Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 352

353 A Pure Person

In the hospital director's office in Yun Hua Hospital.

A Malabar chestnut stared at the steady stream of luxurious cars outside the window, gently swaying its body.

Even at full blast, the air conditioner was unable to ventilate the smoke in the room.

Huo Congjun observed the expressions and the movements of the people through the smoke.

The director of the Orthopedics Department smoked.

The director of the Medical Affairs Department smoked like it was his final act on Earth.

The director of the Department of Gynecology smoked.

The director of the Gynaeoncology Department smoked and rolled his eyes at the director of the Gynaecology Department.

The director of the Hand Surgery Director did not know how to smoke... what a pity.

Huo Congjun lit up a cigarette and inhaled deeply. Then, he exhaled along the direction of the wind blowing from the air conditioner. The smoke went straight to the director of the Hand Surgery Department, Jin Xi.

Jin Xi had not been aware of this. His nose twitched, and he immediately descended into a coughing fit.

"Oh, I forgot that you don't smoke, Department Director Jin Xi." The Director of the Respiratory Medicine Department sat next to Director Jin Xi, and he happened to be a chain smoker. He chuckled and moved the ashtray in front of him from the left to the right. He smiled and said, "Stay far away so that the smoke doesn't reach you. Inhaling secondhand smoke is harmful to your health."

Director Jin Xi chuckled. "Director Hong, you work with lung cancer. Don't you feel bad smoking like this?"

"It's exactly because I don't want you to inhale too much second-hand smoke. That's why, when I smoke, the smoke I exhale is so clean," Director Hong said as he inhaled a mouthful of smoke. It circulated in his lungs, and when he exhaled, it came out as a puff of pale white smoke. "Look at my smoke, and look at other people's smoke. It's because they don't inhale everything, so that's why there's so much second-hand smoke."

The Director of the Hand Surgery Department, Jin Xi, looked at Department Director Hong, just like how he would when he looked at a patient with eight severed fingers.

The hospital director cleared her throat. "If there are no other opinions..."


"No way."

"Hospital director!"

Everyone shouted together.

That included Director Jin Xi. He also sat up straight and said, "Our funds are tight now, and our department even has our rehabilitation rooms occupied..."

Huo Congjun's immediately schooled his face and showed an anxious look, "Director Jin Xi, it's not that I want to take up your rehabilitation room, but look, Ling Ran searches for surgeries all day long. If I don't give him a rehabilitation room, he would be raising hell."

Director Jin Xi frowned. "Don't use Ling Ran as an excuse."

"I am not using him as an excuse. Look at it this way. Ling Ran has been in the VIP patient building for the past week and hasn't performed any surgeries. Isn't your rehabilitation room free now?" Huo Congjun sighed. "It's not that I want an Emergency Medical Center, but we really do have that need..."

"You can't use Chief Wang as a shield," the director of the Orthopedics Department said unhappily, "It's nothing more than a knee arthroscopic meniscoplasty. You can simply find someone from the department who can perform this operation. You are just lucky..."

"This is not about having good luck." Huo Congjun squared his shoulders and said, "He came up to the door and specifically looked for Ling Ran. I'm not lying. If you can get a patient like that in your Orthopedics Department, then good for you, so how about the Orthopedics Department get a patient like Chief Wang and work on him?"

The director of the Orthopedics Department eyes burned with rage.

If it were to be said that the finger replantation surgery was the strength of the Hand Surgery Department, then the knee arthroscopic meniscoplasty was within the Orthopedics Department's territory. Although knee arthroscopic meniscoplasty replantations did not require the use of prostheses and were hence not regarded highly by the Orthopedics Department, it became another matter if they could take in patients like Chief Wang.

The hospital director stood up. "There is a demand for an Emergency Medical Center, I think it can be on the agenda."

"Hospital director..." The director of the Orthopedics Department lamented.

The hospital director shook her head and said, "I have heard opinions that coincide and clash with this idea. This is a closed-door meeting, so I'll tell all of this in private. I believe that there are benefits if we use this opportunity to set up the Emergency Medical Center..."

The director of the Orthopedics Department screamed internally, 'What do you mean you're saying it in private, is this not what you consider a public space?!'

Huo Congjun smiled smugly before his face immediately turned serious.

This time, with Chief Wang's help, his plan to build a large Emergency Department could be described as something that was easily settled. The opposition from several department directors could not really be considered as an objection, but was rather similar to them venting their frustration.

