Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 322

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"You're getting married?"

Ling Ran had not expected such big changes upon his return to Yun Hua Hospital. 

Ma Yanlin smiled and said, "When you meet the right person, you'll want to settle down."

Ling Ran nodded before he asked, "Would you like to continue learning the Achilles tendon repair technique?"

Ma Yanlin was stunned before he immediately smiled. "You have been on the business trip for so long that I'm no longer familiar with your way of speaking..."

Ling Ran stared at Ma Yanlin. It was very apparent that Ling Ran was waiting for his answer.

Ma Yanlin chuckled. Soon, his laughter gradually became softer, "I'm definitely going to continue learning, but I may need a little more time outside the hospital. You know that married doctors and unmarried doctors distribute their time differently."

"Okay." Ling Ran agreed without hesitation.

"You're not angry?" Ma Yanlin asked hesitantly.

"Why would I be angry?" Ling Ran looked at Ma Yanlin incredulously.

"Um, I just started following you to learn the Achilles tendon repair technique. I have been learning for some time now, and now, suddenly, I'm going to get married. It's not that I wanted to... No, I mean, I've met the right person, and have no other way... "

Ling Ran interrupted Ma Yanlin. "I can understand. No problem."

"It's really not a problem?"

"It's not a problem." Ling Ran gave an affirmative answer again.

"Then let me think... whether I can work just like other doctors in the future..." Ma Yanlin said again to test waters. 

Ling Ran thought about it and said, "Yes, you can."

"Huh? Can I? Really?" Ma Yanlin said incredulously, "Wouldn't it disrupt your arrangement..."

"It doesn't matter. I can ask Department Director Huo to get me another assistant," Ling Ran said casually. 

For other doctors, it would be very difficult to add another person into their treatment group, but that would depend on the number of surgeries they perform per week. With Ling Ran's surgery volume, his assistants had always been overworked, so adding another person to his group was only logical.

In fact, even if he could not get a permanent assistant, Ling Ran could still use the resident doctors in the department. Surgeries still needed to be done, unless they decided to not assign any surgeries to Ling Ran, of course…

When Ma Yanlin thought of Ling Ran getting another assistant, he could not help but feel threatened. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I'm just taking a few days' break for a short time, it won't be long," Ma Yanlin whispered another sentence.

Ling Ran looked at him and said, "Of course. We can arrange your working hours as we please."

Ma Yanlin then let out a breath and laughed. "Actually, I want to invite you to have a meal and also introduce my fiancée to you. She requested it. She said she has never seen the most handsome doctor in Yun Hua Hospital..."

Ling Ran was about to nod when Huo Congjun came striding in.

"Ling Ran, I found you an emergency case. Come and take a look." Huo Congjun was all smiles.

"What patient?"

"Four fingers are severed, isn't that amazing?" Huo Congjun said very proudly, "I asked my old friends from the high-tech industrial development zone to a few drinks before we agreed to this. If they have any emergency patients in the future, they would prioritize giving us the patient..."

Ling Ran felt the desire burning in him as he listened to Huo Congjun. He asked for confirmation, "Is it really four severed fingers?"

"Also, listen..." Huo Congjun intentionally allowed the words to hang in the air before continuing, "The patient has a dorsal oblique amputation, the little finger was cut at the fingertip."

Ordinary people would suck in a sharp breath upon listening to the situation. Ling Ran's eyes also widened. 

Little finger replantations were always difficult, and replantations at the fingertip were obviously even harder.

"Is the patient a male or female?" Ling Ran asked.

"A female. It's really amazing." Huo Congjun wiped his newly bought Rolex, like he was treating a treasure, and said, "And she had her fingers severed at this moment, isn't it a coincidence…?"

A woman's blood vessels were a little thinner than a man's, which meant that the difficulty was also slightly harder. Such cases were naturally rare to come by.

Ma Yanlin looked at the excited Huo Congjun, and he criticized in his heart, 'If it were not a coincidence, what else could it be?'

"I'm going to take a look at the patient," Ling Ran said to Ma Yanlin, "I'm afraid we'll have to postpone the meal to a later date."

"It's alright, go and do what you have to do." Ma Yanlin acted very obediently.

After two sentences, Ling Ran was seen quickly following Huo Congjun to see the patient.

Today was only the first day of Ling Ran's return. Some doctors who had not received the news before had specifically come to greet Ling Ran once they learned of it. Other young nurses and female doctors who had known about his return earlier pretended to have only just received the message and said hello again.

Ling Ran responded to their greetings casually.

Ling Ran could never be very skilled in terms of greeting many people at once. The main reason was that the number was always difficult to control. Even if he were successful in greeting groups of three to five people, that greeting would be ineffective for groups of eight or ten people.

Ma Yanlin followed along, since he was curious. Although it felt like Huo Congjun had the potential to be up to no good, but it was undeniably that a woman with four dorsal oblique amputated fingers was indeed rare and worth seeing.

They were most definitely not the only doctors with such thoughts. So, when they came to the resuscitation room, there was already a group of doctors who were gathered there. 

The patient was a young girl in her twenties. Her fingers were covered in gauze and fresh blood was seeping out. It was serious no matter how one saw it. 

Her mother sat next to her and kept on wiping her tears, but she was comforted by the girl, "Mom, don't cry. It's now very easy to reconnect fingers. There are many people in our factory who have reconnected their fingers. It's nothing."

"When the fingers are reconnected, will it still be the same? Our house TV was repaired once, but it isn't as easy to use anymore." The girl's mother wiped her tears with a handkerchief, but the more she wiped her tears, the more tears flowed out of her eyes.

The girl was in some degree of pain, but she forced herself to smile and said, "But I can use it the same way as before. I've seen people who have their fingers reconnected, it's just that it doesn't look as good."

"You can't have it not look good as well."

"Why is it impossible? I'm even about to marry someone."

"Who allowed you to marry?" The mother suddenly stopped crying and said, "You listen to me, the person you're with now is no good!"

Huo Congjun coughed loudly and said, "Excuse me, can the patient sit up a little. I would like to see your injured hand."

The patient's mother quickly stood up and gave up her position.

Huo Congjun gestured to Ling Ran and asked him to come over to take a look.

"How was it severed?" Ling Ran asked while looking at the hand.

"I am in charge of quality inspection. When I checked the machine, the worker started it by mistake, and my hand was crushed." The injured female worker was very straightforward. She still had a mobile phone in her hand, but she had not switched it on.

Ling Ran looked around and ask, "Do you have the fingers? What's the situation?"

The resident doctor who received the patient stood out from the crowd and said, "The fingers are good, but the severed part of the little finger is a little smaller."

Ling Ran had to look at the medical file before relaxing.

"How is it?" Huo Congjun asked, even though he knew the answer.

"No problem." Ling Ran nodded.

"As I've said, this can only be found at Yun Hua Hospital," Huo Congjun said with a myriad of emotions in his heart, "Yun Hua is surrounded by industrial clusters, it is easy to find hand injuries like this, whereas you won't find so many in Shanghai. They don't really have a lot of factories left. Most of their industries operate by automation, there's no way they would have such patients."

After that, Huo Congjun comforted the patient's family and arranged them to sign the documents so that they could enter the operating theater.

Ling Ran took a deep breath. He mostly did Achilles tendon repairs in Shanghai, but even Plan A took less than three hours to be completed. Occasionally, he would meet a patient with two severed fingers, and that was already considered the most complicated case.

Running into a patient with four severed fingers right after his return to Yun Hua Hospital really made his mood become… somewhat normal again. 

A normal doctor's normal request for a normal hospital was for that hospital to have the number of patients he normally saw.