Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 336

337 Freelance Surgery Invitation

Zuo Cidian quickly opened the video and saw a white figure running wildly on a green field.

He opened another video. It was still that same white figure running wildly.

The third video was also a person running wildly.

Running wildly...

Zuo Cidian quickly understood the situation and said, "Was this a patient who had surgery before?"

"He was Doctor's Ling first foreign patient." Yu Yuan wore a fitting white coat. Her face was still as dark as a thundercloud, and she looked like a black squirrel.

Zuo Cidian asked curiously, "Is his nickname Crybaby?"

"He just loves to cry," Yu Yuan said while she played two videos she saved. Both were videos where Damon cried madly in his room while he was hospitalized.

Lu Wenbin immediately sent the laughing madly emoji in the group.

Yu Yuan said expressionlessly, "Lu Wenbin uses him as a GIF."

Right after she finished speaking, Lu Wenbin sent a GIF of Damon crying up a stream.

"Can we use the patient's portraits like this?" Zuo Cidian asked with a small degree of worry.

"Of course not!" Yu Yuan said.


"But labor law also states that all industries are only supposed to make us work eight-hours a day," Yu Yuan calmly said.

The 42.8-year-old Zuo Cidian wisely chose not to discuss this issue with Yu Yuan, who was four feet and nine inches tall. He changed the topic and said, "This is on foreign news, right? Otherwise, we'd famous now if it were on local news."

"It is also good to attract foreign patients," Yu Yuan said and looked around her before she whispered, "Recently, two foreign patients came over here while they paid the full expenses from their own pockets. The hospital charges them according to the price given to VIP patients."

Zuo Cidian was suddenly enlightened, and he took the opportunity to thank Yu Yuan.

Since he had no time to go out to drink and accompany people anymore, he tried his best to maintain his relationship within the group, just like what he did when he had just entered his unit twenty-five years ago. He was as observant, honey-tongued, and diligent as he was back then.

Compared to the leaders in the town hospital, it was much easier to serve the few young people in Ling Ran's small group.

Zuo Cidian was still not used to talking in WeChat. After exchanging a few sentences with Yu Yuan, he turned around to his former colleague Sun Taining and said, "This is a foreign patient who received surgery from Doctor Ling. It was quite successful."

"Oh," Sun Taining replied. He then said, "There are many doctors who have operated on foreigners before."

Zuo Cidian was stunned for a moment and found that he had no way to refute him.

"I'll ask a few more doctors, let's discuss when we're back." Sun Taining did not want to stay any longer. He was also a person who had been in the hospital system for twenty years and knew some of the tricks doctors used to solicit patients.

Sun Taining did not want his son to become a solicited patient.

Zuo Cidian had to escort Sun Taining out of the hospital and call a ride for Sun Taining through DiDi Express.

The car was an old second hand Volkswagen Jetta. The seat was a bit dirty, the driver seemed evil, and he looked like an unlicensed cab driver who carried passengers in an old Jinbei between villages and towns.

"Are you guys leaving?" the driver shouted.

"It's not a Rolls-Royce." Zuo Cidian smiled and showed an expression as if he did not win the lottery using a free lottery ticket. He then sent Sun Taining to the car.

After the Volkswagen Jetta left, Zuo Cidian returned to the waiting room, and he saw Wang Haiyang from the Hand Surgery Department sitting inside. He had a phone in his hand while he spoke loudly.

"Oh, let me tell you, Ling Ran is highly sought after right now. We can't talk further if it is just one surgery... Yes, that's what I meant. You have to get a few more. Accumulate around four or five surgery cases. Doctor Ling can go there once and perform them in one go... alright... if there's none, we'll see how it goes later..." for visiting.

"Three cases? I suppose three cases is alright... The chronic ones are not necessary. Doctor Ling is not very willing to operate on chronic Achilles tendon ruptures now. Yes, please also explain to the patients and their families, Doctor Ling'smain surgical method is the Zhu-Ling Achilles Repair Technique, and it mainly targets fresh Achilles tendon ruptures..."

"Alright... we can discuss the specialist fees later. Doctor Ling will not raise his price just because he operated on a few foreigners. The Chinese don't act like that. Right, we should call them our foreign friends... Well, three is the minimum. Ah, we can consider if it's four cases. Then, we have an agreement. Alright, alright..."

Wang Haiyang spoke for more than ten minutes in one go. When he put his phone down and rubbed his ear, he laughed and said, "I now understand what they mean when people say that people are afraid of becoming famous just as much as pigs are afraid of becoming fat. In the past, I did not know that we can have so many Achilles tendon ruptures in China in a day."

"Chief Physician Wang, you've worked hard. Please eat a pork trotter." Lu Wenbin obediently served Yun Hua Hospital's famous dish.

Zuo Cidian could not help but regard Lu Wenbin highly. Although he did not have Ma Yanlin's specialty, he still had some basics in observing people.

