Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 343

344 Where Is It?

At two-thirty in the morning, Zuo Cidian came to Yun Hua Hospital.

First, he changed his scrubs. Then he cleaned himself from his fingertips to his elbows with the seven-steps of handwashing. After that, he went into the on-call room's kitchen, opened his small bag to take out the dough, peanut oil, eggs, and so on.

Zuo Cidian was preparing to make omelet wraps today.

He gave it some thought already. Doctor Ling flew back and forth yesterday. He definitely did not have any appetite once he got back. He also had to come to work in the hospital today, which meant he would be hungry since he got up so early, so he had to choose a more solid breakfast.

Making omelet wraps was a skill Zuo Cidian was familiar with. It was also his son's favorite food since he was eleven years old. Sometimes, when he could not meet up with his son for a few days, his son would leave a note for him, and early on the next day, Zuo Cidian will make omelet wraps with his son, eat them together, and they would go to school and work together.

For Zuo Cidian, who often stayed up all night with his leaders, it was quite hard for him to get up early, but it was a heartwarming time for him to have some time to bond with his son.

Unlike now

Zuo Cidian stood still in the on-call room's kitchen for a full two minutes before he continued to make preparations.

The dough was kneaded with warm salt water, rolled into pancakes with a kitchen's rolling pin, and brushed with a layer of peanut oil. He then rolled it into a dough roll, pinched both ends of the roll with his hands, put it vertically on the board, pushed it down from top to bottom, and rolled it into an unfinished round-shaped wrap.

This unfinished wrap will swell up in layers when it was fried with oil later on.

Not only was it nice to look at, Zuo Cidian could also fill in eggs in between the layers. That was how the omelet wrap name came to be.

Zuo Cidian waited quietly for a few minutes and saw Lu Wenbin pulled up a small cart as he shivered in the cold wind.

"Old Zuo, you're here already?" Lu Wenbin was a little surprised.

Zuo Cidian smiled and nodded while he still kept an eye on his wrap.

Lu Wenbin gave him a thumbs-up. " I admire early birds the most."

As he spoke, he pulled his cart in and opened it. He saw a three-feet long iron cabinet inside, and a bunch of pig hooves were neatly arranged inside.

"Went to the market again?" Zuo Cidian craned his neck over and said, "You must be one of their major customers now. You should just have someone send you those pig hooves."

"That won't work!" Lu Wenbin seriously picked up one pig hoof and said, "Pig hooves must be picked one by one in order to ensure that each one is good. If I let them give it to me, while most of them may be good, there will always be a few that's not so good. They might be not bad, but they're definitely not good enough. You can't just give those back to the butcher either."

Zuo Cidian could not help but nodded as he listened. This was indeed a problem.

Lu Wenbin took out a steel pot. He added the stew he brought and started to make preparations.

As he waited for his pork trotters to be cooked, Ling Ran entered the door.

"Doctor Ling, you're early today. Don't work yourself too hard," Zuo Cidian quickly went forward to report his presence and handed him a cup of warm water.

"Thanks a lot." Ling Ran took the water, sniffed it, and drank it slowly.

"Doctor Ling, you didn't take your breakfast, did you? I prepared omelet wraps, would you like to try them?"

Ling Ran touched his stomach and said, "That will do"

"Have a seat." Zuo Cidian stared at him. Judging by his reaction, Ling Ran did indeed not eat his breakfast. So, he immediately became high in spirits.

He had prepared so much, and he had been afraid that Ling Ran would tell him that he already had his breakfast.

The stove was cranked to the max.

The big frying pan was soon heated up. Zuo Cidian put in the prepared unfinished round wrap into the center of the pan, and it swelled rapidly like a small tent.

Zuo Cidian quickly beat an egg, stirred it in a bowl, sprinkled in onions, and made an opening at the edge of the tent-shaped pancake using a pair of chopsticks. When he drew open the layer, he stuffed the inside of the pancake with the bowl of egg.

The pancake swiftly deflated after the opening was made. Zuo Cidian then flipped the wrap with chopsticks, and the core of the omelet wrap was finished.

Such omelet wraps could be said to be the highest level of dough and egg mixes. It tasted more like eggs than scrambled eggs and tasted more like dough than the eggs mixed with multi-grain pancakes.

Most importantly, the fried eggs were quite pure, since they did not touch either the iron pan or the oil.

"Old Zuo, you're really familiar with it." Lu Wenbin was a little stunned as he watched him.

"Yes, I'm familiar with it." Zuo Cidian smiled.

