Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 33

Chapter 33: The Recklessness of the Young

"Doctor Ling, thank you." The several young people surrounded Ling Ran as they thanked him one after another.

The expression on Ling Ran's face did not change. He asked, "Where did you see the video?"

"Patient Group, City Forum. It's all over my friend circle as well. It was even forwarded in Weibo." The thin and tall young man was trying to butter Ling Ran up with some immature techniques as he said, "Doctor Ling, you're handsome and your medical skills are good. You're standard material for internet celebrity status. Everyone's sharing it. It wouldn't be logical if you're not famous, unlike us"

"You guys don't seem like internet celebrities either." Ling Ran could never be able to accept such a crude way of flattery. He only thought of ending the conversation as soon as he could.

So, the conversation was killed off, as expected.

The tall, skinny young man coughed and awkwardly said, "Our appearances are indeed a little disappointing to the audience. Oh, I forgot to mention this. We're all from the Summit of Clouds Club."

He waited for a moment. When he saw that Ling Ran did not respond to the name at all, he was little disappointed. He then said, "The Summit of Clouds Club is an eSport club that was founded by our team in Yun Hua City. Our coach used to be a civil servant of the sports committee. If it weren't for him pushing hard for this idea to come to fruition, our club wouldn't have formed in the first place."

"That's right. Coach has given a lot for the club."

"He had to drink with government servants every single day. We thought he would die of drinking"

"Hey, cut the nonsense." The tall, skinny young man felt a little embarrassed and stopped the others before he said, "Our club is focusing mainly on dominating King of Glory this year. My name is Dong Zhizhuan. Do you play mobile games, Doctor Ling?"

Ling Ran could not help but take a quick glance at the few of them. Then he said, "I've played King of Pesticide[1] back in school."

"Haha! That's great! We can add each other as friends and bring your rank up when we're all free." Dong Zhizhuan seemed to have cheered up again and said with a chuckle, "While we may not be able to bring you up to king rank, it'll be easy as pie for us to bring you up to diamond rank."

"I'm free now." Ling Ran did not hold back as he took out his phone.

Indeed, he was free. It was about time for him to get off work.

Dong Zhizhuan probably seldom met people who were as straightforward as Ling Ran. He was stunned for a moment before he quickly added Ling Ran on WeChat. He smiled and said, "I forgot to ask, how do you rank in this game, Doctor Ling?"

Ling Ran lifted his head slightly and said, "Bronze Level 3."

Dong Zhizhuan's expression suddenly froze a little.

As a professional eSports player who practiced more than twelve hours a day, Dong Zhizhuan acknowledged that he was capable of killing all amateur players in an instant.

However, if he was supposed to talk in terms of partying with these amateurs, then as the lowest ranked players in the entire ranking system of the game, the Bronze Level 3 players constantly played a miraculous role in dragging the entire party down.

"Doctor Ling, you must seldom play games, right?"


"It shouldn't be possible to be Bronze Level 3 even if you're a casual player."

The players from the eSports club were consoling each other.

Ling Ran put on a smile on his face and explained. "I should have played a total of more than one hundred hours. It's just that I lose more than I win."

"No worries. We can help pull your ranking up. You can win," Dong Zhizhuan gritted his teeth and said. At least he was able to get the doctor's WeChat.

In current times, even if you pushed money gifts to the doctors, you might still not get the doctors' WeChat.

"When are you getting off work? Let's play one round, shall we?" Dong Zhizhuan decided to push the "money gift" even more firmly into Ling Ran's hands. The coach had bled a lot. It seemed that he would need to stay in the hospital slightly longer.

"A little while more Two minutes. I'll start the match when I get into the waiting room. Doctors aren't allowed to play games in the patient's room." Ling Ran appeared to be very particular when it came to following rules.

Dong Zhizhuan repeated his promise as he sent Ling Ran out through the door. He got back to the coach's side and turned on his phone. Then with a serious look, he said to the others, "We shall work together to act as mentors to Doctor Ling. Just treat it as a mission arranged by the coach."

"For the coach!"

"For the coach!"

"Let's give it our best."

Everyone looked at their pale coach while he lay on the hospital bed. They could not help but clench their fists.


Ling Ran spent two pleasant hours after that.

His ranking had improved. That was not the source of his joy though. The greatest source of his joy was no matter how he played and how badly he played, he was always able to rain down a massacre.

Truth be told, he could have lasted for two more hours if it were not because Dong Zhizhuan and the others had other things to attend to all of a sudden.

After the game ended, Ling Ran did not rush back home. He just started to browse through Weibo.

As expected, he was able to find the video after he keyed in a few keywords.

There was a Weibo thread titled "Handsome Doctor Stops Bleeding with His Bare Hands". It was the most forwarded and most commented on video. There were about three thousand comments for that one Weibo thread.

Ling Ran clicked it to have a look at them. The first ones that appeared were pointless copy pasted comments: [Doctor, I scraped my knee. Please help me take a look at it.]

Ling Ran scrolled the page down in silence.

It was only when he was farther down the comments section did the serious and also non-serious comments gradually appeared.

It did not take long before a long comment link caught Ling Ran's eyes.

