Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 335

336 I Can Hit Your Head When I Jump

The weekend was particularly sunny.

The Devil's ivy and spider plants clung to each other.

Zuo Cidian finally had a half-day leave. He borrowed the BMW 535 newly bought by Lu Wenbin and drove to the bus station to pick up his ex-colleague.

Nowadays, the presence of power cars made the status of bus stations plummet to the drain. Buses were now only used by residents from the county and small towns, especially those who lived far from the bullet train stations and railway stations.

The town hospital where Zuo Cidian once worked did not have a good transportation system. If the transportation system were convenient, it would have taken only two to three hours to reach nearby provincial cities. Only those who were dumb would go to the town hospital, but not even the town hospital would dare to take in patients who were dumb. 

Naturally, the National Finance Center was the one who supported people like Zuo Cidian. The dozens of working staff in the hospital outnumbered the patients admitted every day. It was the strict discipline and hierarchical system that supported the operation of the town hospital. 

Zuo Cidian carefully parked the BMW 535 opposite the bus station. When he got down the car, he used his spectacle cleaning cloth to wipe off the fingerprints and posed while he waited for his ex-colleague. 

Zuo Cidian was 42.8 years old now. He held a Vivo phone in his left hand while the BMW was to his right. He had a pair of Louis Vuitton fitted snugly to his feet, and there was a small leather bag to his waist, and the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 on his wrist shone brightly.

"I almost couldn't recognize you." The senior section chief of the town hospital, Sun Taining, looked at Zuo Cidian. Surprise appeared on his face before his eyes fell on the BMW, "Did you just change to a new car?"

"It's my colleague's." Zuo Cidian smiled faintly.

"Your new colleague is super rich. Yun Hua Hospital is indeed different," Sun Taining chuckled, "I didn't know that this hospital is so rich. You're lucky to have been transferred there."

Zuo Cidian showed a profound smile and asked, "Shall we go to the hospital first, or the hotel?"

"Hospital, I guess?" Once they breached this topic, Sun Taining sighed, "I'm so unlucky this year. Early this year, my mother-in-law passed away. And at the end of the year, my son broke his legs. He is already a teen, but he still doesn't know how to take good care of himself. I'm so angry…"

"Achilles tendon repairs are a minor surgery. We performed quite a lot of it recently, even for foreigners." Zuo Cidian tried to comfort him, but at the same time, he boasted about himself.  Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Sun Taining went along with the flow and nodded, "I've heard about that. That's why I came over."

Although he was a doctor from the town hospital, he rarely paid attention to the experts in the province during his daily life. The distance between them was too far for them to be connected. However, the astonishing promotion of Zuo Cidian to Yun Hua Hospital attracted the attention from many people.

Naturally, Sun Taining had mainly come to this place due to his son's ruptured Achilles tendon. It was always the easiest for patients or their family members to get to know the specialists of the related field during the process they searched for doctors. 

"Is your son at home?"

"He's receiving an infusion at the county hospital. I came over to take a look at the situation first." Sun Taining started to get slightly embarrassed. He asked, "How about you? How many people did you manage to outdrink?"

Zuo Cidian thought about Sun Taining's question. He was stunned before he smiled immediately. "Forget that. I've only been performing surgery for the past two weeks."

"You operated on a patient as a surgeon?" Sun Taining was dumbfounded.

"I'm just the assistant for now."

"How many surgeries did you perform?"

"More than a hundred cases of Achilles tendon repair, along with finger replantations and flexor tendon repairs. Oh, there were also some knee arthroscopic surgeries as well." Zuo Cidian smiled bitterly. 

Sun Taining laughed as he listened, "You've just been there for half a month, and you performed over one hundred surgeries? You must be joking, right?"

"I'm not joking," Zuo Cidian said seriously, "I perform surgeries after waking up early in the morning, and I perform surgeries again after my nap in the afternoon. After a night of sleep, it's predawn again…"

As Zuo Cidian spoke, he found himself stunned, 'Did I get possessed or something?'

Sun Taining sized up Zuo Cidian again, smiled, and said, "Then you did not have a chance to grab any alcohol."

"I've never liked drinking, anyway." When Zuo Cidian said this, he felt more relaxed. He smiled and said, "I'm working under Doctor Ling now. If he doesn't drink, I won't drink too."

"It will be harder for you to break the ice and get closer to your leader if your leader doesn't drink."

For some reason, Zuo Cidian suddenly laughed, "What kind of ice do I even need to break? Let me tell you. I've been here at Yun Hua Hospital for half a month. I haven't even gotten the chance to visit the resuscitation room in the Emergency Department. When I open my eyes, I need to do surgeries. When I close my eyes and haven't really fallen asleep yet, the alarm started to ring. I've been doing surgeries non-stop. So, if you want to know the place I'm most familiar with, it will be the operating theater in the Emergency Department, followed by the office, then the wards."

Zuo Cidian started to get excited and moved around as he spoke. He had his ex-colleague get into the car. The car started to move gently and joined the stream of cars on the road smoothly. 

Yun Hua was a big city with millions of people and cars.

It was not an astonishing sight at all for a BMW 535, which was sold at the cost of two apartments, that could be exchanged for two rooms to be found on an eight-lane two-way road. 

Zuo Cidian had never experienced life like this before. 

Zuo Cidian stepped on the gear gently to let the BMW move faster.

Sun Taining was slightly curious, but also a little fretful. He looked at Zuo Cidian and said, "Based on your abilities, I'm guessing you only took three days to get familiar with the department. After a week, you can drink with a few leaders whom you're close with. After half a month, you should be able to know at least a few of the leaders in the hospital, right…"

Zuo Cidian chuckled, "My leader will go to the debridement room for fun when he is bored…"

"Did you really perform over one hundred Achilles tendon repairs?" Sun Taining brought up the topic that seized his attention the most. 

