Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 339

340 Reasoning

Ling Ran carried a backpack and slowly followed behind Yu Yuan and Zuo Cidian.

Zuo Cidian's entire body was tense. He said, "I feel like everyone is watching me."

Yu Yuan tightened her fist and said with a quivering voice, "It's okay, everyone is just looking at Ling Ran."

"I know, but I am still nervous." Zuo Cidian shook his head and said, "To tell the truth, I don't know how Ling Ran persisted throughout these years. It is very difficult to be stared at every day."

"It will probably be very hard." Yu Yuan could not help but pity Ling Ran. She then turned around to Ling Ran and said, "Doctor Ling, you got a first-class ticket, you should be able to go to the security check from the fast-track lane."

Yu Yuan followed Zuo Cidian to queue up behind a long line who were waiting for their security check. In comparison, the fast-track lane to the left was basically empty.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Ling Ran seemed to have just come to a realization, and he hummed in acknowledgment. As he picked up his boarding pass and was prepared to turn around, an airport staff came over, smiled at Ling Ran, and said, "Sir, you can go through here for the security check."

After she finished her sentence, she took Ling Ran to the fast-track lane without even checking his boarding pass.

"The second rabbit." Yu Yuan made a motion that was supposed to be her banging her head against a wall to Zuo Cidian, but she looked like a squirrel opening a pine nut with its head instead. 

Zuo Cidian looked at Ling Ran's back, which had disappeared at the end of the fast-track lane. He then said in a tone as if he had understood something, "If you look at him this way, he won't be stared at too long."

Yu Yuan and Zuo Cidian quietly bowed their heads.

After a while, the young lady dressed in the airport uniform came back and said, "Both of you can also go through the security check-in from here."

As she spoke, Yu Yuan and Zuo Cidian were also brought through the fast-track lane. 

"The third rabbit was sent to the neighbors." Yu Yuan shrugged at Zuo Cidian before she enjoyed the quick security check with Zuo Cidian.

In the lounge, Ling Ran was served by an air stewardess on her knees. He even had a bowl of additional hot noodle soup. 

"The fourth rabbit."

When the time came for them to board the plane, Ling Ran received priority boarding.

"The fifth rabbit."

Ling Ran was taken care of throughout the entire flight, and he received a first-class meal that was not provided even after a person requested a normal upgrade, along with three blankets...

"The sixth rabbit."

He was given priority to disembark, and a Toyota Coaster came to receive him. 

"The seventh rabbit."


When they were in the special cab provided by Zhucheng People's Hospital, Ling Ran still carried the backpack, and he looked as radiant as ever. Yu Yuan and Zuo Cidian received great blows on their world views, outlook on life, and values.

Zuo Cidian looked up the price of a round trip of the official websites for Ctrip, Fliggy and the China Airline before he silently put down his mobile phone and whispered to Yu Yuan, "If a passenger buys a ticket of 800 RMB, and receives greater services than a passenger who paid 5,800 RMB. What is the significance of the airline earning that extra 5,000 RMB?"

"It means the passenger is ugly."

Yu Yuan looked out the window, and her mood gradually calmed down, but she became a little cynical. 

Zuo Cidian looked up at the rearview mirror and could not help but turn cynical as well.

"It's not unreasonable for airlines to do this. It's not unfair either." Zuo Cidian recalled his life in the town. Everyone had to handle another person's dark looks when they went on their own businesses, and things had been very fair at that time. 

Yu Yuan chuckled and looked at Ling Ran's backpack. "They might be carrying bags, but some people who carry LVs but will still be teased and misunderstood as programmers, but some people look like they are on a runway even though they only carry a normal bag. How is that fair?"

"You… you are affected by Ling Ran. There aren't that many rabbits in the world."

"Everyone eats the same food, but the feces excreted is different. Even if the same person eats the same food, at different times and under different circumstances, the excreted feces is different. How would people be the same, and how could it be fair?"

Zuo Cidian stared at Yu Yuan blankly for a few seconds, "The logic you just used is also very different from others."


You Fengyu, director of the Orthopedics Department of Zhucheng People's Hospital, gave a warm welcome to Ling Ran and his group. 

He was a doctor who participated in the International Sports Orthopedics Research Conference in Shanghai. He had seen Ling Ran's surgery and had communicated with the others. Therefore, when he heard that Yun Hua Hospital had really opened a small window to provide international medical treatment and they performed quite well, he decided to invite Ling Ran over.

After all, Zhu-Ling Achilles Repair Technique was a new type of surgery. It would be necessary to learn and promote it since it was confirmed to have value. 

