Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 323

324 Onlookers

"Four severed fingers, huh?"

"Four fingers were severed."

"It's an oblique amputation, a textbook example of amputation."

A few doctors surrounded the patient curiously in the operating theater. Despite all being experienced doctors from a large-scale tertiary Grade A hospital who had seen many oddities in the span of their careers, one of which being the exact spectacle laid out before them, they still acted with the same glee and interest.

Ling Ran had also operated on patients who had severed four fingers as well, and he had even participated in a surgery for a girl who had severed eight fingers.

However, the probability of running into a patient with multiple severed fingers was very unlikely. It was like opening up clams. The person opening the clams might not be able to get even a pearl any bigger than 0.31 inches in diameter after one hundred clams. The probability of running into patients with oblique cuts was the same as getting a perfectly spherical pearl.

A big and round, 0.31 inch pearl was not very rare for pearl divers, but they were uncommon enough. Whenever one appeared, it would come as no surprise for people to come have a look.

Naturally, the most precious pearl was larger than 0.35 inch. People always said that pearls that were seven-tenths as heavy as a pearl that was 0.35 inch large were considered pearls, but a pearl that was eight-tenths as heavy as a pearl that was 0.35 inch large was a treasure. A pearl that had a diameter of 0.35 inch was like a patient with five severed fingers. Both were considered to be something that people could only come by through luck. Pearls grown in farms would never attain such size, and neither could you grow patients with severed fingers in farms.

"We're lucky to have run into a patient with four severed fingers. If I hadn't overheard this when the department director received his call, I would've thought that someone had intentionally maimed himself right in front of the department director." Zhao Leyi folded his arms over his chest while he walked around the operating theater to take a look at the patient. He also went to see Ling Ran.

Ling Ran's fame had increased tremendously. His popularity had not just increased among the doctors, but had also spread among the patients. The advertising power of performing surgeries for the star athletes was now displaying itself at full force. Even patients who did not know the situation well would come to Yun Hua Hospital to ask some questions, the patients' relatives and friends who came to the hospital upon the request of the patients themselves were just as numerous.

Zhao Leyi made a joke that could only be found in operating theaters because he wished to make the atmosphere a little less tense.

Doctor Zhou chuckled and said, "Would anyone be crazy enough to intentionally cut themselves right in front of someone else?"

"Look at this angle cut by the machine" Zhao Leyi turned his body aside and made a few gestures to imitate the cut before he said, "This is an angle that is worthy of being published in a research article, take a look."

"It can be written in an injury account, I have just finished taking pictures." Yu Yuan stood out based on a high sense of awareness, and she looked more confident than she used to.

Since she started working under Ling Ran, Yu Yuan also wrote three research articles. Although they were just research articles of average quality, and the number of research articles she wrote was not as high as the chief physicians and associate chief physicians in the hospital, the number of articles she published was still considered rare among her peers.

Other doctors took a long time to accumulate their number of research articles. However, when Yu Yuan worked under Ling Ran, the number of medical cases available for her was as high as a mountain. Therefore, it was only natural that she only needed to make some slight amendments before she could write a research paper.

In truth, regardless of whether it was a tracheoscopy, tracheotomy, or even a debridement, a normal doctor could not perform many similar surgeries in a year. Without the full support from the department, or if the hospital had insufficient patients, one hundred similar surgeries was already the limit of a normal doctor.

If this were the case, it was very hard for a normal doctor to get a medical record that could be used to write a research paper. However, it was extremely easy for Ling Ran to accumulate materials for two research articles in one month. He did not have any time to write it, but surgeons always served as the core of the clinical medicine system. As long as the author of the research article was listed as one of the authors and the surgeon's name was also in it, then they would have already formed a very harmonious subordinate and superior relationship.

Zhao Leyi lowered his head and looked at Yu Yuan. He was green with envy.

Zhao Leyi's gaze was affectionate, lively, and greedy, but the last trait was not easily discernible. He was just like an old farmer who held the reins for a young donkey while staring at the young and strong cattle of another farmer.

Zhao Leyi was merely an attending physician. Usually, he could only urge the interns to change the dressing for patients, write medical records, and buy rice. Even if he wanted them to write research articles, the interns would need to have the ability to do so before they could help him write those articles.Find authorized novels in Wuxiaworldfaster updates, better experiencePlease click for visiting.

