Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 331

332 The Newcomer Is Here

In the meeting room.

The beautiful devil's ivy and spider plant showed off their leaves, the plain devil's ivy and spider plant grew separately in respect to each other, while the ugly devil's ivy and spider plant grew in their own place, never touching each other.

Zuo Cidian, who was forty-two years old, gazed at the various types of flowers, and he could not help but sigh happily.

"Why? Don't you like the meeting room?" Huo Congjun entered the room from the back, and he heard the sigh of admiration from Zuo Cidian.

"No, why wouldn't I not like it? I just find it very comfy." Zuo Cidian immediately got up and turned around while he watched Huo Congjun sit across him. Then, he smiled and said, "Just now, I made a comparison between the operating theater in the town hospital and this meeting room. That place isn't even cleaner than this room. And look at the flowers; if you told me the countrymen are very good at growing plants, their flowers still wouldn't be as good as ours."

"It's nice that you like it." Huo Congjun chuckled as he nodded, then he lowered his hands to gesture at Zuo Cidian to take a seat.

Huo Congjun sized up the middle-aged doctor across him with his eyes.

'Skinny, tall, square face, humble facial expression, and smart-looking, maybe as cunning as a young man'

He had a thin sweater under his white coat. There were small tears at the cuffs. He had a tidy, slicked-back undercut, courtesy of a lot of hair gel, which matched his age very well.

A doctor in his forties was considered a doctor who was at the most energetic period of his life. Especially for foreign doctors, the period between forty to fifty years old was the golden age for them to build up their reputation and career. It was also the age range that big hospitals loved to recruit.

However, Zuo Cidian who came from the town hospital was obviously different from a normal surgeon.

"You took a really big step forward by moving from the town hospital to Yun Hua Hospital." Huo Congjun looked at the resume in his hands. The expression on his face was not visible.

"When I was in the town hospital, the consultations I received the most were regarding emergency cases," Zuo Cidian answered carefully.

"What's the most dangerous case you've dealt with?"

"Acute myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction," Zuo Cidian answered without any hesitation.

Huo Congjun raised his chin and asked, "How many cases have you managed to treat successfully?"

Zuo Cidian was stunned and replied in a low voice, "I've performed four cases before."

"And the results?"

"One of the patients with cerebral infarction was sent to the provincial hospital. He only died after a month." After he finished his words, Zuo Cidian bent his waist to make himself look shorter.

Huo Congjun was stunned when he heard that. After a while, he said, "You sure have a clear direction in your mind, and a resolute heart."

Zuo Cidian lowered his head and laughed. He dared not continue.

Huo Congjun frowned gently.

The quota in Yun Hua Hospital was very limited. To be exact, those positions were in high demand.

Aside from the spots they had to reserve for the graduates of each batch and the headhunted individuals, the spots that were the most valuable and fought for the most were the spots they opened to the public.

The requirements for social recruitment were the lowest, and while the terms offered were also the lowest, it still did not stop the eager doctors within and outside Changxi Province from applying for it.

However, some of the departments such as the Orthopedics Department and Ophthalmology Department now required their newcomers to at least be at doctorate level. Those who were not from Project 211 would not even have a chance to attend the interview. Departments like the Department of Gynecology and General Surgery had lower requirements. Master's graduates from good schools could be taken in as well. But PhD graduates from universities that were below Project 211 would still not be recruited. Only the Pediatrics Department and Emergency Department had the lowest requirements.

Nonetheless, even if they had low requirements, it was still not low enough for them to take in junior college graduates who once worked in the town hospital!

Huo Congjun sighed and looked at Zuo Cidian.

Zuo Cidian immediately wore a socially acceptable smile.

"I do need a person over here, but your resume really can't get you through this." Huo Congjun shook his head. He wanted a replacement to help Ling Ran after Ma Yanlin left.

However, Zuo Cidian's background was way below his target. Forget transferring him to Ling Ran's team, even if Huo Congjun wanted to transfer him to another group in exchange for another doctor, he would probably get sternly rejected.

The attitude of the chief physicians and associate chief physicians were very firm. Even Chief Physician Tao, who was usually indifferent to things, would not accept it.

Was he supposed to send the person back?

It would be easy for him to send him back, but it would be difficult to get anyone new.

Yet, if he kept him

Huo Congjun looked at Zuo Cidian and fell into deep thought.

Zuo Cidian knew that it was the right time to speak. He tactfully said, "Department Director Huo, I can learn things very fast. I do everything very seriously, you can leave anything to me. Regardless of the case, I will do it well. Also, I can work overtime. I just got divorced this year, and my wife has custody. I can work all night so that my other colleagues can be at ease"

He was not too sure which sentence changed Huo Congjun's mind. Old Huo sighed and said, "All right. Since you're here already, I don't plan on sending you away. Once you reach the department, do your best and learn."