This was also one of the reasons why academic conferences of various medicinal fields could attract high-end doctors.

As the saying went, "Seeing is believing." Things like reputations were more often the basis for attracting someone to watch something, but it was only after participating in one or several conferences together and truly coming into contact with other doctors would the doctors invite each other for freelance surgeries. 

On one hand, the meetings were used to verify the other party's techniques and standards, and see whether they were phonies.

On the other hand, it was also to determine whether the other party had any signs of mental illness.

Everyone would wish to avoid doctors who were difficult to communicate with or who were eccentric, after all.

You Fengyu was a person with a large build. He was tall and broad, and looked like an orthopedist who can amputate thighs on his own. 

You Fengyu did not quite seem to know how to communicate with the young Ling Ran. 

The age difference between the two was nearly thirty years apart, and You Fengyu could not find a topic. This was especially so when Ling Ran had quickly killed the conversation of the few topics he had prepared. The atmosphere became even more solemn after that. 

It was all thanks to Zuo Cidian that the dialogue between them did not completely crumble to dust. 

After half an hour of trying, You Fengyu resolutely stopped all welcoming activities and sent Ling Ran into the operating theater.

At the moment Ling Ran put on a scrub, the world seemed to have become harmonious.

"The incision is so big!"

"He stripped it really well."

"I see, so it's sutured like this."

For doctors, language may be a form of communication. It was the same with surgery.

Ling Ran quietly completed an operation, and he quickly did another operation, and then another…

Five hours later, while You Fengyu and others had only exchanged a few words with Ling Ran, they felt familiar with him already.

This was the same case with surgeons.

Some surgeons liked to talk, and they would chatter nonstop even while they perform normal surgeries. 

Some surgeons liked to joke. They would stop only when they had teased the young nurses so much that their faces were red. So, the nurses in the operating theater would first need to learn how to pretend to be embarrassed before learning how to fake an org*sm.

Some surgeons did not like to talk. Although it was rare, it was another kind of relaxation for You Fengyu and the others.

But when he did not carry out a lot of activities to entertain Ling Ran, You Fengyu felt a little embarrassed.

"Doctor Ling's surgery is still very sensational." You Fengyu did not know what to say. He could only give generalized comments.

"Doctor Ling does his surgeries very meticulously."

"If he can perform the Achilles tendon repair to this level, he's really at the top of the world."

Everyone praised him as much as possible to express their hospitality.

Ling Ran took off his surgical gown and was completely immune to such praise. Only when he left the operating theater was Ling Ran attracted by a surgical schedule. He stood still.

"Doctor Ling, it's late, let's go have something to eat first..." You Fengyu chuckled.

"You guys also perform knee arthroscopic meniscoplasty." Ling Ran pointed to a row on the working schedule. After half an hour, there were four consecutive knee arthroscopic meniscoplasty operations arranged there.

You Fengyu was dazed for a moment. He smiled and said, "It has just been launched." 

"May I watch?" Ling Ran asked.

You Fengyu did not know what to say for a while.

Zuo Cidian coughed and said, "Doctor Ling, this is not very compliant to the rules, even if you want to practice your skills, you can do it when you're back at Yun Hua Hospital..."

"Yun Hua Hospital has no hospital beds anymore," Ling Ran said.

"But that's not a good reason to participate in other people's surgery," Zuo Cidian said as he glanced at You Fengyu.

The dignified director of the Orthopedics Department knew what they were talking about. Hence, he relaxed and said, "Doctor Ling, if you would like to see the surgery, then we will go and watch it."

Ling Ran's face broke into a smile.

You Fengyu turned around and said to his subordinates, "Go and ask whether the ribs are grilled. If it's cold, change to another."

Zuo Cidian clearly saw the hesitation on Ling Ran's face.

Zuo Cidian could not help but feel happy. After waiting for a few seconds, he laughed again, "Let's not waste it, Department Director You. Doctor Ling does not drink, anyway, just bring over the ribs, and we'll just eat it. Does your hospital have a waiting room in the Operating Area?"

Zuo Cidian looked at Ling Ran's expression. He looked extremely satisfied.

This time, Zuo Cidian became at ease. As the saying went, "There was no need to fear if your leader starts to talk about reason, but you will need to fear if your leader does not have any hobbies."

After exchanging a few sentences, Zuo Cidian quietly lagged behind the group. He pulled out the notebook from the inside pocket of his jacket, turned to the Ling Ran's entry, and recorded. [Knee arthroscopic meniscoplasty. Ribs (grilled?)]