be able to persist until I commit suicide."

"Lu Wenbin's hair has become thinner."

"He has already got a new house."

"It doesn't matter if he gets a new house. He's only in his twenties, and his hair is only slightly thicker than my p*bic hair right now."

"Are you rearing sheep in your p*bic area? Why is it so thick?"

They started to laugh.

They began to expand the topic of conversation.

"By the way, even Ma Yanlin has got himself a girlfriend. I think their team is still pretty cool!"

"Is it the female doctor who graduated from Peking Union Medical College Hospital? She looks quite beautiful."

"Yes. She is from the Department of Urology. She should have met a lot of men, so I'm not too sure how she fell for Ma Yanlin."

"Perhaps she discovered something good about Ma Yanlin."

The resident doctors fell into deep silence.

"Superficial." One of them expressed his thoughts.

"Too superficial." Another one expressed his thoughts as well.

Everyone then lost their mood to chat and went off their own ways.