Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 346

347 Must Be Valued

The willows at Yun Hua Hospital were green, charming, and full of leaves.

Leaves fell from locust trees, their bald branches and hard trunks visible.

A mini Volkswagen Jetta rushed from the end of the road to the hospital at the speed limit. for visiting.

Simultaneously, small yellow, blue, green, and red cars on both ends of the parking lot started to move and gather at the center at normal speed.

When Ling Ran stepped down from his car, the area around him was already lively and bustling with activity.

"Doctor Ling, you're here."

"Good morning, Doctor Ling."

"Hi, Doctor Ling."

Girls who were youthful and lively greeted Ling Ran happily. Then, they surrounded him as they walked to the Emergency Medicine building together.

Ling Ran nodded to those around him as per his wont. He did not say much.

There was not much difference between his working life and study life. If he chose to work normal working hours or study, he would almost definitely meet such a high number of people. Naturally, this was a very normal scene, because it was very normal for everyone to reach the school or hospital at the same time.

However, since he liked peace and quiet, Ling Ran was more willing to arrive at the hospital or school earlier, unless there was no empty hospital bed at all.

Concurrently, a Toyota Coaster was driven in from the back gate to the VIP building. Shortly after, the driver reached the ward via the elevator.

A few standing committees from the hospital affairs committee who were ranked lower than the hospital director of Yun Hua Hospital also reached the ward.

Huo Congjun was dragged over at the very last minute. He also did not know what was going on, so he craned his neck to look around curiously.

Naturally, he knew something was going on in his heart. A big scene like that only manifested when a big leader fell sick. If it were something more serious, there would be two sick big leaders. There would not be anything more serious than that, because Yun Hua Hospital was not yet able to manage the health of three big leaders.

For a doctor like Huo Congjun, his position was between a manager and an executor of policy, and that was the easiest for him. Under normal circumstances, all he needed to do was transmit the messages from his superior to his subordinates.

He was the director of the Emergency Department, and he was the only one who did not need to handle emergency cases for big leaders.

Those big superiors all utilized a team consisting of a group of specialists from different departments to handle their emergencies.

Chief Wang sat in a wheelchair and was pushed out from the modified Toyota Coaster.

However, Huo Congjun's gaze fell on the middle-aged man who had a smile on his face as he followed Chief Wang out.

"Is the patient a relative of Director-General Tang?" Huo Congjun asked the one next to him in a whisper.

"Not sure, it's an emergency notice."

"Emergency notice at eight o'clock in the morning?" Huo Congjun pursed his lips. He felt that something was off.

The leaders in front gathered, shook hands with Chief Wang, and spoke to him. The members of the management at the back could only obediently listen to them to show their respect. The chief physicians who came to the battlefield were more relaxed, as they only needed to be human pillars.

In the hospital hierarchy, doctors who did not have any intention to become the hospital director had an easier life, especially once they became an associate chief physician or chief physician. They could live freely like a landlord in the countryside and obtain land using their skills. Some chief physicians who had international popularity were like landlords who returned to their hometown with the title of Imperial Scholar. The locally-famous chief physicians were like landlords who returned to their hometown with the title of First-Degree Scholar, while the chief physicians who were famous in the province could be considered as respected Certified Students.

However, if the chief physicians were only famous in the province and could not become the director of a department, they could only be poor but respected certified students.

That aside, if a doctor wanted to become a hospital director, he would face a lot of difficulties despite the advantages brought on by his skills. Matters like lack of time, lack of management practice, and others could easily drain a hospital manager.

Take, for example, Huo Congjun. He had been the director of the Emergency Department for twenty years, but he did not have any intention to pursue the position of associate hospital director. His target was to expand the Emergency Department, just like how a landlord in the countryside would keep building houses, develop the land, and produce sons.

The advantage of this was that Huo Congjun did not need to stand at the front to receive the leaders.

On the other hand, the disadvantage was that Huo Congjun could not stand at the front and receive Director-General Tang.

"Old Huo." Associate Hospital Director Zhou suddenly waved his hand.

Huo Congjun was so surprised and delighted that it made him stand out. "An emergency?" he asked.

Several people who were conversing with each other could not help but laugh.

"Department Director Huo is a straightforward person." The hospital director mediated the situation before he said to Huo Congjun, "This is Chief Wang. He is here to ask Ling Ran to perform arthroscopic meniscoplasty for him."

"Knee arthroscopic meniscoplasty?"

"I heard that Doctor Ling performs knee arthroscopic meniscoplasty very well, so I came over." Chief Wang wore a smile on his face, and he even leaned forward slightly.

"Oh, knee arthroscopic surgeries? Ling Ran has indeed started performing those surgeries recently." Huo Congjun could not help but experience a brain short-circuit.

Recently, he had been busy with the Yun Hua Emergency Medical Center, and he did not spend much time in the hospital. So, he only knew that Ling Ran had begun performing Achilles tendon repairs, and his finger replantation as well as flexor tendon repairs were as good as usual. As for his performance in knee arthroscopic surgery Although Huo Congjun had started to engage medical cases based on Ling Ran's request, he only received updates on the results from his subordinates.

If he thought about it with a normal mindset, the different kinds of endoscopies would be the main focus for learning and research for young doctors nowadays. Not only was the effect of endoscopies good, most importantly, endoscopies also prevented young doctors from competing against senior doctors.

