Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 347

348 Harsh

Department Director Lei used everything at his disposal before he finally managed to get himself out of the huge trap that was the issue of hospital beds.

He really dared not agree to it. In a large general hospital like Yun Hua Hospital, which covered up to millions of people in the province, even its elite departments had a certain degree of attraction to the provinces nearby. If it were really opened for all kinds of patients, each department would have a huge lack of hospital beds.

In fact, if there was no limitation placed on them by the medical insurance company, centers like Yun Hua Hospital could receive as many patients as they wanted per day.

Department Director Lei smiled and spoke teasingly in a self-deprecating manner, "When I first saw Ling Ran, he was in the Hand Surgery Department's simulation training space. When I saw Ling Ran suture the rat tail, I knew he would be different. I didn't expect him to become so famous within a year because of surgery."

Ling Ran only smiled.

Huo Congjun said in a warning tone, "It's meaningless to talk about things in the past. The people in the Hand Surgery Department all have frozen brains. I remembered them saying that as long as the suture on the rat tail is completed, the doctor can join the department. But what happened? They didn't even know how to treasure the gold in front of them."

As he spoke, Huo Congjun tugged Ling Ran and said, "We've waited long enough, let's go up."

"Oh," answered Ling Ran. Then, he followed Old Huo and left.

While walking, Huo Congjun said, "You've applied for the medical practitioner's qualification certificate, so whenever you're free, make some preparations. You need to pay attention to the theories as well. Once you pass the examination, it'll be more convenient for you when you want to do things. When our Emergency Medical Center is built, the number of hospital beds will increase as well." for visiting.

Ling Ran nodded and answered, "Yes."

Department Director Lei could do nothing else but smile while he followed them to the VIP building. When they arrived at the door, he pulled Huo Congjun over and said in a low voice, "Remind Ling Ran not to say anything wrong later."

"Why don't you tell him yourself?" Huo Congjun gazed at Department Director Lei.

Department Director Lei smiled wryly and said, "Will he listen to me if I say it?"

Huo Congjun chuckled. "Will it work if I say it?"

"You You really have a big heart." Department Director Lei felt resigned.

Huo Congjun still chuckled. "Don't be so hung up on the matter. It'll be okay if we just don't let him in."

Department Director Lei sighed, but he felt that what Huo Congjun said was right.

"We'll let fate decide our course." As the director of the Medical Affairs Department, Department Director Lei was responsible for first-string doctors.

His administrative authority on normal first-string doctors was not small. But when it came to doctors with such great skills that the hospital was reluctant to let them go, his authority was rather small.

Chief Wang's secretary talked to the healthcare provider in a low voice in the ward. He first blocked Ling Ran in the living room and asked him a few questions before he released him to meet Chief Wang.

Chief Wang was sitting in a wheelchair. He extended his hand and shook Ling Ran's. Then, he smiled and said, "Doctor Ling, you're young."

Soon after, he continued. "I can stand up, but I feel pain in my knees when I do. I feel even more uncomfortable after the flight. I'll need to take advantage of your skills."

Ling Ran wore a faint smile. "I'll do a physical examination for you first."

"That's troublesome." Chief Wang panted before he smiled and said to everyone in the room, "I suddenly remember a storyteller that I once listened to when I was young. The characters always loved to say, 'Please forgive me for not giving you the proper greeting due to the armor that I'm wearing', and now, I understand why they said that."

Chief Wang's youngest granddaughter had her eyes wide open since the start, staring at Ling Ran. When she heard that she could not help but chuckle.

"What happened?" Chief Wang looked at his youngest granddaughter strangely.

"I thought of Guo Degang's crosstalk." His granddaughter felt a bit embarrassed.

"Guo Degang even has this in his crosstalk?"

"Yes." His granddaughter snuck a few glances at Ling Ran and said, "Grandpa, once your leg's recovered, let's go listen to a crosstalk."

"Okay, sure." Chief Wang felt very gratified. He looked at Ling Ran, smiled, and said, "Doctor Ling, I'll be depending on you from now on."

Ling Ran nodded and continued with the physical examination. After ensuring that the patient had his hypertension, hyperglycemia, and hyperlipidaemia controlled at a normal level, under everyone's gazes, Ling Ran started to analyze Chief Wang's MRI scan, CT scan, and X-ray scan. They were taken before he arrived.

Ling Ran took a longer time to analyze and review the MRI scan as well as the X-ray scan since he had been reminded by Department Director Lei and Huo Congjun to do so.

In fact, with the skills Ling Ran had mastered at that point, his ability to read X-ray scans alone already allowed him to obtain a sufficient amount of information to start the surgery. He would be like the doctors who would have performed joint surgeries twenty or thirty years ago. Back then, they only had X-rays.

However, there was more information provided by the MRI scan.

Based on the numerical data on the PAD, Ling Ran could even judge the bone strength of each bone in the patient's knee.

