Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 350

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On the third postoperative day, Chief Wang did another day of knee flexion exercises.

In the morning on the fourth day, after Ling Ran gave him another physical examination, he said, "You may start using crutches."

Chief Wang was shocked and hurriedly asked, "I can walk right after the surgery? Won't there be problems?"

"None whatsoever. You've received your surgery three days ago," Ling Ran said in encouragement.

Doctor Lian also said, "I see a lot of young patients in Yun Hua Hospital on their feet on the third day after surgery. For older patients, we recommend an additional day. You should be all good now."

Chief Wang looked strangely at Doctor Lian. Primary care physicians usually tended to be conservative. He did not expect Doctor Lian to show such a radical disposition after coming to Yun Hua Hospital. for visiting.

Doctor Lian was unusually calm beneath Chief Wang's gaze.

His main job was to take care of Chief Wang's health. He recently stayed at Yun Hua Hospital to examine Chief Wang's recovery, to observe the surgeries performed by Ling Ran, and observe Ling Ran's patients after their surgeries

In the eyes of the doctors in hospitals, the gap between the conditions of Ling Ran's patients and other doctors' patients was too big.

This kind of gap was what ordinary people could feel, but they did not know how to describe it.

In Doctor Lian's perspective, he could accurately describe it as, 'What?!'

When he advised Chief Wang to come to Yun Hua Hospital, Doctor Lian examined Yun Hua Hospital and Ling Ran carefully, but the research at that time was, after all, superficial.

Over the past few days, Doctor Lian spent twenty-four hours a day in the hospital contacting patients, doctors, and nurses. This was what others would call an immersive experience, and he gained a very deep level of understanding.

If Doctor Lian had eighty points of acknowledgment for Ling Ran before he came to Yun Hua Hospital, he now had ninety-eight points of acknowledgment for him.

As a doctor who had been practicing for nearly twenty years, Doctor Lian even had a bold conjecture that Ling Ran might be one of the best knee arthroscopic experts in China.

One of the reasons he said that Ling Ran was only one of the best but not the best was because of Ling Ran's young age. It was somewhat illogical to say that older doctors did not have comparable skills after considering that fact that he was so young and already had this level of skill.

But as far as Doctor Lian knew, Ling Ran was the only doctor who could achieve such results.

Doctor Lian's emotions were somewhat conflicted.

Chief Wang's thoughts were far simpler.

With the help of a physiatrist, he shakily grabbed hold of the crutches and carefully got out of bed. The moment he stepped on the ground, he was nervous and happy.

Chief Wang took a step forward, with ease.

Both Doctor Lian and Wang Hui stared at Chief Wang.

Chief Wang himself was inexplicably nervous. It might seem to be a small step for others, but it was a big step for Old Wang.

"It doesn't hurt!" Chief Wang said as his voice quivered.

Chief Wang took another step forward, then another. After that, he repeated, "It doesn't hurt."

Being able to walk without pain was an extremely rare occurrence for him.

Chief Wang had been reluctant to receive surgery all this while because of his distrust to surgeries, and his fear of what would happen to his own body.

A person at the age of seventy would more or less have some sort of problems in their bodies. Some problems could be cured and solved, but many problems could not be.

In fact, it was already very difficult for any elderly person to be able to do anything without feeling any pain.

Some young athletes could not heal from the same meniscus injury they suffered. If even they could not, how could he expect an elderly person like him to complete his rehabilitation and recover?

Chief Wang took two more steps, and he could not help but grin even more broadly than ever.

Doctor Lian was also ecstatic. He gave Ling Ran a thumbs up.

Ling Ran calmly received his Sincere Gratitude Treasure Chest from Chief Wang. For him, the scene before him was nothing more than something to be expected from a basic surgery.

As long as the symptoms all lined up to a meniscus injury, with his Perfect Level Knee Arthroscopic Meniscoplasty, the patient's knee arthroplasty symptoms could be substantially relieved.

Compared to the ones with more severe injuries, from a medical point of view, Chief Wang's meniscus injury was so simple that it was simply not worth mentioning.

With the help of the physiatrist, Chief Wang finished one round of rehabilitation. He then sat down to wipe his sweat. Then, he said to Ling Ran seriously, "Doctor Ling, thank you very much."

Wang Hui, Chief Wang's granddaughter, also said earnestly, "Doctor Ling, thank you."

"Just doing my job." Ling Ran forced a smile.

He was still a little unused to such scenes.

There were not many patients who would thank doctors face to face in hospitals. Ling Ran had also deliberately reduced his chances of appearing in front of patients and their families because he did not want to handle such situations.

Chief Wang looked at Ling Ran and could not help but smile. His tone became softer. He said, "Doctor Ling, do you understand just how good you are?"

"Good?" Ling Ran felt that the word was too general.

"Yes, how do you plan your own future development?" Chief Wang and Ling Ran had been acquainted with each other for a few days, and Chief Wang had become slightly familiar with Ling Ran. Thus, he had asked that question gently.

Ling Ran thought for a moment and said, "I want to write my research paper first, then publish it. And then Find ways to get more hospital beds."

Chief Wang could not help but laugh. "That's it?"

Ling Ran nodded, and before they got the chance to chat a little more, the door to the room was pushed open.

"Dad, how are you?" Wang Wenkang had fruit in his hand, and he had a relaxed expression on his face.

Chief Wang said in a relaxed tone, "I just took a few steps. I'm pretty good. There's no problem."

"You just walked on the floor?" Wang Wenkang was amazed.

Chief Wang nodded smugly. "I walked slowly with crutches. It's all good."

Wang Wenkang groaned and could not help but mutter, "I didn't even get to see the first time you walked."

Chief Wang glanced at him and said calmly, "I didn't get to your first steps either. We're even now."

Wang Hui laughed until she was out of breath.

Ling Ran quickly left the scene of the father and son duo awkwardly talking to each other. He went back to the small hall to look at the articles used for his literature review.

Chief Wang waited for a while before getting out of bed again with his crutches. He performed his second round of rehabilitation.

Wang Wenkang looked very excited. He patted his head and said, "Oh yes, Doctor Lian. Today, my friend introduced a doctor to me and said he graduated from Johns Hopkins University. He's also very young, and his name is Wei Jiayou. Do you know this man?"

"Yes. Wei Jiayou is the representative of the younger generation in the medical profession in Shanghai. He is most probably having interviews in the University of Edinburgh now," Doctor Lian said, "He started by doing heart surgeries, and later became interested in laparoscopies. As a result, he wrote several papers on laparoscopies and arthroscopies, and his jump between fields seems to be very great."

"Yes, that's him." Wang Wenkang nodded in affirmation and said, "My friend told me that Wei Jiayou has just returned from England. Would you like to have my dad see him for a follow-up examination?"

Even though Wang Wenkang was speaking to Doctor Lian, he was looking at his father.

Chief Wang had an indifferent expression, "If you want to see him, you can see him by yourself. What's wrong? Do you need me to help you get a discount? A 'check one leg get another leg check-up free' deal?"