Attending physicians could only order senior resident doctors like Yu Yuan to do some chores. This was similar to how the old farmer could only borrow a large farm animal from his rich neighbor to occasionally do some heavy chores. It was not appropriate for them to ask the big farm animals from the neighbor to perform taxing tasks like writing research articles. Rearing big farm animals himself? Ha! Attending physicians like Zhao Leyi were not qualified to rear big farm animals himself.

He must write several good research articles by himself and perform several high-level surgeries before he could become a quasi-associated chief physician, and only then could he think about using resident doctors to write his research articles.

If this four severed fingers case could be written as a research article the idea alone was rather attractive to attending physicians.

However, the attending physicians in the room were all very humble and tolerant. They did not fight against each other.

After all, they did not know how to perform finger replantations

A finger replantation for four severed fingers was even harder.

Ling Ran walked around the patient twice before he took a look at the MRI scan and X-ray scan. He thought about it for a moment before he said, "Ask the Hand Surgery Department to send someone here. Go and ask if Chief Physician Wang Haiyang is around. If he is here, invite him to the surgery."

For a multiple severed finger surgery, it was pretty normal for a surgeon to get multiple people to perform the replantation. After all, they wanted to cut down the time that the finger was severed from the body as much as possible. However, it was not easy for doctors to invite surgeons from another department in front of many people.

Ma Yanlin immediately answered, and rushed off to get someone to help.

Ling Ran did not dawdle about. He selected the X-ray scan while he shouted at Lu Wenbin and said, "There are fractures at the base of the palm connected to the middle finger and little finger, and the direct fracture is rough and spider-webbed. Later, when we handle these, we must pay attention on the fixing of the bone"

Lu Wenbin seemed to have grown even bigger than before. Everything that was not covered by his scrubs rippled with muscles. He listened to Ling Ran's explanation while he nodded happily.

When Ling Ran was not around, Lu Wenbin had found himself far more free personal time. Every day, other than working his shifts as usual, what he did was braise pork trotters and train in the gym.

To train efficiently, Lu Wenbin even developed two new recipes: mild braised beef and mild braised chicken breast. Making braised dishes with mild flavors means that less salt and gravy was added. He did not use stew either. However, there were still other methods he could use for seasoning. It was not as pure as boiled chicken, but it was still a proper food for people to eat.

Using his popularity in the gym, Lu Wenbin's sales on his newly developed menu was not bad. Most importantly, Lu Wenbin accumulated sufficient energy to prepare for the time Ling Ran would eventually come back.

Now, the time had arrived.

"No problem. The location is slightly bad, but that's okay." Lu Wenbin was so excited that he became chatty.

Ling Ran nodded. He held the X-ray scan and made a few more explanations. It was actually quite a waste for him to use his Perfect Level X-ray Scan Analysis like this.

However, for a doctor at Lu Wenbin's level, a Specialist Level X-ray Scan Analysis was already enough to convince him of whatever was said.

Other attending physicians in the room were at most at beginners or intermediate Specialist Level when it came to reading X-ray scans. They were all doctors from the Emergency Department. They gained their experience by reading multiple scans over a long period of time, but they did not have great skills in reading scans, which was why it was only natural that they could not get a good grasp of the details.

Ling Ran did not have the desire to give lectures. However, he still tried his best to explain the situation because of the patient in front of him.

After all, compared to a normal finger replantation for only two or three fingers, the burden of replanting four fingers was much greater.

Soon, Wang Haiyang entered the operating theater.

"Four severed fingers?" Wang Haiyang licked his lips before he put on a mask.

"Amputated obliquely," Ling Ran said while moving away from the place where he stared at the scans.

While Wang Haiyang read them, he nodded.

His ability in reading scans was much better than the other doctors sans Ling Ran. Soon, he finished analyzing them and asked, "How should we distribute the job?"

"I'll do the index finger, you do the ring finger," replied Ling Ran.

"You want to save the pinkie for yourself?" Wang Haiyang saw the thumb. In contrast to the other fingers, it had barely been nicked. He said, "Even if you give me that part, I won't be able to handle it."