Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 348

349 Ordinary Patien

Chief Wang changed into scrubs and was pushed into the operating theater by Doctor Lian.

Doctor Lian also changed into scrubs and quietly familiarized himself with knee arthroscopic meniscoplasty so that he could understand the situation at all points of the surgery, and also so that he could take over the surgery when necessary.

Of course, such a thing was only possible in theory. He was a doctor from the General Surgery Department. Although he had used a laparoscope before, it would still mean that he was causing himself trouble if he took over a knee arthroscopic meniscoplasty surgery.

However, for Doctor Lian, as long as he was able to clearly understand every step the surgeon took in the operation and also the meaning behind each action, he would have already reached a rather satisfactory level.

"It's pretty cold in the operating theater," Chief Wang frowned and complained.

He only complained to those who were close to him, but even so, his voice was not loud, and his mood was calm.

If his leader was calm, Doctor Lian was calm as well.

"The operating theater is maintained at a constant temperature," Doctor Lian said. "There will be a nurse who will come in to administer anesthetics. It hurts in the beginning, but you won't feel anything after that."


Doctor Lian hesitated for a while before he said, "Mister Wenkang is already on the way, and he will only arrive at noon tomorrow. Would you like to wait for him?"

"If he wants to come over to express filial piety, let him. If he can't come, Yuan Yuan will be by my side. There's no reason to deliberately wait for him." Director Wang stopped talking for a moment before he said, "When you inform the people around the area, you must also brief them from a positive perspective, don't let them feel troubled, understand?"


"It's a knee arthroscopic meniscoplasty. It isn't particularly difficult. I don't want to announce it to the world," Chief Wang said before he repeated himself. "Tell them not to panic, just do what needs to be done." 


Chief Wang fell silent.

Doctor Lian did not know what to say.

"From your point of view, is it difficult?" Chief Wang sat on the operating table and was quiet for half a minute. After all, he was still a little worried, because of it, when he was before the only person who was his "friend", he became somewhat emotional.

Doctor Lian said calmly, "knee arthroscopic meniscoplasty is not difficult, but skill is required if you want it done well."

After finishing his sentence, Doctor Lian quickly continued. "Over the past few months, I've inspected several well-known experts in knee arthroscopic meniscoplasty in China. Although Ling Ran is young, His knee arthroscopic meniscoplasty operations have the highest success rate among all of them. He has treated many older patients with torn meniscus and has experience in major surgeries as well. It can be said that he has no other disadvantage aside from his age."

"Well, when you're young, it is the best time to produce results."


The same time Chief Wang spoke, he also adjusted his mood.

For him, professionals in the medical field considered the stuff contained within the profession itself, and he would let them do those things, what Chief Wang needed to handle was his own psychological problems.


Ling Ran stepped open the operating theater door.

The anesthetist and nurses came in together.

The operation was more like emergency surgery in everyone's eyes. All manpower was drawn from other operations. They did not know the specific information, and they had not mentally prepared themselves.

Of course, the same was true for operations for ordinary patients.

In the world of surgery, they operated on a production-line-based system. It was especially so for department-director-level doctors, who likely only saw the patient's medical history and the patient when they were on the operating table.

"Issue anesthetics." Ling Ran nodded at Chief Wang. He did not intend to talk much.

He still used Su Jiafu as his anesthetist, because he was used to him. 

Su Jiafu was a little nervous that day. He sat on a stool and wiggled closer to the patient. Only then did he snap out of his daze before he hurriedly looked at the position of the camera.

They performed the surgery on the surgical floor that day. Although there were no high-resolution HD video cameras and a demonstration room around, the video could still be viewed.

If it were not for Ling Ran's operation, Su Jiafu may have had to wait another five years or even ten years before he could get such an opportunity.

To participate in issuing anesthetics to a high-level patient was a comprehensive examination in itself. If his test scores were considerably good, there would be a place for Su Jiafu should there be any similar surgeries in the future.

Su Jiafu bowed his head and took a deep breath. "Let's have you move into position first."

Chief Wang's obediently allowed Su Jiafu to move him around. 

Ling Ran stood by the side and watched without a word.