They were both surgeries related to the knee joints, but if they wanted to perform open surgery, they would need to wait until they were in their thirties and were attending physicians before they had a chance to operate. If they wanted to master the skill and became famous, they might need to wait until they were in their forties or fifties. Some chief physicians who were in their sixties still performed surgeries and cleared a large number of medical cases every day.

Nonetheless, when it came to knee arthroscopic surgeries, doctors who were forty-five years old were basically considered seniors, while the resident doctors who were in their twenties or junior attending physicians would also have a chance to operate. Besides, more and more people were willing to receive endoscopies, and going into the field of knee arthroscopic surgeries was considered a hopeful and bright future.

Therefore, it was not strange to Huo Congjun if Ling Ran chose to learn one of the arthroscopic skills. In fact, it was somewhat natural that he would choose this.

However, if results were involved Normally, a doctor who had just begun performing arthroscopy for a few months would not produce very good results.

Unless, that doctor was extraordinary

When Huo Congjun thought about that, his tone became more firm, "Ling Ran has performed more than a hundred cases of knee arthroscopy, and his success rate is very high."

Right after he finished speaking, Huo Congjun was shocked. 'Ling Ran has already performed more than a hundred knee arthroscopies?'

It did not take up much time to perform a knee arthroscopy. It was pretty normal for it to only take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour. Many doctors could easily accumulate one hundred cases in a very short time.

However, surgeries were a very straightforward concept. Behind the simplest surgery was the hope of at least one patient. If a doctor managed to perform one hundred cases, then he had one hundred cases of experience for that particular type of surgery, and the number meant that the doctor was no longer a novice.

When Huo Congjun thought about that, he felt more confident.

For someone like Ling Ran, the one hundred cases he performed would never be the same as the one hundred cases performed by others.

"Why don't we perform a check-up first? Based on my knowledge, Ling Ran is very good in reading MRI scans, right?" The hospital director did not know anything else, but he paid a lot of attention to the rumors in the medical field.

"Yes, Ling Ran's ability to analyze MRI scans is an inborn talent." Huo Congjun looked more relaxed when he talked about things that he was familiar with.

"Some people are very good at analyzing scans."

"Ling Ran performs surgeries quite well too."

"His success rate is very high, and prognosis is very good."

A few other chief physicians praised Ling Ran as well.

They did it not only because they wanted to show their respect to Huo Congjun, but also because they loved the hospital Meanwhile, there was indeed no errors in Ling Ran's surgeries for anyone to nitpick ever since he entered Yun Hua Hospital.

Some doctors may not have liked him, but there were also some doctors who liked him very much.

Having great medical skills was useful for humans. Similarly, having great medical skills was also useful for other doctors, who were also humans.

Chief Wang was accompanied by the hospital director as he went for his MRI scan.

Department Director Lei from the Medical Affairs Department turned around and pulled Huo Congjun while they rushed to the Emergency Department.

Ling Ran finally got himself a patient who needed a tracheotomy after he waited for a long time in the resuscitation room. He performed the tracheotomy in a fast and accurate manner. After that, he began to wait again in boredom.

He already felt too embarrassed to snatch normal debridement and suture tasks from other doctors. He did not dare take over when the patients were in too horrible of a condition as well, so he could only watch from the side.

At that moment, Ling Ran finally behaved like a normal intern, even though he was more handsome than the other interns.

"Ling Ran!" When Huo Congjun reached the Emergency Department, he was like a lion who had gone back to its own territory, roaring three times louder.

Department Director Lei had also prepared to shout, but he was slightly slower than Huo Congjun, and as a result, he was so startled by Huo Congjun's voice that he nearly died of a heart attack. He stared angrily at Huo Congjun. "Why did you shout so loudly?!"

Huo Congjun did not move his body. He looked up at a ninety-degree angle and stared at Department Director Lei like a serious lion that was glaring at a wandering lion.

"It was just a casual remark." Department Director Lei kept smiling.

When Huo Congjun turned his head around again, he was just in time to see Ling Ran. He immediately smiled and said, "Ling Ran, there's a patient in the VIP clinic. He asked you to perform knee arthroscopic meniscoplasty on him."

"Oh, let's go then." Ling Ran wiped his hands. He said nothing else.

"No, hold on a moment" Department Director Lei immediately said, "You must pay extra attention to this patient."

Ling Ran did not get it. "How do I spend extra attention on him?"

"Spend more time to show you're paying extra attention," Department Director Lei began to lecture him, "You can't just say that you'll perform the surgery right after you meet the patient. You need to make the entire process longer."

Ling Ran looked at him, baffled. He was not someone who cared a lot about such matters, and he said, "It normally takes twenty to thirty minutes for a knee arthroscopic meniscoplasty, so we need to get prepared thirty minutes in advance?"

"That's not what I meant." Department Director Lei pondered before he said, "Take our Medical Affairs Department as an example. If we ask you whether you have any requests that need to be satisfied, we will satisfy your request to show you that we pay a great value to the matter, right?"

"I want more hospital beds," Ling Ran requested without any hesitation.

Department Director Lei was stunned. 'Which department in the hospital isn't lacking hospital beds?'

He quickly said, "That's not what I meant"

"Department Director Lei, don't you care about this matter?" Ling Ran asked.

Department Director Lei quickly said, "Of course I care. But the request I mentioned isn't supposed to work this way"

"Then, can the Emergency Department be upgraded to an Emergency Medical Center?" Ling Ran changed his request.

Department Director Lei saw Huo Congjun smile happily. "Both of you came up with this together, right"