Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 330

331 Chinas Specialty

Nesta walked around the Shao family's restaurant and returned to his seat when he had nothing to do.

Everyone had moved on from eating spicy grilled beef to spicy grilled chicken wings, spicy roasted squid, spicy roasted eggplant, and lastly, spicy roasted potato slices.

When Nesta looked at all the red chili, he drooled madly, but he could only resist the urge.Find authorized novels in Wuxiaworldfaster updates, better experiencePlease click for visiting.

Meanwhile, Ling Ran stared at the tear stains on Nesta's face.

The South African athlete he met previously did not only love to cry but also kept giving him Treasure Chests.

Nesta was not a crybaby like the South African athlete, but in Ling Ran's opinion, even if he did not give Ling Ran three or four Treasure Chests, there would still be a chance to obtain at least one Treasure Chest.

Ling Ran stared at Nesta and revealed a contemplative look.

Nesta also looked at Ling Ran, and he found his stare to be strange.


Ling Ran was stunned. 'Why wasn't it a 'Ding' instead?'

He turned around and saw a photographer with his SLR camera tumble into the Shao family's restaurant.

In order to protect the lens of the camera, the photographer made sure he fell on his left elbow first. But the angle of his landing was not correct, and since he used his hand to protect the lens, it was crushed as well.

"Basically, it's like breaking a Volkswagen Jetta," Doctor Zhou said before he checked on the patient.

Ling Ran turned around and left for the kitchen to wash his hands.

Boss Shao brought the first aid kit with another employee and walked over at a relaxed pace. He also gave some instructions.

"Clear a space for him first.

"Bring the stretcher over. It's on the common rack in the storeroom. Make sure it's vertical when you bring it over.

"Someone, please bring the lamps over. I've asked for them to be tested before. Put the lamps together so that there won't be any shadows under the lamps."

"How about the fence? Bring the fence over."

When Ling Ran came back from washing his hands, what he saw was a simple operating theater that could be found during the late 19th century and early 20th century. The operating table, shadowless lamps, walls, medication, and medical devices were simple, plus hygiene was not great, but it was truly a simple operating theater.

Ling Ran and Doctor Zhou looked at each other at a loss for words.

Boss Shao was proud of himself. "You'd be wrong if you think only hospitals know about upgrading their facilities. We, the Shao family's restaurant, also know about upgrading our facilities too."

Doctor Zhou rolled his eyes and said, "Other barbeque shops would usually consider upgrading their kitchen facilities, right?"

Boss Shao was stunned, and his eyes began to wander. "My kitchen facilities are more than enough"

"So, you upgraded your medical facilities?" Doctor Zhou was quite straightforward with his words, but he doubted Boss Shao's logic.

Nesta could not understand Chinese, so he asked Doctor Winnie secretly, "Do the restaurants in China operate together with their hospitals?"

"It could be one of their practices." Winnie took out her phone. "Wait, let me Google it The internet connection isn't stable, It won't load Who said that the internet in China's really fast? Please wait for a moment"

"Excuse me I can't move my arm!"

The photographer shouted from the simple operating table.

"I'm coming." Doctor Zhou took a pair of gloves from Boss Shao's first aid kit and wore it. Then, he turned the photographer around and asked, "Why are you here?"

"I came to take a few photos of Ling Ran."

"Take photos of Doctor Ling? Why?"

"The readers love to see him, and the sales for the newspaper and magazines are good when he's on them. I don't care why Hiss" The photographer inhaled through gritted teeth. "Be more gentle, please. I say, you know exactly why I take those photographs."

Doctor Zhou raised his head and saw Ling Ran's face. He felt as if he had been dazzled by a bright light.

"So, are you a paparazzo?" Doctor Zhou could not help but feel curious.

"Pa Excuse me?! I'm just taking some photos. Now I need to spend all the money I've just earned for this." The photographer felt pity for his SLR camera.

Boss Shao started to scratch his head as he observed the situation by the side. "So, what's happening? Are we still performing the surgery? I've gotten all the materials including the disinfectant ready."

"We need to perform the surgery, but not in your place." Doctor Zhou made the call with his level as an attending physician in the Emergency Department. "Call the ambulance and send him to the hospital. He just broke a few bones, that's all."

"Just a few?!" the photographer shouted.

Doctor Zhou pursed his lips and looked at the first aid kit as well as Boss Shao. He asked, "Do you want to get a morphine injection?"

The photographer hesitated.

Boss Shao looked at him and said pityingly, "People nowadays are really lucky. They don't experience major problems even after they've fallen down."

The photographer was angry and said, "What do you mean by no major problems?"

Boss Shao sneered. He pulled up his shirt and showed him a horizontal scar. Then, he took out his phone and pressed the speed dial. After the call was connected, he said, "Shao family's restaurant, I need an ambulance. The patient is male, around forty. Injury after a fall. Unable to move now

"Got it."


