Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 351

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Yun Hua Hospital installed a CPM machine on the floor of Chief Wang's room.

The full name of the CPM machine was continuous passive motion machine. Most hospitals with rehabilitation departments had them installed. Of course, like most medical devices, small hospitals only had one installed, and large hospitals could never have enough of them.

The same held true with Yun Hua Hospital. The Rehabilitation Department had submitted a report countless times, but they still did not get a new CPM machine. They could only have the rehabilitation patients follow a strict queue and minimize their time on the machine. For those who were in a hurry for their rehabilitation or did not get a good rehabilitative effect through the machine, they would implement the manual method on the patient.

Chief Wang had the luxury of enjoying manual therapy for the knee since the start, courtesy of an associate chief physician from the Rehabilitation Department. However, the hospital was still worried that Chief Wang or his son would not be happy. He hurriedly contacted the pharmaceutical company and installed a CPM machine directly in the VIP patient building.

Of course, no matter how good a CPM machine was, manual therapy always worked better.

Therefore, Chief Wang only used the CPM machine for two days. He then performed knee extension exercises, added muscle strength training for his quadriceps, and practiced sitting up. He also chose two periods of time each day to walk around with a crutch to avoid low blood pressure and problems in other aspects. 

Wang Wenkang watched his old father visibly get better, and he was in a good mood. Slowly, he grew from finding everyone displeasing to finding everyone pleasing to the eye. 

On the third day Chief Wang could walk, Wang Wenkang brought a bag full of sea cucumbers and gave it to every medical staff.

Ling Ran also received a small packet of sea cucumbers. As he thanked Wang Wenkang, he handed him a bottle of pine nuts.

Wang Wenkang subconsciously took the pine nuts. When he turned around, he found himself a little confused by what happened. He then said hesitantly, "Thank you?"

Ling Ran just nodded before he went back to the desk to write his paper.

He always had a good habit of making records. His medical records were also written perfectly. After performing more than a hundred cases of knee arthroscopic meniscoplasty surgeries, the experimental data was sufficient. He just needed to look for a research direction and write the paper.

A normal chief physician or deputy chief physician would only be able to collect that many cases to write a high-level clinical paper every year or every two years. It was unlikely for them to spend most of their time on minor or medium-scale surgeries. 

Ling Ran was a young doctor who had performed a lot of surgeries. It could be considered as some form of advantage. 

He sat in front of his laptop, and Ling Ran quickly entered his own world.

Wang Wenkang looked at his old man strangely before he looked at Doctor Lian and said, "I'm still a bit lost. Is there something that I've not understood?"

"Do you think everyone is like you, making friends all day long?" Chief Wang tutted. He first lectured his son before he said, "Doctor Ling is someone who relies on his skills for his work. He does not understand all this complicated stuff you people have. If he weren't so single-minded in his pursuit, he would not be able to have such talent and skill at his age."

"I mean the pine nuts..." Wang Wenkang was scolded for some strange reason, so he just went along with his old man's topic. "Didn't you previously mentioned before that understanding worldly wisdom was real knowledge? Why are you talking about being pure-hearted and focused now?"

"Have you gained true wisdom now?" Director Wang retorted.

Wang Wenkang was stunned. After a few seconds, he slowly said, "I feel that if I answer that I have gained true wisdom, you will definitely tell me off, and you will say that those who say they have gained true wisdom are not smart at all."

Chief Wang nodded.

"But if I say that I am not wise, that would not be appropriate as well."

Chief Wang nodded.

Wang Wenkang had no choice but to swallow his words.

It was not appropriate for Doctor Lian to watch his superior make a fool of himself. He kept racking his brain in search of a suitable reason to change the topic. His head sang the main theme from Ikkyu-san [1], and he suddenly had an idea. He turned his head to Ling Ran, "Doctor Ling, Chief Wang has recovered very well recently. Can we take an MRI scan and see the result?"

"Okay." Ling Ran had no further comment.

