Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Determining Bleeding Sources

After staying up for a whole night, Ling Ran finally managed to write the outline of his research paper.

For an undergraduate who had only received a few weeks of training on how to write research papers, having a renowned specialist willing to guide him to write a research paper was practically a blessing from heaven. Because of that, Ling Ran used up another Energy Serum without hesitation.

His reserve of Energy Serums was reduced from six bottles to five bottles, but Ling Ran believed that completing the challenge was more valuable for him.

Huo Congjun was quite shocked when he saw the research paper outline Ling Ran brought out.

He read the introduction, and then glanced in astonishment at Ling Ran. "You stayed up last night?"


"Make sure that staying up doesn't affect your work performance."

"No problem." Ling Ran looked rather relaxed.

"Isn't it nice to be young?" Huo Congjun laughed out loud. He turned and said, "Only the young are able to stay up all night and still be able come for work in the hospital with no problems while still making time to write a research paper."

After he said that, he lowered his head again to read the outline carefully. He whipped out the gel pen he always carried with him and examined it.

After hearing their conversation from the side, Doctor Zhou said with a smile, "Department director, should I arrange a shift for Ling Ran?"

"Give him a shift and let him learn a lesson for saying that he can still work perfectly after not sleeping for a night. Hmm... Don't give him a shift tonight. Start giving him shifts tomorrow," Huo Congjun answered without raising his head. Being a doctor was a job that required one to be on night shifts all year round, especially for those in the Emergency Department. Their biological clocks were reversed to the point that their endocrine secretion was all messed up. It had been quite some time since he encountered anyone who dared to say that they could stay up late.

Doctor Zhou chuckled and said to Ling Ran, "See, the department director is still fond of you and is worried that you can't hold out for working two days in a row. Alright, report for work tomorrow night then.

Ling Ran agreed nonchalantly. Even though the doctors hated being on night shifts, the medical interns did not mind doing them. It was even more so for Ling Ran, who did not find it taxing at all.

The young rookies were still in the period where they were excited by their work. It was practically an honor for them to get the chance to perform patient consultation and even surgeries, because in reality, medical interns did not usually have the chance to work on shifts as they would be of no help.

Huo Congjun finished reading the research paper. He nodded slightly and said, "The outline is quite well-written. It is very well thought out."

The moment he said that, Ling Ran knew that his guess was correct.

Huo Congjun wanted him to write a research paper not just to let him practice writing these things, but also as a precaution against anyone who gossiped about him.

Because of that, he deliberately included his observations done before he performed the barehanded bleeding control and made it an independent section for it: [Determining Bleeding Sources without a Surgical Field.]

Creating the desired surgical field by exposing certain parts of the patient's body while they performed a certain type of surgery was also something that needed to be learned. It was said that surgery took five years to learn, and setting up appropriate surgical fields took ten years to learn. It was very important for a doctor to learn how to obtain the surgical field he desired during surgery.

The purpose of cutting a patient open was to create a surgical field. Microscopes were used so that the surgical field was clearer. Sometimes, a completely fine kidney would be temporarily removed from the patient's body so that the desired surgical field could be obtained.

However, a perfect surgical field could not be obtained all the time, especially in the Emergency Department. Even when there was no surgical field, whatever had be done MUST be done.

By adding [Determining Bleeding Sources without a Surgical Field] as a section, Ling Ran not only provided legitimacy to what he did, but also made the research paper more more up to standards in an instant.

Doctor Zhou said with a smile, "Our department director seldom praises anyone. May I have a look at the research paper?"

"You should indeed have a look at it. How many years has it been since you became an attending physician? And how many research papers have you written?" Department Director Huo was never that pleasant when in front of Doctor Zhou. Attending physicians were the core presence of a department, and Doctor Zhou, who took every opportunity he could to slack off, naturally could not avoid being scolded.

However, Doctor Zhou pocketed insults well. It could be because he was used to being scolded by the department director. He did not take the scolding seriously and took Ling Ran's research paper outline to read it while swaying his head.

Once he heard the commotion, Attending Physician Zhao Leyi immediately joined them. After observing for a while, he said to Ling Ran, "Not bad, indeed. Not even accepted at the hospital, and already writing a research paper."

Compared to the somewhat unattractive Doctor Zhou, Attending Physician Zhao Leyi's appearance was more befitting of the large white robe. His most defining characteristic was his fair skin, which was smooth and hydrated. He was also thinner in build and could pass as a little puppy.

And when it came to life in the department, Zhao Leyi also acted like a little puppy. He was fiercer than the others when it came to snatching surgeries. He had to compete with doctors of the same rank every day. After being promoted to a attending physician, he was naturally harsher towards the junior doctors. At this moment, his gaze as he stared at Ling Ran was also very oppressive.

Zhao Leyi immediately found something wrong with it. "Ling Ran, this research paper of yours uses a surgery carried out by our department director as a case example. Shouldn't you include our department director's name in it?"

"Doctor Zhao, do you want your name to be included?" The fact that Ling Ran was not good at interpersonal relationships made it easier for him to see through other people's direct motives.

Huo Congjun was already an experienced department director of the Emergency Department and did not care about having his name in a short research paper. Zhao Leyi was the one who coveted the opportunity of having his name in the SCI.

Zhao Leyi did not expect Ling Ran to be so straightforward, and quickly explained, "I don't really care if my name is in it. I just feel that, as the chief surgeon of the case, our department director"

"The research paper has not even been written yet. There's no point in discussing this now." Huo Congjun helped him out of his predicament and changed the topic. "Young Zhao, you're still young. Try to write a research paper outline by next month and hand it to me, as well."

Zhao Leyi gasped and quickly said, "Director, I have been getting a lot of shifts lately."

"It's good to have a lot of shifts. Deal with patients when there are patients, and you can utilize the time when there are no patients to be productive in the hospital."

Zhao Leyi did not know whether to laugh or cry. "Are there times with no patients in the Emergency Department?"

Huo Congjun answered, "If you deal with the patients quickly, whatever time is left would be the time with no patients."

Zhao Leyi grumbled under his breath, "Even if they were quickly dealt with, Emergency Medical Care could send even more patients over."

"Then, you have to be faster than Emergency Medical Care! When I was in the army in the past, I couldn't just blame the enemies for injuring too many people or our comrades for sending too many wounded people to me, right?" Huo Congjun's forcefulness was beyond words.

Zhao Leyi thought, 'You didn't really participate in any war, anyway.' But he would be seeking his own doom if he said that out loud. Department Director Huo had been proud of his identity as a military doctor for forty years.

"Enough with this, pack your things and make the rounds."

Huo Congjun felt that they had spent enough time chit-chatting. The moment he made the order, all the doctors in the office got into action, like an organized hunting team.

When they were out of the door, the doctors had already moved into a cylindrical formation with the department director at the front, associate department directors at the side, the attending physicians behind the department director, and the resident doctors behind the attending physicians.

On the other hand, Ling Ran and the other medical interns walked behind the resident doctors while holding the medical records.

This was the moment when the senior doctors got to flaunt their knowledge, and the junior doctors get tested. Of course, their dear department director was always the most glorious one; he was the absolute star in any ward.

In the hospital where there was a strict division of class, discipline was emphasized at every moment. The doctors always moved in an orderly fashion, and acted as neatly as their white uniforms.