Doctor Lian also felt the atmosphere grow tense.

However, the chief surgeon did not want to chat, and the doctor who watched by the side did not have a reason to speak.

Doctor Lian was a doctor himself, and he knew very clearly that the operating theater was the easiest place to get a scolding. No matter how much of a big shot the doctor was, when he or she was in the operating theater, it was very easy to reveal their true selves.

In fact, the greater the doctor was, the more likely it would be for him to show his true self in the operating theater, especially when the surgery did not go smoothly. Scolding someone would then be an excellent channel to vent his emotions.

Surgery was like manual labor. Imagine the difficulty of gripping a golf ball from an elastic tube... Things would be all right if everything went smoothly. However, if a surgeon took three to seven hours just to extract a foreign object, it would be hard for him to not want to scold someone. 

Doctor Lian did not want to be the scapegoat.


*Thud, thud.*

*Thud, thud, thud.*

The sound transmitted by the machines kept ringing near Doctor Lian's ears, and each sound was louder than the last.

Ling Ran had performed surgery for almost a year. He had done arthroscopic surgeries for several months as well. The scrub nurses were familiar with him and had already understood the sequence of Ling Ran's operations. They could deliver the correct instruments without the need for him to speak. 

When Ling Ran wanted to change the order of surgery, he would naturally give them a reminder. 

However that day, Ling Ran did not say anything extra.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Chief Wang was certainly a high-ranking government official. He was a special patient who needed special treatment from Yun Hua Hospital. However, he did not have a special disease. There were no specific lesions in his meniscus.

Chief Wang's meniscus was worn and torn just like the average elderly patient. 

After a quarter of an hour, Ling Ran straightened his back and said, "It's done."

Chief Wang was still busy thinking about what topic he should chat about to lighten the atmosphere in the operating theater when he heard that. He was stunned, and he asked in puzzlement, "It's done?"

"Yes, the operation was very successful. You should be able to start leg-lifting exercises tomorrow," Ling Ran said as he exercised his shoulders. He was ready to turn around and leave.

Doctor Lian quickly stopped Ling Ran and said, "Sorry to trouble you, but could you help perform the suture on the incision and bandage the wound as well?"

While he spoke, Doctor Lian desperately sent signals to Ling Ran through his eyes. 'Excuse me? As the attending physician, how can you run right after you've operated on the leader?'

Ling Ran hesitated for a moment.

Su Jiafu also quickly gave up a stool and said, "Ling Ran, you can sit here to suture Chief Wang and bandage him as well."

Ling Ran frowned gently, but he did not resist. He just sat down and sutured.

Before performing surgeries, Ling Ran had also sutured patients often. He especially dealt with skin that would be exposed to nature. He would usually suture them himself instead of letting his assistants do it.

The incision for knee arthroscopy was only 0.2 inches wide. Ling Ran requested for a needle holder, and after a few sutures, it was done.

Then, Ling Ran hesitated again.

Su Jiafu reminded him again. "Doctor Ling, you have to bandage the wound as well."

Ling Ran then continued with the dressing.

He used five to six minutes to dress the wound. 

By the time Doctor Lian sensed that something was not right, Ling Ran had already wrapped up the knee so much that it looked like an incredibly huge ball. 

"I rarely do bandaging." Ling Ran was also not satisfied with the results of the bandaging, so he provided the extra explanation.

Doctor Lian's mind went blank for a few seconds. He had no reason to be angry. He just wanted to laugh. He never thought that Chief Wang would end up being a practice target for Ling Ran in the end. 

"Doctor Ling, you really use up all your time and energy in performing surgeries, huh?" Chief Wang suddenly said with a well of emotions in him. As a patient who just received Ling Ran's surgery, he could do anything else but only believe that Ling Ran was the best.

"Grandpa… Grandpa!"

Chief Wang's granddaughter suddenly shouted anxiously from the corridor outside the door. 

Doctor Lian quickly stepped open the airtight door. He craned his neck out and said, "Miss Hui, we're here."

"Oh..." Wang Hui breathed a sigh of relief and rushed in. She said, "I was lost. Has the surgery still not started?"