Doctor Lian let out a sigh of relief and hastily said to Wang Wenkang, "Doctor Ling is very famous for reading MRI scans. Previously, I saw a medical imaging specialist from the Medical Imaging Department approaching Ling Ran for advice on MRI scans. Let's take an MRI scan so that we can see if there are any improvements, right, Doctor Ling?"

"Yes, at present, the recovery of Chief Wang's knee joint is normal, but if you're worried, we can take an MRI scan." Ling Ran was the kind of person who would check whether he had all his textbooks at least twice before leaving, and he naturally did not object to taking an MRI scan for the patient.

Wang Wenkang also asked, "Are there any side effects from taking an MRI scan? There wouldn't be any radiation, would there?"

"MRI scans don't have radiation." Ling Ran thought for a few seconds before he said, "The main side effect is the cost."

Wang Wenkang could not help but smile, "We can tolerate this side effect."

"You aren't the one paying. It'll be borne by medical insurance." Chief Wang snorted, but did not refuse. He instead took the initiative to grab hold of his crutch and stood up.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

His young seventeen-year-old granddaughter quickly pushed the wheelchair over and covered her grandfather's legs with a blanket with a cute pattern of calico cats. She smiled and said, "Grandpa, I'll push you to do the MRI scan."

"You're skipping classes in my name again, right?" Chief Wang laughed out loud. 

"I did not..." Wang Hui cast a cautious look at her father.

Wang Wenkang looked angry, but he did not express his anger.

Chief Wang glanced at him and chuckled at his granddaughter. "Ignore him. You don't necessarily learn nothing in the hospital. As the saying went, 'Understanding worldly wisdom is real knowledge.' Young people in your generation do not necessarily have to bury your heads in books and study in school."

"Grandpa, you're right." Wang Hui was overjoyed as she pushed his wheelchair and left.

The more Wang Wenkang thought about it, the more he felt things were off. "So, are you saying that when I work, it's not wise and pure?"

"Then have you become wise in worldly affairs?" Chief Wang refuted.

"Didn't you just ask?"

"Then did you answer?" Chief Wang continued to ask.

Wang Wenkang instantly fell into a philosophical reflection.


Chief Wang came back after taking an MRI scan.

Ling Ran directly opened the MRI scan on his laptop and read it carefully.

He had no surgery to do now, so reading scans could be considered entertainment. 

Therefore, Ling Ran read the scans for a few more minutes before he said, "The signals are stable, the recovery is very good."

"Does that mean he has healed?" asked Wang Wenkang.

"He still needs to be observed for a few days, but for the time being, his knee arthroscopic meniscoplasty surgery is a success," Ling Ran answered as accurately as possible.

Wang Wenkang could not help but regard Ling Ran highly. Compared with the common and ambiguous answers commonly employed by doctors, Ling Ran was obviously much more direct.

Wang Wenkang was in a good mood, and he felt the sincerity in Ling Ran's words. He intentionally said again, "Thank you very much, Doctor Ling."

"You're welcome." Ling Ran's attitude towards family members had always been indifferent.

The more indifferent Ling Ran acted, the more Wang Wenkang felt regretful for not doing enough to show his gratitude. After a while, Wang Wenkang picked up his phone and called the hospital director of Yun Hua Hospital to praise Ling Ran.

After he finished the phone call, Wang Wenkang felt more at ease and satisfied.

The feeling of owing someone favors was something people like him was most unwilling to leave at that.

When he went back to the room, Wang Wenkang smiled again and called Doctor Lian over. He whispered, "If there is nothing else here, I will get ready to go back. Please take care of my dad."

"No problem, don't worry." Doctor Lian promised. He was, after all, Chief Wang's healthcare provider. 

After asking the doctor to take care of his father, Wang Wenkang also called her daughter Wang Hui over by her nickname and said, "Yuan Yuan, you performed well this time, I have to go and work after this... What's that you're holding?"

"Pine nuts."

"Pine nuts?" 

Wang Hui handed some to her father. "Brazilian pine nuts." 

Wang Wenkang looked at the slender pine nuts in his hand and fell into deep thought. 


"Oh... I suddenly remembered, I should still have a few days of vacation. No worries, no worries."