The hospital director was only giving them a channel to vent, and when they finished venting, she would still do what was needed to be done.

"Right, bring me Ling Ran's file after two days." The hospital director suddenly added a sentence.

Huo Congjun shuddered. "We have a slot for him already?"

"Even if we don't, we will create one." The hospital director's attitude toward Huo Congjun was cordial as she said, "Even if we gave you a slot in the quota for him, it will not be foolproof. In short, you have to keep a close watch over Ling Ran."

"That's for sure." Huo Congjun stood up and asked, "How about the medical practitioner's qualification certificate? Can we get it in advance?"

The hospital director just nodded and said, "Those with special talents will always be treated specially."

"You're wise." Huo Congjun did his best to butter her up, and would never say anything like "Then what were you doing earlier?" or something along those lines.


Huo Congjun went straight to the VIP patient building after he went out of the room. for visiting.

Huo Congjun slowed down his footsteps in front of the room on the top floor and politely knocked on the door before he opened it.

"Please wait for a while." Chief Wang's voice came.

After waiting for about a minute, Huo Congjun felt a little impatient, but the door to the room opened from the inside at that moment, and the person who opened the door was actually Chief Wang himself.

"Chief Wang?" Huo Congjun sized up Chief Wang up and down.

Chief Wang let out an exaggerated bark of laughter. "I can already open the door myself, how's it?"

Huo Congjun was stunned for a few seconds. Then, in a show of great cooperation, he zipped up all his scathing comments and gave a thumbs up. He replied, "Amazing."

"My knee doesn't hurt anymore as well." Chief Wang gave a heartfelt smile. He closed the door and locked it from the inside.

A care worker and his bodyguard followed closely. They watched Chief Wang's actions carefully, fearing that he could not remain steady and fall.

Huo Congjun looked at Chief Wang while feeling extremely uncomfortable with the situation. He went inside to find Ling Ran after he uttered these words in his heart, 'What are you, a kid?'

Ling Ran still had his head buried in his paper.

Huo Congjun watched Ling Ran's back and could not help but admire him. 'It's plenty of people's dreams to be able to do solely what he likes, and it's also many doctors' dream to solely treat patients.'

While Huo Congjun thought about this, he sat next to Ling Ran and asked, "Ling Ran, are you busy? I have something..."

"I'm busy," Ling Ran answered without even raising his head.

But who was Huo Congjun? He acted as if he did not hear it and continued, "Do you have any thoughts about the Emergency Medical Center once we finish building it?"

Huo Congjun had already asked the question, so Ling Ran had to close his notebook and turn to face Huo Congjun. He asked, "Has the permission been granted to build the Emergency Medical Center?"

"We can't say just yet." Huo Congjun cast a sneaky glance at Chief Wang and saw him staring at the door lock. He could not help but be disappointed as he said, "But the chances are more than likely."

"Oh, how many beds can we have?"

"There will definitely be two hundred hospital beds. If we can have more, we will have an allowance of two hundred and twenty beds. If we want two hundred and thirty beds, we will be subject to authorization." The number that Huo Congjun mentioned was already very great. The number of authorized beds was usually determined by the medical staff. If they calculated the numbers based on the currently authorized beds in Yun Hua Hospital's Emergency Department, the number of nurses in the Emergency Medical Center would need to be more than a hundred. Although most of them can be solved by a contract labor system, it still represented a series of difficulties.

And if they had the number of medical staff necessary to give them the number of authorized beds they wanted, there was also a possibility for them to add beds as well.

Ling Ran was very satisfied with this number and could not help but nod before he said, "I will perform the surgeries well."

Huo Congjun said, "That's not the question. What I wanted to ask was that if you were really asked to manage a treatment group, what would you do?"

Ling Ran gave some serious thought about it.

After a long while, Ling Ran said with the tone that he had given this deep consideration, "I will distribute two alcohol-based hand sanitizers to everyone. They can use one at any time, and the other one will serve as a backup so that we can strive to have a completely sterile environment during the entire treatment process."

Huo Congjun looked at Ling Ran's thoughtful expression and sighed, "You seemed to have had this thought a long time ago."

"When I first came to the hospital, I had long thought about this problem." Ling Ran looked at Huo Congjun's expression and asked, "Is there any problem with this idea?"

"No, it's a pretty good idea." Huo Congjun chuckled, and he came to a sudden realization, 'There's no person in this world who can operate on a single purpose in this world at all'