Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 344

345 Obsessive Shaping

You Fengyu crossed his legs upon sitting down, and ate the multigrain pancake that the medical intern bought. At the same time, he drank the strong tea, which the resident doctor made for him as he jadedly flipped through the leaflet given to him by the pharmaceutical sales representative.

As the director of the Orthopedics Department, he needed to get himself updated with the latest trend. He had to understand the latest technological achievements on both the local and overseas stage in order to pick medical consumables that fitted the patients the most


Zhang Pengyi pushed the office door, creating a loud thud that sounded like a ram looking for a fight.

"Why are you in such a hurry? What happened?" You Fengyu had great mental fortitude, so he only looked up a little when he heard the loud noise. The door to his office had always been pushed open violently by people. Compared with doctors, the behavior of the patients' families was even more difficult to grasp.

However, there were front and back doors in his office, so he was not afraid of anyone.

"It's Bed 28, the patient treated by the freelance surgeon, Doctor Ling from Yun Hua Hospital a few days ago. He can already get off the bed on his own and even go to the toilet without assistance today." Zhang Pengyi put a stack of medical records in front of You Fengyu.

You Fengyu could not help but hiccup. His breath smelled of the multigrain pancake. "Doesn't he want his leg anymore?" he asked.

In normal meniscoplasty, the patient could only get out of bed two or three days later, and even then, he could only get down based on the doctor's orders. Naturally, older patients may need to wait for a longer time. Walking to the toilet was also strictly forbidden. Not to mention, it was also a no-no to sit down or stand for long periods of time for those who received knee arthroscopy. If the patient also had prostatitis, then his leg might actually experience necrosis.

Zhang Pengyi grunted and said, "I've already educated him about it. The point is, there's no problem with him."

"What do you mean?"

Zhang Pengyi opened the medical record and showed the data at the top before he said, "Take a look at the meniscus that Doctor Ling treated."

The clarity of CT scans nowadays was pretty good. So, You Fengyu flicked the scan and took a look at it before he focused his gaze on the knee.

"Tsk tsk, the operation on this meniscus" You Fengyu clicked his tongue and said, "The edges are smooth, and the surface is quite smooth as well. Where's the previous scan?"

Zhang Pengyi quickly took out the old scan from the medical record and opened it for You Fengyu to make a comparison.

"It looks like it went through a meniscus reshaping." You Fengyu smiled.

"It's like obsessive-compulsive disorder," Zhang Pengyi commented.

Meniscoplasty was actually a surgery where the meniscus was reshaped. If the meniscus did not fit into the standard shape of a regular meniscus, it would be manually reshaped so that it could continue to perform its duty, and this was the aim for a meniscoplasty.

In general, doctors always hoped to make their surgeries as perfect as possible. However, this was like college entrance examinations. Everyone wanted to score higher marks, but in the end, after using up all the tricks they had in hand, their performance would already be considered extraordinary if the results for their college entrance examinations was twenty marks higher than their simulation test. When it came down to it, everyone would still only obtain the marks that they deserved according to their standard.

"Gather up the details of the patients who were treated by Ling Ran"

"I've attached them at the back." Zhang Pengyi flipped to the stack of medical records at the lowest.

You Fengyu nodded in satisfaction and took a look again.

"He is truly no doubt a specialist. He did a really great job!" You Fengyu could not help but praise Ling Ran.

"Yes. Department Director, when you first invited Ling Ran to come over, we thought he was still too young. Who would ever think that his skills would be so good?"

"He adapted to our place when he performed meniscoplasty, and he did it like an artistic work." Zhang Pengyi patted You Fengyu, and his mood became better. He smiled and said, "Ling Ran might be young, but he has already gained a reputation in Shanghai, otherwise, how can Liu Weichen allow him to operate on him? Zhu Tongyi also won't choose him, right?" for visiting.

"You are right."

"Knee arthroscopic surgery is the new trend now. Honestly speaking, I don't have the energy to catch up. It will be good for young people like you to interact more with each other," You Fengyu sighed while he spoke. Then, he said, "Doctors like Ling Ran are born for this. Next time when we invite him over, you can come over to get familiar with him."

Zhang Pengyi laughed, "I really want to interact more with Doctor Ling, but he doesn't seem like the sort who likes to interact with others."

You Fengyu looked at Zhang Pengyi and sighed. He pointed at him with a finger, "Young people like you"


"After working for so long, why are you still dumb? Just because Doctor Ling is cool and quiet, you think it's hard for him to interact with people? Are you silly?" You Fengyu chuckled and said, "If he is very friendly and talkative, will it be easier for you to interact with him?"

Zhang Pengyi felt diffident for a while. Then, he wore a cute expression: >///

"Many people want to go closer to a medical specialist. If it's a friendly specialist, it will be even harder for you to get close to him." You Fengyu felt slightly proud as he said, "Because of my good judgment, we invited him to come over before he got even more famous. With this alliance between us, it will not be too difficult if we want to invite him in the future. If we wanted to get to know him later, we wouldn't even be able to get the chance."

"Yes," replied Zhang Pengyi immediately.

"If you really do not know how to get closer to him, ask a pharmaceutical sales representative and let him teach you."

Zhang Pengyi felt deeply ashamed.

Then, You Fengyu picked up the scan again and looked at it.

You Fengyu was old, so he did not learn to perform arthroscopy. But he still could understand arthroscopic surgeries. Most of the old chief physicians in the Orthopedics Department were in the same condition.

If they were asked to learn how to perform the arthroscopy surgery from the beginning, the effort they put in and the results they gave would not be comparable at all.

But it was crucial to understand arthroscopy surgeries with the current development of the orthopedic field.

However, You Fengyu did not perform arthroscopy surgeries very often. Yet he was still able to make judgments on whether an arthroscopy surgery was performed well or not. Regardless of how the knee joint was cut open, the internal structure would always be the same, and the content shown in the CT scan would always be the same.

Therefore, in You Fengyu's eyes, the surgery performed by Ling Ran could be said to be perfect. Not only had Ling Ran considered the situation about the meniscus itself, but he also had a completely new understanding of the knee joint.

"Ling Ran's skill has improved to another level." You Fengyu could not help but praised him again.

Zhang Pengyi could only nod in agreement.

"Don't you feel that the meniscoplasty he conducted made the meniscus combine with the other parts of the body very well?" You Fengyu pointed at the knee on the CT scan.

Zhang Pengyi observed it carefully and continued to nod.

"The knee is the bearing in the human body, and the meniscus is the ball in the bearing." You Fengyu talked about this again and said, "If the bearing has been used for a long time, the shape of the ball will change as well. You cannot repair it back to its original state. If it cannot be repaired, then a replacement is needed."

You Fengyu said and gazed at Zhang Pengyi again. He saw that there was not any change in Zhang Pengyi's expression, so he decided not to say anymore. He got up and organized the medical records before he said, "I'll keep this medical record first, you may leave now."

"Oh, okay" Zhang Pengyi went out with a confused mind.

After the door closed, You Fengyu took out a name card carefully and made a call according to the number on the card. "Hi, Doctor Lian I remember doing a consultation for Chief Wang some time ago. His meniscus is severely torn Yes, I have a few medical records I would like to show you Okay, I'll go out now"