[As a doctor who's been fighting on the frontline in the medical field, I have seen many young doctors' reckless acts. If the video I saw today was not a staged recording, that could be considered one of the most reckless incidents I've seen in my life. Would it be possible to control the bleeding on a patient with your bare hands without setting up a surgical field? It may be possible, but the doctor would require a wealth of experience combined with outstanding theoretical knowledge. As far as I'm concerned, there are only a handful of surgeons in the country who could have been capable of doing it, and I believe there's none who would dare do such a thing. Why? Because one mistake is all it takes to create a standard case of medical malpractice. It is possible that the young doctor in the video does not know what kind of risk he took while he was doing it. If I was the person in charge of that hospital, I would have suspended the doctor's license immediately and conducted the strictest medical investigation on him]

Ling Ran became a little more serious and read the comment one more time.

The number of views and shares for that comment were also increasing very quickly. Judging from the current trend, it would just be a matter of time before it would surpass the views and shares of the original post.

Ling Ran took a look at the information about the Weibo commenter. His introduction was very impressive: Doctor of Medicine, specialist from Changxi Provincial Hospital, Qi Zhenhai.

Ling Ran rubbed his head.

In terms of scale and fame, Yun Hua Hospital was the leading hospital in the Changxi Province. However, provincial hospitals should not be underestimated as well. The specialists there also had quite the influence within the medical field.

Ling Ran suddenly realized that perhaps the research paper that Department Director Huo wanted him to write was not to serve solely as training. Perhaps it was because he wanted Ling Ran to have an SCI research paper under his belt.

Research papers were a weapon for surgeons.

Research papers were also a powerful weapon in the medical community. It was used to provide an introduction to the doctor, to provide an explanation for his actions, to attack others, and to fend against attacks from others.

When he thought about this, Ling Ran stopped scrolling through Weibo. He packed up his things and headed back to his hostel.

In the hospital hostel was a small library with physical books and free e-library service. It was also used as a study room.

Only large-scale tertiary grade A hospitals like Yun Hua Hospital would have such good facilities. The other tertiary grade A hospitals, which had slightly lesser funding were considered to be well off if they had a hostel. As for study rooms in the hospital, their existence entirely depended on whether the hostels were located far away from the hospital itself.

"Ling Ran, over here!" once Wang Zhuangyong saw Ling Ran, he immediately shouted.

After hearing his voice, the interns and resident doctors in the room lifted their heads at the same time, as though they had trained to be part of a flash mob.

"Ling Ran" Chen Wanhao stared at Ling Ran, and he looked as if he was filled with indignation.

"Are you being bullied or something?" Ling Ran laughed without sympathy and put down his laptop before he began to search through the web.

One could only have access to unlimited searches and downloads of e-journals if they used the network provided by the hospital. This was an essential feature for writing a research paper.

But Chen Wanhao only took out his phone and passed it over to Ling Ran as he asked, "Where did you learn this from?"

Ling Ran lowered his head and took a look at it. He only saw a picture of him kneeling on one knee on the gurney while having one of his hands plunged into the abdomen of the patient laying there.

"Is that you? That's you, right?!" Filled with envy, Chen Wanhao clenched his teeth so tightly that his teeth were practically chattering.

From the perspective of an ordinary person, the picture actually appeared to be a little strange and terrifying.

But from the perspective of an intern, it was truly something to be jealous of

Ling Ran, in the most literal sense, had thrust his hand into a human's body.

"Barehanded bleeding control. The patient was bleeding non-stop at that time. He already went into shock from losing too much blood," Ling Ran answered casually as he scrolled through the internet page on his phone. Then he came across a post. [Newborn Calves Are Not Afraid of Tigers, Behold the New Interns of the Present Age.]

The post had been posted on the Hyacinth Forum [2]. Initially, it was a professional website that provided some medical information. But currently, it had basically become a portal for medical practitioners to communicate with each other.

Ling Ran deliberately cast a glance at the time the post was uploaded and the number of views it had. Two hours ago, ten thousand had read it. It seemed to be trending a little.

However, it appeared that the people's main focus was not on whether the post was trending or not.

"Did you touch the liver? A live liver? How did it feel?" Perhaps Wang Zhuangyong's questions would have sounded a little perverse from the perspective of an ordinary person. However, this was the norm for interns.

Honestly, Wang Zhuangyong had obviously conveyed the heartfelt wishes of the interns.

At least thirty to forty percent of the students in the study room were looking in Ling Ran's direction.

Ling Ran was rendered speechless by the questions. He mulled over the questions carefully before he said, "It felt rather soft when there was a glove between my hand and the liver. It felt just like a pork trotter that's just been cooked."


"Never going to eat pork trotters again."

"Cooked, even. Gosh."

Many of them simultaneously showed that what Ling Ran just said was too far beyond the limits of what they could accept.

At that moment, Wang Zhuangyong stroked his chin before he curiously asked, "So was it bouncy?"

Translation Note:

1. King of Pesticide is a nickname for the game King of Glory. Because the game's name was influence by Chinese slang and the way they pronounce the chinese words are similar enough, they just conveniently call it that. Here's the Chinese pinyin comparison:

King of Glory (Wang Zhe Rong Yao) and King of Pesticide (Wang Zhe Nong Yao).

2. Hyacinth Forum - This is a mobile medical application (Apple Store) launched by the China Obstetrics and Gynecology Network based on 17 years of professional services for doctors working in the obstetrics and gynaecology industry. The aim is to enhance the efficiency of Chinese obstetricians and gynecologists through the use of mobile products, optimize the effects of continuous education, and promote the interactive experience of doctors and patients.