If a surgery performed after only looking at an X-ray scan was as easy as it was for an artist to draw a circle, the surgery performed after looking at an MRI scan would be as easy as an artist drawing a circle using a compass.

Chief Wang looked at Ling Ran and secretly nodded in approval at the calmness he displayed.

He had met many doctors before. Some had strong mental fortitude, while some had weaker mental fortitude. But people like Ling Ran, who could ignore others for dozens of minutes, was truly like a master.

Meanwhile, the leaders in the hospital were much more nervous.

Some of them had interacted with Ling Ran before, while some had heard of how he acted before.

Right then, their greatest worry was that Ling Ran would say something unsuitable. Secondly, they were also afraid that Ling Ran would make promises.

However, they could not do anything with the scenario. This helplessness made them feel really bad, and they could only make small talk.

Ling Ran was not bothered by that. When he studied, he liked to wake up early in the morning to get temporary peace. However, even when noon arrived and he was surrounded by people, he could still quietly study on his own. If he did not have such self-discipline, his ranking in school might have fallen to the bottom three, and it would have been hard for him to get back on the list of the top fifty in the city. When Ling Ran was in Grade Three, he thought of the problem seriously. He insisted on not quitting school because he had a very positive outlook on his future.

After all, considering the number of cities in the country, the number of cities in the world, and the number of students accumulated every year, if he were distracted by others, the results he obtained due to being distracted would make him face the danger of dismissal from school.

Ever since Grade Three, Ling Ran, who did not want to quit schooling, had tried not to be perturbed by the people around him.

The leaders of the hospital were not even considered a disturbance to him.

"How is it?" Chief Wang could not resist asking anymore.

"Your meniscus has suffered wear and tear due to old age. There are some displaced fragments and cracks on the edge. I strongly suspect that there are meniscus fissures" Ling Ran simply explained.

Chief Wang was a bit shocked. When he usually talked to doctors, he always received gentle and tactful hints of his condition. Who would have ever thought he would encounter a doctor who would tell him of his condition in such a harsh manner? He could not help but ask, "Is it very serious?"

"The fraying is quite high." Ling Ran stopped speaking for a while. He then used the sentences that he had deliberately learned and which patients loved to hear to say, "If you receive arthroscopic meniscoplasty, you will receive better results in terms of treatment."

No matter how high was a person's administrative post, anyone who got sick would still need to face many medical problems that he or she was not willing to face.

Chief Wang could not help but to look at his current healthcare provider.

Doctor Lian nodded gently and said, "Doctor Ling's previous patients utilized the Lysholm Knee Scoring Scale to assess their own recovery. Most of them scored 90 marks and above, and there were only two cases who scored lower than 80 marks. The effects are really good."

But Chief Wang did not feel at ease because of it.

"So, should we perform the surgery now?" Ling Ran took a look at his watch. He had already wasted a lot of his time.

"Are we doing it now?" Chief Wang felt surprised.

Ling Ran nodded and asked, "Are you not here for surgery?"

"I'm here for surgery" Chief Wang said and laughed, "I thought that we might need a few days to prepare and that I need to be admitted, receive a transfusion, or something else."

Department Director Lei gave Ling Ran an expression that said, "See? Told you I was right."

Ling Ran looked at the group of people around him and said, "You can do it after two days too. The fraying at your joint has not worsened for the time being."

After he said that, it instead made Chief Wang make up his mind. "Instead of choosing other days, then do the surgery today."

"Then, please get ready now." Ling Ran immediately got up, and he looked like he was about to go out.

"Doctor Ling, please put more effort into Chief Wang's surgery." Director-General Tang took a few steps forward and took the time to say this.

Ling Ran nodded. He was now used to similar situations where people entrusted their familieswho were the patientsto him.

"We will have to trouble all of you this time around." Director-General Tang shook hands with the leaders from the hospital.

Then, the leaders turned around. Naturally, they had to earnestly remind Ling Ran again to perform the surgery well.

Ling Ran only stood and listened. After he went through the ceremony, he turned around and left.

Chief Wang's granddaughter could not hold herself back anymore. She swung her braid and ran out as well.

The corridor of the VIP ward was spacious and bright. The seventeen-year-old young lady reached the end of the corridor within a few seconds time once she ran with her graceful, strong, and long legs. She then stopped and looked around. Her mind was filled with the concern for her family, and also romantic feelings.

She had made up her mind. She must make Doctor Ling Ran promise that he would treat her grandfather's knee injury.

If Doctor Ling Ran fulfilled his promise, then she would do what she promised and give Doctor Ling Ran

She ran along another corridor, but she still did not see Ling Ran.

The seventeen-year-old girl had to stop moving. She grabbed the nurse who just passed by her. She asked the nurse in a whisper, "Hi, did you see Doctor Ling?"

"He went downstairs," answered the nurse.

"Huh? Did he go to the elevator? Where is the elevator?"

The nurse pointed behind the girl and said, "You went the wrong way."