Wang Haiyang chuckled and nodded. Then, he used a fork to stab a piece of flesh that had been cut off from the center of the pork trotter. He gulped down some water and moistened his throat. He said, "Doctor Ling, I've asked around. There are two places which offer the best conditions. One is Zhucheng Hospital, and they have three patients. Next is Yiyuan County Hospital. You remember Yiyuan County Hospital, right? We worked with them before, and they're closer to us. They can gather three or four cases for us."

Wang Haiyang looked at the others. When he saw that Ling Ran did not seem to have any intention to have this talk in private, he continued, "The specialist fees are basically the same. The chief surgeon will earn 6,000 RMB per surgery. Yiyuan County Hospital will give your assistant 3,000 RMB as transportation fees, whereas Zhucheng Hospital will give your assistant 1,200 RMB per surgery."

"The assistant only gets an additional 600 RMB from Zhucheng Hospital? The assistant will also need to fly over, right?" Lu Wenbin scoffed at the figures.

Wang Haiyang chuckled and said, "According to the standard, if Yiyuan County Hospital invites you for another freelance surgery, they will still have to pay the surgeon 3,000 RMB per case, and if Zhucheng Hospital can gather five cases in one go, the assistant will get 6,000 RMB."

Yu Yuan's eyes lit up as she listened. For her, an extra 3,000 RMB or 3,600 RMB was a lot. She could buy a lot of things.

"Where do you want to go?" asked Wang Haiyang.

"Zhucheng." Ling Ran answered very quickly.

Zuo Cidian's heart shuddered, he could not help. He thought to himself, 'Doctor Ling treats his subordinates pretty well. He is willing to go so far just so that they can earn that extra 600 RMB'

"Let Yiyuan County Hospital ask their patients whether they would like to come to Yun Hua Hospital for a consultation." Ling Ran naturally maximized his surgery volume.

The specialist fees or freelance surgery fees were all borne by the patients themselves, and if they had to pay the transportation fees as well as other expenses, some patients who did not have a lot of money would then rather take the trip to the hospital itself.

Of course, there were some patients with good financial standing who would not want to go through so much trouble. So, they would just lie in their hospital bed and find another specialist to perform surgery for them.

Wang Haiyang was taken aback for a moment before he laughed, "This is easy to handle. Let me tell them and see what they think."

"Have a good night's rest." Ling Ran looked at his watch and said to the group, "I won't add any more surgeries tonight. Everyone, go back to rest. Yu Yuan, do you want to come with me?"

"That's great!" Yu Yuan's main surgery technique was the Achilles tendon repair, and she had already become quite skilled in it. She was also considered a good first assistant now that she had become familiar with Ling Ran's methods and habits.

Zuo Cidian hesitated for a moment and asked, "May I follow? Not as an assistant. I just want to go along and learn..."

Ling Ran looked at Wang Haiyang.

"No problem." Wang Haiyang promised straight away. He did not even call to confirm.

Ling Ran also did not immediately get off work. He took a white coat and first went to the ward to perform one ward round.

Recently, the frequency in which he performed surgeries had dropped a bit, but the wards were still overcrowded, and with the extra hospital beds, they were nearing the high warning line of 150 beds again. With so many patients, they cannot guarantee whether they will run into patients who smoke secretly again or cry when they watch Korean dramas

Fortunately, the recent test system had been implemented, and even if the patient were unwilling to abide by the rules, they would at least know what the consequences of not complying with the rules were. most of the patient's rebellion came to an end once they took the test.

"Doctor Ling!"

"Hello, Doctor Ling!"

"Doctor Ling, you're so handsome!"

The people in Ward 3 came flocking toward him, and Ling Ran was overwhelmed.

This was a ward with one hundred and fifty patients, and the total number of accompanying family members were more than two hundred, and most of them were female family members.

Ling Ran walked through the entire ward, and he received nearly ten Sincere Gratitude Treasure Chests from patients who had recovered extremely well.

With Ling Ran's current skills, if he performed an Achilles tendon repair on a normal person, it was only natural that the effects were good, and they could recover quickly. There was an obvious difference between his skill and a normal chief physician's.

Outsiders would not know much about this, but for patients and the medical staff, Ling Ran's level was obvious to all.

After he finished his ward round, Ling Ran accumulated fifty-five Basic Treasure Chests.

Ling Ran stood under a wall clock and waited for two minutes silently. Once he saw that the minute hand of the clock had pointed at fifty-five, he immediately said to the system,"Open all the chests."

Loads of green Energy Serums covered his sight, but there was a silver-white book that shone among them.

Ling Ran first opened the skill book.

[Single Skill Book. Obtained skill branch: Appendectomy (Master Level)]

"Hmm..." Ling Ran took out his phone and first called Doctor Zhou, "Do we have patients with appendicitis in our hospital?"

"Why would we have one?" Doctor Zhou laughed, "We are not a town hospital. We'll only have one when they have acute appendicitis."

"Oh." Ling Ran put down the phone in disappointment, turned, and went downstairs to drive home.

His Volkswagen Jetta was just repaired. After a brief adjustment period, he should be able to use it for a long time. Then, he would need to maintain it again.