Ling Ran also nodded slightly and said, "You're already at Master Level."

Zuo Cidian's face was painted with a large smile after he heard it. He then said, "Oh, you flatter me."

In a flash, Zuo Cidian rolled the omelet wrap, put it on a small dish, and handed it to Ling Ran with a smile, "I won't cut it. This omelet wrap can be cooked without touching any ironwares, which will make it even more flavorful."

Ling Ran readily accepted the plate and held it in his hands. The first thing he smelled was the faint and fragrant scent of the wrap.

"It smells so tasty." Ling Ran told the truth before he gently took a bite of the omelet wrap.

The solidified eggs and pure aroma of flour instantly filled Ling Ran's taste buds.

The combination of protein and starch, of course, produced a lot of calories, so it was criticized as unhealthy food. But the combination of starch and protein was very delicious.

This was especially so since it was in the morning. Ling Ran had performed an entire day of surgeries yesterday, spent five hours on a plane to travel back and forth, and spent another two hours to drive. This was the time when he craved calories the most.

If steamed buns already tasted good when a person was hungry, then omelet wraps would be even more so.

Ling Ran deftly wolfed down the omelet wrap.

"I have prepared quite a lot. It will be a waste if they are not eaten. Wait for a second," Zuo Cidian said before he started to make the next one.

Omelet wraps must be eaten hot in order to taste the flavor and aroma of the egg, and especially the taste of the wrap. It was very difficult to make. The cook could only use peanut oil to bring out the flavor, but not too much.

"Do you want to add some soy sauce?" Zuo Cidian asked. He grabbed a bottle of homemade soy sauce and poured it on the wrap before he spread it out.

In doing so, the omelet wrap became even more unhealthy for people who do not do heavy labor. for visiting.

But for a doctor who did surgeries for ten hours a day, it was quite appropriate.

Ling Ran ate three wraps in a row before he was done, and his whole body so satisfied that he radiated heat.

Lu Wenbin also ate an omelet wrap and followed Ling Ran into the operating theater. He was so energized.

Over the next few days, Yun Hua Hospital operated as usual.

Zucheng People's Hospital also operated in the same way as usual.

Then, on Friday morning, Zhang Pengyi saw an elderly patient in the ward going to the toilet with slippers on his feet

"Who allowed you to get out of bed?" Zhang Pengyi was shocked.

The elderly patient was also shocked. "I need permission to get out of bed too?"

"Obviously, you just had knee arthroscopy surgery."

"Didn't you said that it was just a minimally invasive surgery?"

Zhang Pengyi thought his head was going to burst. "When you hurt your hand, you wouldn't be able to grab anything for days. Now, you just had a knee arthroscopy, and you got out of bed when we were not keeping an eye on you?"

"What do you mean I can't grab anything when I hurt my hand? I can just use my other fingers to do so"

Zhang Pengyi found that he and the patient were not on the same page at all. Even when it came to the topic of knee arthroscopic surgery, it felt like they were not talking about the same thing.

"How do you feel now?" Zhang Pengyi asked as he suppressed his anxiety.

"I don't feel any pain, but it does feel like it's swelled up." The elderly patient was going to touch his wound, but Zhang Pengyi quickly stopped him.

"Let me see," Zhang Pengyi sat down and examined it carefully again. He still felt uneasy and said, "Let's take another CT scan."

"There is no need for that. Are there other hospitals that try to profit off their patients like you?" the elderly patient was full of doubt.

Zhang Pengyi said, "It's better to take another scan. We will be more rest assured after we do it."

He did not engage with the patient with any more arguments. He just got up to find his family members.

Under the family's persuasion, the elderly patient reluctantly agreed to do the scans, and he said, "Didn't you tell me that after two or three days, I can get down from my bed? I was just going to the toilet, and it was just nearby."

"You are strictly prohibited from carrying heavy loads," Zhang Pengyi shook his head and said, "Two or three days is the earliest. It usually takes more than three days"

Zhang Pengyi used every possible method to convince the elderly patient that he should not have gotten down from his bed while he escorted the patient to do his CT scan. Zhang Pengyi then connected his tablet to the medical system, placed it on his desk, and set a ringtone as a reminder.

About an hour later, the tablet in front of Zhang Pengyi made a loud noise.

Zhang Pengyi immediately opened the private email, then opened the CT scan and read through it quickly.

"This meniscus repair" Zhang Pengyi eyes widened and looked at the meniscus that looked as if it had been reborn. He could not help but stood up and asked the people in the large office, "Where is the department director today?"