"It's about that," Zuo Cidian replied.

"If this happened in our town hospital, you will have become our role model."

Even the doctor who performed the highest number of surgeries would only be able to perform hundreds of surgeries a year in the town hospital. That included surgeries like corn removal, changing dressing, debridement, and dressing… 

Zuo Cidian could not but start remembering things. 

When he was young, he had become a role model among his colleagues before. But when he remembered his past just now, he might have only been able to become a role model because of his drinking. After he drank at night, he could get a surgery designated to him in the morning the next day. Otherwise, even though he had great skill, he would still have to wait if there was not any patient for him… 

"Let me bring you to Doctor Ling." Zuo Cidian stepped on the accelerator as there were fewer cars on the road. 


Ling Ran entered the waiting room while in scrubs. He took a white coat and donned it.

The white coat was tight and small. The length only reached Ling Ran's waist, and it made people doubt whether it was his. 

"Doctor Ling, you wore the wrong coat!" Yu Yuan was about Ling Ran's height when she jumped. She was as agitated as the squirrel whose winter storage was stolen. 

Ling Ran looked at Yu Yuan and took off the white coat. He asked, "Did you change the size of the coat?"

"Who… who said I did?" Yu Yuan shook her head. She refused to admit to this fact while she quickly changed the topic and said, "I've found all data needed."

"Let me take a look." Ling Ran had continuously performed surgeries for half of the month, and he had occupied most of the hospital beds at Yun Hua Hospital. Now, he did not have any place to go. So, he planned to compile his medical cases together and write them into a research paper.

The most tedious part of writing a research paper would be looking for references and information for the paper. 

The writer needed to know what sort of work his or her predecessor had done for this particular problem, what sort of conclusion they had reached, and what sort of failure they experienced. With the number of research papers currently published, the task of searching through references and data was several times more tedious than writing the research paper itself. 

Even though Yu Yuan's surgery skills were merely adequate, she was very good at research paper-related work.   

When Ling Ran obtained a very thick set of drafts, he nodded in satisfaction. 

Zuo Cidian looked at Yu Yuan in envy. He walked forward and said, "Doctor Ling, this is the friend whom I've mentioned to you before…"

"Oh." Ling Ran turned around and took a look at Sun Taining. He asked, "Did you bring the X-ray scan and MRI scan?"

"I brought the X-ray scan along, but I did not take the MRI scan. The town hospital is too small, we don't have the equipment for it." Sun Taining was about the same age as Zuo Cidian. Originally, he wanted to question Ling Ran. But when he saw him and how others treated him, he dared not do that.

Ling Ran took out the X-ray scan and glanced through. He frowned and said, "Did you take it at the town hospital?"

"Yes, we used the facilities in our hospital to do so." Sun Taining smiled tactfully. 

"Hmm… Bring the patient over and retake it." Ling Ran had roughly gone through the X-ray scan.

Sun Taining's disposition quickly took a turn. "Sorry… My child injured his leg, and it will not be convenient for him to come over."

"Oh, do you want me to go over for surgery?" Ling Ran frowned slightly. He did not really oppose the idea of performing freelance surgeon. Aside from the extra income, he could also save up on hospital beds when he performed freelance surgery, which was the most important factor to him. 

Sun Taining was shocked. He quickly said, "You don't have to. We will send our son over here."

As compared to freelance surgeries, it would be cheaper to send the person over here. 

"Oh," Ling Ran said, unbothered. He then continued. "Then have him come over here to perform the scans as well. This picture is not clear."

"Excuse me… I came over because I wanted to see whether he can be treated." Sun Taining bit back his words. If Ling Ran could not get his son treated, he thought of going to other hospitals. 

Ling Ran did not care what Sun Taining thought. After listening to him, he brought the X-ray scan to his eyes and continued reading it. 

After a while, Ling Ran said, "I'll suggest to use minimally invasive surgery as treatment. He should be able to regain 80% of his Achilles tendon's functionality. Do you want to receive treatment at Yun Hua Hospital?"

Ling Ran sounded slightly hesitant. For him, there was very little meaning in performing minimally invasive surgery. Perhaps he could perform it a little better than doctors who had Specialist Level or Master Level skills, but the effect would not be very obvious. 

Besides, the minimally invasive Achilles tendon repair was not Ling Ran's main surgery method. Although he could perform it, it would not fully maximize his skills… 

The only advantage was that the patient who received minimally invasive surgery could be discharged very fast.

Sun Taining treated Ling Ran's hesitation as a sign that he was not confident. He was already worried about Ling Ran's age to begin with. Now, he was even more worried and forced himself to say, "I'll bring my son here to gauge the situation first."

"Okay. most hospitals can do a good job with minimally invasive surgeries." Ling Ran showed a socially accepted smile. He looked as though he had finished his task and nodded at Zuo Cidian.

Zuo Cidian advised Sun Taining in a low voice, "Doctor Ling's schedule is always full, and his main problem is that he doesn't have enough hospital beds. Once you make up your mind, bring your child here as early as possible."

"Okay. I understand." Sun Taining showed an understanding look.

Zuo Cidian could only smile and said his goodbyes to Ling Ran and the others before he brought Sun Taining to the table at a corner. He used his phone to buy three pork trotters before he introduced a few things to Sun Taining in a soft voice. 

*Ding Dong.*

*Ding Dong, Ding Dong… *

The WeChat group named Ling's group, which Zuo Cidian had set a special ringtone for, rang continuously. 

When Zuo Cidian opened it, he saw tons of the video clips with captions by Lu Wenbin at the bottom.

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