"Sure!" Zuo Cidian revealed joy on his face.

"Also, you'll be working under Doctor Ling Ran. The situation with Doctor Ling Ran is a little different. Anyway, you just have to follow the instructions and perform your duty as a doctor. Observe more, talk less, and ask less. You're an adult, so I won't say much." For the sake of filling up a spot, Huo Congjun closed one eye and let Zuo Cidian stay. He was not interested in teaching him at all. He just sent him to the department and introduced Zuo Cidian to the other doctors.

After that, Zuo Cidian was sent to work under Ling Ran.

Huo Congjun gave Ling Ran some reminders and left uneasily.

Zuo Cidian began to worry again.

Although he had worked for more than twenty years in the town hospital, he knew that while the department director held the highest authority in the department, the senior doctors directly above the junior doctors were the ones who controlled the junior doctors.

A good senior doctor could make the life of a junior doctor a lot easier. If the senior doctor was mean, the junior doctor could die of exhaustion, and he or she would even die a meaningless death. Perhaps, he would live a life worse than death.

However, Ling Ran just looked at Zuo Cidian and asked, "Can you work overtime?"


"Then, you can walk around and familiarize yourself with the environment first. Join the surgery tomorrow at three o'clock in the morning." Next, Ling Ran said to Ma Yanlin, "You can work the normal shift for now. Hmm, you can clock off at around seven or eight o'clock."

Lu Wenbin coughed twice before he said, "Doctor Ling, normal shifts clock off at six o'clock."

"Oh, six o'clock then." Ling Ran just went along with the flow.

Zuo Cidian looked at the young Ling Ran while he listened to their conversation, and he found Ling Ran very unreliable.

He was a doctor who did not even know when other doctors clocked off? Was he there because he was rich?

The more Zuo Cidian thought about the matter, the more he found it interesting, and he even felt happy in his heart.

It would be great if the doctor was unreliable!

When it came to medical skills, Zuo Cidian knew that since he came from a town hospital, he would never catch up to the standards of the doctors in Yun Hua Hospital no matter how hard he tried. Despite that, he was still very experienced in serving his superiors.

He used to accompany his superior drinking from afternoon until one or three o'clock in the morning. Then, he had to force himself to send his superior back home while he just found any random place to sleep. The next morning, he would rush to deliver breakfast to the superior at six or seven o'clock and help his superior send his children to school, throw the rubbish, then prepare lunch and wine If he had not gone home to change his clothes and subsequently bump into his wife cheating on him with his superior, Zuo Cidian would have probably been promoted.

It was no use crying over spilled milk, but Zuo Cidian had retained his ability to serve his superior.

If there was a competition that compared the ability to serve superiors, Zuo Cidian felt he still stood a chance in Yun Hua Hospital.

Perhaps Department Director Huo hired him to make him serve Doctor Ling Ran?

When Zuo Cidian thought of it, he became more humble and slouched even more.

Ma Yanlin's face was pale, and he felt incredibly uncomfortable.

Although he was a houseman and it was time for him to rotate, not to mention he had a girlfriend now Ma Yanlin still felt threatened by how soon someone new had joined Ling Ran's team.Find authorized novels in Wuxiaworldfaster updates, better experiencePlease click for visiting.

"Doctor Ling, even if I've rotated to another department, I can still come back to help," Ma Yanlin whispered softly.

Ling Ran nodded. "Sure."

"I can still continue to learn the Achilles tendon repair technique from you."


"By the way, my house sent some dried fish to the hospital today," Ma Yanlin said while he collected the bag from the office table. Perhaps he was in too much of a hurry, which was why the items in the bag spilled all over the floor.

On the white tiles of the office were pale yellow and white dried fish, a golden yellow Durex, a white Jissbon, a white Okamoto 003, a purple Durex with large raised Studs, and a few boxes labelled with English words.

"Oh Oh gosh!" Ma Yanlin immediately bent down and picked them up, but his knees buckled, and he sat on the floor in the next second.

"Let me help." Zuo Cidian walked forward obediently, took off his coat, and covered many of those boxes. Then, he quickly swept them into the bag and laughed in a low voice to reduce the awkwardness. "Young man, you're stocking up, huh? Don't get cheated until your money runs out."

Ma Yanlin chuckled wryly and softly. "It'll be great if they can last for a month."

"A month"Zuo Cidian was worried that he had now been affected by short-sightedness. While he picked up the boxes, he took an opportunity to glance at the English labels on the box, Written at the center were these words: large-sized condoms.

Ma Yanlin smiled shyly.

Zuo Cidian smiled and acted normally even though he felt surprised. Deep in his heart, he was wary. 'Yun Hua Hospital truly has a lot of individuals with hidden talents. Even a normal young man in their hospital already has the ability of an associate department director in a town hospital.'