Nesta went back to his room in Yun Hua Hospital. After he lay down on the soft hospital bed, he could not help but feel very confident.

"Doctor Winnie, you're right. The medical level in China is definitely world class," Nesta spoke confidently.

Winnie asked, "Why?"

"Although I can't understand Chinese, I can see how China truly is," Nesta said seriously, "To think that even a restaurant by the road is at the level of a community hospital. So, at what level would the best hospital and the best doctors in the country be?"


"I think China treats its medical treatment and hospitals like how Jamaicans treat sprinting. It's a national act. When everyone's born, they're meant to run past the finishing line" Nesta who was twenty years old felt hopeful and said, "With a hospital like this and a doctor like that, they can definitely cure my Achilles tendon"

Winnie tutted and said, "You're right."

The next day...

Seven o'clock in the morning.

Nesta was pushed into the operating theater.

Winnie tailed him with other visiting doctors and entered the operating theater.

Yun Hua Hospital did not have any good demonstration classrooms. They could not exactly use those rooms during formal occasions, even though they could usually be used to fool medical students. Everyone still inspected the surgeries up close and personal.

Winnie looked around and saw that was only slightly more familiar with Doctor Zhou. So, she walked closer to him and asked, "Didn't Doctor Ling perform surgery for an Ecuador athlete yesterday? Was the surgery successful?"

"Very successful." Doctor Zhou gave a firm answer and said in English, "Ling Ran did seven cases of Achilles tendon repairs yesterday, and they were all successful."

"Okay That's great!" Winnie nodded slightly. When she wanted to raise her head and talk more to Nesta, the anesthetist arrived.

Right after him was Ling Ran, first assistant Yu Yuan, and second assistant Ma Yanlin.


The surgery was completed.

Winnie looked at her watch, the whole process only took one hour and forty-five minutes. It was a bit longer than a standard Achilles tendon repair. But when compared with the Zhu-Ling Achilles tendon repair technique, the time used was shorter.

"The surgery is successful." Ling Ran saw Winnie. He thanked Winnie for bringing the patient from miles away due to her spirit of internationalism, and he gave her a smile that fit social norms. Then, he explained, "The patient's Achilles tendon rupture was much tidier, and the foundation's very good too. I think he can recover quite fast."

Winnie still expressed her gratitude, even though she could not quite believe him. After she performed surgery on patients, she would also often tell them that the surgery was successful. The success of the surgery was not based on her prediction.

However, it was the visiting doctors who looked very excited. After all, Ling Ran had treated three foreign athletes continuously. Now, the medical community in Changxi Province had started to pay attention to the matter, not just Yun Hua itself. It was good news for everyone in Yun Hua Hospital.

Huo Congjun straightened his neck and looked around. He already had his scathing remarks ready if anyone met his eyes, but no one disagreed with him. Then, he nodded in satisfaction, "Everyone can have a seat in the meeting room, and you may talk about whatever you want. Let us show the spirit of democratism there as well"

When Huo Congjun turned around, he moved next to Associate Hospital Director Zhou, whom he was familiar with. He smiled and said, "The Han brat from the Orthopedics Department is too scared to come."

"Don't you try to bully others with your age. After a few years, all of us are going to be called old demons."

"Old Demon Han? Does he deserve that?" Huo Congjun straightened his neck, and he said one word while he was at the peak of his form, "Meh!"

Associate Hospital Director Zhou started to chuckle.

Both of them walked after the crowd. Huo Congjun looked around, and when he saw that no one was paying attention to them, he said, "Associate Director Zhou, we've started to perform surgery for foreigners, so can we hang the signboard for the Emergency Medical Center outside now?"

With the cover provided by their foreign patients, Associate Hospital Director Zhou had now become much laxer in the matter. He said, "The hospital does indeed take this matter seriously. The board of directors agrees with our idea of providing international medical Old Huo, you're so lucky to have someone like Ling Ran. He hasn't signed any contract yet, right? You should keep an eye on him"

"I'm asking him to apply after the new year. He should be able to get it after a few months.

"Be careful not to drag it out too long, or else you'll have unexpected matters happen."

"Yes." Huo Congjun took this opportunity to say, "By the way, I have to talk to you about Ling Ran's treatment group. Ma Yanlin's a houseman from the Hand Surgery Department. I'm wondering if I can transfer him over"

"No, Department Director Jin Xi deliberately reminded me that Ma Yanlin is off limits."

"Okay, then we'll need someone else in his treatment group." As Huo Congjun spoke, he emphasized a few words and said, "Ling Ran has the ability to build a team. The doctors who've worked under him are all well-trained. Once the team is built, he'll feel reluctant to leave, right?"

Associate Hospital Director Zhou laughed and exposed a row of his white teeth. "Nowadays, every hospital complains that they're short of manpower. Let me help you to think about that. Doctors can be found easily, but I can't assure you of their quality. Transfer one of the doctors from your own department into his group."

Huo Congjun agreed immediately.